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N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

Desktop 95% of the time, laptop only for when I'm travelling.

05-27-13  02:38pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Not interested in it.

05-27-13  02:35pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I enjoy models of all shapes and sizes but my preference would be for A or B.

05-27-13  02:33pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Not really as long as there is a good preview showing the models and how many photo sets she has.

05-27-13  02:29pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Organize as I download.

05-27-13  02:25pm

Visit Real Peachez

Real Peachez
Reply of Marcus's Review

Thanks for the new review on this site Marcus, I had thought about going back there but based on your review I'm glad I saved my money. Going on your figures it seems the site has lost over 200 photo sets since I was last there.

05-27-13  08:49am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

I too found all that a bit confusing. I never bothered with verifying my email address of activating the free premium access but I was still able to log in to the site every day using my username and password.

I think that has something to do with accessing the site and using up any credits you have accumulated after your paid for membership ends but I never bothered using any of the credits or going back since my membership ended so couldn't say for certain.

05-07-13  04:36am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

It's years since I've bought a newspaper of magazine, I read news online these days.

05-05-13  01:25am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Yes I usually do for the same reasons marcus said.

05-05-13  01:23am

Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams
Reply of Capn's Comment

Thanks for the warning Cap'n. I received that promo email too and was tempted to join again at that price but the billing company just looked too dubious. If it ain't CCBill or Epoch i'm not interested.

05-02-13  08:26am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Stockings and heels.

05-02-13  08:21am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Only the one that is built in to the browser.

05-02-13  08:19am

Visit Melina.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing
Reasonable price of $19.95
Exclusive content.
The 59 gorgeous models include a wide variety of ethnicities from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.
Site updates consistently every 2 days.
Stunning high resolution photos available in 3 sizes.
Zip downloads.
Photo set covers included in zip files.
Some nice background info on the models included.
Additional features include model ratings, comments and add to favourites.
Cons: The video section is very small; only 13 videos total and only 1 new one added in the last 12 months.
Videos are streaming only.
Many of the photo sets are split in to two parts although they do generally come as consecutive updates.
Zip file naming could be better; model name plus number (e.g. emilya_1_m, emilya_2_m), would be nicer if they could include the photo set name.
Navigation could be better.
Search tool is rather limited.
No file sizes listed for zips.
Download speed seemed a little slow; single downloads seemed to be limited to about 600 KB/sec.
Bottom Line: Melina.com claim to be professional photographers who travel the world to find the best looking girls whom they claim to be exclusive to the site and 100% newcomers. I certainly didn’t recognise any of the models as being familiar from other sites and even tried cross referencing a few at thenude.eu but came up with a blank so have no reason to doubt their claims. This is primarily a Teen site with the models mostly being aged 18-21. The big attraction for me in this site was the varied ethnic diversity of the models which you seldom find on multi model sites. I loved discovering the dark skinned, dark haired exotic beauties from places like India, Thailand, Philippines, Chile, Venezuela and Brazil to name a few. The site has been online a little over 2 years and to date has 414 galleries (31,000+ photos).

The navigation options are rather limited with a choice of models, galleries or videos. The models page is nicely presented with a good sized preview photo of each model along with her name and number of galleries, pics and videos. The models are listed by rank starting with the highest rated. You can also click on a letter of the alphabet to find models by name alphabetically. There is a basic model search that allows you to search by eye colour, hair colour, ethnicity, tattoos and piercings. The annoying thing about using the search engine or the alphabetical listing is that after you select a model in your results and hit the back button you are always taken back to the default models page so have to click back to the letter of the alphabet or search again. If you select galleries the whole 2 years’ worth of photo sets will be presented on a single page with a preview photo of the set cover so a lot of scrolling involved. Down the right hand side there is a month and year list but clicking on it doesn’t actually take you to that month’s updates. It just expands a list of text links for the dates in that month when there was an update, not very helpful really without a preview pic.

The strength of the site is the photo collection; this is top quality professional photography equal to anything you would find on top photography sites like MetArt. In fact in some ways I preferred the photo sets here to those at Met because the models almost always start off wearing some clothing, lingerie or swimwear so you nearly always get some tease before the nakedness. I don’t really recall seeing any of those plain vanilla nude sets you get a lot of at MetArt. There is a good mix of indoor and stunning outdoors locations. The models here get fully nude including some spreading and close up shots but don’t go as far as masturbation or insertions. The photos are offered in 3 sizes (+1000px, +2000px and up to 5000px).

Anyone who joins this site for videos I’m afraid would end up sorely disappointed. There are only 13 videos and they are streaming only. There are 4 quality levels of streaming; HD720p, 480p, 360p & 240p for mobile. I didn’t find the 720p very sharp when viewed full screen on my 24 inch monitor so have my doubts that it’s true hd. The videos are mostly 2-3 minutes long and are just basically the model dancing around and stripping with background music. I didn’t find them very erotic at all.

For anyone who loves high quality photography I would recommend this site particularly if you have a passion for dark dusky exotic beauties. If you’re only interested in videos I would advise against wasting your money on this site. The poor video section wouldn’t adversely affect my rating of the site as I have little to no interest in them anyway.

04-29-13  07:19am

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

On the rare occasions i've felt the need to contact a site i've always had fast helpful responses.

04-27-13  12:46am

Visit Melina.com


Not recommended for video fans.

Signed up here the other day and so far loving the high quality photography and the collection of first time never seen before models which features a good percentage of exotic beauties from Asian and Latin countries.

The video collection is rather limited though, only 13 total on the site and only 1 video update in the last year. Also there are no downloads available for the videos and even though the highest quality streaming states 720p it doesn't really look hd.

Hopefully I'll get back with a full review in the next week or so.

04-26-13  11:08am

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

As long as I know it's a trusted site I wouldn't be particularly bothered if they look young.

04-26-13  10:51am

N/A Reply of plan b's Poll

English soccer is the only sport I really follow but not as much as I used to.

04-23-13  05:17am

Visit 88 Square

88 Square
Reply of Khan's Reply

Thanks Khan, that's good to know.

04-21-13  04:19am

Visit 88 Square

88 Square


It's been 2 years since I've been at this site so I was interested to read the latest review at TBP. Under cons they quote " No ZIP files for the image sets". They certainly had everything zipped two years ago so have they now removed the zips or is this just an oversight on the part of TBP? Are there any current subscribers out there who can confirm or deny the presence of zip files?

04-20-13  04:48am

Replies (2)
Visit Mandy Roe

Mandy Roe
Reply of Crispin's Review

She certainly is cute but as you say single solo model sites like this represent poor value for money, (as in pay $30 for a month and download everything in 1 evening). I do generally enjoy solo model sites but tend to only join those that are part of a network or where they are included as bonus sites. I would only join a single model site on it's own on the odd occasion if it's a long established model like Real Peachez and I know the number of photo sets runs into the several hundreds.

Thanks for the review and welcome to Pornusers, hope to hear more from you.

04-19-13  03:00am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Yes most certainly, I join most sites for the archives not to sit around and wait for the new updates.

04-19-13  02:53am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

Sometimes I will take the plunge if there's a decent tour showing all the models and updates. That was the scenario on my latest membership at Love UK Glamour Girls where I couldn't find any reviews in advance of signing up. The tour showed all the updates but what it didn't reveal was that half the photo sets were only 800-1000px on the long end so I ended up a little bit disappointed. I wouldn't let it stop me from taking the plunge again though, as marcdc1 said someone has to be first.

04-18-13  10:36am

Visit Wet And Puffy

Wet And Puffy
Reply of williamj's Comment

I'm also very tempted to make this site my next purchase.

04-16-13  03:02am

Visit Love UK Glamour Girls

Love UK Glamour Girls
Reply of Mackenzie Model's Reply

Well I'm at a loss to explain what is going on with your site. When I first signed up and saw the videos with no obvious download links my natural instinct was to left click on it to see if another page would appear with download options. Obviously all it opened was a stream of the video so then my natural instinct was to automatically close it and "right click save target as" but all I got was "HTML Document". Today after reading your reply I logged back in to the site and to my amazement "right click save target as" now brings up a wmv file.

Right click save as certainly does not elude me as you suggest; I've been joining pay sites for more than 10 years and certainly know how to download videos. I'm more interested in photos than videos so certainly wouldn't have spent an awful lot of time checking them out. Anyway I'm willing to admit that maybe I was mistaken or perhaps there just happened to be some kind of technical problem on the day I attempted to check out the videos so I've logged back in to your site today to attempt to download some videos so that I could gauge an idea of the format and resolution for the purpose of editing my review. The video downloads from your site don't seem very stable though, out of 61 attempted downloads only 14 completed without being interrupted which isn't very good really, that was just downloading right click save as within my browser as I don't use a d/l manager. there's nothing wrong with my connection because the photo zips are downloading fine from your site with 100% success rate. Anyway thanks for your feedback and i'll edit the review.

04-15-13  10:28am

Visit Love UK Glamour Girls

Love UK Glamour Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing
Fair amount of content; 121 models, 178 videos, 575 photo sets (approx. 29,000 pics)
Some nice high resolution photos up to 2333x3500px in size
Photos available in zips.
Videos can be streamed or downloaded.
Some basic model info provided.
Cons: Updates are being rotated.
Zips all have the file name “photo_zip” so you are required to rename every single download yourself.
Only 1 photo size available.
Small square thumbnails don’t properly preview the images.
Photo sizes are inconsistent. The high resolution photos mentioned under pros only make up about 20% of the sets, more than half the sets are a meagre 533x800px or 669x1000 px.
Videos short with the average of the ones I watched being about 3 minutes.
Only 1 download option available for videos usually around 720x576 wmv @ 2000 kbps. (A few of the newer ones come in at 1280x720 @ 8000 kbps)
I had a high failure rate on video downloads, (maybe it was just a bad day)
Very basic site layout and navigation.
No way to search or sort the models or updates.
Typical of most British sites this site is also very soft being mostly topless with occasional mild nudity.
Bottom Line: The only reason I joined this site was due to a half price email promo offering a membership for $12.50. I thought for that price I can’t really go wrong considering the site featured many of the same British models I enjoyed collecting from sites like Only Tease and St. Mackenzie’s. The content here is typical of the softcore tease type of content you find on most British sites which is what I expected with the emphasis on sexy teasing and stripping rather than explicit nudity. There’s plenty of sexy lingerie, stockings, heels and pantyhose on show here.

Although the site is named Love UK Glamour Girls only about 20% of the content is marked with that site name. When I first joined up I started downloading the oldest updates first from August 2010 which were the nice 3500px photo sets carrying the Love UK site name. As I worked forward through the archives I was surprised when I reached August 2011 and the photo sizes suddenly dropped down to 800px and carrying the site name Mackenzie Girlfriends. I guess they must have stopped shooting new content and started padding the site out with low resolution filler content from another site. Everything dated from August 2011 up until March this year is Mackenzie Girlfriends branded content so in summary you end up with 114 nice sized Love UK Glamour Girls photo sets and 461 Mackenzie Girlfriends sets in much lower resolution. The Love UK sets are all solo shoots while much of the Mackenzie GF sets are shoots featuring two or more models as the name would suggest. Around 145 photo sets on the site feature Mackenzie who is the British model Mackenzie White who also plays the part of Head Mistress Mackenzie at St. Mackenzie’s.

The video quality is fairly mediocre by today's standards apart from a few of the latest ones which play at 720p. As with the photos they are mostly just stripping and teasing and although quite a few videos contain two models don’t expect any hot lesbian action, there’s only a bit of kissing and touching. Many of the videos I tried had a musical backing and in some I could see a flash bulb going off.

Navigation is very basic, you only have “updates” or “models”. Click on updates and you get all the updates listed on one page from the current date at the top to the oldest at the bottom. When I first signed up the oldest updates were from August 2010 but today the archives only go back as far as November 2010. The reason? In their attempt to deceive you in to believing the site is still updating daily each day they are simply removing an update from the bottom of the page and placing it back at the top with the current day’s date. On the model index page the Mackenzie Girlfriends models are listed separately from the main models. Click on a model and you will find a very brief bio listing just her name, height, measurements, hometown and star sign followed by a thumbnail listing of her photo sets and videos and at the bottom of the page a list of links to other sites that she appears on.

Overall I thought there was some ok content for the $12.50 that it cost me but for the full price of $25 quite frankly there are plenty of better sites where you can spend your money if you want to see some of these British girls.

04-14-13  03:24pm

Replies (3)

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