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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle
Reply of jake07621's Comment

I'll have to respectfully disagree with you on the price here. If it was a year ago, I'd be on board, but she has faithfully kept up with an update every week, and the number of episodes is definitely respectable now. Doing some comparison shopping, there are sites out there that offer far less content, with sometimes no update schedule at all and no bonus sites at all (take a look at my Princess Presley review for example).

Now this isn't to say I would be angry if they added a bonus site or two (how about giving Ellie Idol her own site?!), but Brandi Belle is one of the few single-model sites where I have felt like I truly got what I paid for.

10-08-07  03:43pm

Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Lots of variety - Brandi is good at changing the "theme" of each encounter

* Always interesting when she brings her "friends" in for an episode, as many of the guests are pretty hot.

* She's not your typical porn-star and more than any hardcore site, this one really does feel kinda girl-next door.

* The vids look good, and they arrive faithfully every week, meaning there's now a lot of content to be seen here (around 100 episodes I'd say)
Cons: * Very penis-oriented, with several updates featuring penis-measuring or guessing contests...kinda wierd, but will surely float someone's boat.

* Brandi isn't the most enthusiastic sexual performer. She doesn't seem like the porno-type, and sometimes seems a little lost in the action.

* Also not a very great actress - lots of opportunity on this site to show personality, but it falls flat sometimes, though it is still cute.

* A few too many handjob movies
Bottom Line: The look of this site is a dead giveaway that it is a bangbros-produced site, and it kinda shows in the high quality. They've obviously done things write with their popular Oxpass network, and so they've carried a lot of the production values and layout over to Brandi's site, and it makes for a very easy navigation. Plus you can always count on updates to continue coming each week.

One more negative to add to my list above - there's not a direct download link for her vids. I'd like to be able to right-click and "save as" but it doesn't work that way here, at least not in Firefox.

I don't know if she really writes the text that go along with her updates, but it really adds to the theme of the site, which is a girl-next-door and her sexual adventures. As I mentioned above, Brandi isn't always the most enthusiastic girl during sex, but her vids are done in a way that there's almost always something new to see in every vid. Her tour is great - I think it shows you exactly what to expect when you buy a membership, and once you're in, it doesn't disappoint. This site is about as good as you're going to get if you're looking for a single-model site of a young girl who actually does boy-girl scenes. I highly recommend it if you fit that bill, but take a look at the tour first to make sure it's up your alley.

10-07-07  04:05pm

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Visit Brooke Marks

Brooke Marks

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Personality abounds here - some very "entertaining" content

* Decent number high-res videos up that look pretty good

* Updates fairly often, though seemingly not on any set schedule.

* You get access to camshows by several other models (including Misty Gates and Blue-eyed Cass among others)
Cons: * Content is 99.8% non-nude minus the very occasional nip-slip - but as long as you know that going in it shouldn't count against her much.

* Pics aren't easy to download - you have to right-click each one to save it.
Bottom Line: Brooke's site is very easy to like if you're into the super-hot non-nude model thing. It's not usually my favorite style of site, but occasionally I find one that looks good, and in this case, it worked out. Brooke is as hot as they come, and her site is full of her silly personality. She takes nothing very seriously here, except the quality of her site. You can tell she has taken the time to put together some funny stuff, and it gives you a pretty good insight into her personality. At the same time, there's still plenty of the normal stripteases, dances, and teasing going on here. A lot of her camshows have been archived into her video section, which is always a nice bonus.

I'm guessing her site may have been more active at one time. Updates do still happen from week to week in the form of a picset or video, but camshows seem to be fairly rare unfortunately. However, it's definitely not a neglected site, and that is a very welcome thing these days.

Bottom line - I give it an 85 based on Brooke's hotness, her silly personality which bleeds throughout her site, and the high-quality pic and video sets which make up the bulk of her content. If you are looking for a good non-nude solo-model site, this one should be high on your list!

03-23-08  08:11pm

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Visit Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye

Brooke may be done updating

The most recent update on brookeskye.com is dated August 8, 2007. Since it is very unlike her site to go for long stretches without updating (I've been an on-and-off member since shortly after it launched), it pains me to suspect that her site may have gone the way of all of the other sites in her network and stopped updating. Her and Kat Young were the last holdouts on the mayors money network that were still putting out new content, but it seems both have stopped. Oh well - After 231 updates, you can't say you won't get your money's worth if you've never joined before.

09-25-07  03:34pm

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Visit Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye
Reply of DDD43's Comment

I don't recall any vids with music in them at all - maybe one or 2 of the more gimmicky ones. There's usually not even anything playing in the background. Just her own moans and groans :)

Usually she gives a little intro into what's gonna happen in the vid like - "I'm gonna go masturbate in an elevator and YOU can come watch!"

Personally - I wish more solo girls had sites like hers, but I'm afraid she may have stopped updating.

09-25-07  03:28pm

Visit Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: 1) Quantity - Right now up to episode 192, plus a few bonus un-numbered "thank you" and "member request" videos.

2) Quality - Videos are mostly of the highest quality at 1280x720. 5 different bandwidth options if you're not as big a stickler for clarity. Even the 3rd
"high" option looks good at 640x480.

3) Brooke - Completely and utterly amazing looking girl. Even better is that this is not what I would consider a "tease" site. Brooke puts those fingers to good use in over half the vids.
Cons: Hmm...hard to find a problem with this site. There are some ads on the front page and after you log in. You don't get to choose your own username/password. Picture and Video episodes are not separated. Some vids (maybe 1/4 of them - and some of those are self-made vids by brooke with a decent webcam) don't have the HD option.
Bottom Line: This is nearly what I'd consider the perfect solo girl site...

Hot girl? Check!
Some steamy girl-girl action? Check!
A little hardcore mixed in? No...damn!
Lots of vids? Check!
HD quality? Check!
Consistently Updating? Check!
Multi-site access to other solo girl sites? Check!
Discounted price? Check!

I know Brooke has done hardcore before. It doesn't really fit the theme of her site, but if she managed to toss a couple of scenes in there, I'd consider this the perfect site.

04-20-07  02:07pm

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Visit Chick Trick

Chick Trick
Reply of Monahan's Comment

Took a look myself, and while it may be premature to have "beware" warnings based on just a tour in most cases, it does appear that there are no models here newer than the ones I first saw in like 2002 or 2003. Reality porn is anything but reality - so you can usually judge a site's ability to update based on the models in their tour, since they'll generally be most of the same ones between all of the more major sites. That said - I wouldn't join this one, but if someone's looking for a long lost Taylor Rain scene or something like that, it's nice that the site is still sitting around taking memberships. :)

10-28-07  09:02am

Visit Chloe 18

Chloe 18

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * As with most of the sites in this network - super-hot, shy-acting, young-looking teen who likes to masturbate a lot on camera
* Decent number of scenes for a site the doesn't update anymore (about 33)
* Well-shot photos with a lot of varied poses
* Seems to really get into her scenes and forget the camera is there - makes for some hot action
Cons: * No more updates
* Low quality vids by today's standards (768kbps)
* Vids split into 6 clips, even though most are only 7-8 minutes once joined (and they don't seem to join very well for whatever reason).
* Fairly useless extras
Bottom Line: I feel like I'm repeating myself in my reviews of most of these solo-girl sites. I've joined them all several times to pick up any updates I didn't have, so there's obviously things about these girls I really like. I love sites with cute young girls masturbating - and that's what this is. Chloe's site, like the others, is all about being cute and teenish. Her site is one of my favorites because she really seems to get into the action in her scenes.

The main negatives would be that it's an archive site (and has been for over a year) and the vids are low quality. I've often wondered why webmasters to sites like these don't go back to their original masters and redo the vids at a higher bitrate. I know I'd be there day 1 to get the new high-quality versions of these vids. Seems it would be a good marketing tool, but instead they seem to like advertising these sites as if they were still living-breathing-updating sites.

As far as recommendations go - I wouldn't, unless you're taking advantage of http://www.allteenrevpass.com and getting access to all of the sites in this network. None of them are updating anymore, so they're all really just good for a month's membership. I happen to think it would be money decently spent, as long as you don't expect updates or HD-vids.

11-11-07  07:48pm

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Visit College Fuck Fest

College Fuck Fest

Free DVDs after 3 Months

I've kept my membership up here for 3 months now. I actually got a decent piece of spam mail from these guys offering access to their sites for $10 per month recurring, so I've kept it up for a while. I noticed last time I logged in a banner reading "Rewards for our Loyal Members - Get College Fuck Fest DVD's for Free!" Click on the banner and it takes you to a page where you can enter your info to get 5 (yes five!) CFF DVD's for free. I haven't filled it out (hey after 3 months I've really only given them $30 so I feel kinda guilty!), but I figured it's a worthwhile tip that others might find useful.

11-04-07  07:04pm

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Visit College Fuck Fest

College Fuck Fest

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Site is (or at least used to be) fairly unique in that you have a lot of sex that happens in front of a crowd of rowdy drunken college students.

* They've gone back through their catalog and updated the vids to meet today's bitrate standards(2000k, 400x300 - yes the resolution is lacking a bit but they do look good).

* For a couple of years, there wasn't much new coming from this site, but lately they're adding new content once again and it fits right in with the old.
Cons: * Vids contain a lot of party footage in addition to the sex, so they can be kind of large (500-700 MB sometimes), but this really isn't a big negative.

* Pics are just screencaps, but honestly they're obviously not the focus here.

* Not all of their old content has survived - some of the older stuff has disappeared. Seems like there has always been right around 60 scenes available for download.
Bottom Line: The "reality-porn" genre isn't really my reviewing specialty, but since I do join these sites on occasion, I thought I'd pass my observations along.

I *think* this was the first paysite I ever joined several years ago, and really not a lot has changed here. While some networks have steadily added more content often at the rate of 1 scene a week, this one has always had about 60 episodes. If you joined several years ago, there will be new stuff here, but not a whole lot of it. Thankfully, they are updating with new stuff once again, but a lot of the girls are ones you may recognize from 4-5 years ago. Like most reality sites, the girls are actually professionals like you might see on a Bangbros site or Realitykings, but they do add a bit of reality by filming the scenes in a party setting, which does feel pretty genuine and makes things a bit more interesting at times. The production values are fine and the content looks good, so there's not a lot to complain about, other than the lack of growth. If you ask me, it's definitely worth a look if you've never joined before and are interested in the genre. You do get access to the rest of the sites on the network, which is a great bonus, although many of the bonus sites either no longer update or are simply scenes ripped from DVDs.

08-26-07  09:17pm

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Visit Craving Carmen

Craving Carmen

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Video Quality - Things look really nice here if you go with the highest resolution vids.

* Vids are offered in multiple bitrates so you can download a lower bitrate version if you have a slow connection or don't care for the highest resolution.

* Carmen - She's definitely a hottie, and you get to get to see all of her. There are a couple of amateur-looking BJ vids on the site, but most of the fare here is solo or girl-girl.

* Camshows - Several archived solo shows to d/l
Cons: * A couple of the vids are split into episodes, which (gasp!) are split among 2 sites. One girl-girl scene is actually split into I think 7 parts, with 4 on Carmen's site, and the rest on Barbie's. I hate upsells.

* Non-nude vids - There are 64 vids here, but several of them are multi-part, and her older stuff is non-nude (about half).

* Picsets are not easy to navigate and as usual, no zipset options. I didn't bother due to inconvenience.

* No vid updates in a long time.
Bottom Line: It's hard to give this site too high of a rating. nabbed a membership way back when the site first started over a year ago and saw enough promise that it made me want to come back again. Unfortunately, she was on episode 62 when my membership ended the first time and is on episode 64 now. The number of camshows hasn't grown significantly either, and she really touts her camshows as a big reason to join her site on the tour.

I know a lot of people prefer picsets too, and hers will prove frustrating with no good download options. The thumbnails span multiple pages (sometimes 10-15) and each one must be nabbed individually.

All that said, despite the site's shortcomings, Carmen is still super hot, and a lot of her personality does show in her videos and archived camshows. She seems to have a lot of fun in her shoots, and that's refreshing when you compare her to some models who seem disinterested or bored. Her girl-girl scenes with Barbie are extremely hot, and it's a shame you'd have to purchase a membership to Barbie's site in order to see the whole things - I'm sure some people will, but Barbie's look just doesn't do it for me...sorry :(

With the lack of updates, I'm gonna have to suggest that this is a one-time one-month membership at best. As it stands, there's not much reason to join again.

05-26-07  02:37pm

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Visit Cute Kayla

Cute Kayla

Site doesn't update

I joined this site twice because I like kayla's look (second time just a couple months ago), but the site never updated in the several months between my memberships. It wouldn't be as big a deal if the site had a healthy amount of content, but there were only 10-12 videos. I also never got access to the bonus sites and their support crew never fixed the problem. After several support requests, I finally got a response that it was fixed and that I would be credited with a complimentary extra month of membership for my troubles, but in reality, they hadn't fixed a thing and my password still did not work for the bonus sites. And to boot - I didn't get my complimentary month. Bad experiences here - I wouldn't recommend joining.

07-12-07  06:45pm

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Visit Cute Tanya

Cute Tanya

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Access to other sites in the network
* A few video options (full vid mpeg, clips in wmv, etc)
* Bleh I can't even think of a third.
Cons: * Content on the tour is not found in the site. The tour implies that there are 9 vids available, while there are only 5.
* The content that is found in the site (only 5 vids) is weak and low quality.
* 51 pages of un-galleried pics makes for very un-friendly usage.
* Does not appear to be updating (at least not in the 3 weeks that I have been a member).
Bottom Line: Yet another site in this network that just appears to be severely misrepresented by its tour. Site is accessed after logging in by clicking on her site's thumbnail from the network's portal site. From there, you are offered her 5 video sets, which consist of her mostly fully clothed dancing around and doing some teasing. The tour shows a screenshot of a vid titled "My BF Pops" which looks like the uh...end of a lapdance, but the vid isn't on the site. It's stuff like this that just frustrates me to no end on some sites. Add to this the fact that there have been no changes to the site since I've joined and it's not a good formula. Oh and if you're a pic fan, you're probably going to be just as frustrated in that section, as there are no easy ways to download any of the pics. You have to click on the thumb of the pic, then right-click/download, which is annoying enough when the pics are all in a single gallery. When you have 51 pages of 20 pics apiece that aren't organized into galleries, it's even worse.

I don't recommend this site unless you just wanna pop in for a quick look while visiting one of the other sites on the network. Don't let the tour fool you!

12-10-07  09:28pm

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Visit Dirty Jason

Dirty Jason
Reply of qualsite34's Review

Ouch - sorry to see the snookering you got caught by. Yeah it is a rule of thumb that those checkboxes are generally "in addition to" the cost of the site you were actually trying to join. I've actually not seen any site trying to hawk anything more than a trial membership off with that option. Pretty shady if you ask me. You might consider putting a warning note on the Exploited College Teens site (if you haven't already).

That said, I'm with you on this site - very staged (there's no such thing as reality porn) and very amateurish. I'd be surprised if anyone really thought they were getting their money's worth here, but you never know. Although - he does have an Ellie Idol episode up, and that's worth a lot by itself :)

10-08-07  03:23pm

Visit Dream Kelly

Dream Kelly
Reply of turismo's Reply

The newest 4 videos are in HD, and are full masturbation scenes and made the site worth joining for me. Beyond that, it's still hit or miss as to whether it is a photoshoot or an actual scene. I don't mind a few photoshoot scenes every now and then, but it's nice when they're not the focus of the site. Unfortunately they still make up a big portion of the videos. There's 9 pages of 7 videos apiece, and I'd say 1/2 to 2/3 of them are photoshoot. Hopefully the HD videos continue at a regular pace. I'm convinced that the guys running this network of sites rotate their videos on most of the other solo girl sites, but I think Kelly's site might actually have them all out there.

04-10-07  10:05pm

Visit Dream Kelly

Dream Kelly

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Kelly herself would be the biggest "pro" this site has. Of course it's opinion, but she's one of the best looking porn girls out there, and she doesn't disappoint with extra shyness. The second best thing would be the newest videos. She just recently started adding some hi-res videos that look head and shoulders better than her old ones (mentioned in "cons" below). Pictures are solid, but they're not usually what draws me to a site so I won't comment too strongly either way.
Cons: The older videos are horrible quality. 296kb encoded wmvs do not look good on today's larger monitors. I had been a member once before, but decided there was no way I'd join again unless the video quality got much better. Thankfully it did, but the majority of the content is not up to today's standards. The site also seems to die on me sometimes for about 5 minutes (flood protection? I'm not downloading THAT fast lol!)
Bottom Line: If you're not concerned about getting an overwhelming amount of high-quality video content and you think Kelly is a hottie, you should enjoy her site. It's very corporate, with zero interaction from Kelly herself, but some of that can be excused due to the content, which is undergoing a marked improvement. I wouldn't necessarily say join today (only 4 HQ videos up so far), but I'd keep an eye on the site and plan on a visit in a few months once they've had time to fill out the poor content with more modern multimedia. Score of 79 puts it right on the verge of "recommended".

04-09-07  03:10pm

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Visit Dream Taylor

Dream Taylor

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Cute girl who doesn't tease you to death - there are some nice full sex scenes here

* Some of the vids are decent resolution at 1000kbps+ and 720x480.

* Despite its relative newness, there is a decent amount of content at 8 video scenes (4 of which feature boy-girl action) and 13 photosets.

* You get access to all of the sites in the Minxxx Studios network.

* 2-day trial is full access.
Cons: * Photos are only medium resolution (800x600 or so) and there are no zip files to be found here.

* Site organization didn't seem to be a priority. Everything is linked from the front page. There aren't separate sections for picsets or videos. If the site grows large (I hope!), it will get cumbersome to navigate.

* Video format isn't uniform throughout the site - there are a few that are lower-res mpg only. Also, some are offered as a full download while others must be grabbed in parts. Some offer both options. Really a mixed bag. Almost looks like the site was put together with content that was already shot and used elsewhere.
Bottom Line: Dream Taylor has a look that I like, and when I see one of these new sites pop up with a young hottie like her, I usually can't resist taking a look. All in all I was pleased with the content, knowing it's a pretty new site. If it (and the rest of the sites on the network) keeps growing, then I think it will be a pretty worthwhile purchase for someone who is into solo teen sites.

As it stands, there wasn't a lot to complain about the site, but there wasn't a lot that was worthy of excessive praise, so I thought a 75 (Average) score pretty much describes it perfectly. With a little TLC and some growth, I could see the score increasing significantly. The network isn't great, but I'll be keeping my eye on it and watching for some general improvements.

04-18-08  07:42pm

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Visit Ema's Place

Ema's Place
Reply of Play Toes's Comment

It would be nice to think that some of the webmasters and/or models do actually take our opinions into account when they're managing their sites. I suspect that TBP is a fairly well-used site by hundreds (thousands?) of readers every day, and a honest, well-written, bad review on this site may definitely sway users away from their sites. It may be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping that our use of this site not only makes it easier for us consumers to better pick our favorite sites, but also makes it clearer to the site owners, designers, and models what it is that people are looking for.

07-06-07  11:03pm

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of never's Comment

I joined this site like 2 years ago and it was the case then too. The guy likes to put girls on the tour that are not on the site and in some cases, he doesn't even plan on putting them on the site for months and months. I think it's a very dishonest practice, and I will never join again because of it. A tour should be there to show you what your membership is going to buy you. If it doesn't, then it's coercing you to join under a false pretense.

And yes I agree the content is painfully repetitious! Which reminds me...why must every porn director ask "are your nipples sensitive?" I've always thought that was like the most pointless question ever. I can't say I've ever looked at a porn starlet and thought "boy those nips sure look sensitive...and that's really important to my enjoyment of this clip!" To each their own I guess :p

10-24-07  02:59pm

Visit Girls Got Cream

Girls Got Cream
Reply of Dave21's Review

Harsh review there. I'll have to play devils advocate here. I joined the entire network of sites once (begrudgingly paying the $49.95 fee or whatever it was at that time). It was maybe a year and a half ago, but unless things have changed significantly, I would have to disagree with a lot of your points.

I think the lighting on almost all of the videos is pristine - makes the vids look even better than the bitrate they're encoded in.

Ugliest girls on the net? I think all of their empire of sites has just about the most beautiful, young-looking foreign models of any site out there. I suppose it's a matter of taste, but these girls are right up my alley.

Yeah the "cream" at the end is often fake, and yes the vids are split into 6 parts, and yes the action is repetitive (same shots in most of the videos), but I still think those are minor issues with a site that has a lot of good going for it.

Of course, it's just my opinion, and you are certainly entitled to yours.

05-29-07  03:33pm

Visit Girls Got Cream

Girls Got Cream
Reply of Beardo's Review

I joined their "network" of sites once and found out that they *do* lock you out after a certain amount of downloading in a single day (maybe 1gig or so?). Might that be your problem? I don't remember the message it gave me. I just remember being annoyed.

05-28-07  08:02pm

Visit GND Cali

GND Cali

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Decent number of picture sets (43 so far) at good resolution.

* Zip files for all photo sets in both low and high resolution options.

* The videos that are there look pretty good at 640x480.

* Cali is pretty hot, and she does appear to be somewhat active in the site. She posts blogs and will allegedly be doing camshows soon, but we've all heard that before (from other models).
Cons: * Video content is very slim so far - just 4 vids - one is an interview and another is her doing her toenails (boring!) A screencap on her tour showed the filename was set39.avi - unfortunately that didn't mean there were 39 vids like I assumed!

* Several non-nude sets sprinkled in to the mix, not to mention that none of the content really goes beyond topless. I hate when a tour doesn't tell you that!

* Only other feature of note (if you subscribe to JUST cali's site) is access to the forums, which I'm not bothering to join (they want you to email them with your username and real name - what's wrong with registration?).

* Pet peeve - can't choose your own login info. It becomes more of a problem if you subscribe to the multi-site option since it asks you for a password somewhere between a billion and a zillion times as you change sites.
Bottom Line: This site isn't all bad, though I definitely think I focused more on the bad than the good. I paid the extra 10 bucks to get the multi-site access, and I kind of regret that I did, because the story here is the story throughout all of the sites. Content is non-nude to topless in all but a few cases, and only the solo girls have videos (I'll probably review 1-2 of the others at least). Once I joined, I realized it wasn't really the type of site I really care for. It's overly tease-oriented and picture-focused. I much prefer a video-focused softcore-hardcore type of site.

I hate randomly generated user/pass combos. That means I have to write it down or store it someplace I can easily look it up and copy/paste into the login form (I don't like using the browser to memorize passwords if possible). That's annoying.

The theme of this network of sites is girl-next-door types of models who submit their own content to the webmaster to post on their behalf. Thus it will only be as good as the models who are submitting content. It looks like they just got on their feet, so that's an explanation for why the content level is so low so far. That excuse won't work for too long though. I'd wait a couple of months to check this site (and its sister sites) out unless you really like Cali's look and prefer soft/topless content.

07-25-08  12:14pm

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Visit Hardcore Partying

Hardcore Partying
Reply of elephant's Comment

I was a member about a year ago I'd say and they offered both mpegs and wmv files. The wmv files had DRM, while the mpegs (which were like 2-4x the size, and better quality, but split into 1 minute clips) did not. I elected to go for the mpegs of course, though it took forever and a day to get a full scene downloaded. Don't let the DRM stop you from joining unless you're dead set on wmv. I enjoyed the network pretty well.

08-27-07  02:36pm

Visit Haylee Hunter

Haylee Hunter

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Nice looking blondie here, and she isn't afraid to drop her drawers and show off the good stuff. However you should note that you're not (yet) going to see a lot of solo play here - mostly tease.

* Trial is full access as far as I can tell

* Images are fairly high-res (1500x1000 or so)

* Site includes camshows, forum, live show archive, extra (useless) feeds, wishlist, bio - all the stuff you would expect in a solo site.
Cons: * You can't download the vids - they're streaming only. And to top it off, they're fairly low res

* Site is new, so not a lot of content up yet (8 vids, 1 camshow archive, 30 galleries).

* No zipsets or direct links to images, meaning you have to click each picture to get a link to save it with.
Bottom Line: I like to believe that webmasters do their research before designing a site. I can't imagine that cheesy tactics like making vids stream-only or making pics hard to save end up making people stay as members longer. Personally - as soon as I see those types of things, I start looking for a cancel link.

I'd give more info on the 8 vids currently on the site, but they pop up in their own window with right click disabled and they weren't worth playing with any longer to figure it out. I've got a lot of methods and programs I've figured out over the years on how to save a streaming video, but try as I might, I couldn't snag these. As a personal "policy", I don't join sites that don't let me keep the content, so I canceled my trial here pretty quickly. Thankfully, the trial was full-access, so I could see what I was potentially getting into.

Despite these site-killing negatives (for me at least), Haylee is a hottie! The action can be a little tame, but I checked out her 30-minute camshow in the archives, and things were a little hotter in there. If she turns up the heat a bit in her future content and lets members save her vids, this could be a pretty hot site. However, I don't want to have to wait for buffering every time I skip ahead in a vid, so the streaming-only thing just kills this site for me. Not recommended for someone like me, but I'm sure it will more than suffice for some.

08-26-07  08:58pm

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Visit I Dream Of Erica

I Dream Of Erica

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Erica is super-hot and has a cute southern accent!

* High-res pictures look good

* Vids offered in several bitrates, and they look pretty good for the most part!

* Cam shows are archived (though there's only 5 so far)

* As of 5/30, you get access to 4 other sites as well (Barely18barbie, youreroticparadise, love-abbie, and ashleexposed).
Cons: * Not a lot of vids and they're pretty short and tame in some cases.

* Update schedule is sketchy - just one update since 5/13 (about 17 days ago) - for a newer site that is worrysome.

* According to forums, Erica has been a no-show for several scheduled camshows, which is also a bad sign.
Bottom Line: Erica's site currently has 5 webcam archives, 6 "cam" vids, and 11 high-def vids. For picsets, 14 cam sets, 11 high-res photoshoots, and 3 sets of candids. It's not a lot of content, but what is there certainly looks good. The majority of the content is soft nude stuff, with only a couple of the vids having any real solo-play action. Personally, I like my solo-girl sites to be a little harder, but it will cater well to those who like their softcore stuff to be more on the teasy side.

The biggest problem I see is that the site is already showing signs of neglect. Honestly, I've been a member of several of the webmaster's other sites in the past, and they all seem to build up a little bit of content, then they're done forever. A quick look around at some of the other sites you get access to will show the same, as none of them seem to have gotten much bigger than erica's site is currently. Hopefully I'm wrong, because I think Erica is absolutely beautiful, and after going through all the content that's currently there, I'm dying to see more. Unfortunately, given the track record of other sites from this company, I just don't expect much. I recommend it only if you're dying to see what content Erica has up currently or are interested in a couple of the other sites you get access to.

05-31-08  03:20pm

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