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N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

I'm sure I'm well over a few terabytes of porn now. It's definitely more than I'll ever be able to watch, but I'm a collector by nature so it just piles up onto DVD-R after DVD-R. The biggest problem is where to put them all when I know I will have visitors lol!

11-13-07  02:42pm

N/A Reply of Pinche Kankun's Poll

Solo girl sites are actually probably my favorites. I don't know how to explain it, because I do like good hardcore porn as much as anyone, but at the same time, I'll join the site of a girl who looks like little summer twice as fast as I'd join a bangbros or similar HC network with 30 sites to choose from.

11-11-07  06:27pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I use Windows Media Player. I've tried VLC and MPC, but the feature that has continued to win me over is that I can jump to any point in the movie by clicking exactly where I want to jump to on the progress-bar thingy. If I try to jump to say 2/3 through the movie in WMP, I just click once right at that spot on the bar. If try that in MPC or VLC player, it jumps ahead in the movie some unknown amount. I can drag the progress bar if I want, but I wanna click it and have it go where I clicked, not some random spot that it chooses! Seems simple to me, but no other player seems to do that like WMP. Yes I'm picky :)

10-24-07  02:54pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

I check the new listings daily. Generally keeping my eyes open for more single-model sites, since good ones are so hard to find, I hate to let a good one skip by my watchful eye!

10-16-07  07:26pm

N/A Reply of cblodg's Poll

I like when sites have them, but I don't post on them much. It's interesting to see what other people have to say about the site, and it's good that you can see that you're not the only one who doesn't think you're getting your money's worth sometimes. Princesspresley.com took down their forum since people were bitching so much about lack of updates. On the other hand, the folks at youngporn.net were very good about taking care of member concerns, so they can be a good thing to have at times for both parties.

10-14-07  11:47am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Recovering EQ-holic. Played it way too much for 4-5 years, and still miss it some, but am probably better off without it.

I do think it is a pertinent question though, as it does help to determine the demographic of the PU user-base. There are lots of statistics on what type of person plays online games. If the results of this poll hold up so strongly in the "no" category, it can become safe to say that maybe this user-base probably isn't the same as the online gaming industry, which often consists of a bit younger, tech-savvy crowd.

10-08-07  03:15pm

N/A Reply of jd1961's Poll

I'm sure that some do - but honestly, it really is a good incentive. I join 2-3 sites a month usually, and while I know that my experiences might be helpful, it's easy sometimes to just put off reviewing. However, with the carrot dangling in front of my nose, writing that review moves up the priority list a bit.

At the same time, personally the fact that I might get monetary reward for my work also means that I feel I should do a good job on my reviews. I've never sat down and churned one out in 2-3 minutes, and I'm not saying I would if the money wasn't there, but I feel that I owe it to the site if it's investing a bit of money into my time.

So to sum up that jarbled mess - I don't think many people write reviews just for the reward, but the reward does ensure more frequent and possibly higher quality reviews than there might be if there was no reward.

09-26-07  05:52pm

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

I'm with jd1961 here - of course a full trial is preferable to a limited one. I can't imagine anyone could sit here and say "yeah I'd rather be limited to just a tiny bit of content than given access to the whole site", but there are multiple things to consider: If a site is brand new, I might not want to spend $25-30 on full membership when I'm gonna come away with like 4 vids and a handful of picsets (I've gotten burned a couple of times this year), so those sites are always nice to see a 3-day full trial membership for, since the site isn't really worth the money yet.

However - for established sites, they don't necessarily need a trial if they have a great tour that indicates what you're going to get when you sign up. Look at bangbros or FTV or Liz Vicious - you can pretty much pick the scenes you want before you even join up. I think that's great and wish more sites could follow suit. Tours should *always* be dynamic and demonstrate the frequency and content of the latest updates. It's easy to spend money then. Sorry for the long reply! :)

09-16-07  12:45pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I don't let trials renew too often, but I do let subscriptions renew on occasion if they're either a) so rich in content that I can't get everything I want in a month's time or b) They offer an awesome rebill price. I subscribed to the realitykings network for over 3 years because they offered me a $9.99 monthly option when I originally went to cancel (no idea if they still do that anymore). I wish more sites would do that!

09-04-07  02:40pm

N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

Before I discovered TBP, I frequented pornliving.com and Rabbits Reviews a lot more. Now I really only look at the others if I want a second opinion on a site I'm about to join (more for member area screenshots than anything else usually).

There really is no comparison to TBP though.

08-16-07  02:59pm

N/A Reply of apoctom's Poll

I burn it all off to dual-layer DVDs which gets expensive, but find that I rarely pull out one of the burned discs to watch. It seems I'm usually most interested in what's actually on my hard drive at the time, which generally fluctuates between 100-200gigs. Probably too much, but hey it keeps me occupied huh!

07-23-07  03:20pm

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

I buy a lot of music and movies in addition to my porn habit, so what I've won from this site has gone towards those collections instead. I try to limit my porn budget to 1-2 sites a month (which rarely works, but hey it's worth trying!)

07-10-07  03:05pm

N/A Reply of jd1961's Poll

This site appears to have been designed as a site not only for porn "users" but also the webmasters of these sites. I would be interested to know if webmasters are allowed to give trust ratings. If I don't like a site and I rate it objectively, I don't want to be viewed as an "untrusted" reviewer because the webmaster decides to vindictively leave a negative trust rating for me.

But by that same token - even if webmasters are not allowed to leave trust ratings, they could just sign up with a regular user account and leave the same ratings anonymously, so I suppose it really doesn't matter there.

But just so that I stop rambling - I think reasons are good to require. If someone doesn't trust my reviews or comments, I'd like to have an idea why.

06-24-07  06:47pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

Feeds were good when I first started joining porn sites. Now I've seen most of them and come to my own determination that there's usually not much I want to see. They're usually streaming only, heavily fragmented into 1 minute clips, incredibly slow, or difficult to navigate, or sometimes all of the above.

On the other hand - I do like seeing the "Teens For Cash" sites included as extras. They share a lot of those negative qualities I just mentioned, but I like em anyways!

05-29-07  03:41pm

N/A Reply of ylover's Poll

Camshows are alright - but I hate the ones on the Camz network. It's great for the girl I'm sure to have 3000 people "chatting" with her at once, but every single person in the room obviously gets lost in the shuffle.

05-11-07  02:26pm

Visit 123 Lacey Pink

123 Lacey Pink

Careful - Trial Upsell inside

My first time accessing the site after joining, I clicked to access Lacey's content and was presented with a screen that said in order to complete my access to the content, I would have to reenter my zip code and credit card security code. No site needs that information unless they are getting authorization to make a charge to your card. The next screen verified that I was about to purchase a $0 trial (that would soon rebill at $39.95 if I entered my info). I am generally overly cautious when navigating the online porn world, and not wanting to go through the hassle of canceling a trial I didn't want, I decided to cut my $2 loss and hit the back button. However - I decided to click on the link once again to access Lacey's content, and this time the upsell info didn't come up, instead putting me right through to her content. Just a warning - you could get hit with an unexpected $40 charge if you're not careful!

06-25-07  06:13pm

Replies (0)
Visit 123 Lacey Pink

123 Lacey Pink

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Well uh obviously....the price! Any site that charges less than 2 bucks for a month-long membership and actually has content is a big bonus!

* Videos look pretty good at 1500k and 640x480

* Lacey is a "girl-next-door" style model which will undoubtedly be a plus for a lot of people

* You also get bonus access to a bunch of other sites, including some content from bangbros and the like (though I didn't check to see how complete the scenes may be).
Cons: I feel kinda bad nitpicking a sub-$2 site, but...

* Vids don't download though they do go to your internet cache and can be copied from there to your collection

* Some questionable upsells (will touch on those in a separate "warning" comment)

* Lots of the vids are behind-the-scenes of photoshoots

* Almost all links broken in the BTS section

* Music plays during all the vids - I was disappointed that I didn't get the chance to hear the interaction between her and her cameraman.
Bottom Line: Bottom line, there are a lot of negatives here, but still - it's a $2 site and if you like Lacey's look, you'll get your moneys worth despite some minor annoyances.

There are some upsells to be aware of, namely a box that must be unchecked at initial signup and then a $0 trial that can be backed out of if done carefully (see additional comment for more info). Like I mentioned - it's hard to nitpick a site that's under $2, but upsells with no real opt-out options can end up with 2 results: 1) The member always feels like they have to watch where they click or 2) The member accidentally gets hit with a charge they didn't expect and blames the site for doing something shady. I'll put it this way - I doubt any surfers really see these upsells as exciting opportunities for more free porn.

My biggest other gripe would be the broken links and the music. BTS scenes don't really feel "behind the scenes" when there's cheesy music playing over the entire clip.

Lacey is a cutie however, and if you're at all interested in seeing her enjoying some of her favorite toys, I'd give this one at least a look. I'd score it a lot lower if I paid for a standard membership, but for $2, the site at least *met* most of my expectations. I love the concept they're going for with the low-cost sites!

06-25-07  06:02pm

Replies (1)
Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: There's a sheer mass of content among this network of sites. If you are a fan of a girl who's been a hardcore adult performer over the last 5 (?) years, you're likely to find her again here. The quality of content has grown with technology, and today each video clocks in at over 1600kbps and 720x480 resolution. The network spans so many genres that it would be hard to find a *normal* type of porn that is not featured here.
Cons: Things get maddeningly routine throughout most of the sites. Scenes are differentiated almost exclusively by the performer, and not the scenario or the action. Even down to the positions used, there's usually a strict pattern. Things aren't as clearly labeled as I would like. We all know it's not really "real", so make it easier for us to find our favorite stars. Some sites, like In the VIP, will feature 3-4 female performers, but they identify the scene by just one performer's name.
Bottom Line: I sounded awful harsh in the "cons" section to give this site a 94 really, but even with those faults, it's still what I consider to be the top network out there. I've kept a membership for probably 2 years running thanks to a hefty discount they offered upon cancellation that I decided was too good to pass up (though I hear that option is no longer available so don't be surprised if you don't get a similar offer).

Bottom line - if you don't care about variety in style or extremely well-acted "reality" scenarios, you'll be hooked on this network like I have been. If you're a collector of your favorite performer's scenes, you're likely to find one somewhere in this network, and quite possibly more than one place. There's so much here that it will literally take you months to download everything you want - and as someone else already mentioned, they do have measures in place to make sure of that (a download limit). However, I think the limit is flexible. I haven't hit it in a long time, and I know that for sure I have gone well over 1Gb downloading in one session without incident. Your mileage may vary, but I can't imagine anyone having too many gripes about dropping the cash for a one month membership to this network. I consider it a "must join".

04-11-07  06:55pm

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Visit Alyssa Doll

Alyssa Doll
Reply of ace of aces's Review

Surprised to see there are now only 27 videos. I used to join every few months for the updates (she's one of the few girls I've found hot enough to do so for), and my collection sits at 62 total vids (just checked!). There used to be 2 sections of videos, one with the HD ones and one with not-so-HD ones. The last update I grabbed was titled "Hanging Out In The Bedroom". Is that the most recent one on the site now?

The new videos definitely *look* better, but I liked the older ones better for the content. I dunno why - but it seemed the action was a little hotter and a little less routine. Wish she was still updating!

11-08-07  03:55pm

Visit Alyssa Doll

Alyssa Doll
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

That person is a genius! :)

11-07-07  03:34pm

Visit Amy's Girlfriends

Amy's Girlfriends
Reply of BIGSTEVE's Comment

I'm guessing it's a repeat. I joined her site back when she was known as Liberty Valentine. Seems her webmaster must have sold her content and it is being re-released as new content for other sites. I noticed the same thing with Kitty Karsen's content lately.

06-04-09  07:42pm

Visit Ashlee Exposed

Ashlee Exposed

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Ashlee has been a well-known softcore model for a few years - she finally puts out some hardcore stuff in this website, though it's all just BJ's!

* The content that is available looks good in high-resolution.

* Access to 4 other sites with a membership to this one.
Cons: * Ads for other websites all over the place

* Pet peeve of mine - all 5-6 of the BJ vids start abruptly with no build-up or talking or anything at all. They're all POV too.

* One picset and one video update since 11/07.

* Vids are short.
Bottom Line: This was a disappointing site for me. I had seen Ashlee in several of her previous sites (allashlee.com, ashleeandserena.com, hdbadgirls.com, etc) and was excited to see she was putting out a site with some hardcore stuff. Unfortunately, it's the most basic, easy to shoot hardcore you can find. The vids start with her already on her knees, sometimes already in the act. And since they're all in POV style, there's just no variety. Her other non-bj vids look a lot better, and feel a bit more complete, but I still felt like I expected more. Her previous sites all had a lot more personality to them. This one is just very basic and bland.

As for the content - 21 high res picsets, 6 picsets of vidcaps, 22 vids (although several of them are part1 or part2 of one episode - probably about 15 total different scenes).

The site isn't updated anymore, and I can't really recommend it unless you're a big fan of Ashlee who really wants to see her on her knees or just wants to complete your Ashlee archive. Sadly, you'll get a lot more Ashlee for your money with a trip to allashlee.com.

05-31-08  03:43pm

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Visit Audrey Live

Audrey Live

Sets the bar for interactive solo sites

I joined this site over a year ago - but after joining several solo-girl sites in a row that don't have any level of interaction or personality showing at all, it makes me want to comment on Audrey's site. After joining dozens of solo girl sites, none has offered near the level of interaction as audreylive.com. Keep in mind this info is over a year old, but back when I was a member, upon joining, you would have a customized video greeting within a day - and it's not an ambiguous "hello new member" message...she actually uses your name and records a custom message for you. Chats come sometimes more than once a day, and were always recorded and archived for download later. The content could get a little repetitive, but there was no arguing how much interaction there actually was. If you're like me and getting fed up with cookie cutter sites that lack imagination and offer nothing new, you might give audreylive.com a try. If she's still going strong, I bet a lot of people would be impressed.

05-06-07  08:40pm

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass
Reply of Brainpat's Reply

Thanks for the reply Brainpat - I'll keep my eyes open in case you guys ever decide to go back and re-encode some of the vids on the solo girl sites (namely Melissa's) to a higher res format. I've been a member a couple times before, and as long as the network keeps growing, I'm sure I'll be back for my 4th membership!

11-12-07  03:05pm

Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass
Reply of sisterhood's Review

Does Melissa Doll's site have any of the high-quality vids? I'd rejoin the network just to get higher-quality versions of her vids. I see her tour has been updated, but no video previews to give any hints of quality.

11-11-07  06:52pm

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