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Visit Kelli Young

Kelli Young

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Videos are fairly decent at 1600kbps and 640x480
* Very cute girl with lots of photoshoot vids
* Plenty of photosets (120+)
* Access to a bunch of network sites - though none are really superb.
Cons: * Very basic members area - just a section for pics and one for vids.
* Site no longer updates - last date is Oct 23, 06
* No options to easily download pics. Must click on each and right click/download.
* All of the content - both vids and pics is nothing but Kelli posing for photoshoots. It gets pretty boring, but she is a cutie so it helps a bit.
* Very softcore - just some topless stuff here, nothing more explicit
Bottom Line: Kelli Young is a hottie with an average-sized archive of photoshoot pics and vids available. Unfortunately, that's about all there is to say. She's definitely a hottie, but the site doesn't give you an opportunity to learn anything about her or see her in any environment other than the confines of an apartment with a photographer. Thankfully, you do get access to a bunch of other sites, because I would be surprised if someone didn't get bored with most of the content here within a day or two.

As far as a recommendation - I'd give it a look if you are a member of one of the other sites on the network, but there's not really enough content or enough variety to make it worth an individual membership.

12-10-07  09:14pm

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Visit Jenni Apples

Jenni Apples

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Jenni is hot - resembles porn star Addison Rose kinda
* Access granted to additional sites
* A few video options (full vid mpeg, clips in wmv, etc)
Cons: Where to start...
* Only 5 vids, of which none are great and all are low quality (570k? Come on this is 2007!)
* Vids from tour are left out of site
* Picture section is the least convenient I've ever seen - 44 pages of 20 pics apiece, not divided into sets.
* No updates in the 3 weeks since I've joined
* Action seems cut short in all of the vids on the site, and unfortunately it's before much good happens.
Bottom Line: This is the kind of site that just makes you angry when you join. It's another case of a beautiful girl with an attractive tour who probably has nothing to do with how her content is presented to the public. As a result, you get a tiny, disorganized site, with very few redeeming qualities. I literally can't imagine anyone joining this site and feeling like they got their money's worth.

Upon joining, you'll be taken to a portal page to access all of the company's sites (including other solo girls like Kelli Young and Mandy Michaels). I'll warn you though - many of those sites are just like this one, with 5 sets and no organization among the picture galleries. I may be wrong, but I would not expect this site to ever update beyond what is out there now.

One other thing to note - I had horrible problems with the site accepting my login for the first few days. I could navigate to 2-3 pages in a row, then another login box would pop up, and my correct info would fail. Finally after a few days it worked itself out, but it was highly frustrating.

Bottom line - don't join this site unless you've got a super hard-on for Jenni Apples. There's just not enough content, and not enough effort put into the site to make it worth the cash.

12-10-07  09:01pm

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N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

I'm sure I'm well over a few terabytes of porn now. It's definitely more than I'll ever be able to watch, but I'm a collector by nature so it just piles up onto DVD-R after DVD-R. The biggest problem is where to put them all when I know I will have visitors lol!

11-13-07  02:42pm

Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass
Reply of Brainpat's Reply

Thanks for the reply Brainpat - I'll keep my eyes open in case you guys ever decide to go back and re-encode some of the vids on the solo girl sites (namely Melissa's) to a higher res format. I've been a member a couple times before, and as long as the network keeps growing, I'm sure I'll be back for my 4th membership!

11-12-07  03:05pm

Visit Chloe 18

Chloe 18

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * As with most of the sites in this network - super-hot, shy-acting, young-looking teen who likes to masturbate a lot on camera
* Decent number of scenes for a site the doesn't update anymore (about 33)
* Well-shot photos with a lot of varied poses
* Seems to really get into her scenes and forget the camera is there - makes for some hot action
Cons: * No more updates
* Low quality vids by today's standards (768kbps)
* Vids split into 6 clips, even though most are only 7-8 minutes once joined (and they don't seem to join very well for whatever reason).
* Fairly useless extras
Bottom Line: I feel like I'm repeating myself in my reviews of most of these solo-girl sites. I've joined them all several times to pick up any updates I didn't have, so there's obviously things about these girls I really like. I love sites with cute young girls masturbating - and that's what this is. Chloe's site, like the others, is all about being cute and teenish. Her site is one of my favorites because she really seems to get into the action in her scenes.

The main negatives would be that it's an archive site (and has been for over a year) and the vids are low quality. I've often wondered why webmasters to sites like these don't go back to their original masters and redo the vids at a higher bitrate. I know I'd be there day 1 to get the new high-quality versions of these vids. Seems it would be a good marketing tool, but instead they seem to like advertising these sites as if they were still living-breathing-updating sites.

As far as recommendations go - I wouldn't, unless you're taking advantage of http://www.allteenrevpass.com and getting access to all of the sites in this network. None of them are updating anymore, so they're all really just good for a month's membership. I happen to think it would be money decently spent, as long as you don't expect updates or HD-vids.

11-11-07  07:48pm

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Visit Little April

Little April

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * April does the "young and innocent" thing very well.
* Decent amount of content for a site that has stopped updating (49 episodes available at the moment)
* Picsets, though short, have nice variety and are well-shot.
Cons: * Vids are a bit overacted - a bit hard to believe that we're gonna watch her spontaneously switch from playing a video game to masturbation
* Inexplicably has rotated vids for the last couple of years - it's an archive site...just put them all out there!
* Obviously - it's not updating anymore
* Vids are poor quality for this day and age (768kbps) and aren't available in full scenes
Bottom Line: Little April was the first solo-girl site I ever joined, and I think I actually joined the first day I stumbled across her site. She's super-hot and just had something about her that drew me in. Unfortunately though, by the time I joined, the "new" updates were already over and the site's operators were rotating the scenes out. I *think* my collection is about 55-60 scenes total, but the site has never had more than 40-45 of them up at one time. That could be an annoyance to anyone trying to complete a collection.

The scenes are also somewhat overacted sometimes. Seriously - we know the girl is 18, and she acts ridiculously young in some of the scenes, much like her network-mate Teen Topanga. The vids are nice in content, but a little lacking in variety, and definitely lacking in quality by today's standards. Most are in 6 1-2 minute clips, though some are only 3 clips. They come in 5 different quality ranges, but the highest quality is only 768kbps, which is not great.

As far as recommendations go, I don't usually recommend sites that don't update anymore, but if you're getting access to all of the sites in the network (join from here - http://www.allteenrevpass.com ) then it's worth a look. None of those sites stand up well on their own since none are updating, but as a package, you can get a lot of fairly decent stuff for a decent price.

11-11-07  07:26pm

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Visit Trixie Teen

Trixie Teen

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * Shy-looking beautiful girl
* Well-shot photos - nice variety from shot to shot
* Site well optimized for those with low bandwidth (I'm searching for good things to say obviously)
* Access to a bunch of feeds from the teensforcash network.
Cons: * Dishonest claims inside members area ("My site is constantly updated with new content!")
* Vids are tame - only faux-masturbation here
* Vids are low-quality at 800kbps and a pain in the neck to download unless you want the mpg version.
* Site hasn't updated in a loooong time
* Only 10 vids and 26 picsets
Bottom Line: Honesty doesn't exactly run rampant among porn sites. One of my biggest pet peeves about sites is when they don't even attempt to meet the claims they make about how often they update. I've joined this network of sites 3-4 times since they launched, and I don't believe I've ever seen an update to Trixie's site. I know they've had to look at it to add all the ads for their other sites, so it makes my wonder why they refuse to remove the nice big banner that says the site is "constantly updated".

Trixie is definitely a hottie, but her site is unfortunately long since neglected and is probably no better than a bonus site anymore. Unfortunately that seems to be the case with all of the solo girl sites in the "teenrevenue" package of sites.

Trixie does get full-nude and does show all the goods, but don't expect any penetration or toy-play here. The site is surprisingly tame when you compare it to the others on this network. With so little content and no update schedule, I really wouldn't recommend joining unless you're looking for access to the other sites in this network.

11-11-07  07:07pm

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass
Reply of sisterhood's Review

Does Melissa Doll's site have any of the high-quality vids? I'd rejoin the network just to get higher-quality versions of her vids. I see her tour has been updated, but no video previews to give any hints of quality.

11-11-07  06:52pm

N/A Reply of Pinche Kankun's Poll

Solo girl sites are actually probably my favorites. I don't know how to explain it, because I do like good hardcore porn as much as anyone, but at the same time, I'll join the site of a girl who looks like little summer twice as fast as I'd join a bangbros or similar HC network with 30 sites to choose from.

11-11-07  06:27pm

Visit Private Camz

Private Camz
Reply of jake07621's Review

One such site that offers access to the privatecamz archive is one of the sites in the College Fuck Fest network - nakedcollegecoeds.com. Previous members of any of their sites get periodic emails advertising a $10 recurring rate for returning customers, so it can be fairly cheap to get in and gain access to some of your favorite camz-stars' archives (my personal fav - Teen Deja!). Just a tip!

11-08-07  04:05pm

Visit Alyssa Doll

Alyssa Doll
Reply of ace of aces's Review

Surprised to see there are now only 27 videos. I used to join every few months for the updates (she's one of the few girls I've found hot enough to do so for), and my collection sits at 62 total vids (just checked!). There used to be 2 sections of videos, one with the HD ones and one with not-so-HD ones. The last update I grabbed was titled "Hanging Out In The Bedroom". Is that the most recent one on the site now?

The new videos definitely *look* better, but I liked the older ones better for the content. I dunno why - but it seemed the action was a little hotter and a little less routine. Wish she was still updating!

11-08-07  03:55pm

Visit Alyssa Doll

Alyssa Doll
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

That person is a genius! :)

11-07-07  03:34pm

Visit Tina Doll

Tina Doll
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

So that it's not a complete waste, try your login on alyssadoll.com. Used to be that a login to one "doll" got access to the others too. I'd be interested to see if her site is still updating :)

11-05-07  04:16pm

Visit College Fuck Fest

College Fuck Fest

Free DVDs after 3 Months

I've kept my membership up here for 3 months now. I actually got a decent piece of spam mail from these guys offering access to their sites for $10 per month recurring, so I've kept it up for a while. I noticed last time I logged in a banner reading "Rewards for our Loyal Members - Get College Fuck Fest DVD's for Free!" Click on the banner and it takes you to a page where you can enter your info to get 5 (yes five!) CFF DVD's for free. I haven't filled it out (hey after 3 months I've really only given them $30 so I feel kinda guilty!), but I figured it's a worthwhile tip that others might find useful.

11-04-07  07:04pm

Replies (0)
Visit Tina Doll

Tina Doll
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

I joined hmm...over a year ago. There were only 5-6 videos and they were very poor quality (like 500kbps or less). The tour has not changed at all that I can tell (yes it said "high definition videos" even back then) so I would say join with caution. The $3.95 tour was full access minus zip files for the picsets, so it isn't expensive to check it out at least. If you do check it out, I'd like to hear what you find! Hope this helps.

11-03-07  04:05pm

Visit Chick Trick

Chick Trick
Reply of Monahan's Comment

Took a look myself, and while it may be premature to have "beware" warnings based on just a tour in most cases, it does appear that there are no models here newer than the ones I first saw in like 2002 or 2003. Reality porn is anything but reality - so you can usually judge a site's ability to update based on the models in their tour, since they'll generally be most of the same ones between all of the more major sites. That said - I wouldn't join this one, but if someone's looking for a long lost Taylor Rain scene or something like that, it's nice that the site is still sitting around taking memberships. :)

10-28-07  09:02am

Visit Try Teens

Try Teens
Reply of apoctom's Reply

Only 1 of the 3 vids on my hard drive at the moment has anal. I don't think it's all that prominent on this site, but the same company does the site teachmyass.com, which has pretty much all the same cuties with anal in every scene. And if you're into deep-throats, check out youngthroats.com. I actually liked this network a lot. Unfortunately it's 49.95 for network access (or 29.95 for 1 site at a time).

10-26-07  03:16pm

Visit Try Teens

Try Teens
Reply of apoctom's Comment

I joined this site (whole expensive network in fact) a while back, and didn't find the videos to be too bad quality-wise. Only a few still sitting on my hard drive at the moment, but they're 640x480 and 1218kbps encoded. Not HD by any means, but acceptable and they look fine to me. Some of the oldest episodes are a little worse, but I believe the newest stuff may actually be in HD. Some real cuties on this network for sure!

10-26-07  03:01pm

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of never's Comment

I joined this site like 2 years ago and it was the case then too. The guy likes to put girls on the tour that are not on the site and in some cases, he doesn't even plan on putting them on the site for months and months. I think it's a very dishonest practice, and I will never join again because of it. A tour should be there to show you what your membership is going to buy you. If it doesn't, then it's coercing you to join under a false pretense.

And yes I agree the content is painfully repetitious! Which reminds me...why must every porn director ask "are your nipples sensitive?" I've always thought that was like the most pointless question ever. I can't say I've ever looked at a porn starlet and thought "boy those nips sure look sensitive...and that's really important to my enjoyment of this clip!" To each their own I guess :p

10-24-07  02:59pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I use Windows Media Player. I've tried VLC and MPC, but the feature that has continued to win me over is that I can jump to any point in the movie by clicking exactly where I want to jump to on the progress-bar thingy. If I try to jump to say 2/3 through the movie in WMP, I just click once right at that spot on the bar. If try that in MPC or VLC player, it jumps ahead in the movie some unknown amount. I can drag the progress bar if I want, but I wanna click it and have it go where I clicked, not some random spot that it chooses! Seems simple to me, but no other player seems to do that like WMP. Yes I'm picky :)

10-24-07  02:54pm

Visit Oldje

Reply of Drooler's Reply

I can't see myself joining a site that uses realvideo format for their vids. I thought about this one a long time ago and passed on it for that very reason. I love Real as a company, but I don't like using realplayer for vids.

10-16-07  07:30pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

I check the new listings daily. Generally keeping my eyes open for more single-model sites, since good ones are so hard to find, I hate to let a good one skip by my watchful eye!

10-16-07  07:26pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of exotics4me's Review

Just a little extra note - I was a member of this network for over 2 years running (thanks to getting a nice price from one of those "wait - don't cancel! Resubscribe for only $9.99 a month!" deals). The DL limit seems to come and go, but I rarely ever hit the limit, even though it was very easy to go over 1GB downloading in a day. So just a warning to new users - your mileage may vary on the download limit!

10-14-07  08:43pm

Visit Pink Visual Pass

Pink Visual Pass

Lots o' trial options

Has anyone tried out the 21.95 15 day trial to any of the sites in this network? If so - do you recall if it's a full access trial or is it limited like the 3 and 7 day trials? I find it hard to believe any webmaster could have a clear conscience charging someone $22 just to limit their access, but I've lost money too many times to trust them not to rip me off.

This network is so frustrating - I would have joined on probably 10 different occasions by now if it was $29.95, but $39.95 is $10 more than just about every other network out there, and I can't really see what makes the webmasters think that these sites deserve such a higher price tag - especially since it's well documented that you can't download any of the older stuff.

10-14-07  08:39pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of cblodg's Poll

I like when sites have them, but I don't post on them much. It's interesting to see what other people have to say about the site, and it's good that you can see that you're not the only one who doesn't think you're getting your money's worth sometimes. Princesspresley.com took down their forum since people were bitching so much about lack of updates. On the other hand, the folks at youngporn.net were very good about taking care of member concerns, so they can be a good thing to have at times for both parties.

10-14-07  11:47am

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