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05-29-09 asmith12 (124) Yes I REALLY appreciate more attention to the content, like "The recent clips I find far too light and usually with the model partially or fully clothed. " (opposed to technicalities like bitrate) in your recent reviews.

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05-30-09 TheSquirrel (53) Yes I guess I do now put in a lot of tech stuff. I need to get thet balance between tech and content stuff right.
05-30-09 asmith12 (124) Well, from my point of view the best review is the one which provides LOTS of information which cannot be found elsewhere (for example, in TBP "site facts"). Anything subjective, being content (which I personally appreciate the most), or opinions like "quality is horrible for that bitrate", is IMHO what PU is all about.
05-30-09 TheSquirrel (53) I read my review of BrainPass and find I agree with you. I have therefore added a revision. Nothing major, but I do think in retrospect there was not enough in the review of what the content was.

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