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05-29-09 TheSquirrel (53) Yes Sorry - yet another reliable reviewer I thought I had already left a rating for. Accurate and objective reviews. Thankfully not too many over the top marks.

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05-29-09 asmith12 (124) Thanks; as for "not too many over the top marks" - :-), actually my average site rating is lower than yours :-).
05-30-09 TheSquirrel (53) Yes strangely enough I do realise how high my average marks are compared to some reviewers. As someone who is trying to be as crirical as possible I would say in my favour that I only join and therefore review sites that I know I am going to like. My mark for each site I have reviewed is mainly average or lower. So I can still claim to be a miserable mean git.
05-30-09 asmith12 (124) :-)

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