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03-02-13 Anonymous Yes With reviews rewritten a reversal is definitely in order

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01-02-12 Marcus (47) I don't understand what you mean by 'reviews for raffle' but accept your point my reviews could be more detailed. Apologies. Most of the sits I am reviewing I was a member of a few months ago, so am trying to remember as much as I can. I will definitely work on the quality of my reviews though.
01-02-12 Marcus (47) OK, I have just gone to my user profile and think I know what you mean about 'reviews for raffle' - definitely not the case. Happy not to take part in that. I was just trying to review as many sites as possible just to make a positive impact here, but understand quality vs quantity.

Pedantically, it's 11 reviews in 2 days :)
01-02-12 Marcus (47) Have re-written my Chica review (it's a lot easier to review a site when you're a current member I have to say), and will re-review the only other site I'm a member of which is Tia Ling's (I rejoined yesterday) a bit later today. Thank you again for the feedback.
01-02-12 Marcus (47) Me again! Just to say I've updated both my Tia Ling and Chica reviews. I will re-review Karla Spice soon as I will be rejoining her site next month. Hope this goes some way to addressing your criticisms. I don't want to take part in the Raffle, and understand if you want to hold off on adding to my Trust value until I have contributed more to PU.
03-03-13 Marcus (47) Thank you very much :)

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