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02-05-11 TheSquirrel (53) Yes Objective, although shortish reviews. A welcome addition to the forum. It's nice to see a new member who posts there.

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02-05-11 jberryl69 (12) Hey Squirrelman thanks - just wish when they said you'd commented about my review it would tell me which one you read.
02-05-11 TheSquirrel (53) I've seen all of them, but I especially agree with your Lethal hardcore views, it's just it is a little short. I admit I am being a little on the critical side.
02-05-11 jberryl69 (12) NO NO - I just sent Kahn a request asking for help identifying the review people are talking about because I LIKE a constructive critique - SO there was nothing wrong with what you wrote. Unfortunately that was little to be said about that site.

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