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06-26-09 asmith12 (124) Yes Liked your attention to the content (especially a comment on natural laughs for ALS Scan - maybe I'll try it some day).

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06-27-09 turboshaft (24) Thank you very much.

I am not sure what you mean by "natural laughs," as I have written a lot, maybe even too much, about ALS and I can't remember everything I have said about them.
06-27-09 asmith12 (124) I've meant the following fragment: "In general, the ALS staff, photographers, seem to have good relationships/friendships with the models, so you get some natural laughs from the models and smiles that don't look fake." This is why I value PU - such information CANNOT be found ANYWHERE ELSE (no other review site can possibly say such a thing).
06-27-09 asmith12 (124) Oops, just found it wasn't from your review :-), sorry. Still, there is some unique information (not to be found anywhere else) in your review too.
06-27-09 turboshaft (24) Thanks anyway, though I do agree with that statement, and it is definitely one of the site's pros. Respect for those in front of the camera seems to be all too rare in porn.

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