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07-23-08 asmith12 (124) Yes While I think that rating of 100 for the site is impossible (as there is always room for improvement), and average rating of 89.0 is way too high, I can't agree with those suspecting you of some kind of shilling.

BTW, about trust ratings: last time I've tried it it was possible to update the rating; if you have problems doing it and still want to update, you can always e-mail PU support and they will tell you if it's possible.

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07-24-08 Cybertoad (104) Thank You for the rteply I agree 100 was too high. Ihave asked PU no luck removing anything, so i'm stuck with hearing about this for awhile. YES I realize the site is not a 100. I also didnt realize at the time I could update it. Rooky error i guess you can say.

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