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Terms & Conditions

Basic terms and conditions about our web-site.

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Acceptance of Terms   Acceptance of this site's Terms, Policies and Guidelines is a condition of use for this site. If you cannot accept any of our terms, please leave this site.
Use of this site is a Privilege   Continued access to this site and its services is a privilege, not a right. PornUsers.com reserves the right to terminate that privilege at its sole discretion at any time and for any reason it deems is in the best overall interest of the site and its mission.
One Account Permitted Per Person/IP   To prevent unfairly skewing site ratings among other issues, only one account is permitted per person (or same IP). We realize that an IP could be shared among multiple users, so we also look at the user activity to determine whether the feedback submitted (reviews/comments) is bias toward a specific site or group of sites.

If activity from multiple accounts with the same IP does appear to be suspicious, we will suspend one or both accounts. Unfortunately we have to be very strict about this to help protect the authenticity of the overall feedback/ratings.

Each situation is uniquely judged case by case.
User Agrees to Safeguard Login Info   Upon registration, each user is assigned private login information that allows access to the extended features of this site. Users agree to exercise all precautions to safeguard this information and to keep it private. Users may NOT share their login information with anyone for any reason.
Users are responsible for themselves   Each user accepts full responsibility for all activity initiated from their account. While PornUSers.com exerts a reasonable effort to screen (and/or delete) inappropriate comments and remarks, it must be understood that we cannot be held accountable for the actions of each user.
Users should conduct themselves as adults   Upon entry into this site, each user certified that they were an adult, therefore, we ask that you conduct yourself as an adult at all times. It is natural for different people with different tastes from different backgrounds to disagree. However, even when you disagree you should conduct yourself as a responsible adult and refrain from personal attacks and put-downs of fellow users.
We are not responsibe for the sites we link to.   PornUsers.com does not own or control the adult sites that are listed here thus, we may not be held accountable for their actions, policies or content.
Prohibited Uses   No part of the PornUsers.com site (or mail/message system) may be used to undermine or otherwise get around the legitimate security features of the sites we list. This includes (but is not limited to) password sharing, back-door access, circumventing DRM and/or streaming video, etc.

Users may not represent themselves (to site owners/webmasters) in any way that could reasonably be misunderstood as them impersonating officials of the PornUsers site.
Prohibited Language   Due to search engine restrictions, there are certain words that we choose not to allow on our site. Thus, we reserve the right to edit posts to accommodate this limitation. Rest assured, we will use the lightest touch possible when editing a user's post.
Site and Services are offered AS-IS.   While PornUsers.com works extensively and at great expense to offer its users and webmasters a valuable service, it must be understood that this site and its services are offered AS-IS and there is no guarantee or warranty stated or implied. While every effort is maintained to prevent it, we cannot be held responsible for temporary or permanent loss of service or data.
Site language is English   Because we need to have the ability to have the Reviews, Comments and Replies screened by our staff, for now, all postings must be in English. If English is not your first language, please don't feel intimidated, we don't count off for spelling and grammar.
We reserve the right to modify our Terms   PornUsers.com reserves the right to modify our Terms of Use at any time for any reason. Users are encouraged to periodically review the Terms and Guidelines so that they may be aware of any changes.

Privacy Policy

Our terms regarding the sharing of personal information.

Question   Answer
Who is PornUsers.com?   PornUsers.com is a product of Ranks.com LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Company. Our Privacy Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect and use the personal information you provide to us and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site. We do not collect, use or disclose your personal information for any purpose other than those identified below, except with your consent or as required by law.

PornUsers.com respects your privacy !
What information do you collect and share?   Upon registration through the Create Account Form we collect information that allows us to create a unique account for each user.

Most information is not sensitive and be aware that certain information is made public in your user profile:

-User Nick/Name
-Age (derived from birth date)
-Location (optional)
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The following information is kept private and will not be shared with the public or any 3rd parties:

-E-mail Address
-Exact Birth Date

Your password is never seen by our staff at anytime. There is a one-time welcome e-mail (sent after initial signup) which will contain your password. It's then stored and encrypted in our system (with a one-way algorithm) which means there's no way anyone can unencrypt it. If you ever lose or forget your password, you can only reset the password (sent to your e-mail address) and then input a new password if you wish at that time.

Your e-mail address and birth date can be accessed by our staff, but will only be used for the administration of your account. See below for more information about how your e-mail is used.
How is my email address used?   We use your email address in a number of ways. First and foremost, your email address is used to administer your account. Secondly, if you opted-in to the newsletter, you may periodically receive those (see "Newsletter/E-mail Marketing"). Beyond that, there are a number of notification options that allow active reviewers to stay current on replies to their reviews, comments, etc. Some of these options may be turned on or off via the "Preferences" section of the Edit Profile screen.

If you no longer wish to receive any email from PornUsers.com you will need to disable your account on the Edit Profile screen. Of course, then you will not be able to use all of this site's features.
Newsletter/E-mail Marketing   The subscriber's e-mail address may be used by the site to communicate site news, special offers and other relevant information such as site updates or announcements, etc. In addition, there may be occasions when a subscriber will be presented with special offers from third-party parties. The subscriber may opt-out of a mailing list by clicking on the remove link located at the bottom of the email newsletter and/or promotions by visiting here.
Does PornUsers.com track and store my IP address?   Yes. Every computer connected to the Internet is given a domain name and a set of numbers, that serve as that computer's "Internet Protocol" IP address. We store the IP address during creation of each account and for significant actions/submissions by registered or unregistered users. The domain name and IP address reveal nothing personal about you other than the IP address from which you have accessed our site.

IP addresses are used to help assist us in tracking down abuse of our site. They will never be shared with other users or 3rd parties.
Does PornUsers.com use Cookies?   Yes, similar to most websites, PornUsers.com utilizes a standard technology called "Cookies" to collect information about how our website is used.

One primary use of the Cookies we set is to allow ease-of-use for our site and to prevent you from having to repeatedly log in.

Information gathered through cookies may include (but is not limited to) date and time of visit, pages viewed, time spent at our website. This information is not shared or sold to third party organizations for any purpose.
Anything else I need to know?   We would remind all users that our site is viewable to the public via the World Wide Web, thus we would strongly encourage users to exercise due prudence before disclosing personal information in the public areas of the site.

The bottom line about our Privacy Policy is this ...
We respect your privacy and do all within our power to protect the private information that you provide to us. You can rest assured that your personal information, including your email address, is never sold, shared or traded to outside third parties.