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07-30-12 Toadsith (48) Yes Good strong opinions and plenty of discussion about site styles and content. A few more technical factoids would be nice as a barometer for how often the site is updating (as more reviews are posted) and what the technical quality of the content is. Looking forward to more reviews!

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08-01-12 Jaimes (3) Toadsith, absolutely right. At this time: updating about once a month. Technical quality,uneven:some sets are crisp and clear, some, obviously shot by a different photographer, are often so blurry that the screen caps are clearer!Video is marred by incredibly bad, overly frenzied camera work. Especially bad whenever someone strips-which should be the sexiest part of porn but is ruined with bungled close-ups and blurriness.Hope that helps :)
08-01-12 Toadsith (48) Thanks, it does!

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