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01-03-12 atrapat (112) Yes Good contributions. I'm intrigued, though, by your "The Observer"-based avatar. As the greatest Portuguese philosopher of all times once asked: "Why?"

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01-03-12 elephant (67) lol thanks for the trust rating, no real deep reason really other than I thought it would look good to have a elephants trunk on the observer as the elephant is an observer of le porno. I might change it to something better soon, getting bored of it though.
01-03-12 atrapat (112) Good idea for an avatar. I guess many of us here could use The Observer as an avatar given the amount of porn we watch and have watched :)
01-03-12 elephant (67) I created myself a new one, unsure which one I like best, might create 12 and have one for every month, this can be Jan. The Porn Soldier

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