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11-29-11 slategrey (13) Yes Good reviews and lots of information. But how you rated NA so much higher than brazzers is blasphemy to me.

Preferences i guess.

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11-29-11 hodayathink (18) Slightly prefer natural to fake. Don't care about anal. At the time of the review, NA had live shows every day and Brazzers had none. The fact that ZZ put two mysterious charges on my account. The prevalence of rough sex in a way that isn't consensual. And, to be honest, the fact that I feel that most Brazzers scenes are overproduced.
11-29-11 slategrey (13) Yeah i missed out on the NA live show era and any extra charge is always a bummer well i understand now why rated that the way you did but still both are good reviews im just more of a brazzers fan i think its because they are more DL manager friendly than NA

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