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05-15-09 GCode (101) Yes Been almost a year since your last review :( anyways, this new one is not bad, score is a bit high for a site with no zip format for pics but I think your intentions are good. You have my trust.

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05-16-09 senorim (19) Nice surprise!Thank u GCode for your trust.I didn't
notice about the year w/out a review.I'm writing another one.I've been watching RK & Brazzers,besides
I'm into Porn Tube sites w/flv format.There're a few
pretty good sites with many diff.niches.Quality
is the issue but I convert'em,burn'em and put'em on
TV set.Instead I save some USD paying on boring sites w/the same old action:Couch,oral sex,Bans-bang,cum and that's it!I like Euro but 30 euros!no way.Keep in touch,regards senorim

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