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01-30-09 ace of aces (179) Yes informative review, even if for Sex And Submission the points are imo to high when i read the big con list

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01-30-09 largeun (9) actually, they cons are not as severe as they seem. i am a member of videobox and always raved about them hut recently the films have all done the rounds and they still haven't upgraded to HD. hotlegsandfett and handsonhardcore were two of my favourite sites but they update very erratically and are expensive.
it's always hard to find the right balance between price, content, presentation, quality and navigation.
01-30-09 ace of aces (179) i know what you`re talking about, always a problem to ratethe balance between pros cons and the given points
01-30-09 largeun (9) which sites do you rate and would recommend?
01-30-09 ace of aces (179) visit my profile, i have rated and visited arround 80 sites until now :)..always a matter of taste ^^
01-30-09 largeun (9) great. thanks

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