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01-07-09 TheRizzo (23) Yes Changing my vote after reading a much improved review of Real Spankings.

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12-30-08 ramscrota (12) Have you been a member of any of these sites? Join all these sites yourself, and see for yourself, TheRizzo. You've provided no evidence that these sites have changed in any way.
12-30-08 TheRizzo (23) I have no reason to join these sites but your reviews do nothing to give me proper reasons to join or stay away. Thats my point. If you are going to do a review why not put in a little effort and do a detailed review and explain what it does good, what it does bad and a good reasoning for why the sites are getting their scores. All those score could be 100% justified, but you give no real reason to make us informed. Like I said a little more facts/opinions and I'll switch to Yes for you.
12-30-08 TheRizzo (23) Ie in your message to me you said your membership to Naked Novices just expired. Then all the site facts, details, pros and cons should be fresh in your mind and you should be able to give us a much more in depth review. That does not mean changing your score given, just means giving more facts/opinions so we feel more informed on to join or not. My issues are not with your scores.
12-31-08 ramscrota (12) I want to point out to you, that the sites I gave poor reviews were simple in their layout, and simple in their consistency of poor quality. There was very little to be said about te, apart from that. You would notice that my review of najed novices mentioned poor quaity of pictures, and vids that didn't even work. Do ou seriously think that I am going to waste any more time with a site like that? I've got better things to do than to look at rubbish.

12-31-08 ramscrota (12) To get a balanced view of ALL my reviews, how about checking what I said about other sites,eg 1 by day, wired pussy, teen pink videos, etc. I came these few sites a bagging because they derserved it, and I don't want to see other users experience disappointment the way I did on these sites. I don;t ask you to agree with what I said, but I believe what I said about the sites was reasonable, and I believe that other users have a right to express an honest point of view without being attacked.
12-31-08 ramscrota (12) And still haven't answered my question as to whether you've been on these sites or not.

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