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11-24-08 Toadsith (48) Yes Ik2fireone has dived headfirst into the forums and the reviews, making a name in a short time. The reviews are quite involved and the forum posts interesting. I'd recommend treating the pros & cons of the reviews to concise, bullet statements with a bit more emphasis on technical specs and saving the good conversational opinions for the bottom line - that should eliminate the need for the fields to run over into the next. Hope to see more reviews in the future!

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11-25-08 lk2fireone (196) Many thanks for the positive trust rating.
You are right when you say my reviews should include more technical specs. I don't focus on numbers much. I just note if the pictures are high quality, the models are appealing, both of which are loose, subjective criteria.
Will try to be more precise and concise.
Would appreciate your permission to copy and paste your past reviews. Even if I don't get any points for them, the members might think I was better organized and more intelligent.
11-25-08 Toadsith (48) lol - I do think the PU staff would see through the copy & paste ruse. Please take my suggestions only as mere suggestions, I am no where near the most prolific reviewer largely due to my own stringent requirements for placing a review. I think many would agree that it is better to actually get a review posted with good useful opinions than to not post one at all because one didn't collect all the info in time (I've had this problem several times myself now).

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