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04-21-08 ace of aces (179) Yes usefull information (to much text for me:) )

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04-21-08 JBDICK (20) hi ace of aces

I'm trying to reduce my narrative. On my new review for thirdmovies I tried but I do get carried away if I'm honest. I guess I like writing but thanks for the honesty.

Thanks for the vote...
04-21-08 ace of aces (179) i just saw the 1byday, but anyway, as a none native speaker i have to read sometimes twice before i get the clue of the sentences :) therfore i prefer a little less words..but beware if i write german, then i will top you with youre narrative ^^
04-21-08 JBDICK (20) well

you speak and write very good english. I did not realise so that is a compliment to you if I did not notice...

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