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04-09-08 Lionheart (47) Yes Great reviews, you list you pros very well and even better you say what you want the site to do better! Great job on letting the web-masters on those sites know what they need to work on!

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04-09-08 JBDICK (20) Hi Lionheart
Thanks for your reassuring comment.

Yes, it's interesting you say that. Paul Markham paulmarkhamteens.com replied to my review. I'm happy to provide my view if it proves to be useful. I set myself 3 objectives...

1) Give TBP & PU users my opinion
(although I struggle with being technical, analytical, clinical about Porn. How can you be. In my view it should be based on gut feel)
2) Let webmasters/owners know what I want
3) If I can, be entertaining. Life is too serious!

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