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Drooler (220) 09-23-07  06:43am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (82), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Mostly gorgeous and sexy Euro porn queens plus lots of newbies (410 models to date)
+Visitor preview of every monthís calendar of offerings
+46 monthly archives; nearly 1400 daily updates
+Solo, b/g variations, g/g variations
+Pics usually in vivid color; sets and girls are nicely styled
+Zips of pics by the gallery page or all-in-one
+Videos in both segments or complete form, wmv or avi, good image quality. HC action is HOT.
+Navigation is mostly easy and straightforward
Cons: -Way too much toy sucking and jabbing for this reviewer, but could be anotherís treasure
-Login requires TYPING user name, pwd, and a code; sometimes rejected even though it is accurate, I swear!
-Server response consistently within a range of speeds slower than most sites Iíve joined
-Pics still max at 1280, as they always have (1600+ would be great!); sometimes too dark.
-Vids are 400x300. Small!
-Models list alphabetical, but within 21 numbered pages; no model search feature
Bottom Line: Have been a returning member since Dec. í03, when only PixAndVideo and ClubSandy were the 21st Sextury network (itís now about 34 sites). Back then, the archives started in early Ď03; now they start Dec. Ď03. Iíve seen some of that early content showing up at those other sites.

August Ď07 had 19 solo, 8 b/g, and 4 lez sets, each w/both pics and video, plus one video only. This breaks a pattern, several months long, of having only ďbackstageĒ videos most Sundays.

PixAndVideo is the sine qua non of the network, but hereís especially how I think it should improve. In this list, Iím going to take the liberty of really having my own personal say:
1. Better server response! Wouldnít it be nice to read PU posts here that laud the server speed instead of complain about it?
2. Pic sizes to 1600 or more. (Predictable, arenít I?)
3. More head to upper-thigh pics of the solo girls looking back amorously as they display, in equal proportion, their lovely butt cheeks, hands off Ďem! Even just ONE SHOT in each gallery. Itís all I ask! ;)
5. Vids at least up to 640x480!
6. Fewer sets that involve toys. (They bore me to death!)

Do the above and I wonít put off rejoining for 7+ months any more. I guarantee.

This site has always had a lot going for it, but I can hear a ticking sound: itís starting to date itself. Solution? First, get the speed up. Second, get the pic and vid sizes up. And remember that booty call!


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Denner (235) Hey man...
Fine review - get your point here - also about rating. In May I had it a little higher, but now as a member again I'm getting a bit tired of it - and espcially concerning the same as in your first line of "cons"...

By the way: guess your're familiar with pretty-virgins.com.
Been there a long time ago - somewhat a bit strange site where lot of the girls seems to be dressed for carnival...
Tried to find some new review, but nada - and no lists here at TBP, Porninspector or the rabbit.
Just wonder: you got any infos here?

09-23-07  08:37am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #1 - Denner :

I just had a look through pretty-virgins. I might have seen it but passed since there's nothing about zips or pic sizes in the public area. And the signup is for 30 smackaroonies, too. Looks like the typical Russian approach, judging by the color schemes. How did you like it?

You could use the internal e-mail ("contact us") at the bottom of this page and mention the site to the PU admins. I've gotten sites onto the TBP/PU lists that way myself. And maybe you have already, too.

One other thing about a site like that is whether it's still fully processing members. I just joined mberotica, which isn't listed at TBP either, and they took my money (via ccbill) but the login page doesn't work (doesn't even load) and the member's support e-mail address bounces back at me with a 550 error msg. Very nice! CCBILL tells me they're working on the problem.

So mberotica gets an "honorable" (perhaps "dishonorable"?) mention at PU, anyway, right here. LOL

09-23-07  09:11am

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exotics4me (463) Definitely some moved material. I still haven't figured out where the Eve and Thomas, b/g bathroom set went. I have it saved on an old external HD and it has the 21st Sextury logo on it. It would have to be from 2003 or so. I believe the name of the video was, "Eve takes it in the bathroom". I believe that someone on here told me it is now on Eurobabes or that 21st had licensed it out and in doing so, removed it from PixandVideo. The worst thing, the picture on the opening page of the site is from that video! I do think 21st Sextury is trying to get too many sites going. The login problems are from hackers, though, if I go back to check out the newer content, my login that I had months ago is still there. I haven't been on their sites for about 6 months now. I used to join every 3-4 months. May make a trip back to ZoliBoy soon. I can't find my blasted DVDs that I burned from it.
09-23-07  02:59pm

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jd1961 (95) I avoided reviewing this site because they have the worst server in pornoville and i would probably let that get in the way of a decent review. Actually, I got a refund, so I'll leave it at that.
09-23-07  03:35pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #3 - exotics4me :

Yes, I remember seeing that HC set of Eve, back before she decided that HC (with guys) just wasn't her thing.

I got a chuckle out when you said you couldn't find the "blasted" DVDs of it. My own collection is burgeoning and in some state of disarry, so I can relate!

And those bird-doggin' hackers! What a nuisance!

09-23-07  03:35pm

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PinkPanther (46) At least they're doing new sets and putting their older stuff on their bonus sites instead of going the General Entertainment (Mya Diamond.com,etc) path of just putting the old stuff in as the new stuff. I like this site, but since I can get so much 21st Sextury stuff from their stepchild sites, I maintain my membership there instead. I love the florid colors and they've got a lot of drool-worthy models.
09-24-07  08:23pm

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King (27) You've just taken them down 5 places in the ranking. From 1st to be more painfull :). Doubt they read it but I agree, they need to improve - a refreshner
09-25-07  03:44pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #7 - King :

As I've always thought, even back in the TBP only days, those rankings shouldn't be taken too seriously. At the moment, Karups Hometown Amateurs is #2. Yeah sure.

They might read it. I got a very prompt response by email to a comment I made about PixAndVideo a while back. Whether they'll actually make any changes is perhaps a different matter. I'm only one reviewer, and I'm the only "downer" who rated it in the 80's. So far, anyway.

But your comment, and others to this review, might have actually have some impact. Who knows? Thanks for putting it out there.

09-25-07  10:17pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #5 - Drooler :

I don't understand the whole hacker thing myself. I understand computers, but it just seems a little risky to me to be risking a felony just to get access to a website. I don't know if they are striking as much, but supposedly the hackers are the reason that DRM was first put on movies, they were stealing the videos from sites they hack, then sharing them.

I don't know if the hackers are getting Eve's site still, but it has been another 15 days since an update. The last update, they delivered 15 straight Eve sets, photos and videos, felt like Christmas! I guess someone will need to post another comment about her site to get them to update. The one I did last month, brought an update the next morning. Nadiacendia did one two weeks ago and that brought the 15 day update all in about 2 hours. Eve needs to get her butt off vacation. Like having sex is a job anyway! I will send her some of my patients for a day, and I will do her job of masturbating HER in return!

10-01-07  12:12am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #9 - exotics4me :

Well, I was rather pointed about the lag time with updates at Eve at my review of her site, just posted this past weekend, but I saw no effect. I missed 13-14 days that I'd shelled out for, bascially the 2nd half of Sept.

"Drooler" probably doesn't have the name recognition for Eve that "Exotics4Me" does. And it was the weekend. Bad timing on my part!

BTW, did you know that you are up as an endorsement at Evelyn Lory's site? evelyn.glam0ur.com/evelyn/

10-01-07  03:07am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #10 - Drooler :

I had no idea that Evelyn's site was using a quote from my review. That is great.

You are going to laugh, if you haven't checked, right after I posted the previous reply, Eve's site updated the whole month and have a week of October ready. You can't download them yet, but they are there. You might send them an email. When I posted before on here, one of their webmasters posted and told me to send them an email and they would give double the time that was paid for. Once they get them up, you could probably download them easily within an hour or so.

Thanks for showing me the quote.

10-01-07  06:37am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #11 - exotics4me :

I had just visited Eve's before headin' over to PU, and did laugh a funny, winsome kind of laugh when I saw that Sept. was finished and October begun, merely hours after my subscription ran out! So thanks for the tip! I'll definitely give it a whirl.

And congratulations on being prominently placed on Evelyn's site.

10-01-07  01:53pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #11 - exotics4me :

FYI, though: Some of that stuff on Evelyn Glam is also showing up, in even larger pic sizes, at JustTeenSite. The Evelyn Glam Aug. 31 set of Euphrat is there, for example. The car wash set of Jenni is another. And the set that showed up today of Ariel/Piper Fawn in the bathtub has also JUST shown up at JTS.

Any user can publicly browse the updates of both sites and see which galleries are the same. Just want to point this out to whoever's reading this.

10-02-07  02:03am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #11 - exotics4me :

Just saying "Thanks!" I contacted Eve's site and did get an extension.

I feel for the guy managing this. His reply to me included a long list of messages from people who were asking for the same thing, but had never subscribed. What a thankless job!

Hope anyone tempted to try getting a complete freebie this way will realize that it's going to be futile, and give that guy a break!

10-06-07  05:27am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #14 - Drooler :

Drooler, I've found that the General Entertainment customer service is really great if you get ahold of them with an email. I do believe they have a very small group that keeps up with these sites and my understanding with Eve's site right now is that Eve is on vacation. I don't know if she is sending them material to post or what, but I take it this is why there are a group of updates posted on one day. That is a bit frustrating still, but I put myself in the people's shoes that are working there, if they have nothing to post, well they can't just make up a set. I can also see it from Eve's side that everyone needs a break every once in awhile. I just hope her vacation doesn't end up hurting her site that much. They had the same problem last year as well.

But they really will be nice if you contact them, and they do seem to be doing the most they can.

10-14-07  04:32am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #15 - exotics4me :

Thanks. Well, as you know, I did contact them and they were nice about it and gave me a month (this one). I've been patiently waiting for the next round of updates, past last Sunday.

I haven't complained. I just figure they gave me a fair shake and what I'm getting at this point is gravy.

10-14-07  04:41am

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Wittyguy (105) Just wanted to say nice review. I'm probably headed back there in the next couple of months since I haven't been there in about 2 years. I pretty much agree with what you posted about the site.
05-09-08  10:21pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #17 - Wittyguy :

I'd say you're in for a treat, having been away that long. I just hope that the site performs OK. Need I tell you, it's had chronic problems which have been well-documented here, and that's a shame. The site deserves better treatment in the community (those nasty hackers!) and the subscribers do, too, of course.
05-10-08  04:31am

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