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exotics4me (463) 01-27-13  01:46pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Bryci is a sensual, brunette model who excels at posing, teasing and may be the best solo masturbation model I've seen in a few years.
- The site itself is pretty big, but not all scenes are masturbation, quite a few BTS, non-nude talking, will list the numbers in BL.
- Archive has webcam archived videos.
- From what I can see, all videos on the site are available in 1980x1080. Multiple video download options on all videos except webcam archives.
- Download speed is relatively good, but you will occasionally run into a slower moving file. I can max out at 3.8 MB/s, most will download around 3.0 MB/s, but a few were in the 1.6-1.9 MB/s range.
- Pictures are nice, but I had a few problems with them which will be in cons.
- Comes with 7 other similarly themed sites, the size of each greatly varies and I will do a review of the overall network separately to get all the numbers in.
- Price isn't too bad for the quality and especially if you like the models.
Cons: - Pictures aren't zipped. This could be a major con to picture lovers since they have very high quality pictures 2662x4000.
- Download limit. Normally this would annoy the hell out of me, but I don't download near as much as I used to. It's listed as 9 GB per day, Webmaster says 10 GB, the most I've downloaded in a day is 5 GB, so I've had no problems with it. And since the terms say no scripts are allowed, I'm guessing you can't use a bulk image downloader for the pictures. It isn't being a problem for me though I thought it should be mentioned. One workaround without breaking the rules is to download the smaller quality videos, which I will get to in the BL.
Bottom Line: Bryci has to be considered a serious contender for top solo model. The one negative some will find is she has implants, but I've never minded those either unless they are badly out of proportion. Hers aren't. The site is full of high quality content as well. I'm going to focus this next part on the numbers and qualities available since there is a download limit.

I'm counting 329 video scenes as of 1/27/13. There are 5 types of video scenes. Standard masturbation, Behind the Scenes, teasing, talking, webcam archive. The BTS and talking ones aren't something I'm going to download since there is a download limit, so those can be taken out of the equation. Her teasing scenes are short in length, 4-6 minutes usually, but if the attire she has on it is your thing, these are worth downloading. She has one scene in a white thin dress, in the shower, that is great as well as a workout tease scene that I loved.

The scenes I downloaded were masturbation, some teasing and the webcam archive. There's roughly 110 masturbation and/or tease scenes, it's hard to put a number on the webcam scenes that involve masturbation or nudity without watching them all, but several I've watched do have masturbation in them. It almost looks like Bryci may have started out as a tease type model. The videos date back to January 2009, so that's 4 years of content and plenty of time for her to have evolved from tease to masturbation. Most of the first year of updates are of the tease and BTS variety.

I know there are people who like the talking videos, but I'm sticking with my standard on those, I don't want to pay for a video of a woman answering questions. It seems to be a whole section of "Ask Bryci" videos. There also is an Amazon button so you can buy presents for Bryci, which I've laughed at dating back to Raven Riley. One more time, I pay to see your porn, not to have an option to pay for your gifts.

The video download options do vary since 1/5, maybe 1/4 are webcam, these are in Flash only, but you can download them.

The other videos have:
MP4 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360.
WMV 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360.
Flash 900x506
3GP 352x288

As you can see, the downloading options are very good and I personally download the Flash ones since it limits the size of the file, while giving me still good quality. From what I see in the members area you have all these options on all videos except the webcam archives.

The pictures are overall a disappointment. I've always removed points for no zip files and have removed 5 points from this review for it since I think the pictures add a lot to a solo site. I guess it's okay to download one at a time if you want to make you own set, but I would much prefer a zip option to download the whole set. It seems to go into a hollow debate of why have 4000 high end pictures if the members can't download the whole set. While I'm sure there are some who wouldn't want to download an entire set of photos at that high of quality since it would be a fairly big file. I like the option of having the option to download if I want them though.

Navigation is very easy, site design is nice and clean. There also are webcam shows, but I haven't watched any. Each thing you would need from navigation is in a toolbar towards the top of the screen, the only thing I would add is an option to filter out BTS scenes and separate webcam archive, but those are minor complaints since the title of each video says, "BTS" or "Webcam" so you don't have to guess at them.

Where Bryci earns the high score is in her performances. She's quite confident, seems to love teasing and works the camera as well as dare I say, a young Eve Angel. The eye contact with the camera, the "I know you're watching" expressions, is the best I've seen since 2006 Eve Angel. That alone keeps me interested in her content. She also seems to be pretty natural in her poses unlike a lot of Euro glam models. She shows a fun and playful side as well.

You do get access to Bella Pass Network which includes 6 other solo models and one other site that is a multi-model site. I won't go into those since I want to review the network as a whole, separately, but Bryci does seem to be the star of the network.

Bryci's site itself seems to update with video or photos 10 times a month. There also is a blog if you're interested in that and it is very active from what I saw of it. In January alone, there were 11 new entries in the blog.

One last part on the download limit. Downloading Flash files, I downloaded 12 videos earlier for a total of 2 GB. So considering I don't want the BTS or talking videos, I should be able to get most of the scenes I want without breaking the download limit.

Overall, download limits and no picture zips, notwithstanding, I would highly recommend it to solo fans.

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tangub (155) It's good to read an impartial review on this site from a long standing PUer without an axe to grind against the site. I would quite like to join this site but as I'm only interested in photos and like to collect full sets the lack of zips is a deal breaker for me. If I knew I would be able to download the photo sets with a programme like Firefox DTA I would still be tempted but I think the webmaster doesn't like download managers either. I think the webmaster expects us photo collectors to "right click save as" on every photo and I haven't really had the patience to do that for years. Add in the regional pricing that bumps the price up to $32 means I'll probably be holding on to my money for now.
01-27-13  03:13pm

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BellaNetwork (8)
That is a fantastic review, thank you. Our DL limit is 12 gigs per day, we bumped that up last week and it's per 24 hours. So far it hasn't been an issue for anyone, as that is a decent amount of download. We are looking at doing away with it altogether to be honest.

We haven't as of yet because sadly, when you run a solo model site you find there are those that would join to mass download to post torrents etc. These ladies put themselves out there, so when someone steals their content and posts it, it's quite defeating to them. As such, we have limits and protection in place to try and slow this.

That is the reason we don't offer zipped photo sets as well. When we did offer them, our content was getting posted often. When we removed zips, it's as if we slowed piracy down considerably. Piracy is part of the industry, it can also be helpful at times but still, we'd prefer our content not all over. Sorry the zip thing was an issue.

Bryci started as NN in Feb 2009, went to nude in May 2009 area. Started using toys in April 2012. Hope that helps with the timeline. :)

The wishlist button is there because people have asked for it to be there. Many people love buying her things, dressing her up if you will. I completely understand you not wanting this.

If you notice in her site, you're not force fed advertisements either. Same thing, I hate signing up for a site and it's ad box after ad box. As if signing up wasn't enough, now they want to upsell you more. We created a separate site with friend's galleries as to not be counted towards Bryci's numbers like many sites do. They tell you they have X amount of images, but many if not most of those images are other models or 'friends'. In our sites, the numbers listed are for the model herself.

Thanks again for your review, sorry we couldn't bring it up 5 points by having zipped content. Best of luck in your travels!

01-27-13  04:33pm

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luv lickn clit (23) Nice review Exotics! I checked out the network, and it looks interesting. I actually like one of the other girls (Hunter Leigh) the best, although Bryci does have a nice pussy. It would be nice if they had more girls with natural boobs.

I appreciate the webmaster responding to all reviews here, even when the reviewers are only bitching and moaning. BellaNetwork, have you considered modifying the download limit to allow a greater limit in the first few days and first week that someone joins? I know my downloading is heaviest at any site I join in the first week I'm there, and I think that's probably true for most others also.

The lack of zips for the photos would be an issue for me too. Very few sites take that approach. BellaNetwork, I know its gotta be frustrating to see your content posted somewhere illegally, but this doesn't seem to be an issue for most websites. We've had this discussion on the forum, and the general consensus seems to be that people who download pirated content wouldn't pay for a membership anyway, so you're really not losing anything. Just speaking for myself, I don't have the time to go searching all over the net looking for free content (especially since there are usually viruses and malware where u find it); I am more than happy to pay the monthly fee and get it from the legitimate source.

If you had zips and a few more girls with natural tits, I'd try the network for a month. Hopefully you plan to add more girls.

01-28-13  05:32am

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #3 - luv lickn clit :

hey there Luv_Lickn_Clit!

I'll address these one by one. :)

The limits on the server aren't set up that way, but that's an interesting idea. I think some might then call me out on it though, seems when someone doesn't get their way they go ballistic. Sucks, someone will break a term of service and then come here and post like they are innocent. Sigh.

Natural boobs -

We didn't start bella with intent of being real, fake, whatever. We simply added girls we knew and we have had some natural girls in the network. As it is now, Lexi Mason is natural (albeit not active though). if I find a hot girl I can shoot, i don't care if she is natural or not. Beauty is what it's all about.

Piracy re: zip sets

"BellaNetwork, I know its gotta be frustrating to see your content posted somewhere illegally, but this doesn't seem to be an issue for most websites."

I disagree fully on this. I can point out several trader forums, where the content that is posted most often is the content where the sites offer zip sets. We too offered zip sets once, and our content was quickly all over those trader sites. We stopped zip sets and our content theft went way down. I completely respect it'd be better with zips, I agree with you guys on this but the few bad apples *do* make a difference here. It's unfortunate, but we're not some monster company where we don't care about our content.

Some companies offer zips, knowing full well their content will get posted but they see it as huge advertising for free that way. If I had a model I didn't care about, i'd agree with this. Thing is, I do care about the Bella ladies.. they trust me to protect their image where I can, when I can. It's disgusting how many people steal things, post them, pretend to be the ladies in dating sites so they can scam men out of cash etc. All part of the biz, but sadly, yes, zip sites do add to piracy. Piracy can be a good thing, to a degree, but we like to limit it where/when we're able. Let's not forget this is how we all make our living.

I suspect those saying it's no big dela might feel very different if it was their content being stolen/posted. I know I sure changed my mind on the topic after seeing every. single. zip. set. posted a week after we launched. The 'site rips' in torrent land that are out there? Those are all from Feb 09 area when we went live. Since we tightened the screws on security - not the same problem any more. Thankfully.

Don't get me wrong, our content still gets posted - but not anywhere near like when we offered zip sets. Damn it. i wish it was different. :(

I'll be shooting exclusive girls down the road for Bella sites - and I am positive many will be natural.

Thanks for your reply though! Always good to get feedback!

01-28-13  12:38pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #1 - tangub :

Just to address the 'axe to grind against the site' point, I'd like to say although my review was brief, it did reflect my previous membership on the site. I gave credit where it was due (Bryci is incredible) but my membership there was a disaster. I was sorely disappointed but my review did still take into account the positive aspects of the site.

Having said that, I'm currently a member again having been reassured by Bryci's webmaster, and a new review will be forthcoming soon. So far I'm really impressed.

Thank you exotics4me for such a great review, though. I fear mine will end up being quite similar to yours, and I'm glad that Bryci's webmaster encouraged me to give her site the benefit of the doubt as so far I'm really enjoying my membership.

01-28-13  12:57pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #3 - luv lickn clit :

Thanks llc,

And the zips are frustrating. I sometimes find myself on the fence since I would get frustrated too, if I was a webmaster and saw my hard work being passed around for free, but I agree with your side as well. Seems like maybe in the future, there could be some kind of technology, similar to DRM, that would maybe embed a code into photos which wouldn't allow them to be uploaded, but then again, someone would probably figure out how to take the code out.

01-28-13  07:45pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #1 - tangub :

Thanks tangub, I did consider trying a bulk image downloader, but saw the part in the terms about how they don't like members to run scripts and though I'm not the most technologically strong person, I knew that meant no bulk downloaders lol.

I consider myself a 60% videos, 40% photos person, so the lack of zips wasn't as big of a deal to me as it would be you, but maybe in the future they will figure out a way to do it. The pictures are really nice too. I guess if they poor I wouldn't complain much though.

01-28-13  07:49pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #5 - Marcus :

No problem Marcus. I've been to quite a few sites over the years that had problems similar to the ones you were having. It's at least good that you were willing to give it another try. Seems like a lot of porn users these days have a bad experience and blacklist the site for good.
01-28-13  07:55pm

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #5 - Marcus :

Don't get me wrong Marcus, I certainly don't doubt the problems you had last time and it seems the webmaster was very quick to dismiss them at that time and accuse you of wrong doing even by his own admission now it seems. I really hope you have a better experience this time around. Personally I think all the models in this network look great and I love solo model sites and I'm only sorry that I can't support them with my hard earned money due to the fact I don't have time to sit in front of my computer saving photos one at a time.
01-29-13  12:24am

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