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Whether you're gay, female, or heterosexual, what best defines "a sexy guy?"

Type: General

Submitted by graymane (33)
Well dressed and stylish 15% 4 Votes
Extraordinarily clean-cut 4% 1 Votes
Lean, somewhat muscular 22% 6 Votes
Personable or outgoing 15% 4 Votes
Sensitive but openminded 4% 1 Votes
Other 41% 11 Votes

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27 Votes Total

Feb 16, 2012

Poll Replies (21)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


RustyJ (145) Other: I guess outgoing will score most women but being rich seems to really attract them ;)
02-16-12  02:18am

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TheSquirrel (53) Agree with Rusty. Rich, famous, and successful are tops. Despite what women say, it's what is on the outside plus image, that counts, at least as far as first attraction is concerned.

As for the available choices on what defines a sexy guy, I go for well dressed and stylish.

02-16-12  06:06am

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pat362 (373) Taste vary from person to person so there are more than one reason why someone is considered sexy but I would think that body type, facial appearance and clothes are the more common things.

I don't think anyone cares about money when it comes to finding someone sexy but it certainly counts when they consider dating that person. An ugly rich douchebag is more likely to get laid than a cute sexy poor guy. The difference is that the rich guy is getting it becuse of his money while the other because of who he is.

02-16-12  07:46am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) LOL what makes a person look gay ?
HUH ? I'm going to go with pats answer as I think some so called gay people are attractive and some not.
Personal preference. I see some PU think a star is amazing and I might think is a skank !
I am not gay, ( not that there is anything wrong with being gay ) Although that time with the Alien probe was a evening to remember . :)

02-16-12  08:26am

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messmer (137) I can't define a sexy guy but for many women it would be rich and famous.
02-16-12  11:30am

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rearadmiral (384) I don't want to come across as homophobic, because I'm not, or certainly not anti-gay, because I'm not that either, but for me the question is somewhat foreign because I've never really thought of it before. I suspect that if I had to choose something I'd probably use some of the same criteria as with women: youngish, fit, and A-cup breasts. Or maybe not the last one.

Demonstrating a serious double-standard though, I suspect that a guy can be perceived as sexy by a majority of people at a much older age.

02-16-12  12:55pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #5 - messmer :

That's probably the closest to reality...
02-16-12  12:56pm

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tangub (155) I think a big bank balance could probably make a guy sexy to a woman who might not otherwise look at him...just ask Anna Nicole Smith :)
02-16-12  03:26pm

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Drooler (220) Dangerous. Women are drawn to bad boys. It inspires their taste for rebellion and for adventure.
02-16-12  04:35pm

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HeatherMcXxx (10) If I may offer a female perspective ... I've known rich guys who are lousy tippers, and that says everything I need to know about their character. A big bank account does *not* make you sexier -- at least to most women. It's much more important that you be a decent person ... one who's thoughtful, respectful and not self-centered -- and, above all, honest. We all make judgments based on appearance, but those judgments are re-evaluated once we get to know each other. So while there will always be women drawn to superficial characteristics, they do not represent the gender as a whole. So my recommendation would be to leave behind the generalizations about what women want: don't try to impress us with stuff that we can easily see through, and just be yourself -- assuming that self is a good person interested in learning about another soul.
02-16-12  05:23pm

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graymane (33) I have to admit, fellow Porn-Users, that this is an odd poll question.
But the whole reason for it is because I'm getting vibes from a select few of our valued gay Porn-Users here that we're not including them enough in our poll inquiries. That indeed might be a valid assumption... and one that itself might pose as a
good poll question.
I tried to put this together in a way as to include all sexual leanings, but geared more to our gay friends to convey our appreciation they're among us, and especially a fact of our being very interested in their contributions and what they have to say.
So, to you our indispensable, gay PU'ers, the ball is in your court. Help pump-up and add your texture to our great site!

I didn't expect the added intellectual input, exceptional bonus, and, sadly, too infrequent blessings of getting a lady on board this time around. Thanks, HeatherMcXxx. You've sprinkled gold-dust on an otherwise possible mineral-poor poll inquiry.

02-17-12  12:13am

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graymane (33) REPLY TO #9 - Drooler :

Many thanks, Drooler. It's always been a complexing enigma to me why women, esp. those in the higher intelletual and good-looks department, seem to gravitate towards guys who treat women like crap.
Your always eloquent remarks are still motoring right up there with the Ever-ready Bunny, our good man. A pleasure to have your input.

02-17-12  12:46am

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gaypornolover (38) Other - I like big, beefy, tough working men!
If it's just for sex, I don't care about his personality - he's just a sex partner. If it's for a relationship, then a caring nice guy does it for me every time - and I didn't used to believe you could find someone attractive after a while because of personality - now I understand you can.

02-17-12  09:19am

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Monahan (42) Rich, big dick and staying power.

Some of the slobs on porn (Ron Jeremy, for example) are rich, with big dicks and staying power but are as ugly as sin. But the porn babes find him sexy. So it can't be looks. Can it?

02-17-12  09:56am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #10 - HeatherMcXxx :

Heather my apologies, my short statement was a bit of hyperbole on my part. Yet it can't be denied that ugly old men and rock stars seem to attract a bevy of beautiful women and when rich men 60-70 old get re-married in a May-December marriage it is always to women who would be unattainable to the average male.

There is another factor as well, as stated by someone else, and this was also my experience as a young man: young women, for some reason, seem to be highly attracted to men that have an aura of "danger" about them. I've consoled enough of them, by lending them a shoulder to cry on, to know this to be the truth. I remember writing to my mother at the time: "You taught me wrong. You always said to behave like a gentleman with women but women are not looking for gentlemen, they are looking for the "dangerous" types. :-)

Of course, there are exceptions, especially as women mature .. thank heavens, or I wouldn't have a wife! :-)

02-17-12  10:15am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #12 - graymane :

It's happened right before my eyes. Sure it has to yours, too. And, once the proverbial defecation has impacted the rotary oscillator and the guys are done using them, they wind up talking about how men are such jerks. Well, sure, some are. And goin' for the nasty boy is a sure way to find out just how.
02-17-12  10:16am

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TheSquirrel (53) Graymane Messmer and Drooler sum it up in posts 12 15 and 16. A sexy guy can quite often be someone who treats women like crap, but as Heather suggests, for some women that magnetism may wear thin after a while.

However the question is what defines a sexy guy and that very often means on the superficial first impression level. I too have been on the consoling shoulder end. Unfortunately my tongue has rather a sharp edge to it. I can't resist saying that if you choose a tosser with a lousy track record, what do you expect?

Thankfully being a nice person (I think!) I ended up with a nice partner. Both of us have an edge, which sometimes makes us dangerous, if someone pisses us off. Apart from that I think we qualify as people who have honour, honesty, and decency.

Quite often thoroughly decent men end up with horrible horrible women and vice versa, nice women often end up with complete bastards for men.

02-17-12  06:21pm

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turboshaft (24) I'm not sure what makes a sexy guy, but I'm betting it's pretty close to the opposite of whatever I've been doing! :-(
02-17-12  10:24pm

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otoh (54) I'd say somewhere between personable and openminded. As previously noted, I suspect women tire of the bad-boy thing after a while, but perhaps they never tire of a guy who a) can make them laugh and b) actually listens to them?
02-19-12  01:38pm

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HeatherMcXxx (10) REPLY TO #15 - messmer :

No need to apologize -- I get where you're coming from -- but these are generalizations that are applicable only to a percentage of women. I can turn the scenario around and say that perhaps you were attracted, as a younger man, only to women who liked bad boys. It cuts both ways. I have a lots of female friends -- mostly educated, I grant you -- and I've never once heard one of them compliment on a man on his bank account or claim they were attracted to a man because of his notoriety. Plenty of us have a much healthier attitude than that, but I should also add that it's difficult to find men who are truly worthy of our devotion. :) And yes, now *I'm* generalizing. :)
02-25-12  12:19pm

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LatexRyan (17) I'm quite open when it comes to this sort of thing and although I identify as straight, I have been curious as to what it would be like to be with another guy and as for what makes a guy sexy, I couldn't honestly say as I haven't ever actively sought a relationship of that kind with another man, yet.
05-18-12  08:00pm

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