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What download limit (per day) is acceptable?

Type: General
No limits 56% 22 Votes
5 GB 8% 3 Votes
10 GB 5% 2 Votes
15 GB 0% 0 Votes
20 GB 10% 4 Votes
Other (see reply) 21% 8 Votes

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39 Votes Total

Jan 11, 2012

Poll Replies (17)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


otoh (54) I'd rather there weren't limits, but I'll accept them if I like the site enough (and I'm unlikely to reach them anyway).

It depends on the content as to what the limits should be; if it's enough to comfortably get what I want from a site within the month, I don't mind.

Eg when a member of Girls Out West, the newer movies are huge, some I think 6GB or more; a 20GB limit there could stop me downloading a few in one go which I might want to.

OTOH, for a photo site, sets may be 100-200Mb; a 20GB limit would let me download 100 sets in a day - which I am unlikely to do. There I'd accept a 10GB limit.

01-11-12  12:51am

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RustyJ (145) No limits unless you have a quota you can save limit into. I download usually maybe few days a month but a lot during those days. A daily limit would force me to use the site daily just to get what I feel I'm paying for.

I think this is a passing issue. Net speeds get better, storage gets cheaper and I don't see video or image size growing that much anytime soon.

01-11-12  01:20am

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tangub (155) I don't like daily limits as i tend to concentrate most of my downloading on 1 or 2 days a week when i'm not working, its a real pain in the ass having to schedule time to download every day. I don't mind working within a sites limits if they are upfront about it, what i find really infuriating is getting locked out of a site for breaching a download limit i knew nothing about. I've never had a membership at a site where the download limits have stopped me getting everything i want within a month so i really don't see the point of them. I've paid for the content and i'm only going to download it once so why is it such a big deal to the website whether i download it all in 2 or 3 days or spread it over the month...it all amounts to the same amount of bandwidth at the end of the day.
01-11-12  02:39am

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yote78 (5) The question is what is acceptable. I accept that a website can put some reasonable limits on how much content can be downloaded per day. (As an example, a recently reviewed site, Morey Studio has a 1.5Gb limit. That's not reasonable, that's ridiculous--even for a primarily photo site.)

Now, do I like download limits? HELL, no! I think everyone who's responded is in agreement that we may have to accept it but we don't have to like it. And it seems that most everyone has expressed the fact that their window of opportunity to visit the site and download content is limited by work schedule, amount of free time, etc. When a website puts some draconian limit on downloads, it forces us to visit the site on their terms and timetable--and nobody likes that.

I think the best approach is to not join the such a website at all. It's been my experience that there are tons of great websites for just about every erotic taste and which have few, if any, download limits. Those are the ones we should be going to and supporting. The other ones will either get the message or go out of existence.

01-11-12  06:27am

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Denner (235) Contrary to most of my above esteemed fellow PUs, I'd say any download limit is unacceptable...
Anyway - I have not yet join a site with download limits - and no matter what they are. And guess I never will - hate limitations of any kind.

01-11-12  07:07am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #5 - Denner :

I agree with Denner on this, my logic is being I once owned a site with no limits and therefore the amount of access was ... well unlimited.

My point being, lets say hypothetical there is no limit and the site has oh lets say, 1TB of downloadable material. And they have 1000 members.
And average DL, converts like this. 10 bit @ 1920 x 1080 @ 25fps = 132 MB per/sec, or 463 GB per/hr. this will vary depending on your connection.
Now a server bandwidth cost could be anywhere from around $25.00 and up for a TB of data. Now again hypothetically if everyone ran download managers non-stop. This could eventually affect the bottom line fast.

Most servers are leased so there is cost there, and then you ad production costs, website. Staff, stars etc. Well you get the point, no limits of any kind seems it would be very hard to make a good profit.

Now all the sites will vary, on what they charge, and are charged for all this stuff.
But it is a fine line of Money, vs incoming and out going costs.

01-11-12  08:35am

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Capn (28) No real views on this, as I seldom download a video.

Cap'n. :0/

01-11-12  09:22am

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messmer (137) I was going to vote "other" because a download limit of 10 or 20 Gigs on a picture site would not be very burdensome or even noticed but changed my mind. I am with Denner and am taking a stand right now. I will not ever subscribe to a site that limits downloads even though I personally download far less than most users. I just hope that our reviewers will make it very clear if there is a limit or not. Sometimes you will subscribe to a site and then find that you should have read the small print a bit more carefully.
01-11-12  09:45am

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exotics4me (463) I went with "other" for a couple of reasons. One, I hate download limits of any kind. My first "punished" review was of Kink's Ultimate Surrender back in 2007 or so, where I removed 20 points because they had a 10 GB per month limit. I probably wouldn't have been that upset if I hadn't run out of GB limit before even downloading, all of the star of the site's content, Dragon Lily. Of course, 10 GB per month was just crazy. Reality Kings back then had a 1 GB per day limit which was nearly as bad. Bang Bros always said they have a 500 MB per day limit, but I never ran into it.

I have wondered about some sites lately like Reality Kings who had a Year End Blowout, $9.95 "trial" deal through freeones in December. As others had shown me with Naughty America, they use the 1st month low price of $9.95 and list it as a trial. I never downloaded enough on NA to find out if these trial low price first month memberships were limited. Which if so, could explain Reality Kings making their limit active again. I am almost positive that the freeones deals reverted back to the regular price after the first month, unlike most of the TBP deals that allow you to keep the discounted price throughout the course of your membership as long as you let it recur. Just a thought since we all know how nearly all porn sites can be these days when it comes to trying to get a large number of new members at one time.

The reason I picked "other" though, my cable internet company sent me a postcard this time last year that said I had gone over the 100 GB per month download/upload bandwith limit. Which I had no idea I had a limit. Once I showed them that I wasn't doing anything illegal with the bandwith like file sharing, they backed off and told me not to worry about the "limit" but did show me where AT&T U-Verse internet has a bandwith limit listed in their terms, Charter internet had one in their terms and Comcast internet had one in their terms.

They do seem to be pulling away from it though. If however the Internet Providers do start limiting how much bandwith we can use and the number varied in those I saw from 100-250 GB a month, it wouldn't make it that unrealistic for sites to start limiting since we could only download theoretically 3-8 GB per day based on those internet provider limits. I hope it doesn't come to that, but I would think if it does, there isn't much other choice available but to accept it.

01-11-12  09:56am

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Wittyguy (105) As far as I can tell, there are really only 3 reasons for having DL limits:

1. Excuse not to upgrade technology / save costs. For sites, having a DL limit means they don't have to spend as much in server and bandwidth fees. I could see this being a reason for the small time players or newbies but not the large sites where we most often find limits.

2. DRM version 2.0. I think most sites figure if your downloading gigs per day then your just ripping their site of all content and that must mean you're up to no good (piracy, selling it to others, illegal tube posts, etc.).

3. We want more of your money. Having DL limits means if you really like the content then you're going to have stay around a while to get it all meaning more membership fees. Of course, if they had regular updates and good content that's usually reason enough for most people to buy a multi-month membership.

As you can see, I'm not terribly impressed by any of the reasons for limits. Thus, I'll continue my practice of avoiding these types of sites even though any reasonable DL limit would probably never apply to me because of fine and discriminating tastes in what I DL :)

01-11-12  11:17am

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pat362 (373) I'd also like it if there wasn't a limts but those days are over because all the content thieves have screwed it up for the rest of us paying members. A website owner has to use whatever tool he thinks will help him retain his business and make a profit. We might argue on the size of the profit but I don't think most comnpanies are rolling in the money these days.

Now I think a limit of 10 Gig for a photo site is appropriate and depending on the amount of content for a video site then anything from 30 to 75 Gig should be decent. I mean if a video is 1 to 2 Gig in size then that means that you should be able to download anything from 450 to 1100 videos in a month so no way anyone should be bothered with that.

01-11-12  11:40am

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gaypornolover (38) I'm not sure - kind of depends on how big the files are in the first place.

To be honest as long as the download limits and file sizes are made 100% clear before you join on the preview and join-up pages then they can be whatever they like, because I can then make an education decision about whether or not the price they're asking is worth the download limit or not.

If sites want a download limit they should be honest enough to be clear about them before you join - if they don't, you should be entitled to close your account and get a refund.

I also think there should be an easy-to-use chart or indicator which helps you keep track of how much you've downloaded and when you can start downloading again.

Finally, if a site makes a big deal about HD content, they should raise their limits accordingly as they are offering bigger files.

It's worth remembering that people who join sites and legally pay for their porn need to be treated well - with so many download sites offering their content for nothing, it's better to ensure your customers are rewarded for being honest and paying for content. It's okay talking about market conditions but we're the paying customers, not the ones who steal content.

I've yet to join a site which has one to be honest.

01-11-12  12:08pm

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Drooler (220) Relating it Wittyguy's point #1, it's kind of rude for a site to impose download limits on the user just to save on costs.

When I've joined sites that had limits, I downloaded everything in a day to a single folder which I could check the size of as it grew so that I wouldn't get locked out by going over the lime. That meant that I was having to do extra stuff just so the site I paid to use could save (or just pocket) extra dough.

01-11-12  01:10pm

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rearadmiral (384) Like most people, I'd prefer to see no limits, but I can understand why some sites use them. But the limit has to be reasonable. The 10GB per day that Reality Kings imposes, for example, is too low given that they offer some HD material. I think being able to download only two or three scenes a day is unreasonable for such a large site. For a small photo site 10GB might be very generous.
01-11-12  01:42pm

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slategrey (13) Don't think any limit is acceptable unless the site is dL manager friendly. Because some days i have more time to download then the others. SO when there is a 10 G cap it is hard to enjoy the site for me. Now if it was dL manager friendly i wouldnt have a problem with most caps @ all because i can just start the download in less then 5 mins and carry on with my day and still get all the content i would wont from the site.
01-11-12  04:16pm

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slutty (111) I'm with rearadmiral, depends on file size. I can see how limits might be required for profitability. I'd prefer a monthly "membership" limit to a daily one. As I almost never download stuff every day.
01-11-12  10:14pm

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mbaya (364) None. You pay for the site and should be able to do whatever you want as far as downloading. If the site has a problem, they don't get any sympathy from me.
01-19-12  03:41pm

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