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rearadmiral (382) 12-17-11  11:02am
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The daily limit is alive and well

I can't claim I didn't know it wasn't there, but it is still frustrating to bump up against it. In under an hour of downloading I got a message that I had exceeded the daily limit. The odd thing about that is that they calculate that limit on what you're trying to download, not on what you have downloaded. My total downloads were 9.18GB which isn't in excess of the 10GB limit so they shut you down early.

They next test will be to see if they give me a full 10GB tomorrow at this time or if they unlock the limit over a period of time. I'll report that here.

I've also sent the site a message asking for clarification on several vague terms in the contract re daily limits. I'll let you know if I get answers to those questions.

Finally, I can also report that the daily limit blocks accessing any site on the network. I thought that it may have been possible that they blocked just a site where you came close to 10GB.

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exotics4me (463) I'm curious about something. Are you downloading HD videos? I'm a member right now and wasn't even testing it, just general downloading, and downloaded the entire CFNM Secret site. I separated them by model so I don't have a definite number, but I know it had to be upwards of 100 GB total, but there is one catch, I do not download any of the HD videos. In the old days of the download limit, it was only imposed on the "big" files. Those are now the basic wmv files, 640-720 high end res on those videos. I still just download those. I'm wondering since it did used to be specified as "big" if the HD ones have now become a part of the limit instead of the basic .wmv ones?

Either that or maybe it's because I sign up through their promo emails from being a member off and on since 2007-08. The old block didn't even work that way. Used to you would get a message that said "you have reached your daily limit of "big" files" but you could continue to access, you could even download the parts of videos and pictures. Check that out one day and see if they are imposing it on the basic .wmv full scenes. Maybe it's a perk of signing up through their emails?

12-17-11  04:46pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #1 - exotics4me :

exotics - I don't think what I'm downloading would qualify as 'big' files. They certainly aren't HD. I was working my way through the newer Captain Stabbin scenes and downloading the only wmv files there. Those are probably larger than the files intended for mobile device users, but they aren't 'big' by today's standards. It may be that you're treated differently because you're a former member. I'm a former member too but I don't think the network was called Reality Kings back when I was there last.

The clause in the terms of membership about the download limit has an awful lot of wiggle room in it for them. They're vague because they say they "may" impose a limit of 10GB per day and up to 15 "big" files. I have no idea what that means. They're also a bit vague on when you get privileges back. I emailed them and asked several questions about what they mean. I was polite and respectful but was looking to have some of the terms clarified. I'll have to admit that sending them an email is also a bit of a test since I think the chances of them actually responding to me are about zero. I suspect that RK is just another faceless mega site with no interest in customer service. But if I'm wrong I'll certainly retract that. And if I get some clarification on how they impose the limit (and on who) I'll report that here for future members.

To top all of this off, I do have to admit to being a little ticked that I got kicked off at just over 9GB when the limit wasn't even triggered. That's a definite breach of the contract on their part.

12-18-11  05:42am

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elephant (67) Hi Rearadmiral, This sucks, can't believe sites still use a limits, certainly stop me joining this site again if it still has limits, not had a site in years that imposed a daily limit.
12-18-11  07:33am

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #3 - elephant :

It is a big pain in the ass, but at least I knew about it when i joined. I'd be very pissed if I didn't know about it. I can even understand why a site might want to impose a limit, but 10GB per days seems awfully low. With a fiber op connection a member can hit that in an hour.
12-18-11  07:40am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #4 - rearadmiral :

It does seem very low I agree, sometimes people only get chance to download on certain days and with the bigger file sizes for HD vids , its really not long I bet till you get the limit coming in, 60-100gb a day would be more like it if they really had to have a limit.
12-18-11  07:44am

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #5 - elephant :

On some sites, like Young Legal Porn and ALS Scan imposing such a low limit would mean you could only download a few scenes a day. I agree that with internet speeds and cost today a limit of 60-100GB per day would make more sense. 10GB (or 9 in my case...) doesn't make sense in 2011.

I realize that it is Sunday so I'm not looking for a reply to my questions today, but I do hope they reply and give some clear answers about a policy that is anything but clear. Exotics4me didn't have a cap, and another member here who doesn't post but who is a real-life porn buddy of mine said he never got locked out and downloaded 50+Gb per day.

I'm about 21 hours into being locked out so I'm interested to see what will happen in a few hours. If selphy is right, and I have no reason to think that he isn't, I won't get 10GB access right away but will get it back gradually. That will be a real piss-off.

12-18-11  09:59am

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selphy (15) REPLY TO #6 - rearadmiral :

Yes it'a absolutely true.
I am an active member of the rk network (after two months, cause I would like to dwn other sub-site of the net that I like), but I am boring and angry.
In some days I can dwn 10 gb till to be' blocked; so I have the entire bundle of 10 the day after.
When I can't dwn 10gb in a day, I have only the difference to ten the day after !!!

If you interested in RK, stay away !!!! :(

12-20-11  01:37am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #6 - rearadmiral :

Yeah that's strange that your buddy never got capped and you did, have you had an answer yet from these guys., were you unlocked at 24 hours.
12-20-11  04:51am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #2 - rearadmiral :

Yeah, I agree about the wiggle room. Someone else had posted that they were told by RK that the limit was between 60-70 big files per day. I have tried hitting it the last two days, but can't. I tried the same thing I had asked you about, downloading the biggest files possible, 48 GB one day, 62 the next. I'm now even wondering about location you download from since I'm not that advanced in technology, I wouldn't know if longer distances cause more stress on servers. Either way, they have always been loose about their rules. To put it in perspective, over 4 memberships this year, I have the entire sites, 8th Street Latinas, We Live Together, In the VIP, CFNM Secret, Mike in Brazil and Mike's Apartment, just add the newest updates when they come out and randomly add from the other sites when it's a model I like. And this too is my lack of technology understanding, but comes from my experience buying hard drives. Amount of gigabytes are rounded or never are the number we see. Seems like member Justme explained it in the forum one time, something about binary numbers, technical gibberish that I don't put forth the effort to fully understand.

Last thing, you may be onto something with the part about downloading from them everyday. I only have 3 days a week that I download and even then I sometimes have more than one site membership, so it could be that my limit, since not downloading sometimes for as many as 6 days in a row, builds up, if it's cumulative. And if I look at my RK folder on my external, it is a total of close to 1 TB this year. Four memberships 10 GB per day x 30 days = 300 GB per membership or 1.2 TB. I'll try a few more times over the next 2 weeks of this membership and see how much it lets me download.

12-20-11  11:43am

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #7 - selphy :

I did sign up, but at least thanks to the members here I knew what I was getting into.
12-20-11  04:10pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #8 - elephant :

No answer yet... I think the questions I asked are reasonable and my tone was very respectful, so I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe the site's staff will provide some answers.

I did get unlock after 24 hours and appeared to have the full allotment again. But by "full allotment" I mean that I wasn't actually allowed to exceed 10GB. The first day I was allowed just over 9GB and the second day just over 8GB.

12-20-11  04:17pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #9 - exotics4me :

This is really strange. You can exceed the maximum by a factor of six and I actually get shut down at 8GB one day. I really hope that the site staff answer my email. I think the questions I asked are fair. But maybe the answer might not be good for you - maybe they'll impose the limit on you too!

I have no idea if distance matters, but I doubt it. Besides, a porn buddy of mine who lives near me also reported that he had no daily limit. My theory was that it was new, but since you still have a membership and don't have a limit that scraps that theory too.

All I download are the wmv files. If HD is available I don't download it. I know there is some rule about "big" files but I don't know what they mean by big files. Does that apply to any file of any format that is over a certain size or does it refer to a particular format only? That would seem a bit odd to allow a member unlimited downloads for massive HD files but cap a guy with a slower connection who is downloading smaller files.

No matter how this turns out it really won't be that big a deal. I'm not out much, and I'd have to admit that after a month I'll have still had my money's worth. And honestly, I'm not all that impressed with the network. I'd like to think that's not just because they imposed a limit on me and some other but not on everyone, but most of the material is pretty cookie-cutter. And the video quality is nothing to get excited about either.

I think your theory about being allowed to accumulate 10GB days for a few days and then using them is interesting. That might just be possible. Arguing against that is once I hit the limit the screen I get says I've exceeded 10GB is a 24 hour period. It still seems like you and some other members are getting a better deal! I hope it continues for you!

If I ever do get a reply to my email I'll be sure to let everyone know what the terms of the limit actually mean.

12-20-11  04:29pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #9 - exotics4me :

exotics - I just thought of something else. If you're still a member there now and are willing to do this for me, please check the contract terms the next time you're there. You can access it at the bottom of the main page by clicking "Terms" and the contract comes up. Section VI is on "Membership" and paragraph E is on the download limit. (or you can just search 'download limit' and find it quickly too. It may be that you're even a memmber under a different contract. That makes no sense, but who knows? It might be possible.
12-20-11  05:05pm

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #11 - rearadmiral :

Blimey that doesn't sound too good 8GB, I don't think I'll be joining this site now again.
12-21-11  02:04am

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