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gaypornolover (38) 10-07-11  12:38pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Price is reasonable, and you can get it down further - see full review
+ A wide selection of videos, mostly high-quality and from good studios
+ Some HD content
+ Good choice of download formats - WMV, and MP4 in regular and "pocket" size for iPods etc.
+ Therefore Mac-friendly
+ No DRM
Cons: - Misleading tour/preview pages
- All HD videos are streaming-only with no non-HD alternative to download
- Some videos are "premium" videos only available if you purchase them seperately, at very uncompetitive prices - and even then you don't keep em!
- Search reviews can't filter out premium or HD content, so you can't search for stuff that is free and downloadable - leads to disappointments
- No refunds if you were misled by their site tour
- Support is flaky and unreliable
- Some downloads are mislabelled - what they say is the whole DVD is in fact only one scene, so you have to download scene-by-scene if you want the full DVD.
Bottom Line: JuicyBoys should have been a wonderful site, and if it didn't have some disappointing policies which they are not up-front about, I'd score it 95. As it is those policies knock them down to 79, and the fact they aren't 100% upfront about them knocks them down to 69.

The content looked really hot and I was promised unlimited downloads for a very reasonable $24.95 a month. Then I realised if you click away from the sign-up screen (you might have to do this a few times) it'll pop up and offer it for only $19.95.

At that price I couldn't refuse so I grabbed it. My bank rejected the transaction on security grounds (often happens, mainly because I'm outside the USA but paying in US dollars). However, unlike any other site I'd seen, I got a message of apology and an offer to have it for $14.95 plus "10 free credits" if I tried again! As I'd done the security call with my bank I knew it would work if I did it again and sure enough I now had access for $14.95! Awesome!

Now I knew from TBP that HD content was not downloadable and that some videos were premium only. What I don't feel TBP made clear enough (and I will be commenting on that on their site) is that when they say HD isn't downloadable, they don't mean you can download a non-HD version but only stream HD. They mean a good portion of the videos, including entire studios collections, is HD only. So it's streaming-only for those - no non-HD download option.

Also the premium videos, whilst in a seperate area, still show up in searches so if you do a search for uniforms, say, and see a video which looks really hot, you then realise it's premium. The prices seem about the same as you'd pay to buy the DVD, yet this isn't download to keep - it just "unlocks" them for you to watch streaming-only!

As HD content comes up in all searches too, you're constantly coming across hot videos you either can't watch at all, or can only stream. No way of filtering your results to only inclusive, downloadable movies sadly.

I was really angry about this and it seemed every video I tried had no download option. This is not what I expected when they promised "unlimited downloads" and didn't say anywhere in the preview or tour that this applied to selected videos only.

So I went onto the support live-chat feature. It warned that it wasn't working 100% at the moment and suggested dialling an international phone number instead - er no thank you, I have my phone bill to think of!

I got connected once, explained my complaint and they immediately offered to transfer my membership to man.com, which had 100% unlimited downloads. I declined, and asked why they didn't make it clear in their preview that this site didn't offer that. That wasn't answered, and they just told me I'd have to go to a different chat window if I wanted a refund. Then I got cut off. I tried a second window, and got cut off immediately.

Third window I got through again. They again offered to transfer my membership, immediately, so it's obviously a common complaint. They said some studios or actors did not allow them to offer downloads. I said I understood that but they didn't make it clear in their preview. I declined a transfer and said, as I had just joined and they could see I haven't downloaded anything, and as I felt misled, could I please cancel my membership and give me a refund. They said I could cancel my membership, but no refunds. My only option was to cancel future rebills, but I was stuck with my months membership.

I wasn't happy and asked them to cancel my membership which they did instantly - a cancellation e-mail arrived seconds after I asked them to do it.

At this point I was all ready to write a stinking PU review and give them a really low score, but as I try to be fair I figured angry as I was I might as well explore the site I was stuck with - and $14.95 meant it wasn't so bad, even though it was the principle more than the money that bothered me.

And I admit that once you accept the limitations, which are big ones, this is still a good-value site. Even at $24.95 it would be good value because you do get a good selection of videos and probably half of them can be downloaded. The resoltion isn't great at 640 x 480 but you can choose WMV or MP4 and they downloaded quickly, though the "whole DVD" option only downloads the first scene so you have to do it manually. The streaming "HD" is 1280x720.

Some of the content is older and not such good quality, but there's a fair amount of newer stuff from decent studios.

Overall it's worth joining for a month at the $19.95 price, but be prepared for disappointment - when you do a search remember half the videos that come up can either be streamed only, cost extra and in some cases both.

I'll download as much as I can from the downloadable content and I'll get value for my $14.95, but I don't deal with sites that mislead me and then refuse to refund my money so I won't join their site or any other in their network again.

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manholelover (24) Thanks for another excellent review! I can't believe the struggle you went through to try and get a refund.. you clearly have patience.
It's a real shame about the streaming only videos because the site itself looks like it has a great mix of niches and types of guys, but thanks for the warning. Think I'll steer clear... but it's interesting how you managed to get the price down, mainly by chance however. I've come across a few sites that once you've gone to the sign up page and closed the window, a pop-up appears offering you a discount. I generally always try this tack before I subscribe to a site!

10-07-11  02:51pm

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adamz (1)
Hello gaypornolover,

I'll address some of your concerns in order of their appearance;

- Premium videos range from $3.99-$5.99 per scene with most videos containing four scenes broken down from an entire DVD. This is not a pay per minute system, rather it's a scene unlock system meaning that once you have paid $3.99 for the scene you will never be charged again. This means we are charging you $15.96-$23.96 for entire DVDs. Not exactly sure why you assume you don't get to keep it because you do - even if your monthly membership expires you can still login and access all of your bought "premium" content without paying anything. Not exactly sure how that is a bad deal, in fact that maybe the best deal in porn right now.

- "Premium section" are videos/scenes from studios that we were simply unable to negotiate a open license with, meaning they were not interested in people being able to view them on a monthly membership. We are left in a position to either not included the studio in our library or offer them in our "premium" section, we decided to let the consumer choose. Considering that "premium" videos/scenes make up less than 8% of our entire library of content this really shouldn't be an issue, if you don't want to buy them you don't have to.

- Admittedly the premium section workings are not as clear as they should be leading to some confusion and ultimately frustration, we'll work to improve this thank-you for pointing it out.

- We find the $24.95 price quite reasonable as well and I'm glad you received the special offer of $19.95.

- Regarding downloads, well we do offer them on many of our titles we're not a torrent site - limiting downloads to non-HD videos is a reason to continue using the site. Also many studios are not willing to let an individual download their entire collection and will not license that option. If you're looking to build up a personal collection in high quality on your hard-drive buy Blu-rays and rip them. We're a web-platform that offers a massive library of quality studios for the primary purpose of streaming titles via the net at a very reasonable monthly price, a download option of these titles where available is simply an added value.

- Great point on the search options, one should be able to filter out premium titles and I'll bring it up to back-end.

- It's clear that your primary concern is the ability to download a websites entire collection after of which I assume you leave. Expecting sites to continue to licence content and operate on the above premise is unsustainable.

- Value is truly in the eye of the beholder, well I am sorry you felt mislead about how the site functions it is impossible to offer every major studio with HD downloading and unlimited viewing for $19.95/$24.95 a month under one site.

- Our other network is Men.com not Man, one of the fastest growing pay-sites on the net. We shoot high quality scenes daily with the top models in the industry.



10-20-11  11:45am

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gaypornolover (38) REPLY TO #2 - adamz :

Hi Adam, many thanks for your comprehensive reply... I appreciate it very much and I am glad you're taking some of my suggestions on board.

I did state that I would hsve given the site a much higher rating but I felt that your site tour is misleading, and I still do; it's not something you've addressed specifically except to say that you can't offer all of the videos for downloads or the site would be economic.

On reflection I do accept that - I understand you have to make a profit. However, your preview simply states "unlimited downloads" - I accept that this means you don't place a limit on how many scenes can be be downloaded per month. However, it simply isn't clear before you join the site that many of the videos are not downloadable to keep. If you would say in the preview that only selected DVDs can be downloaded, then nobody will be surprised when they join.

Videobox Men, of which I am a member and joined before your site, offers all of its videos for download without exception and so with yours being a similar type of site and with no indication to the contrary, I assumed your policy was the same. As you say your other site men.com can offer all their videos for download, so if that one of your sites can offer it, why can't Juicy Boys?

Had the made the policy clear I would have known and could have made an informed decision about whether to join or not, this was my main concern.

I did not realise that I could still access purchased videos after my subscription was over - I am very happy to hear I can but again this is not made clear and it's not the standard way such sites operate - usually once your membership runs out you can't access the site.

I also rated the site down due to the disapponting chat facility which as you see from my review, was unreliable. There is a notice on your site acknowledging this and suggesting contact via an international phone number which would be prohibitively expensive to call.

I did try and rate your site fairly - I pointed out that I initially felt like giving you an awful review and a low rating but decided to wait and explore it first which improved my opinion somewhat - and I have listed the positive points. I've also explained that but for the problems outlined, I'd have given you an extremely high mark, so I do give you credit where it's due and give people enough information to make up their own minds.

Thank you for your reply though - if you could make the changes suggested and make it clearer in your preview what you do and do not get, I would be happy to amend my review and would consider re-subscribing.

10-20-11  01:20pm

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adamz (1)
REPLY TO #3 - gaypornolover :

Hi gaypornolover,

Your suggestions are great and you clearly point out some frustrating bottle-necks in our system that I rarely get to see as I already have full access to the site - very valuable indeed.

Our Quality Assurance team is going to look into the live support issues and we're already in the process of designing a new tour with a "how it works" section in regards to premium content - I agree neither system is very clear and needs improvement.

Your rating is fine and fair because it reflects what you are looking for in a site which of course your growing number of followers share as well. You made a number of good points and I appreciate your honesty.

Regarding the licensing question as to why we restrict downloads on JuicyBoys.com and not Men.com is because all of the content on Men.com we produce and directly control allowing us to do whatever we want with it. The majority of the studios we deal with on the JuicyBoys.com end typically build "no download" clauses into our license contracts limiting us to streaming only.

The idea with JuicyBoys is that well we can't provide every studio/feature/option due to licensing restrictions, we will constantly try to negotiate deals that bring customers the best content, from the best studios, on an affordable flat-fee monthly (or yearly) membership.

We will continue to work on JB thank-you again for the review.

P.S Please do check out Men.com, we're quite proud of it and there are some amazing sex scenes.



10-20-11  02:17pm

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Rockhardslc (0) Good balanced review.
I was a short-time member of this site. Unfortunately, they have pre-checked default box checked for there other site (men.com) and they will charge you double. I wouldn't recommend them.

04-08-13  08:09pm

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gaypornolover (38) REPLY TO #5 - Rockhardslc :

Thanks dude and welcome to the site! Always great to have users of gay sites here, as we're pretty thin on the ground.

I hope you check out the site and stick around - maybe write some reviews of your own?

04-08-13  08:15pm

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