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lk2fireone (196) 07-26-11  04:39pm
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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A nice number of fresh-faced girls (Eastern European). Many of the girls I have not seen before. Almost all the girls are ok to nice looking.
-No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Professionally shot videos.
-Choice of streaming, or can download the video.
-Each video has an accompanying photoshoot.
Cons: -Navigation is clunky and very basic. Each page has 2 videos with thumbnails of the model. That's the layout.
-No zip file for the photosets.
-Slow update rate.
-All videos download with the same name of i01.wmv, so you have to manually rename each video, and keep a manual listing of what each video is (model name + whatever information you want).
-Videos have no title or posting date.
-Videos are straight hardcore sex with same basic script.
-No search.
-Download speed varies widely. On a single file download, using a download manager, not downloading more than 1 file, the speed can slow to 20-50 KB/s, so a 874 MB video file can take 4-10 hours or more, which is absolutely ridiculous.
-Only 1 resolution for video downloads. No choice of hi, medium or low quality.
Bottom Line: Each video follows the same script:a guy walks into the small bedroom of a cute young girl, she smiles and waves, and strips, the guy makes stupid-sounding noises indicating juvenile enjoyment of what he's going to do to that luscious piece of teen meat, girl gives a blowjob, they fuck vaginal, fuck anal, more blowjob, guy shoots over girl's face and makes more noises expressing satisfaction.
The girl poses with cum over her face, smiles, waves goodbye, and leaves the room. End of video.

The videos are well lit, good lighting means good colors for skin tones, good colors for foreground and background (which is just a bed in a small
bedroom). The video is professionally shot: no jittery jumping around, clear view of the entire action, good close-up action, good shots of the
girl's face and body so you clearly see what the girl looks like. The sex is straight-forward fucking, the stunt cock seems to be enjoying himself (with all the grunts he makes), and the girl usually keeps a happy smile on her
face throughout the entire sex. The video ends with the girl smiling, waving goodbye, and leaving the room, while the guy makes happy grunting noises (which translate better in different languages than if he was speaking Russian).

The videos are high quality, the models are all teens and mainly attractive to very attractive. I wish the stunt cock didn't make all those stupid noises trying to show what a good time he was having. I wish there was more variety to the sex. These are luscious young girls, and they are
putting on a good show, but there is little variety and the sex gets to be boring in spite of the crystal clear videos and teen girls with cute or pretty faces and tight young bodies.

I can't empasize enough how clean and fresh-looking and cute these girls are: They are absolutely adorable, and they are as good as anything you will find on the cute-teen level. The girls look like they are the daughter of your next-door-neighbor, or the girls you can see at the mall or in church.

Number of videos at site: 185
Video runtime between 20-35 minutes.
Video file size about 575-790 MB.
Frame width x height: 960x540.
Total bitrate: 3145 kbps.

Each video has an accompanying photoset.
Number of photos per shoot: 140-450.
Only 1 size for each photo (no hi, medium, low).
Size of individual photos: 290 KB; 853x1280 pixels.
The photos are well-shot, much better than screen caps, but simple style, not glamor style photos.

Bottom line:
There are a large number of really cute girls. But the stupid sounds the stunt cock makes, the by-the-numbers-sex, the same setting of a small
bedroom, make the sex repetitive and less meaningful, almost boring. The videos are professionally shot, but some thought should have been given to what the guy does to the girl instead of following the same script time and
time again.

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rearadmiral (384) Thanks for this review. It's well written and thorough. I've had this site on the outer ring of my porn-buying-radar for a while but have never taken the plunge. I might yet though.

Two questions if you don't mind:

1) approximately what percentage of scenes have some anal sex in them? The preview pages make it look like 100% of them. Is this true?

2) what do you mean by "long time before site timeout"?


07-26-11  05:56pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #1 - rearadmiral :

I believe 100% of the scenes have at least some anal sex in them. The basic plot, as I said, is blow job, vaginal, anal, blowjob with the guy coming on the girl's face or mouth or cheeks. (They follow that script on at least a few of their bonus sites).

Personally, I don't see all that big a difference between vaginal or anal. Maybe for the girl it feels different, but visually, there is little difference in watching the two types of action. Maybe there's a mental kick because of what used to be the "forbidden" element.

Also, with anal, they often pull out, at least briefly, and show the enlarged anus, before putting the penis back inside the anus, before putting the penis into the girl's mouth.

As far as a long period before the site timeout, I haven't really measured it. Sometimes you get good download speeds for videos, sometimes not. My fastest download speed is about 630 KB/s, for my DSL connection. Sometimes I can get that, but sometimes the speed can drop to 20-60 KB/s, which means many hours to download a single video, which can run from 400-800 MB in size. Using DownThemAll download manager does not increase my download speed for this site, in fact, it actually appears to slow down the download speed. Not sure why, this is unusual. And I am talking about downloading a single video, not downloading multiple videos at the same time.

So if you are downloading a video, and then want to download a different one after the first one finished, if the time is over an hour or so, sometimes you have to re-log-in. No big thing, just enter the username, password, and captcha. Or if you saved the username and password, which I recommend, then you just need to enter the captcha.

Each membership comes with a number of bonus sites. To enter any site, you have to enter your username, password, and captcha. Some networks lets you transfer between different bonus sites without having to go through the separate log-in process, but not this one.

There are lot of cute girls at this site, many of which you probably have not seen before. But I find the sex very repetitious, almost boring, and the stunt cocks annoying because of the stupid grunting noises they make. The cute girls are real teens, with firm natural bodies, few tattoos or piercings.

But some PU members apparently don't mind the repetitious sex plot, or the stupid grunting noises of the stunt cocks, and enjoy these sites for the cute girls and the hardcore sex (not rough sex, just bread-and-butter fuck sex).

Boy, can I ramble. Lol.

07-26-11  06:37pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #2 - lk2fireone :

Your review is very good. I belonged to Ass Teen Mouth and had this site as a bonus and agree with you about everything except I don't believe there was anal in every scene on THIS site.

The newer scenes are just like you said, but some of the older scenes, if I remember right, don't have anal.

07-27-11  05:34am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #2 - lk2fireone :

Thanks for all the great information. Donít apologize for rambling though, there might be some guys around here who would criticize you but if I did it would be a bit hypocritical.

I was thinking about your comment about the scenes being repetitious and was wondering if it matters if youíre a porn collector or just someone who goes to a Tube site once in a while. Iím guessing that most of us on this site are collectors and who would notice and be bothered by repetition. I know I am. Iím as big a fan of the scene set-up as I am in the sex. But if a guy only tunes in once in a while he probably doesnít notice or care. There are some exceptions too, I think, but those are obviously somewhat subjective. I recently had a membership to Porn Pros Network and downloaded a lot of scenes from one of their sites called Massage Creep. That could easily be repetitive, and others might find it so, but I really liked it. The scene set up could have been two minutes long with the guy coming in and saying in a stilted tone ďIím here to give you a massage.Ē Followed by an equally stilted model saying ďOh good, Iím really tense in some placesĒ and then they fuck. The scene set-up in Massage Creep was always a massage but the scene set ups were so well done they never got repetitive.

I was kind of hoping that based on your reply to me that I might move this site a little closer in my radar, but I donít think I will. I also noticed when looking at the preview pages that some of the photos have been photoshopped so badly they look weird. One the first page there is a model named Andrea. Either her nipples are photoshopped or theyíve put a strange shade of pink makeup on them. Either way, they look strange. That isnít enough to keep me off the site, but it does warn me that the site may not let the natural youth and beauty of the models shine through on its own. I highly doubt that the real chick who goes by the name Andrea here needs any enhancement.

Anyway, thanks for all the information. I suspect that you may have saved me some money.

07-27-11  01:23pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #4 - rearadmiral :

I think you are right that you are better off looking for a different site to join. That's just my opinion. I've seen the Massage Creep videos. Yes, the setup for each Message Creep video is similar, but there is far more variation in the sex at Message Creep than at Try Teens. And the videos are better quality: the lighting and camera-work at Message Creep is really excellent. The lighting and camera-work at Try Teens is good, but not as good as at Message Creep. And there is what appears to be real heat in at least some of the Massage Creep videos. You don't get the same feeling of heat at Try Teens: it's a boy and girl fucking, on camera, it's real, but it's not hot sex. The sex is scripted, most videos closely follow the same script, and it gets almost boring after watching a few of the similar videos. And the noises the stunt cock makes are truly annoying. The noises are meant to show excitement, satisfaction, show the stunt cock is a "real" man giving it to this cute teen, but I found it really annoying.

The videos at Massage Creep provide a much better experience than the videos at Try Teens. There are many attractive girls at Massage Creep, they are presented looking "natural", not glamorized, but they come across as more attractive than the cute girls at Try Teens, who could look really nice but it just doesn't come across at Try Teens.

I'm not saying the Massage Creep videos are great, but I think they are better quality and more effective than the Try Teens videos.

07-27-11  03:19pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #5 - lk2fireone :

Well, thatís settled. I think Iíll take Try Teens off my radar based on what youíve told me.

I think that the majority of the videos at Massage Creep are very good to great. They have a lot going for them. They use really attractive models and the production values are good. But what makes it work is how natural the whole seduction thing is. One of my favourite scenes is with Amia Moretti (aka Amia Miley) where she plays a flaky teen who is fascinated by the fact that the masseur has massaged some celebrities. Playing a flaky teen probably isnít stretching her acting skills that much, but she does a good job. One other scene sticks in my mind for the wrong reasons. Itís the scene with Aubrey Addams. She used to be in my top three favourite models but I honestly thought that the scene was mislabeled when I first saw it. Apart from the breast enlargement she either had some facial work done or is just using some heavy makeup. That makes two of my favourites whoíve fallen from that list with a change in look Ė the other being Teagan Presley.

07-27-11  05:35pm

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