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messmer (137) 07-26-11  10:14am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Has BBWs

+Has Lingerie (mostly fetish wear)

+Part of a 25 sites Fetish Network (sort of)
Cons: -Video quality is horrible (No HD available). There is not a single downloaded clip that can be viewed in full window without being horrendously blurred as the total bitrate is around 1000.

-Updates every 8 days a small part of a DVD. It can take as many as 12-13 parts to obtain the complete DVD.

-Downloads restricted to 600 kbps and to one file at a time. During this time it is impossible to move around the site or to do any streaming.

-Streaming itself is inadequate at approx 400x300 (didn't stop to get the exact details).

-Most of the extra sites offered are streaming only, from 3rd party providers to boot. with a streaming window that is absolutely tiny and featuring a blurred video..

-Very limited for a fetish site (some BDSM, some TS contents, some BBW, some Female domination, some pantyhose ,,, that's about it. If you are interested in any of these fetishes .. read above re quality.

-Member's page is absolutely horrendous, overcrowded, the most confusing I have ever see
Bottom Line: I have not one good thing to say about this site. It is a total rip-off at $ 29.95 and made me, for the first time ever write to CCBill asking for a refund.

Make a wide detour around this site and all the sites listed with it.

Absolutely worst site I ever joined. I cancelled right away after looking at some samples and downloading enough to give me a fair idea of what LingerieBBW was all about. Now I am waiting for a response from CCBill.

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gaypornolover (38) Sounds like, unusually for a website, it might actually be better value to buy DVDs with the money you'd spent on this site. Sounds like a real rip-off so good warning to stop others being ripped off - a well-written review too. Let us know what CCBill say - I've always been curious as to whether you'd be allowed to get a refund if you notified them right away that the site was poor quality.
07-26-11  10:28am

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tangub (155) I had a similar thing a few years ago where i joined a site and within 2 minutes of logging in i knew it was a complete rip off and a waste of money so did a similar thing and asked CCBill for a refund. At first they refused so i then threatened to call my credit card company and dispute the charge and they immediately agreed to the refund. Only downside was next time i went to join a site through CCBill using that credit card i found it was declined so they obviously black listed it so they sure know how to bear a grudge but i just got out another credit card and away i went so no problem really.
07-26-11  11:24am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #1 - gaypornolover :

Hey, gaypornolover, I just got a reply from CCBill that they would grant me a one time courtesy refund but that, in the future I would have to write to the webmaster of the site instead. Good thing I was not aware of this because I doubt if I would have received a reply from that abomination of a site!
07-26-11  11:36am

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Denner (235) Looking for the right word - but it comes down to: Sad

Sad for messmer in his 'struggle' to find a good mature site - I'm with you, bro...

I may repeat myself - but what about Lady Sonia?

And another British site:

Here I found my favorite mature ladies - including a lot of lingerie:
Linda Leigh
Misty McCain
Louise Hodges.....ect - those vids of these ladies from this site is still among my favorite stash.

07-26-11  11:39am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #2 - tangub :

CCBill might do that to me yet, tangub, even though I stated that asking for a refund was a first for me and that I hoped that it wouldn't count against me.
Oh well, if they should refuse me in the future there's always Epoch. :-) BTW, CCBill told me to expect a 6 - 7 week delay with the refund but seeing that they are usually quite reliable I trust them to stick to their promise.

07-26-11  11:43am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #4 - Denner :

Thanks for your commiseration, Denner! I know Lady Sonja quite well from my Usenet days and never found her that appealing so I wouldn't bother subscribing, as to your other suggestion, sounds good IF they've kept up with the times! (Just got finished reading your review) :-) Thanks, friend.
07-26-11  11:51am

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #5 - messmer :

That seems a long time to wait. I seem to remember my refund was processed within a few days.
07-26-11  11:57am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #7 - tangub :

Just took another look and don't know where the heck I got the seven weeks .. they actually wrote it might take up to two weeks. Apologies!
07-26-11  12:00pm

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FetishPack (1)
Well wow, who made you a reviewer?

Your review is wrong, inaccurate, rude and offensive in so many ways I wouldn't know where to begin with but I will try lol.

Consider this a response to the majority of your reviews not just mine. Also consider learning about the business of running adult paysites before you even write another review. If I were you I would retire from writing reviews for a long time. You have alot of studying to do first.

First off I am the webmaster and coowner of the site(s) in question and I have taken the time to read alot of your reviews and the time to respond to your posting. This is proof that not only I would have responded if you emailed me with your complaints or refund request but I would have taken care of it immediately. I have been running my sites sine 1999, and one of the things I learned is that I cannot satisfy everyone and there have been refund requests ofcourse and I have honored all of them. The rate of refunds on average over the past 12 years for all my sites combined is 0.74%. That's right, below 1%, better than most can say imo.

Now that we have cleared your lie about how I wouldn't respond to your email or refund you lets go on with some other severely wrong issues that occupy your brain.

In most of your reviews you are concerned with whether you can download massive amounts of content quickly such as downloading all pictures in zip files, and mass downloading of many videos simultaneously. This is not the behavior of the majority of people who subscribe to paysites. This is the mentality of a leecher and porn collector. And most certainly not the mentality of a pay site reviewer. Why on earth do you want to download everything we offer so quickly and so massively? The only explanation is you are a site leecher who wants to download everything within a day or two, add it to your collection and cancel your membership. FYI most users don't behave in such a way. They join and wish to view the videos one at a time just like watching TV. Do you sit in front of your TV and wish you could download all the programs from all the channels for the entire month? For what purpose? To collect them and have them? Unless you wish to jerk off every minute of your awake hours every day there's not any conceivable reason for which you wish to download everything so fast and to be able to download so many videos at once. BTW you are incorrect in another thing you say. The site allows 2 simultaneous downloads and still you can navigate the site. Once again it's beyond me why you want to download 3 or 5 or 10 videos at the same time, lol. Furthermore consider that you paid $29.95. Have you any clue what kind of bandwidth bill I will get if everyone was like you wanting to download everything immediately and then cancel? Do a little research on bandwidth costs first before you even start to think about demanding the massive downloads you describe in all your reviews.

07-29-11  04:28am

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FetishPack (1)
Now onto the issue of updates are DVDs that are broken down into segments. Consider this. To purchase a license that permits posting the content on a paysite each DVD license is about $250. So if you want me to put the entire DVD up in one update then at a minimum 4 updates a month that is $1,000 just in license fees and you paid $29.95. Tell me how I will make $1,000 for the license fees and how will I pay the massive bandwidth bill that leechers like you will leave me with? And that's 3rd party content. Do you have any clue how much it costs to have good video produced exclusive for 1 site? Try $10 a minute minimum. To satisfy a person like you I would need 320 minutes of video in one month to make 4 updates of 60 minutes each so that I provide you with full DVD updates each time. At the rate of $10 a minute, 320 minutes will cost me $3,200 per month. Again you paid $29.95. Who is getting ripped off here? Also it's not as if those are the only videos you get. There are another 145 videos in place for that site. By the time you view those, the entire DVD that has been broken down to scenes will also be there. Unless once again, all you do is view porn day in day out, all day. Once again do a little research and find out how paysites work and how much they cost before you write reviews.

Now let's look at what you say about no HiDef. That is also wrong and irrelevant. First the download version of the videos is 640x480 encoded at 1250 b/s. That's considered hidef. It may not be the highest quality HD but it is HD. Look up HD, there are many dimensions of it and this is true with flat screen TVs too. You can buy a whole range of different pixel capabilities TV sets but they are all classified as HD. Further more just because you have a fast internet connection and a hidef computer monitor it doesn't mean that everyone does. Look up some statistics. The majority of the world is still on modem dialup connections. Even in the USA there are large areas, rural and not so rural that DSL isn't even offered. Also at other locations where fast internet is offered there are alot of people who can't afford it, especially in this economy. Did you know in Australia most ISPs charge but the MB downloaded and it's not unlimited? And that's a developed country with standards similar to the USA in most economic respects. You are fortunate enough to have all this but the majority of people don't and are satisfied with less quality video that they can download or stream and see. They can't possibly download or stream the quality that makes you happy. As a business owner of sites that are accessible world wide my job is to satisfy the majority of viewers. And they seem to be happy and you with the fast connection can still download hidef videos from my site and still stream at very descent speeds, even though you don't appreciate them. Look at sites like aebn who is the major provider of streaming content to pay per view users.

07-29-11  04:29am

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FetishPack (1)
They still offer streaming at 56kb, 250kb and 512kb and the reason is the majority of users, this is all they can stream at a rate that will allow them to view something instead of waiting for buffering every other second. Once again do some research and get a clue of where the majority of users stand. They are not all as fortunate as you.

Furthermore if you had taken the time to read the members menu, which you claim is overcrowded you would have seen that there are 4 full DVD, BBW movies offered each month available in their entirety for the whole month. Then at the end of each month they are changed with 4 new ones, also available in their entirety. This is true for many of the sites on the network. There's a total of 72 full DVD films each month, all available in their entirity for the entire month. But you didn't even notice cause your concentration was on how to massively leech everything instead of noticing that the members page is overcrowded because of how much we have to offer to our viewers. We don't offer 2 links like some other sites, 1 that says pictures and 1 that says videos. We offer so much more and if you had taken then time to click the links in the members page you would have seen the massive amounts of content we offer for $29.95. Granted you can't download the 72 DVDs each month which ofcourse would make a person like you unhappy but that's the producer's decision. Some produces don't wish their hard work downloaded and kept on collectors or illegally distributing persons computers and they are right. Another thing you are clueless about is that a big chunk of subscribers are married or happen to login the sites from work computers. They by no means wish to download anything. They are very happy to see it, get their kicks off and leave no trace of it on their computer so streaming is the way they like things. Again not everyone is a site leecher like yourself.

Also what you say about content that there's not much of it. If you had clicked on the all videos link you would have seen that there's a total of 4,576 videos (747 hours) and a total of 252,409 photos and this doesn't include the streaming videos theaters, the 72 full DVDs each month and about 5,000 stories just to mention a few other items you didn't see due to your obsession with finding a way to mass download everything instead of enjoying the sites like a normal person.

I have requested the removal of this review from this site's owners as it is mostly inaccurate, targets site leechers which are a small percentage of users, and the review is rude and offensive.

07-29-11  04:30am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #11 - FetishPack :

Okay, duly noted! It is not my intention to insult anyone, for that you have my apologies. I can't help but see things subjectively, through my eyes and not yours and therefore still would not change one word of the review, but I am sorry for upsetting you to that extent ... just wondering though how sites like Videobox (at 15$ a month) or Videosz, or Reality Kings or Bang Brothers or Brazzers or AW or ATK etc. can afford to stay in business with their willingness to allow multiple downloads at a time at very good speed? Their existence flies in the face of your arguments.

I feel, however, that you owe most of us here at PU/TBP an apology as well for sneering at "collectors." There are those who like to rip a site of its content in the quickest possible time but I am not one of them. Neither are most of the amateur reviewers here. But, yes, we do like to download to our hard drives and look at the clips we like over and over. Streaming is anathema to most of us and would earn a low mark from every other reviewer here as well.

However, I'll let things rest there, and TBP, by all means take my review off your pages, as per owners request, if you feel it is prudent and right to do so. I won't feel insulted.

I would like to see an official review of the site by our professional reviewers, though, just to see what THEY think of Lingerie BBW (and the network). Would be interesting to compare.

07-29-11  11:56am

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #12 - messmer :

I find it amazing how porn producers and site owners are always pleading poverty these days. I think they would all prefer to send us back to the pre internet days when they could fleece us for $50 for a single movie on dvd or vhs.
07-29-11  02:45pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #13 - tangub :

Pro "streaming only" and anti zip? This would stop piracy and excessive use of bandwidth alright but not everyone is tuning in to a site from the office or do streaming only because their wives might come across their stash! :-)

To me the most outrageous remark was that he considered collectors to be leechers! Ah, well, can't argue about someone else's perspective. That's how he sees it.

07-29-11  03:30pm

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FetishPack (1)
REPLY TO #12 - messmer :

I am not attacking collectors, I am saying your review was focused on whether a collector or mass downloader would be satisfied. That represents a small fraction of users and you didn't give the rest of the groups of users such as the ones I mentioned a fair view of the site from their prespective. A fair review should target all the market groups not a small fraction of the market. I join sites too and if I see videos I like I too download them to have on my computer for later viewing. Being able to download 1 or two videos simultaneously seems sufficient.

To answer to tangub no I don't want to charge $50 for one DVD. Like I said the network offers 4,576 videos (747 hours) and a total of 252,409 photos and 72 DVDs each month all for $29.95 so that statement of yours is not accurate.

Also I am not pro streaming and anti download. All the videos are offered in both streaming and in download where I have a license to allow download. I am just against allowing my sites to be ripped fully in one day. If that was a huge issue for you again if you had emailed me I would have allowed it for you. It's a simple setting that can be changed in a few seconds. But that's what really bothered me that you made remarks and assumptions not only about my sites but about me as well without bothering to contact me first instead you publicly posted a review that calls my entire network of sites a rip off. They are not a rip off.

As to how the companies you mention manage that I don't know. I am not a big porn company, we are just two guys doing our best to offer our members a good set of sites for their viewing and still stay profitable.

07-29-11  10:29pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #15 - FetishPack :

I have never ripped a site in one day or even over a period of a month. I only download material that appeals to me and in most cases that is only a small percentage of the total contents. If I come across a model or a theme I really like, yes, at that time I will attempt to download as much of her as I can. That is not being a leecher, as you accused me and other collectors of being. Read your post to me again. You were not being very kind to anyone who was not content to restrict himself to download (or look at) one or two files a day.

I understand your anger, it is your livelihood after all, but you were way off base when YOU judged me so harshly for giving your site a bad review without knowing me or my preferences, except for a casual look at my reviews. We live in a world of High Speed Internet access which makes download speed quite important to many so I will keep listing that as a pro even though it might encourage some true leechers..

Furthermore, you cannot blame me for reviewing a site from my perspective only. Every critic be it movies, food, shows or porn sites will only be able to judge subjectively. I am being objective, or try to be, when it comes to technical details but when it comes to a general impression of a site I can only go by the way I feel.

In any case please keep in mind that we are all amateurs here doing reviews as a labor of love, and I have no idea how others with ipads or tablets or whatever do things or how they look at your site. It is quite possible that they are very content to spend some time with you, but how would a guy sitting at home behind a desktop computer know that? You are asking for the impossible,

In any case, you get too upset over a review that doesn't count for very much except to a handful of Porn Users who have similar tastes to mine and who would argue with you most heatedly about some of the statements you made.

Take the subject of HD, for instance. For the collector and even for most professional reviewers true HD doesn't even start until 720p and a bitrate of slightly over 1000 in a 640x480 video would be considered to be a rock bottom offering by a site, to be avoided if at all possible. Even in Videobox with their cheap DVDs the bitrate at the moment is anywhere between 3300 and 5500. On a hand held device with its small screen your specification would most likely be fine or maybe not since I know nothing about their resolution, but, as I stated, I cannot include that in a review because I don't have handheld devices at my disposal.

I do wish you luck, I *am* sorry about assuming that you most likely would not respond to an email, so let's leave it there.

07-30-11  11:21am

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