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Pamela Spice (0)

rearadmiral (384) 05-15-11  11:55am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Super-cute, young model
- Video and photos available
- Photos available in zips
- Multiple options for downloads
- Part of a small network of similar sites
- Some girl-girl scenes
- Supports download managers
- Decent download speeds
Cons: - Not updating
- Many of the other models on the network are topless only
- The only B/G hardcore scene costs extra
Bottom Line: First, please note that I agree with everything that exotics4me wrote in his recent review. Read that first if you want to join this site. My review will attempt to expand on a few things.

Iím not normally a big fan of solo girl sites. I find them boring and repetitive and they tend to have a shorter lifespan than many other kinds of sites. Iíve also been burned by a couple (notably Little April and Little Summer) due to the terrible quality of the videos. Then one day I noticed the picture that accompanies exotics4meís posts on the forum and I was hooked.

Pamela is an amazing looking young South or Central American model. She canít be much over 18 in many of the photos and videos and her youthful appearance is further accentuated by her braces. She appears solo in many scenes and also does a lot of girl-girl scenes. Both the pictures and videos are well lighted and shot. The other models she appears with in the girl-girl scenes are also attractive in the same way that Pamela is.

There is one boy-girl hardcore scene available, but in a greedy marketing twist the site sells that separately. I like Pamela, but not enough to spend $20 for a 13 minute video of her having sex.

Exotics4me notes that several of the videos feature some exhibitionism. Thatís correct, but Iíd characterize it as Ďexhibitionism-lite.í It isnít promoted as being one of the reasons for joining, but there are some scenes of her teasing a bit in public places. But the exhibitionism is fairly tame and I wouldnít recommend taking a membership for that reason alone.

The site is part of a small network of that includes access to six similar sites. The additional sites are also small and donít appear to be updating. At least two of the sites (Selena Spice and Spice Twins) donít even feature full nudity. Theyíre topless only with a thong or some other covering on the naughty bits. The additional models are attractive and young, but I think that Pamela is the best looking of all of them.

The technical bits are pretty simple given the small size of the site. There are 68 photo sets (zips available, 798x1200 resolution) and 108 videos. The videos are available in three formats: Super HQ, MP4 and Low Speed Video. I downloaded only the ďSuper HQĒ size and found that while they may have been industry standard when they were shot, they certainly arenít now. Theyíre all 720x480 with the bitrates ranging from 2000 to 8700kbps. The technical description mostly applies to the other sites on the network too.

Pamela Spice is definitely good looking and fits my usual style of model that I like. If you like young looking models you might be happy with a membership. The girl-girl stuff, the minimal exhibitionism and the additional sites all contribute to the value of the membership, but given that there are no updates I wouldnít call this a good value. Thatís not to say you shouldnít join, but just join with your eyes open.

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graymane (33) Well written review, admirial. One can see it was done with meticulous thought, and certainly with empthsis on detail.
I'm with you, I like girls who (certainly of legal age) who look forbiddingly young.
I too had a subscription to Little April's site, but although she had a great body and legs, she wasn't convincing enough to wet my appitite.
This one looks good, but I'm turned off completely with girl-girl action. She'd have to be good at pleasuring herself.....and me, of course.

05-15-11  06:12pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #1 - graymane :

Thanks for the comments, graymane. I'm not a big fan of girl-girl, but when she won't do boy-girl I do like to see some interaction.

Little April was one of my favorites, though I liked Little Summer more. The video quality was horrendous though. I see that the Little April and Litte Summer sites have been de-listed from TBP and PU. They must have been up to some shady business.

05-15-11  06:41pm

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exotics4me (463) I was surprised to see the word exhibitionism-lite. I actually looked back to see my review of a public/exhibitionist site, Public Flash, from back 4 years ago. Then noticed your much newer review of it. To me, Pamela does as much as the models I saw on Public Flash. I'm not an overly-critical person of any genre except exhibitionism. To me, this site's exhibitionism is as believable as any I've seen and includes ass, pussy, boobs. More and more sites these days are selling themselves as public/exhibitionism, but take Money Talks on Reality Kings as example, they actually show their guys paying restaurant owners to let them film in the restaurant after closing hours. Which kills any believability for me. One of the things I look for in exhibitionism videos is frustration. And you see that a lot in Pamela's scenes. Maybe I'm just reading the "lite" part wrong, but I would take that as not showing everything.
05-16-11  11:31pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #3 - exotics4me :

Based on this I'll go back and look at those scenes again. I just wasn't as impressed by them. Is it possible that some of the better scenes you have were removed for some reason? Maybe there were some legal repercussions.

I agree 100% that seeing that the director is 'buying' security and privacy for what will be sold as 'public' nudity takes away a lot of the allure. One of the worst offenders (though for different reasons other than the ones you mention) for killing the mood is Nude in L.A. The premise here has so much potential but it is squandered. We see the models strolling naked around Los Angeles but they are portrayed as if this is perfectly normal. There is no nervousness, excitement or titillation. Contrast this with some of the European public nudity shoots on ALS (Ashley Bulgari comes to mind) and her nervousness is a big part of setting the mood. Nude in L.A. has none of this. Iíll go back and watch some of the Pamela Spice scenes to see if I missed something.

Thanks for the information.

05-17-11  03:53am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - rearadmiral :

I don't think anything was removed since our numbers are the same. Maybe I had one more video, my folder for the site shows 109 videos. The thing is, I had been a member of Pacino's Adventures, his flagship site several times and had never even paid any attention to Pamela's content. For one, Pacino did get a little too cutesy with her in some content with the dress-up/costume, make her look as young as possible outfits. Where I did find a good scene though was with the model Karen. She has several videos with Karen including one that is outdoors, looks like maybe at a hotel, not really for sure, but there is a bridge not too far behind them and they are using a strap-on with each other with as many as 5-6 people, mostly men, standing in one spot staring at them from the bridge.

There also could be a difference if you see the scenes without subtitles, but don't know the language. My wife is Spanish, so I've learned enough Spanish and Portuguese to at least have an idea of what is being said. Some of the scenes with exhibitionism in them may not look like it at first. I seem to discover ones I hadn't noticed each time I watch her videos. The most recent one, a public outdoor shower used to wash salt, chlorine off after swimming and she decides all of her needs the water!

It could also say something for her content since it was readily available for me, but I hadn't downloaded any of it until my 3rd membership at Pacino's Adventures. Pamela's site is a bonus site to it. A few others of note, there is one in the backseat of a car. While not directly out in the public, it is a small car, looks like maybe a Dodge Neon or Toyota Corolla and several times they pull up beside the tour buses which are very high. I think a big part of me liking her content is the playfulness she has. Her legs are mostly closed while they're sitting beside the bus and she says something about "if you see me close my legs it's because people are looking at me". You can see in the background, a very tall bus filled with people, but the playfulness there. Right as she says it, she opens her legs even more and touches herself. The taxi scene adds to the exhibitionism, not for sure how believable it is, but with a little imagination it is really good. Those are a few that wouldn't stand out as exhibitionism unless you watch through them.

I'm actually originally from the LA area and lived there for 30 years, but still hadn't joined that site just because it's LA and honestly, seeing women half naked, naked, flashing in LA isn't that out of the norm. And didn't mean for any of that previous one to be negative. I just wondered if maybe some of Pamela's content had slipped by like it had by me and still does.

05-17-11  12:18pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #5 - exotics4me :

I think I might have found the problem Ė and I think itís definitely a user-error on my part. I remember downloading all the photo sets, but then when your comment reminded me that there were over a hundred videos I checked my folder and I probably had only half of that. The short descriptions and teaser photo donít really give a detailed indication of whatís in the scene. Since a lot of them looked like simple toy play I didnít bother to download them. But obviously I missed downloading a lot of good stuff too.

I joined through Pamela Spice (I read your review a few weeks before finally joining and completely forgot that you suggested joining through Pacinoís Adventures) and Iím not really sure what Iím missing Ė maybe thatís a good thing!

I do have, and have watched the scene with her at the outdoor shower. That is pretty impressive! I also downloaded the scene youíve mentioned with her in the car and that is great too. As I write this, Iím madly downloading all of the videos that I skipped earlier. Iím really glad you took the time to comment on my review otherwise I wouldnít have know what I was missing.

So I think the mystery may be solved. It appears that I made a mistake in not just downloading everything.

Iíll let you know what I think once I sort through the Ďnewí videos.

05-17-11  04:01pm

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graymane (33) Just thought it might interest you to know, I found this Pamela Spice on SkinVideo -- a site to which I've maintained a long standing membership.
Assuming this is the same girl (Latina) -- and she appears to have all the features you discribe, braces and all -- some clips at SkinVideo she goes under the name of Pamela Lain.
And she wasn't the least bit shy about doing hardcore.

I'm not a fan of tube-sights, but it's my guess that's where one would find her doing hardcore.... either under the name of Spice or Lain.

05-18-11  12:08pm

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graymane (33) I saw your thread where you got zapped by a virus.
I dearly hope by mentioning a tube-site that I didn't have anything to do with it.

05-18-11  05:17pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #8 - graymane :

Don't feel bad about it. All you did was tell me that there may be some Pamela Spice hardcore around. Now if you had been the bastard who wrote the virus I might be mad at you! But all is well, with no damage or data loss. But I think I'll not bother looking for those scenes again!
05-21-11  05:32am

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