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balz (1) 04-25-11  08:23pm
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Lys is why you join this site !

$30 a month ? -- what a BARGAIN !

Two french expressions apply to Lys:

"on re colte ce que l'on seme" = "you get what you put in"
"plus on en vois, plus on en veux !" = "the more you get , the more you want !"

btw, Lys can help you learn french !

Lys might also be considered a "dream merchant" as she enjoys playing out member's fantasies !

but that might cost you a little extra ... lol !

This site may not offer you the amount of content you can get from some others;
it is a "boutique" site after all ...
and her content may not be your cup of tea...
but then once you fall in love with Lys, that won't matter !

But be careful ! Lys can be quite addictive !

You may find that you have to make time to spend with her every day !!

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BadMrFrosty (56) Did you actually read the review? If you had, you would see that I do like Ms Lys very much. In my reviews I try to be critical in a, I feel, harsh but fair manor and not the raging fanboy sycophant which you come across as in your comment. Writing a comment like this may do more harm than good as the more cynical among us could justifiably call you a feckless shill. As such insults are beneath me I will leave it up to the readers discretion to make of your comment what they will.

Your point about the nightly shows is for me completely irrelevant for the reasons stated in the review. I watch porn when I am "in the mood" and not around the live show schedule of a site. Like I said, had recordings of the shows been available for download it would have been a different matter.

04-26-11  05:26am

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balz (Suspended) REPLY TO #1 - BadMrFrosty :

Yes, I read your review quite carefully , thank you !

Did you really read mine ?

From a technical perspective your review is harsh and reflects your opinions based on a cursory review of the site.
But your review is hardly "fair" !

You do LYS an injustice by not being thorough in evaluating her site's value for ALL prospective members ...
Maybe for you the Live Shows are irrelevant ... and that is YOUR bias !
What you are trying to do is compare Lys' site to all others... and it doesn't work that way with Lys.

Lys' site is unique in ways you cannot even imagine, my friend !

Lys is a special human being ! It does not take long to discover this if you interact with her live.

And once you get to "know" Lys, her content will have greater appeal.

Certainly, there can be site improvements and her members would all love to see her photo gallery updated and to add a forum.
Lys' webmaster has some work to do but the site is still young and evolving.
That will come in time.

Your review missed the very reason why someone would want to join Lys' site ... but only by about a mile !

My comments are intended to give prospective members a glimpse into the "possible" ... and to give your review much needed balance.

It all depends on what you are looking for ...

I found what I was looking for ... Lys !

...and like I said in my comments to your review, the minor site issues don't matter as much.

04-26-11  07:30am

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #2 - balz :

I actually thought BadMrFrosty's review of the site was very good and covered most of the facts anybody would want to know if thinking about signing up for this site and i would certainly trust it 100%.
04-26-11  08:38am

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balz (Suspended) REPLY TO #3 - tangub :

If what you are looking for is technical data on the site, fine!

BadMrFrosty has been a member of this site for less than a month by his own admission and has never even viewed one of Lys" Live Shows or "Special Shows". And he is totally clueless about what other opportunities exist here for those seeking more.

I'm not disputing the data he presented... just pointing out what he failed to investigate (by his own admission!)

04-26-11  09:07am

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #4 - balz :

I appreciate what your saying but like BadMrFrosty said we can't all be sat in front our computers every night at the exact time a live show is on as most of us have to balance our porn habits around work, wives, girlfriends, family etc so if the site doesn't provide downloadable or streaming archives of the live shows then that's a negative for the site which i agree with.
04-26-11  10:41am

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balz (Suspended) REPLY TO #5 - tangub :

not a negative for the site at all !
you self-proclaimed "judgers" who breeze through a site in 30 days amaze me ...
just because YOU can't take or make the time doesn't mean that someone who wants to might !
you do this site injustice...
and you miss my point precisely!
stop pontificating about things you do not understand !
n'est pas ?

04-26-11  12:02pm

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #4 - balz :

Dude, dont take it personally. I dont have a interest in attacking the site, I just present a opinion which I believe is fair. You dont agree? Cool, write a review yourself which is what this site is all about.
04-26-11  12:14pm

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balz (Suspended) REPLY TO #7 - BadMrFrosty :

How can your opinion be "fair" ?
when you have not completed your work ?
If you want me to take you seriously
you should take the time to be "thorough" !
I've given you additional information
upon which to make an "informed" judgement
but you are so arrogant that you cannot accept it.
What more can I say ?
You have already admitted that you have not
gone beyond the superficial, so stop trying to defend
what you know NOTHING about !
I'm not here to advertise the site ...
**If you make the effort, you will be rewarded!**
I only came here to add "balance" to a review from
someone who has not a clue about what this site is all about !

04-26-11  12:25pm

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #8 - balz :

I quantified my review score based on the downloadedable content and the smoke and mirrors update schedule, I believe I have been as fair as I can be. I am very critical in my reviews, the score I have given this site is above average but I cannot and will not overlook what I consider to be major flaws. The site is not marketed as a live site, in fact the members area makes absolutely no mention live streams are even available, so why should I make that a major part of my review? As I said if you dont agree with my review why dont you write one yourself instead of ranting?
04-26-11  12:49pm

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balz (Suspended) REPLY TO #9 - BadMrFrosty :

No, the site is not "marketed" as a live site as such.
When I first joined the site, I did not even know that Lys did live shows...
I only discovered that when I sent her an email and got back an immediate response !
This is what I am trying to tell you about this site.
The people who make the effort to get to know Lys
will find that this site is unique !
I can't make it happen for you. All I can do is tell you what you don't know.
I'm live with her right now so I will leave this discussion !

04-26-11  01:07pm

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #10 - balz :

Great, so once you have finished the live show please come back and write a review. Porn Users is all about opinions of real porn users (duh!), I have given mine so why not give yours? There is no right and wrong here, I know what I like and review accordingly. Readers here will no doubt appreciate a well written review from you and can then judge for themselves if they want to join.
04-26-11  02:16pm

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balz (Suspended) REPLY TO #11 - BadMrFrosty :

all you really need to do is read my comments !
that's all your site review lacks ... lol

04-26-11  03:38pm

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #12 - balz :

My review contains my opinions and have not changed due to your comments, if you want to present a different view that is up to you to do in your own review. I even wanted to give the live show a chance and tonight logged in but was distinctly unimpressed. Firstly the picture quality was downright awful, 640 x 480 at about 15 frames per second and secondly I checked every 10 minutes or so only to find Ms Lys still fully clothed and doing nothing interesting for the first 90 mins of the show. After that I gave up, I dont have the time or motivation to devote more time to a jerky, pixelated live show when I can download cristal clear HD video elsewhere. Like I said, my opinion, feel free to disagree but at least try not to rant and rage.
04-26-11  04:14pm

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balz (Suspended) REPLY TO #13 - BadMrFrosty :

like i said ... you get what you put in ...
you obviously have not the time to devote to developing a ralationship with the person you "think" you are describing.

what a phenomenal show tonight!

you have not a clue, mon idiot !

04-26-11  04:55pm

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