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lk2fireone (196) 08-07-10  08:09pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-No site timeout.
-Nice-sized thumbnail of the female model to illustrate each video.
-Some cute models.
-The girls are real teens, not twenty- or thirty-year olds trying to appear much younger.
-Can add/view comments on videos and photosets.
-Can rate the videos photosets.
-Small watermark bottom right-hand corner of photos.
-The videos are mainly clear and crisp, with adequate lighting. The videos and photosets are less gonzo style than the other sites in the network, but are not glamor-style, more like in-between gonzo and glamor style.
Cons: -There is no search. Not a major problem because the site is so small. Only 75 videos so far. Can list the videos by name of model or by date posted
(but date posted is not accurate or reliable).
-Occasionally, a photo will not display when you click on the thumbnail, get an error message: "cannot be displayed, because it contains errors".
-Hard to tell what the update rate is, because the posting dates are unreliable.
-Only 1 size of file to download video (no choice of hi, mid, lo quality).
-Videos download as WMV files (no other file extension choice).
-Only 1 size of zip file to download photoset.
-Limited types of models: they are all white Eastern European teens.
Bottom Line: Hardcore teen site, with some good looking young teens.
Sample size for the videos and photosets:
Videos are 400 MB to 1 GB
Photosets are 40 MB to 120 MB
Currently 75 videos with a matching photoset for each video.
Usually 1 video per model. A few models have 2 videos. Photos are crisp, but mainly to illustrate the video action; the photos are not artistic or glamor style such as the softcore photo sites like metart or mplstudios.
The style of the photos is more natural than glamor. I personally don't like the photos, but some PU members might appreciate them: they are
clear, usually crisp, hardcore photosets, with some really nice-looking models. Natural style of photography. The video and photoset are mainly
hardcore boy-girl; a few sets are softcore or midcore, where the girl is solo or with a second girl.
The photosets approach high quality in terms of photo size. But you don't actually get the quality of a met-art, mplstudios or other softcore photo site. I don't understand why it's so hard to make a quality hardcore
photoset. This site has plenty of cute girls, doing hardcore, but the photography is poor or lacking: in the flesh colors of the girls, in the
presentation of the girls, the girls just lack attractiveness or allure in the photos. I grew up in the days of Playboy and Penthouse. I didn't like every Playboy or Penthouse photoshoot, but in many cases, the girls/women looked extremely attractive, sexy, luscious, gorgeous, adorable, lovely.
You don't get that in these photosets. You can find it in the met-art and mplstudios and other glamor teen sites. The problem is that the girls are not presented at their best. It's like you buy an off brand of some product you like, Cheerios, or Rice Crispies, and the taste is blah
instead of what you get from the major brand.
They don't use photoshop or airbrushing on these photos, and that's part of why I rate the photos lower. But it's also the skin tone of the models,
the posing, the composition, everything that factors into how attractive or erotic a photograph is. The photosets are high quality in the size of the photos (each photo is 100 KB to 1 MB), but the quality of the photos is not up to the standards of the softcore glamor sites.

Some of the models at this site are also at met-art, glamdeluxe, justteensite, mplstudios, etc. And they look much more attractive on the
other sites, because of the photography or videography.
If this site is included in your network membership, you should definitely check the site out. Some models here (mainly the same ones shown on many of the other sites in the network) are very attractive, the videos are shot less gonzo style, the photosets are worth looking at.

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graymane (33) Well prepared review. Very comprehensive analysis. In case I didn't miss it, prices would've helped, but that's easy to find.
Clips I've seen from Nubiles looks really promising, and probably will be instrumental to my joining.. Your review also helped.

08-08-10  01:45am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #1 - graymane :

Thanks for the kind words. But Nubiles is a different site, not connected to the network that contains Nubile Girls HD. There are so many porn sites that the ones with similar names can get confusing. If you join this site because you think you will be getting Nubiles, you will almost certainly be disappointed.
Nubiles is a very popular teen site.
Nubile Girls HD is a tiny site that is part of the Royal Cash network.
Hope this helps.

Many site reviews don't mention prices, because you can find/see the membership prices when you click on the site hot link for PU or TPB, and the membership price (with any discount for using the PU/TBP link) will be prominently listed.

08-08-10  02:17am

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TheSquirrel (53) Another good review. I hate tampering with photos and videos so that is a pro for me, but sometimes photographers and cameramen do not know how to capture a girl tp show her at her best. It's a network I have always thought about, but never joined. Some dive in, I wait for years. Your reviews are now up there with the best.
08-08-10  06:18am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #3 - TheSquirrel :

Thanks for the encouragement, TheSquirrel. I know exactly how you feel about waiting for years to join a site. There are many sites I've looked at for years, but still haven't joined. But on this site/network, I was actually a member 8 months ago, but was too lazy to write a review on any of the sites. There are currently over 30 sites in the network, and joining any site in the network gives you access to most, but not all, of the network sites. This is a teen network site, mainly gonzo style. Not really my style, so I don't know why I rejoined the network, other than I was looking for something new, and ended up here instead. There are times when I definitely don't understand my own actions. :)
08-08-10  06:34am

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pat362 (375) Another very good review. I wish they hadn't changed the names of many of the models but that's common for many of these sites. From what I can tell many of these videos can be found elsewhere. The quality may very be better here than on the other sites. If you like these models then take a look at the link. This is the studio that's responsible for a part of their content.


08-08-10  02:45pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #5 - pat362 :

adultlabs seems to be an interesting site. First time I've seen it, I
think. The quality of the photos seems to be better than what the same photos are, when posted at the Royal Cash network sites. And the prices to license the photosets and videos seems reasonable. If I was tempted to start up an adult site, this is one of the places I would have to check out for source material. :)

As far as model names, it seems a tradition for Internet porn sites to randomly assign names to their models. In a single network, the same model can have a different name at some of their sites. And
sometimes the same model can have several different names at the same
site (Met-art does this sometimes). And of course, a single site can
use the same name for several different models, like JustTeenSite,
because all these girls are interchangeable anyway, as far as the site
is concerned. :)

08-08-10  03:48pm

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dracken (246) Very nice review. thanks for bringing this site in my attention :)

I'm only curious, do you know what their update schedule is like? 75 videos is not a problem with weekly updates, but if they update a scne per month I'd rather wait a while before joining.


08-08-10  06:12pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #6 - lk2fireone :

I know of at least 3 sites that lease/buy content from adult labs. Smackmybitch, lovelyteensmovies and hardcore youth. Of these I think smackmybitch has bought the most. The problem is that I think they have stopped doing it because I haven't seen a new update in months.
08-08-10  06:33pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #7 - dracken :

I mentioned in my review that the posting dates for the videos/photosets are not reliable. A video (with its associated photoset) might have a posting date of last week, but you can see comments about the video/photoset that are dated months or even a year earlier.

So there is no easy way to tell how often the site updates with a new video/photoset.

I think there were 2 updates to NubileGirlsHD in the month of July.

This site is part of the Royal Cash network.
The way it works is this:
You join a single site, you get that site plus most of the Royal Cash network sites. Most, but not all. The specific sites you get is a mystery, until you actually join. Kind of a strange way of doing business. To know which specific sites you get by joining any specific site in the network, you would need to email the webmaster. And he would have to check with somebody else (I saw a reply of his at PU, where he answered someone with the information about some of the sites that were included when you join some site, and he had to check with somebody to get that information. And that information was specific to that one site chosen as the membership entrance. If you had joined a different site in the network, the sites you had access to would have been slightly different.)

(I've posted a couple of comments about what a stupid system it is, and confusing. Why not just give access to all the sites in the network when joining, instead of access to most of the sites?)

Anyway, most of the sites in the network do not update. When they add a new site to the network, they update that site for a while, then stop updating it, and add a new site, which they then update.

Someone could write a college research paper on their business plan (trying to find the logic in the plan).

Anyway, out of the maybe 33 sites you have access to, you will get about 17 updates a month total. That's my guess. 17 updates spread out to those sites that are actively updating, which might be 4 sites that are actually updating out of the sites you have access to.

08-08-10  08:43pm

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dracken (246) REPLY TO #9 - lk2fireone :

ha, thanks for that info. It sounds like they operate similarly to the guys from Teen Core Club, a new site that updates for a while then stops and they launch a new one. I guess this way they have better chances of people randomly stumbling onto their sites or maybe someone that hates a site gets confused and joins another one...now clue how it all works.

Anyhow, thanks for the info, I have most of the videos I wanted from some sites in this network so it sounds like a pretty bad deal for me right now.

08-08-10  08:52pm

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #7 - dracken :

When I did my review 3 months ago there were 72 videos available. The fact that there are only 75 available now does not say much for their update schedule...
08-09-10  02:52am

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Goldfish (67) I'm a member of Teen Mega World right now. It looks like they haven't done an update to this site since May, if you go by the main updates page for TMW. It seems they've been focusing on Teen Sex Mania and Teen Sex Movs since the spring.
08-12-10  11:44am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #12 - Goldfish :

BadMrFrosty did a review of TeenStarsHD in May 2010.
He reported 72 videos at the site.

It is now August 2010.
There are now 75 videos at the site (TeenStarsHD).

So there have only been 3 videos added to this site since May. Which BadMrFrosty already noted in his reply/message #11.

08-12-10  01:20pm

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Goldfish (67) REPLY TO #13 - lk2fireone :

TMW is not keeping up with all it's site updates apparently. If I go directly over to Nubile Girls HD I see about 48 updates that happened on 7/24 that do not appear on the TMW updates page. My guess is they consolidated a site into Nubile Girls on the 24th.
08-13-10  05:25pm

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