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TheSquirrel (53) 07-31-10  01:28pm
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Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Great customer feel and good reputation. No dirty tricks. You do not find yourself signing up unknowingly for some other site or promotion. Advertising and promotion is mimimal, and they have no download limits or drm.
The proverbial wealth of material is here, going back years, so great value for money.
The girls look for the most part like genuine amateurs rather than porn stars. I would say some have that girl next door look, except she looks and sounds like a rottweiler.
Refreshingly few tattoos, piercings, and fake breasts.
The focus is on the girls. The males are not irritating and do not get in the way. There is no back to front baseball cap, trying to act black, while waving their arms at the camera and yelling "yo" or slapping the girls ass while shouting "whore." Here kid, just hold this pin for a few seconds will you? Oh yeah and the grenade too.
Material is exclusive.
Quality zipped pics.
No choking and spitting, girls treated with respect.
Bonus material from H.A.
Cons: Biggest negative for me is the real scarcity of hardcore.
Beautiful girls but a disappointing small number of girls outside the white slim category. There are only a few latin, black, or asian girls, and not that many full figure girls.
The look of the site is imo really boring and dreary. The index and home sections just look, well...uninspiring and as exciting as a phone directory. Okay, just my opinion and it is a small negative.
I personally found the navigation hard. It's been mentioned before but it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the girls, because of the small photos in the uninispiring index, the way they are named, and my cross referencing problems. Others think the navigation is fine, so maybe it's me.
For girls who do both hard and soft, instead of mixing the softcore shoots together with the hardcore ones they are separate, which is a shame because you cannot get a slow strip to naked, softcore poses, then hardcore.
No build up in hardcore videos.
Bottom Line: Pics are 1001x1500 or 684x1024. Top spec downloadable wmv videos are 960x540 then 640x480.

MP4 streaming.

Regarding navigation, from the index you can choose from categories like "teens, "exotics" "hardcore" or just an A-Z of all the girls in chronological order. You can look up a girl and find the categories they comes under like "teen " or "hardcore" and find all their shoots and videos. I found it really hard to navigate and cross reference, for instance - teen amateur hardcore video.

There are tons of pages but the navigation is a mess with all the material they have.

The naming system and the index are not great and add to the fog of trying to find out what there is, where it is, and who it is. There is a wealth of material but it was a real chore, not a pleasure looking through the site.

The videos and pics have a samey look about them, but are professionally done, with good camerawork and lighting which makes the best of the models.

The videos do not take long to get down to action. There is no real build up, stripping or teasing. Oral is followed by mainly straight sex. Not a lot of anal. The videos show the whole girl as well as the close ups. I hate too many close ups but thankfully the cameraman allows you to see the whole girl while having sex, not just a groin.

The whole style of the photos and the videos is a little old fashioned. I don't mean that in a bad way. It is like it used to be before they started slapping the girl's ass, pulling her face, choking her, and generally doing stuff that made the girl and the porn shoot less attractive. I personally could have done with more anal and more hardcore videos. There is a great shortage of hardcore on the site. Despite that I consider my money well spent. I will probably join Hometown Amateurs at some stage when I can bring myself to brave the navigation problems.

Their videos and pics although not top high res, are still good quality.

The older pics and videos situation is similar to other older sites. They are not up to the quality of the new material and the videos are split into smaller segments. If they had removed all that it would not be noticed as a negative, and some sites do remove it. It cannot be considered a negative because they have so much to see plus you get the old material as bonus. They also update fairly regularly.

For me, the main negative is the scarcity of hardcore material. I have seen other reviews so knew what to expect, but was still a little disappointed. You will notice a lot of my pros are negative negatives along the lines of no download limits and no irritating males, which you would hope most sites wouldn't have anyway. But in the real world a lot of sites get it wrong whereas mostly this site gets it right.

I hope this review stays as the latest review for a while and gets em some customers and isn't replaced by some 3 line newbie review consisting of great videos, great pics, great girls, what more can you ask, 100.

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PinkPanther (46) On the lack of diversity - they have said before that Karups PC is a collection of European models, where Karups HA is a collection of models from the US, so you wouldn't really expect a great deal of diversity from a site that had the parameters that this one does.

I think, though, that the bigger problem with the Karups sites is the same-ness of the style from model to model from set to set.

ATK does much better in this regard, in my opinion. Their different content providers have notice-ably different styles from each other, so you can do searches by a particular photographer/studio if you want more of that particular style.

All that being said, there's a lot to like at both Karups PC and Karups HA.

07-31-10  04:43pm

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lk2fireone (196) Nice, comprehensive review. I'm still searching for those sites where I could write: "great videos, great pics, great girls, what more can you ask, 100."

The closest I could find was Met-art, which was my first review, and that got a 97 score. No other site ever reached that high a rating. Lol.

07-31-10  06:25pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #2 - lk2fireone :

Shill shill!!!
07-31-10  06:31pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #1 - PinkPanther :

Yes I agree about the sameness thing. It shouldn't really be a problem because it's the naked girls we want to look at, but at times it's nice to see some different settings, style, and lighting, which sometimes makes the girls look the same too. On the other hand Karups has some good material, is one of the good guys as far as sites go, and there is some really good material.

Have to check out ATK, but I think that is mainly soft core.

07-31-10  06:39pm

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Drooler (220) The 3-line newbie review ... I think going to pee takes longer than writing one of those. Buncha fucking illiterates. Don't have any idea what "review" means!

Anyway, yours really captures the "Karupspc experience." It is hard to navigate, and that's at least partly because there's so much material!

Actually, if they broke things down by the month, it would be conceptually easier. And the thumbs in the indexes should be larger. They ought to do it more the way Nubiles does it. Hell, they've got pretty much the same monotonous, pussy-obsessed approach to the photo shoots.

07-31-10  06:49pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #5 - Drooler :

Cheers Drools. Yeah I had that Homer Simpson DOH! sort of feeling when trying to work out how to navigate. I thought there must be an easier way but I just couldn't find it. Most members seem to agree on a lot of the negatives sites have. Those index pics are awful

Is photography on softcore sites better than hardcore sites? It seems to be. Maybe it's because they concentrate on the whole body, and making it look beautiful. Don't see why they can't do the same for hardcore photography, or maybe I'm just plain wrong.

Overall a positive experience well worth the money. The girls looked like normal human beings rather than blow up dolls.

07-31-10  07:44pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #3 - TheSquirrel :

You discovered my secret shame.
But in spite of my glowing review of Met-art with its high score, and my other posts telling what a great site it is, I've never gotten a free pass to Met-art, or even a thank you from that site.

Maybe they think I'm only telling the truth? :)

08-01-10  12:41am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #6 - TheSquirrel :

That's a very important, very key question you raise about the quality of hardcore photography vs. softcore. (Hey, the spell checker only recognizes hardcore! Hmmm!)

I wonder if it's different photographers doing these different things sometimes. I'm more often than not disappointed in the video cam work in hardcore, so maybe the pics suffer in the same way. ("I don't do softcore. That's the softcore guy's job.")

Now if you get someone like Earl Miller, who does both sc and hc, then the results are much better. (But the videos are full of camera flashes and people holding poses, with Earl clicking "pause" on the actual activity.)

I do keep returning to Karups every now and then after a buildup period. The girls are the reason, of course. (The blowup dolls are at sites like Naughty America; they look virtually inflated!) But in my own very humble opinion, the photographers for Karupspc are generally driven, straight into the bowels of the earth, by an unappealing formula that glorifies pussy and puts ass in the back seat.

If only they'd do more shoots as do Torrid Art, or MetArt, or Walter Bosque Art! Those folks UNDERSTAND.

08-01-10  01:51am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #8 - Drooler :

Thanks Drooler, I'm definitely going to have to check out Earl Miller. I'm an ass man myself (err....I hope I have phrased that correctly), and I like to see the whole girl not just groin shots in both hard and softcore. I agree with your points, as I think do a lot of members here. Maybe it's just us and we do no have the taste of a lot of porn consumers. Seems like Ik2 also likes MetArt. If there was just one hardcore site where that sort of photography and camerawork were used, it would be the only place I took out a long term membership to. I would never leave. Have a feeling the search will be as fruitless as Messmer's desperate plea for a site with his particular taste.
08-01-10  05:11am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #9 - TheSquirrel :

If you like the fairly straight-ahead, lightly treated pics at Karups, you might find yourself VERY frustrated by the overly-treated, "let's just pour lacquer over them" pics at Earl Miller. I sure was!

I didn't see one face that wasn't blurred and I didn't find one trace of skin tone in any pics on his site. He shoots a lot of gorgeous women, but the excessive treatment on the pics totally ruined them for me.

08-01-10  07:39am

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #8 - Drooler :

I agree with you on TorridArt.

I just wish they would increase their update rate to something competetive.

Cap'n. :0/

08-01-10  09:42am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #9 - TheSquirrel :

Nice, comprehensive review, squirrel. Just the way I like 'em. I have not ever subscribed to a Karups site, something always stopped me .. I always thought the sameness (and lack of lingerie :-) ) had a great deal to do with it until I saw some sample bonus sets of theirs in AO30 and now I know what my biggest problem with Karups is: their photographers do not believe in landscape type shots, there is the odd one but it's usually just a close up of a trunk and not a full body shot.

As to my ideal site, I'm afraid I'm still looking. I haven't subscribed to a new site in over a month because I'm tired of poor substitutes (for my taste!).

08-01-10  10:10am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #11 - Capn :

Yeah, they sure are slow. The Jana Cova BTS was like, July 24th. And that was a BTS. It's a shame, 'cause it's a really good site except for the snail's pace of it.
08-01-10  10:29am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #7 - lk2fireone :

IK - the least they could have done is send over a couple of lap dancers. Come to think of it the least they could have done is absolutely nothing, which is what they did. Shameful.

Drooler - Yeah it also takes me longer to pee than for one of those newbies to write a 3 line review. But that's age. What can we do about the ever increasing threat of the newbie 3 line review? Suicide bombers, that's what. I'd do it myself but had to take an early retirement. Job was just killing me.

Messmer - The trouble is what we want is now a niche. Everything that isn't what the majority consume (whether they comsume it because they really want it, or because it's foist on them) is a niche. You would think your wanting a simple strip from clothed to nude and sometimes involving lingerie would be simple, or my wanting a simple hardcore set of pics or videos with the same style and class as softcore would be easy to find, but it isn't. I'm probably going to end up doing a wittyguy type rant in the forum. I think Drooler and yourself also noticed something about what was missing in some of the Karups sets. Could have done with more ass and whole body shots, although maybe you have to be a real perv to want a whole body shot.

08-01-10  05:07pm

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