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How much porn have you saved?

Type: General

Submitted by BabyGetReal (32)
100 megabytes or less 0% 0 Votes
101-300 megabytes 2% 1 Votes
301 megabytes to 1 terabyte 29% 14 Votes
1 terabyte to 3 terabytes 47% 23 Votes
3-10 terabytes 14% 7 Votes
More than 10 terabytes 8% 4 Votes

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49 Votes Total

Jul 10, 2010

Poll Replies (30)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


pornwatcher (3) Mine is about 100GB.
07-10-10  02:32am

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RagingBuddhist (65) 100 megabytes? That'd be about 2 or 3 flash videos or one zip file of pictures. Would that even qualify as saving anything? LOL

Last time I added it all up, I had about 30 TB saved, most of it on offline drives, collecting dust.

07-10-10  04:45am

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mbaya (366) I have 1.5 TB
07-10-10  05:07am

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Drooler (220) Yes, I think you meant gigabytes to terabytes, not megabytes.

Not counting backups of the same stuff, nearly a terabyte.

07-10-10  05:38am

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #4 - Drooler :

I didn't even notice the jump from mega to tera - yeah - that makes sense
07-10-10  05:45am

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Denner (235) About 2,0 TB till now - someone here once said: 'Deleting, what's that'? (I like/liked that).
But how many (new and older) clips do you guys ever get back to watch???
I seriously think about a clean up....
Then again: I'm sometimes fascinated by viewing clips, I have not seen in a long time.....but still.... da,da,da...(It could be an never ending purchase of more external drives - when some clip-files sometimes goes up to 2 Gb or more).

07-10-10  06:47am

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messmer (137) A bit over 2 TB on four external drives. I did start deleting yesterday because I was running out of room and some of those clips that looked so good yesterday look tiny and terrible now. So I sorted them by total bitrate and brutally eliminated anything that was less than 1000. I'm sure there were some former favorites among them with a pretty decent picture despite the fact that the bit rate was low but I had too many on my HDs to concentrate on individual files.
07-10-10  08:27am

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pat362 (375) I picked between 301 megabytes to 1 terabyte. It might be more but I'm not too sure. Some of my older stuff I burned to dvd a while back.
07-10-10  09:47am

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Jay G (67) The answer should be WAY TOO MUCH. I feel like a collector whose collection is way too big (close to a terabyte) even though I keep on deleting less used scens, pictures, etc....
07-10-10  10:03am

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james4096 (126) I have over 3 TB if you include stuff on DVD and older HDs that might not work.

But as far as stuff that is in my regular rotatino 1-3 TB.

07-10-10  10:54am

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BabyGetReal (32) You're right, the units are screwed up. All the megabytes should be gigabytes. Sorry if I did that! And yes, RagingBuddhist, 100 megabytes is, of course, less than a single longish video!
07-10-10  02:14pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #2 - RagingBuddhist :

30TB!!!!!!! This man may be more than a mere Buddhist, he may be the real Dalai Lama! All hail!
07-10-10  04:40pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #6 - Denner :

Denner - don't do the clean up. You'll regret it. External storage media is so cheap it isn't worth your while. Back in the days when I was saving everything to DVDs I did a purge. Then along came reasonably priced (at the time still expensive) external means for storing a lot of data. My first WD external drive was a scant 120GB. I've spent countless hours and a lot of dollars finding the stuff I deleted in the name of space.

My point is that there is no need to sacrifice and you'll regret it.

07-10-10  04:43pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #12 - rearadmiral :

Nah - the Delete button is broken on my keyboard.
07-10-10  06:49pm

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nineinch (8) Instead of deleting, copy null to the file. That saves most of the space and it leaves the file name to prevent re-downloading it. That method has saved space for videos that I later didn't want. It also works for Zips that you have unzipped. That prevents you from re-downloading zips that are already unpacked.
07-10-10  09:34pm

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nineinch (8) I said 1-3TB, but its really 3.5TB.
07-10-10  09:38pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #13 - rearadmiral :

Your're right, rearadmiral....especially about re-finding that stash you once deleted - and later thought: Hey, where's that great video from back then....?
And your're also right about the still lower prices on external..

Thanks! I better think this over once again....

07-11-10  06:50am

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DpornGuy (36) Deleted allot of it over the years though... Especially the lower quality vids back from the heyday of internet porn!
07-11-10  09:01am

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messmer (137) A question to those of you who like to hold on to your favorite clips of yesteryear: doesn't it bother you to watch one of them in a tiny window? You can't watch in full screen because then everything is blurred so where's the fun in that? To me the technical quality is very important and the more main stream sites release their contents in High Definition the more I'm inclined to throw out anything below 640x480 with a low bit rate.

Same with pictures, any sets 800x600 and below have been thrown out by me long ago. Our new monitors with their high resolutions make the above look ridiculously outdated.

07-11-10  09:37am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #19 - messmer :

Oh, yes - but if you're (also) into some vintage stuff (1980th-early 1990th) you got to be content with that low/average quality...

Would never delete my older british (Linda Leigh, Misty McCain, Louise Hodges ect.) stash or those great Teenfuns or Fallen Angels videos from way back - it's all in between I'm cleaning out...or maybe cleaning out...a lot newer stuff is maybe - going - to go...

If you got like 20 vids of the same model (NOT your favorites) - you might consider skipping those "not that good" clips...ect.

07-11-10  10:02am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #20 - Denner :

Ah, thanks Denner. I keep forgetting that there are those who are collecting "specific" porn (a model, an era etc.) and those of us who collect "niche" porn. In my case, mostly mature women and sexy lingerie.

I can understand now that you would not want to destroy a file, no matter how old, if it is part of a collection of a specific model, as one example. When collecting niche porn the deleting wouldn't be half as painful if something better and bigger and clearer had come along in the meantime. Thanks.

07-11-10  10:15am

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #21 - messmer :

I have a few grainy episodes of Suzanne Brecht from the late 1980's. She didn't make too many videos and the WMV stuff is quite rare.

But it takes so little room I have all her stuff on an old 640 Mb flash drive.

Bottom line is my hard drives are jammed with these close to 1.0Gb HD videos with only about 20% worth keeping and 80% crapola. Problem is that I have found no video editing software offerings that can be used to trim off the garbage without degrading the picture quality.

If anyone knows of a good software WMV editing software product that holds original quality, please post a reply.

07-11-10  12:23pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #22 - Monahan :

I don't know of any video editting/file trimming programs that don't re-encode the original file. Re-encoding instantly means at least *some* degradation of quality in the final product. But, as always, I'm a big fan of Tmpgenc Xpress 4.0. It has a simple slider/timeline to set your start and stop points. It also allows you to specify what bitrate you want to output to. If you choose something equal to or better than the original, it seems to minimize the quality loss. Not cheap software - $99.95USD, but I love it!
07-11-10  02:23pm

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dracken (246) too much porn on my old hdd, but I agree it's hard to go back and clean. I always just end up watching the clips and remembering the good old days.

Also the thing with me is that I love collecting more than actually watching...

07-12-10  10:31pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #20 - Denner :

Some of those Teenfuns photosets and videos are classic. As good as anything that is being put out today, in spite of the "lower quality" of the photos and videos. They had some absolutely yummy models.
07-17-10  06:17pm

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lk2fireone (196) Today video clips can take 1 GB for a 20 minute runtime. So buying more external hard drives seems like the only solution. On some photosets, I've seen single photos that are 4 MB or more. It takes more and more space to store these images and videos.

So how much space does my porn collection take? Too much.

07-17-10  06:42pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #25 - lk2fireone :

Absolutely...! Could not agree more....
07-18-10  06:14am

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apoctom (145) Lots of videos = lots of disk space.
07-19-10  08:35pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #2 - RagingBuddhist :

I did not realize you are nearly as much of a download whore as I am. 30 TB is a very respectable collection. It is good to know that someone else is trying to download all the decent porn the internet has to offer too, for backup purposes I am sure! Some day they world might thank people like us. You know, when the feminist groups take over and delete it all from the internet and and it is all lost!

On a serious note, do you have a method of organization that is effect as such a volume? That is one thing I have not be able to do yet.

07-26-10  05:34am

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nygiants03 (162) I have a tetrabyte or soo.... kinda been slacking though
08-21-10  09:44pm

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