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exotics4me (463) 11-02-09  01:29pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - In my opinion, easily the best value on the internet. My highest score ever given.
- Newest video quality also gets a big upgrade, all the way to 1920 high end with 8000 bitrate, previous year or so was 1280 high end with 4000 bitrate.
- Now comes with 21st Sextury flagship site, Pix and Video and their two other big sites Zoliboy and Sweet Sophie Moone.
- Very unlikely that there is a Euro model that they don't have.
- Pictures are zipped
- Price reduces the longer you stay a member. First month is $29.95, second month is $23.28, 3rd month is $16.61 and by the 4th month, the recur price drops to $9.95 and that includes Club Sandy, Pix and Video and 48 other sites.
- Club Sandy updates daily, Pix and Video updates daily and have been for 6 years.
- Not only does the price reduce each month, you also get new bonus sites each month until you reach 50.
- Excellent customer service if needed.
- A blend of solo, b/g, g/g, g/g/g/g/g content.
Cons: - The closest I can find to a con is that the older content does take a hit in quality, but that is common with all sites that have been around this long. Not a big con for me, but will mention it.
- The only other one I could find will be called the "Drooler con", the pictures are 1280 high end. Though as I've said in other reviews of 21st Sextury sites they have some of the most beautiful colors/settings/outfits of any site to these eyes.
Bottom Line: I felt like it was Christmas for me. For years, I had been a member of the Club Sandy/Pix and Video combo package. A deal to me at $44.95 a month. A couple of times each year, I would join this combo Club Sandy/Sweet Sophie Moone, then a few other months would be Pix and Video/Zoliboy. They was probably only 1-2 months that I wasn't a member of one of the combo deals.

Then I saw where 21st Sextury, the parent company, had changed their sites and packages. There was a lot of confusion at first.

Now, the confusion has been put to rest. You can join Club Sandy for $29.95 the first month and you instantly get Pix and Video, Zoliboy, Sweet Sophie Moone and 21 other sites, instantly.

Of those 21 other sites there are at least 4 other 100% exclusive sites and the other ones are DVD site type content separated into niche.

For me, the first four sites, Club Sandy, Pix and Video, Zoliboy and Sweet Sophie Moone are easily worth $29.95, let alone the fact that the price drops each month until you get to $9.95 per month.

That to me is an amazing deal. Brief reviews of each of those 4 sites.

Club Sandy - The beautiful, elegant Sandy. Still plays as a solo site for Sandy, but has grown into much more. The site's updates go back to December 2003, daily updates since. Sandy is still around too, though her updates of herself are not as frequent as they used to be. Still, there are literally hundreds of Sandy updates on this site. And she just keeps looking better with time. The best part is that she seems to be close or at least good friends with most of the top models in Europe. Besides being her solo site, you'll see 30+ updates of Eve Angel, similar numbered updates of Aneta Keys, Sandra Shine, so it really isn't the basic solo site most solo sites are. It's a multi-model feast of beautiful women. Still updating daily, picture set one day, video set the next, videos are now coming at 1920 high end.

Pix and Video - I always favored it a hair over Club Sandy, but we're talking the difference in maybe 1 point. Pix and Video is a multi-model site that has pretty much every Euro model that I know of and like Club Sandy, the big names, Sandra, Eve, Aneta, have dozens of sets on this site as well. Still updating daily with a picture set AND video set each day. Newest videos in true HD at 1920 high end.

Zoliboy - The internet's best porn assistant. Zoli has good relationships with the models, they find him charming and funny or at least he thinks they do! Similar to Pix and Video in its early years except much more extreme content, peeing, rough but not too rough sex, some voyeuristic content also. The site has 1 full video/picture update per week now. The archive dates back to December 2003 and the updates used to be daily, so the archive is full of content. An added note, the newer content is more extreme than the older. The models aren't as good now as they used to be, there are still some pretty ones out of the new ones, continue in reply below...

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Drooler (220) Well, exotics, it looks like we've got a new inside term here at PU, LOL: The "Drooler Con," i.e., photos that don't go higher than 1280 px. Thanks for thinking of me and my persnickity penchant for large dimensions.
11-02-09  01:43pm

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exotics4me (463) Continuing on Zoli, the older content to me is some of the best on the internet. Some of Europe's biggest stars are in the older content and you see a different side from them when they are with Zoli, more playful, more laughing and Zoli might be the least annoying guy in porn. How can you dislike a guy that is jamming out to Iron Maiden on his way to pick the model up? And yes, he sings along with the songs! He's the normal guy most of us see ourselves as and genuinely is pretty excited to see the models nude. Recommendation to watch his scene with Aneta Keys as Zoli all but begs little Aneta to let him touch her and tells her he dreams everynight of being with her. Also the Eve changing room scene is one of my favorite scenes of my favorite model Eve Angel. Zoli ducks in the changing room with her in a very active, busy mall. You can see the real smile and laughing from Eve in it. Great stuff.

Sweet Sophie Moone - Sophie is now retired, but she was one of the top 5 Euro models for most of the last decade, she started as a model that didn't look like she should be in porn, beautiful face and hair, great natural slim body and one of the more charming personalities in porn. Her behind the scenes with Aneta Keys hissing and meowing at each other is one of the cutest scenes you will ever see. All the way to her scene with Eve where she admits that she doesn't like honey on her body.

Those 4 all have stood on their own in the past.

The other sites, some of the sites are exclusive. Asshole Fever is, a great selection of Simony Diamond on this one. I had planned on joining it just for the Simony content. Now it is included as a bonus site. Lez Cuties looks to be exclusive. Dominated Girls is exclusive. Teach Me Fisting and Footsie Babes are exclusive, but I believe some of the content is from Club Sandy, not a big deal since you get both now.

The technical side saw a huge jump to 1920 high end videos and the last year to 16 months is in minimum 1280 high end, the previous content was lower but it seems to be 640 high end for at least the last 3-4 years. With daily full updates still coming on Club Sandy and Pix and Video there is a reason to stick around, especially with the lower recur price each month.

I had not problem paying $45 for two of these sites for years. The thought of getting the first four with 46 other sites for $9.95, after 4 months, makes me think a 99 score is the only way to go. Why not 100? They didn't set me and my wife up for a dinner date with Eve Angel! The best way to say it without joking is it is the closest a site/network can come to perfect for me.

A few estimated numbers, just between Club Sandy and Pix and Video.
Upwards of 8,000 video and picture sets, just on those two sites. And those are full videos, not just segments.

At least for me, this network is the top one and I will be sticking around for a very long time once the recur drops to $9.95. I can't recommend any site/network higher than this one.

11-02-09  01:51pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #1 - Drooler :

I had to throw that Drooler con in! The good news is that both Peter and Damon, 21st Sextury staff, have said more improvements are coming. I don't know though if picture size is one of them, but they have really surprised me with this offer and especially with the tumbling recur price.
11-02-09  01:57pm

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turboshaft (24) Wow, a 99! I'm going to have find something to complain about here... :)

I do like how you call Zoli "The internet's best porn assistant." Well, he is certainly one of the luckiest! I mean if you were describe all of his content you would probably get pretty creeped out, but the way he does it he somehow comes off as the lovable (but again very lucky) goof who the girls just adore -- figures, right? I guess if the models are going to willingly agree to be in his videos -- knowing what normally goes on in them -- then the action is going to be pretty consensual anyways.

11-02-09  03:07pm

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Denner (235) Great update about the sites AND the deals!!!

No doubts anymore in the old question: To choose DDF or 21st Sextury.....

11-03-09  02:55am

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Denner (235) Hey exotics4me
Apart from the praise of that damn helpfull review, just this:
Have the size of the videos increased (much) with the better quality?
I think som sites overdo those videos in size - like In The Crack or All Internal where most videos/clips are like 1,5 - 2 Gb. They take too much time to download, are too difficult to handle in fast forward and are unnecessary regarding normal viewing quality.
Some sites still mannage to deliver 15-20 minuttes fine viewing-quality clips in less than 500 Mb.

11-03-09  06:34am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #6 - Denner :

Hey Denner,

I checked the newest video that I've downloaded to get a sense for how the higher quality versions.

Yesterday's update on Club Sandy was an Eve Angel video. Here are the numbers on the different versions of it.

Ultra High - 1920x1280, 8000 kb/s bitrate, 23 minutes long, 1.3 GB
High - 1280x720, 4500 kb/s bitrate, 23 minutes long, 766 MB
Medium - 960x540, 3500 kb/s bitrate, 23 minutes long, 516 MB

That medium by their new standards is still higher than a lot of sites and would be good enough for me, if the model wasn't a favorite. I have grabbed the Ultra High ones of Eve though since she is my favorite.

I had a similar problem/frustration with Give Me Pink. Their top quality videos were 2.0 GB to 2.2 GB and many of them weren't worth keeping considering how much hard drive space they took up.

11-03-09  01:35pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #7 - exotics4me :

That's really a plus with those three different sizes of video-download options....so, well: I'm joining now - thanks again for a very fine hint with this review....
11-03-09  01:42pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - turboshaft :

I don't know if Zoli still returns emails, but I used to joke with him back in 2005 or so about his "charm". He's a genuinely funny guy too. I never really found out if a comment in my first review of Zoli had any impact on it, but the comment was, "Some of the new models are just...well...ugly" And went on to say that maybe he should just take their clothes and cover their heads. A few weeks later, the main page on Zoli changed to him standing beside a naked model with a bag over her head!

I really can't say that I've looked at much of the newer content. I saw one where the girl was gagging and that was it for me. You can look at the archives and notice when it became a much more extreme site. Early content had non-extreme models like Eve, Sandra Shine, Aneta, then the models out of nowhere started being the C-list level models. I've always wondered if they made the right move by making it more extreme.

I thought the old sets were some of the most entertaining sets on the internet. He has Eve completely worked up in one of her sets. She even asks him, "You like seeing girls do it for themselves don't you?" complete with a sincere but seductive smile. And it shocked me when she then moved her hand and let him use a pen vibrator on her.

11-03-09  01:46pm

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Pornomaniac (7) I also found their new one year subscription to be a bargain and plan to join this week. Have a question although. Do I get access to all network at once or do I have to follow their loyalty plan even if I have paid one year in advance? I would also want to point out that Horny Eurosluts is missing in this network and if you want to access that site you must have a separate subscription that will not get access to Pix&Video or club Sandy. A bit frustrating as Horny Eurosluts seems to be 21sexturys most important hardcore provider nowadays.
11-30-09  03:01am

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Denner (235) Just another q after joining - and BTW: GREAT sites with new content/new models - it's a PLEASURE! And agree, probably the best around now....
But never thought about this before: Cannot find any model-search-machine.
When going after a model and have to jump from - for exampel - Club Sandy to Pix And Video - and visa versa - you got to 'start over' at the model-list, it seems.
Have you found any way to search by model name?

12-07-09  09:04am

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rome476 (0) REPLY TO #11 - Denner :

I use the signin page; it has a network wide model listing
12-07-09  05:19pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) 99... hmmmm I am going to have to join to see this for myself I was a member her before and maybe a 92 tops for me then. Lets see.... To be continued
04-16-10  10:48pm

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