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ATK Natural & Hairy (1)

messmer (137) 10-28-09  09:52am
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Grossly Overrated!

I am a four time subscriber to this site and my latest subscription leaves me immensely disappointed. The models have become second rate, the photography is repetitious and boring and the videos are still far from acceptable. I downloaded seven of one of my favorite models the other day and five were unwatchable in both wmv and mov formats. The support specialist has promised to have them fixed within the next 48 hours but with a bit of care there shouldn`t have been a need to fix them in the first place.

Out of the last three updates, which to their credit have always been huge, I've downloaded ONE set of pictures. My main pleasure has been to grade the picture sets with a one or two out of five points. No doubt personal preferences might have a lot to do with my complaint because most models this morning received the designation hot. Go figure, maybe cotton and wool and denim are considered hot nowadays.

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Drooler (220) I've only been a member twice, and especially because this ATK site seems to be the one where the less attractive models get shunted off to. Just look at their preview page. How many babes do you see there?

Sure, it's not without some lookers, but it's a real time sink finding them amongst the rest.

10-28-09  03:09pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #1 - Drooler :

The quality of the models used to be better in the past. Sadly, they now rest in their archive. I think with the shaved look becoming the norm it must be getting harder and harder to engage the lookers. I like the idea of natural and hairy and because this is almost the only site catering to that niche I am being drawn back to it time and time again but this time will be my last.

There is something about the photography from all their photographers that is mind numbingly boring, as I mentioned already above. If there were more babes I might put up with a less than exciting set of pictures now and then but nowadays one will find the same poses and outfits found on less than outstanding models right across the board, or so it seems. It's enough to make you want to quit. I have seriously considered just letting the rest of my subscription go but then who would do the protesting within the site? And so I'll keep giving my ones and twos out of five for most of the photo sets until the subscription expires. :-)

10-28-09  04:13pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #2 - messmer :

A sad state of affairs.
I largely concur with your views & have recently cancelled my subscription.
The hardcore was generally marked low, so I can only think I am not the only one that doesn't wish to see it there.

I stand by my earlier comment about the sloppy editing & I wish there were a function for user defined custom zips.
It would save a lot of disk space for me! ;0)

It is also a shame there is no dedicated forum for the site members to air their views.

11-03-09  11:12am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #3 - Capn :

I have no problem with their editing, if you are talking about overly lengthy picture sets like the ones found by Sean R. lately (over 200 pictures many of them almost identical to the one before and after), I just download the whole works, unzip and view the set through extra large icons (Windows Vista), press control and click on all the superfluous pictures and delete. No more trouble for me than doing some editing online. I, too would like to see a forum or at least room for comments, but as a previous webmaster of the site told me they had considered the idea but judging by nasty and abusive comments abounding in other sites they decided to forget about that particular feature. I also agree with your observation re. hardcore, I have nothing against it but find it out of place at any ATK site. However, they only followed the requests of some subscribers so one can hardly blame them for carrying that material now.
11-04-09  02:39pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #4 - messmer :

I would rather do that editing prior to downloading, with custom zips. :0)
11-04-09  03:43pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #5 - Capn :

Different strokes, Capn. :-)
11-04-09  03:53pm

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Advent (40)
REPLY TO #4 - messmer :

I just wanted to let you guys know that we are working on a forum for our members/non-members to be able to post on. We know we will get negative comments on it, as we can not please everyone all of the time but we also feel it is a very important tool for us to use to stay in touch with our members. I know IT is working on it non-stop so we should be bringing it out soon. This is one of the things that is ahead of the custom zip feature.
11-09-09  10:16am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #7 - Advent :

Forget about the custom zips the Capn wants, Advent! :-) Just give me some place to shout at the photographers: "Go shopping for some sexy lingerie. A model getting nude after taking off three items, mostly consisting of street clothing does not make for excitement. Tease us a bit. Slinky nighties, teddies, stockings, panties, bras: a bit of a tease factor so the model isn't completely nude from the first page on.

Is that so much to ask? :-)

11-09-09  10:35am

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Ray O (3) I like but don't completely get your comment. I think the overall quality of the models is quite high and prefer their natural models - even if they are not Maxim quality. I hate the majority of solo female sites as they are all either (1) real porn stars, (2) wanna-be porn stars; (3) jaded strippers prostitutes and dancers; (4) Hollywood, bleach blond, shaved models or (5) drug addict skanks. So on a comparative basis, I'd say their models are still first rate. It could be a case of different strokes for different folks. Can you name some sites or types of models you like vs the one's you don't?

As to skills of photographers and repetitious posing. What can they do? They are working with a model for half a day and have to get 10 or more sets of them posed from dressed to naked. To a certain extent, there is only so much you can do. As a photographer that personally sometimes shoots nude models, I can say that the goal is to capture the gals faces, figures and sexual goodies in a way that is both tantalizing and at times graphic. You also want to make sure that the model looks fun and not bored. When you as a consumer look at 10 sets of one model in one sitting, you will of course see some repetition and if we a re doing our job right and you like the model, each set will be different enough and the model erotic enough to be entertaining. I have to wonder if your boredom is due to overexposure to the material. That being said, there are a lot of photographers, that in my opinion, are not so good at getting the most out of the models and have poor lighting and close-ups. So again, it would be instructive for you to list a site that does it more the way you want.

11-22-09  07:54am

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #4 - messmer :

Agreed. I have said before that I don't understand why one would want to limit the amount of materials provided that you are paying for. Yu can always download and edit.

Perhaps Capn doesn't have good high speed internet? I can download a zip of 250 pictures in about one minute.

This is a vast improvement over when ATK split downloads of each set into 10-15 separate zips that one had to download, rename and combine. That was only a year or so ago.

11-22-09  07:59am

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #7 - Advent :


A forum would be a great addition. I just canceled my membership to ATK after being a continuous subscriber since 2001. If you guys had a separate comment and forum section for models and photographers, I would probably consider coming back.

If you institute such a system you will surely get negative comments, but you will also get positive feedback. Perhaps you will actually learn what people want and what people find less useful and save your company some money by focusing on making the site better.

I would also just enjoy having a place to share comments about particular models with others that enjoy the material.

11-22-09  08:05am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #9 - Ray O :

I agree with your views so eloquently expressed from 1) to 5) and always subscribed to ATK Natural and Hairy in the past and at present because they featured natural girls next door.

I do take back my remarks re. the quality of the models (except for Dhara) because I was influenced by the lack of excitement in their sets. I consistently gave ones and twos over the past month but then went to the models' page to give them a five just to appease my conscience. :-) And, no, I can't point to another site that does things better .. some are better like Anilos or AllOver 30, but only marginally so.

I have voiced the same complaint in connection with both of those sites as well. The models a) don't wear enough (see Sally in todays update: one unexciting dress and a spread shot after FOUR pictures and that set gets a "hot!".. go figure) and b) the photographers have forgotten about pretty lingerie.

If you are going to have ten sets or more of a given model there should be more than just a slight difference of outer apparel from one set to the other and only varied lingerie can accomplish that, in my eyes. Even though it sounds as if lingerie is a fetish of mine, it might be but I don't really think so, I am only being logical.

There's only so much excitement you can get out of complete nudity, especially if the same model is being used over and over. And no, I don't think over-exposure did it to me. Look at the early sets of SeanR and his most recent ones. Quite the difference because nowadays they look almost bland by comparison. The difference? He's down to basics like everyone else, the necessary adornments to the human body having been set aside for the sake of a quicker shoot?

Well, today is my last day with ATK, so R.I.P. If we'll ever get back what I call the "tease factor" in the Porn business at large who knows. They are being driven by the demands of the consumer and quite obviously many, many Porn Users like things just fine just the way they are or we wouldn't see so many sets designated "hot" at ATK on a daily basis.

11-22-09  09:37am

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #12 - messmer :


I get ya and hear your pain (ok maybe not pain). I agree that many of the sets could spend a little more time on their dress and look. In fact, even though my favorite photographer is Sean R. and I really love his explicit shots, his biggest downfall is he rarely shoots full body shots, which I find to be quite the set up for the more graphic shots. He also is obviously not a breast man and rarely pays much attention to gals breasts, which sometimes is fine, but some of his models have absolutely wonderful breasts so it is a waste.

Dhara: OMG what a pig! She shows up every couple of years and I guess they like her since she has hair everywhere, even where she shouldn't (the mustache for one). I don't want to sound cruel, but she gets paid for this and is fair game for criticism. She is by far the ugliest woman I have seen on the site and probably one of the most unattractive women I have ever seen period. I mean really, I'd rather jerk off to a guy than her.

So I get and agree with your comments. I think they could do a better job with some of the sets. I also don't get why they have 60+ sets of some models. I'd rather have variety than one model over and over again (another reason I just let my 8 year membership lapse).


11-22-09  02:30pm

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Advent (40)
REPLY TO #11 - Ray O :

Our forum went live today. Please look at the site news section to learn more about it.
11-24-09  12:04pm

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