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exotics4me (463) 07-29-09  04:01am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The headliner of a huge network, for me, the site itself is the biggest reason for joining.
- Network can be very rewarding if you stick around beyond one month, will explain BL.
- Price is fine with me, I used to pay $29.95 a month just for this site, so the other sites truly are "bonus" sites.
- Last 8-9 months movies are 1280 high end, 3000 bitrate, will further in BL.
- More beautiful Euro models than you can shake a stick at!
- Pictures are still 1280 high end, they come zipped and I've always loved their colors. Nice warm colors in most sets really bring out the glamour side of their models.
- Download speed and website performance has improved a great deal over the last year or so, hitting my max download speed at all times.
- Bonus sites do add some interesting niche content.
- Very responsive and friendly customer service. One of the best at customer service.
- Pix and Video updates daily with pic set and HD video.
- Hardcore, solo and g/g are all covered
Cons: - Variation in quality since the site has been around since 2003, not a huge con though, just one of the bad perks of being a long running successful site.
- I'm still waiting on bigger pictures, but this one doesn't bother me as much as it could other potential members.
- I think the offering of bonus sites is a good one, the loyalty bonus sites are very good sites once you stick around past 1 month, but I wonder if it hurts some since they don't realize P&V was $29.95 before with no bonus sites? Also, on my part, I miss the Club Sandy/P&V combo for $45.
Bottom Line: This is a review of a site that my previous review has expired. With 1byday's problems these days, I have to say that I think Pix and Video has topped the mighty 1byday. The recent models are better. The last year's quality is similar in technical terms and I prefer the P&V archive. This review and score is not really based on the network and Pix and Video, just Pix and Video. The updates are 7 days a week, none of those Jokes updates, no borrowed content from other sites as updates.

I went as deeply as possible with this part. Back to December 2008, the daily updates have had a picture set and HD video, 1280 high end. Before that back to 2006 or so, 640 high end on the videos and back before mid-2006 or so, it was 400 high end.

Bonus sites: Of the ones you receive with Pix and Video, to the best of my knowledge these are the instant access bonus sites that are exclusive to 21st Sextury: Mandy is Kinky, Speculum Plays, Creampie Reality, Teach Me Fisting and I believe Pee and Blow is.

Mandy is Kinky is some weird shit. You've been warned, aliens and zombies and morgue sex, it's like watching an X-rated Rob Zombie movie. No longer updates, Speculum Plays is what it says, but it a small site that also no longer updates that I know of. The other 3 look to be from Zoliboy, he is all into the creampie, peeing, fisting. There also are two transsexual sites, Perfect Ladyboys and Baby Got Balls. I think Perfect Ladyboys is an exclusive site to 21st Sextury since I can remember them asking poll questions on the main page about it, but I'm not positive on that one.

You're on Pix and Video most likely for the same reason I am, for Pix and Video. The good news is, let your monthly bill recur for one month, the price goes down to $24.95 and you get two new bonus sites, very good ones too, Asshole Fever and Sweet Sophie Moone. Those are premium level sites that many of us have joined for $29.95 in the past. Each month you stay, you get two more of these premium level sites for $24.95, plus you still have Pix and Video updating daily. Most of these premium bonus sites are updating in HD too.

I tried to make it 6 months awhile back, but didn't quite make it. If you do make it 6 months though, you get Club Sandy as a loyalty site. In my opinion Club Sandy and Pix and Video are two of the top 5 Euro sites on the internet and you get both plus all those other bonus premium sites for $25 a month. That's the best deal on the internet. If you can stay patient.

I just know I was really reaching on the cons. The models are some of the best, Aneta, Sandra, Eve, Angelica, and I could go on for an hour. I'm going to try to make it 6 months. I failed last time, I tried by starting with Club Sandy and at the time Pix and Video had several Eve Angel sets I didn't have. I couldn't wait 6 months to get those. Now I have them and will be patient...hopefully. It is a definite recommended site, you'll be hard pressed to find a larger or finer collection of models!

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Denner (235) What an overwhelming review!
Even if it's only two-three months ago I quit the site, the review from exotics4me make me believe, that this site just keeps getting better and better - after a time of mediocre standard in late 2008.
Just comming to an end of a few other sites, so this looks like IT - again!

07-29-09  06:05am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #1 - Denner :

Hey Denner,

I was pleasantly surprised with the changes at Pix and Video. I thought when they went to the network that they no longer updated Pix and Video daily, but they do. I think they've probably borrowed a bit from the way 1byday used to be. They have one day a week that is a girl/girl set, b/g hardcore on Friday, three days of solo masturbation sets, one day of casting and the casting is good, includes strip by a brand new model though the interviews are just okay, and one day that is a photoshoot style video. The photoshoot one is similar to ALS Scan's photoshoot videos, not as good as an in-action video, but better than bloopers.

The thing that surprised me the most though was the quality of the new models. I don't know if you've seen Angel Pink or not, she is newer, has a set or two on Twistys, maybe a set on 1bday, absolute doll, she has 5 sets on Pix and Video just over the past few months. Some old favorites are still showing up too, like Angelica Heart and Bambi. They're getting some models I've never seen, I know you like blondes, they have one Jacelin, believe she is a natural blonde, great body, similar body to Eve Angel. To me, they are putting as much into their site as any site I've been on. Plus, you always get a video with the newer models, not just photoshoots like Teen Dreams is doing with their new models.

Having said this, I think 1byday is getting the message. It seems they've now cut the blooper updates down to every other week, instead of every Sunday and they've stopped posted ALS Scan content as a new update for them. Nothing like good competition to make all the sites better!

07-30-09  01:06am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

Hey exotics4me

Thanks for this update/info, too. And quite agree: New models is very importend for those major sites - That's what I look for - and of course the favorites.
BTW: Angel Pink IS somewhat of a star....or close, anyway.

07-30-09  03:18am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

Oh, BTW - I see more and more new stuff with similar types of brunettes, especially: Nataly and Ashley B - great girls.
07-30-09  04:18am

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mbaya (364) When you sign up, do you select the sites that are included? The site says access to 30 sites, but do you get all 30?
07-31-09  05:33am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

I was browsing through some of the updates this year at 1byday and was struck, again, but just how much ALS Scan they were posting for a while. I thought it was a sham -- really an insult to subscribers (who might just be fans of ALS Scan, too, as the models perform some rather similar feats and, to boot, there are quite a few of the same models, too).

Glad they've stopped. Seems that ALS Scan has, too, though they never swapped out one of their own on the same day.

07-31-09  11:50am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - Denner :

I also like the one Nikita. Viv Thomas' site turned me on to her. That's interesting about Angel Pink. I had only seen a few sets of her before joining P&V. Then again, I don't join as many sites as I used to, so I've probably just missed her rise. Kind of reminds me of Angelica Heart, but prettier.
08-01-09  04:39pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #5 - mbaya :

You get 30 the day you sign up. Thing is there are, I think, 42 total, so it takes 6 months to get all 42. If you're interested in which sites you get instantly, go to the Pix and Video site. You'll see "Full Network" in the menu on your left. Click it. The next page will have a blank drop down menu on your upper right side of the screen, click it and a drop down box will open that lists "Instant access sites" and "loyalty sites", so you can see the ones that come with it instantly and then the order of the loyalty sites. You get two of those each month you let it recur and it does recur at $24.95 instead of the starting price of $29.95. Probably 3/4 or so of those first 30 are non-exclusive. The 12 loyalty sites are exclusive to their family of sites.
08-01-09  04:44pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #6 - Drooler :

I think enough people said, "The ALS Scan content is better than the 1byday content" to make DDF pull the plug on the sharing. The last time I subscribed to 1bday, I also had a ALS account. I thought I was on the wrong site when I saw the daily update. I would prefer that the sites do like Teen Dreams do and have just maybe 20 pictures from another site's content, kind of a teaser advertiser.

One of my complaints to Alex was that he could nearly put all of the ALS Angels content on ALS Scan in place of the 1byday shared content. I don't know if that will ever happen, but it would sure shoot my review up into that very close to 100 range.

08-01-09  04:48pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #9 - exotics4me :

That would give those DDF people pause, realizing that their free ride with ALS content had a back-end load.

About ALS Angels, I also wish they'd just combine the sites AND remaster ALS Angels material, too! I emailed Alex about that once; didn't get a response. There's a lot of lovely stuff of girls like Carrie Starr, Breanne, Sandra Shine, etc. that would look great at 3800 pixels.

08-01-09  06:22pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #7 - exotics4me :

Hey exotics4me
Angel Pink is certainly a rising star - have not yet got her latest videos from 'Pix' or Club Sandy - seen some of her at Footsiebabes - though I'm not really into that feet-stuff. Still she's very cute/sexy there...
Gotta go for the Club Sandy-deal, too.
She has a very fine outdoor-scene at Givemepink, BTW.

BUT bottom line: You mention Viv Thomas - the site you get access to via many other sites - and a site where the video-quality - USED - to lack some.
Is it growing better? (the video-quality, that is)...

Another BTW: You mention Club Sandy now and then - and that site is also in my mind. Even though the site only has updates with video/pix every second day - it looks like the Sandy-site may be worth a hit, again, again...

08-02-09  08:38am

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Monahan (42) PinkPanther reported in a comment he posted last month than a goodly number of the 40 sites have stopped updating. That kinda takes a little of the edge off the "loyalty deal" even though the price is still terrific.

The reason I raise this point is that so many of the big sites are slipping badly on updates and/or content lately that when it happens on sites like 21 Sextury sites, I get a bit concerned.

11-02-09  03:49pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #12 - Monahan :

As far as I can tell most of the sites that have stopped updating aren't 21st Sextury sites. Probably half or more of those sites are just licensed DVD content sites, those aren't updating anymore, but looking at each of the sites I have in my first month instant access, Lez Cuties, Teach Me Fisting, Zoliboy, Club Sandy, Pix and Video, Asshole Fever and Footsie Babes are all still updating as of November 1st. I think the only 21st Sextury sites that aren't updating are Sweet Sophie Moone (retired) and Dominated Girls. Getting Club Sandy and Pix and Video is enough for me though. Did you see the Club Sandy review? I was just wondering since this comment is on an old review of Pix and Video.
11-02-09  08:20pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #13 - exotics4me :

Yes I did see your review of Club Sandy. In fact that was the review my reply was intended for. I got them confused.

The deal you mentioned in that review is very appealing and is likely to get me to subscribe. I have jumped into other seemingly great deals and have been disappointed because all, or most of, the sites in the group have become dormant...which is why the great pricing deal.

It sounds like, based on your reviews, that's not the case here; a good thing.

11-02-09  11:29pm

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