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highparkman (0) 05-30-09  04:42am
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Pros: Beautiful photos. Outstanding resolution. Full length quality DVD's.
Cons: Huge problems logging in. Password continually rejected. Including after requesting online support. Worst problem: the site is CENSORED (Japanese law) so it's basically a soft porn venue. And the website does not clarify this prior to purchase. The unrestricted (uncensored) areas are older, less quality photos and videos!
Bottom Line: Forget this site if you want full nudity. You won't get it and you're paying for soft porn photos/movies. Which one can get for free online. The marketing is deceptive and acquiring a refund (if you can get it) is tedious.

Basically a disaster of an experience for me.

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PinkPanther (46) As to the log-in problems, I can't speak to that - as to the issue of censored, uncensored Japanese vids, on the very first page when you browse the site, they say, "Looking for uncensored XXX Japanese porn videos? We've got it too !"

That ought to tell you that much of the Japanese porn vids that they have are censored - because that's the standard for Japanese porn vids. As to the uncensored stuff all being old, they just posted 2 new uncensored vids on 5/27/09. I see several other uncensored vids having been posted in May as well.

They also have quite a bit of information for non-members to read about their updates and the various sections of the site, a number of which describe themselves as soft-core.

As far as the censored aspect, it seems to me that you're blaming this site for your lack of knowledge about the censored aspect of Japanese porn. I don't know if you browsed this forum for info on the site before you joined, but if you had you would have been informed in most, if not all, of the reviews and comments that most Japanese porn has mosaic/censoring.

As to the log-in issues, that's on them. If sites are going to charge for access to their sites, they owe it to their members to assist them to get that access.

05-30-09  08:30am

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GCode (101) I've had great success at logging in to this site. I agree with PinkPanther 100% about blaming the law on the site, this is something you cannot blame the site for due to it being Japanese law. They do have almost all the harder to find DVD's that I want/wanted and almost all the mainstream ones and they update constantly, I don't agree that this site deserves a 60 at all.
05-30-09  09:50am

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highparkman (0) REPLY TO #2 - GCode :

Thanks for your response. I was not blaming the site for censorship. I need to clarify my issue is that the site does not clearly state that the content is heavily censored. Which impacts the potential customer from making an informed decision. The vast minority of clients would have NO idea about Japanese law (me included), and I suspect would never subscribe to view images and videos with blurred out areas. It's all about ethical marketing and transparency with jsexnetwork.com.

As for the log-in issues, it's still ongoing for me, and is being addressed by the site owner's tech support.

Now I ask you: If one is having continual difficulty logging in, and once logged in, discovers the site is censored to soft porn standards, why would I assess it a rating beyond 60?

I don't write these reviews lightly, and it's my honest take on the situation. I did say the photos are beautiful, but hey, pretty pictures can be had for free on a myriad of other sites.



05-30-09  02:50pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #3 - highparkman :

This is a site that presents itself as presenting the full range of authentic Japanese porn. This is a site that allows non-members to view lots of samples and read lots of descriptions of the material (much more than most other sites of any category) in order to get a good idea of what to expect before they join. If you didn't read the descriptions available and didn't acquaint yourself with the standards of authentic Japanese porn, that's not the fault of the site - that's your fault. A good read of the descriptions where they describe the minority of the vids being presented as being "uncensored" ought to let a potential new member understand that the vids being presented that are not described as "uncensored" are, in fact, censored. That's the way it is with authentic Japanese porn, which is what this site is all about.

I'm glad to hear that their tech support is helping you with the log-in issues. I found this site to be excellent when I was a member - very high quality material in this site.

05-30-09  07:37pm

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highparkman (0) REPLY TO #4 - PinkPanther :

Just revisited the site. You will NOT EVER see the word 'censored'. Only uncensored. If you think customers will make the connection that by using the term uncensored implies that there are censored areas in this site, you're mistaken. Why not just be clear and state the truth: a majority of the best quality photos are video ARE censored? Wouldn't that be more honest?? It sure would. But that wouldn't sell, and that's why the wording is deceptive.

Speaking of deceptive, you're so defensive about this site, you must have a commercial connection, or be an employee of jsexnetwork. Otherwise why take such an interest in defending obvious behaviour and shady sales tactics?

Enough of this banter. Let potential customers decide for themselves.


05-31-09  02:50am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #5 - highparkman :

I'm neither an employee nor do I have a commercial interest. I think that excellent sites that present their material in advance as much as this one does - and then delivers that material in high quality - deserves props. There is nothing deceptive about this site, in my opinion.
05-31-09  08:12am

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #3 - highparkman :

While I agree that some may not know about the law but I don't think the site should HAVE to mention that Japanese law provides a mosiac for their porn and that this site contains these. They mention that they offer AUTHENTIC Japanese Porn DVD's which is enough information provided to make a firm decision. While maybe it would be nice to add a statement in the FAQ section about the law for people to understand, I don't think knocking a site down an extremely large chunk as you did is warranted. I don't think that the site is misleading potential customers at all, it's not like they added the mosiac themselves for their site. ALL Japanese porn has the mosiac unless it is Japanese porn shot outside of the mainland or is strictly focused for the west but hence becomes banned in Japan. While there are companies that use more professional models for these exports such as Amorz, most of these uncensored videos are Amateurs and do not contain the better camera work and professionalism that the mainline videos provide. While stars such as Maria Ozawa have gone against this and provide uncensored videos, it is quite well known in the japanese porn community that the law provides a mosiac.

I'm not saying that it's completely your fault for not knowing the law, but, personally as well as most other people who join pay porn sites attempt to do a small amount of research before joining a site. Within this research, I'm sure it would be quite clear that authentic Japanese porn provides a mosiac for their content due to law.

As far as the login probs go, yes, that is a problem and I see it worth mentioning in a review or comment for others to know that there was a problem. However, that the fact that support is addressing the problem is more positive than it is negative because some sites are truly automated with responses and provide nothing in terms of true help.

We can agree to disagree about the site and that's what makes Porn Users so great, I just wanted to address that I felt the site's score was not justified through my experiences with it and help others who read this particular review that I have had good personal experiences with it to provide a different outlook and point of view for them.

Good luck with your future reviews and I hope to see you around some more!

05-31-09  01:01pm

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nbaby8 (8) Like the other guys who posted the replies, I would also defend this site as I do not think the low score you gave is justified at all.

I've joined at least 4 times in the last kazillion years and had absolutely no problems at all with this great site. (Nor signing in either) Although the site does use automated username and password generation which are cap sensitive, I beleive that is protect themselves from unauthorized entry.

As for your comment on deceptive marketing, I really dont see how they are deceptive at all. Compared to most other sites, this site pretty much allows everyone to see exactly everything before joining at all. I can spend hours at this site without a subscription to determine if I want to join or not. Considering I've been surfing porn since 1995, I can really tell you whats deceptive marketing from an adult site.

As this is your first review at Porn Users, it's evident that you came heree to trash a website instead of making a constructive review, and worst of all, you rudely accuse Panther, who is a major contributer at Porn Users for being an employee. That is unjustified also.

06-05-09  10:17am

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highparkman (0) We have so much in common (historical porn users!) and thanks for your reply.

Here's my opinion: most porn guys around the globe know nothing about Japanese sex laws. Every porn site I have ever purchased has never had ANY censorship, so that remains the expectation. Except this site. Jsexnetwork only states the word 'uncensored' in it's site, never the word 'censored'. And that is a huge difference. Because most, if not all men would not equate 'uncensored' with a website that censors most of it's best material. So you blindly sign up, expecting to see totally nude beautiful Japanese girls, and of course you get a ton of blocked images. And you think that's fair??

As for the log-in issues, I am quite capable of copying/pasting from my subscription email, and the site constantly rejected my attempts. Multiple contacts to tech support, who were, to their credit very quick to respond. It's not a coincidence that this is the only site I've ever had a log-in problem.

And what's with the daily download limitations? First time for that restriction.

Lastly, jsexnetwork.com refunded my fee. After of course referring me to Veritel (billing company) for a refund, then Verotel referring me back to jsexnetwork.com. Who then refunded.

So I cannot say in all honesty that this was a good experience. Other than the site contains the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. But only from the waist up.

As an addendum, if you haven't tried abbywinters it is awesome. All young amateur Australian girls, basically a lesbian site, but so professional. Instant access, easy to cancel, never a login problem, no censoring, graphic and sweet.


Peter R
Toronto ON

06-05-09  11:42am

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nbaby8 (8) REPLY TO #9 - highparkman :

As an addendum, if you haven't tried abbywinters it is awesome. All young amateur Australian girls, basically a lesbian site, but so professional. Instant access, easy to cancel, never a login problem, no censoring, graphic and sweet.


Peter R
Toronto ON

Peter, to scare the jeebies out of you. The Austrailian police raided the offices of abbywinters for underage teenagers pornography on June 16th. Seeing you posted you are from Canada....one of the strictest countries against underage porn.... start deleting.

06-23-09  08:36am

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highparkman (0) REPLY TO #10 - nbaby8 :

Since I'm a lawyer, I almost feel compelled to go to Australia and defend abbywinters.com.

This case would go nowhere, the charges are outstanding. Sounds like a news reporter seeking his/her 15 minutes of fame.

Thanks though for the heads up.


06-24-09  02:29am

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GCode (101) I hope I'm not beating a dead horse but I was poking around through J Sex Network as a non member trying to find if they tell you what the bitrate of their movies are instead of loading up old DVD's of content and looking. However, during that and being on support, they do tell you that the movies are censored right in the support: http://www.jsexnetwork.com/support/

Just thought I'd let you know that there are statements on the site in regards to clarifying the censorship of Japanese porn DVD's and content.

07-07-09  04:03pm

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highparkman (0) REPLY TO #12 - GCode :

Thanks for the update. I think my main concern was the lack of transparency, in that it requires diligent research (as you have done), to uncover the censorship within this website. By promoting a fully uncensored section, the less cynical (me) would presume the beautiful girls posted on the main pages of this site would be included. But no, only older women, older videos, likely not Japanese, are exclusive to non censorship. The amazing younger beautiful girls are ALL covered...truly disappointing. Anyway, the site owners begrudgingly refunded my fee.

Best Regards,


07-07-09  05:12pm

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