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james4096 (126) 04-15-09  04:49am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Religiously updated every week with 7 or 8 new shoots
- Very large collection of content and models
- Finally newly redesigned site which is easier to navigate
- Zip downloads of photo sets
- Site has a search function with lots of options
Cons: - A few of the models are not quite ready for prime time
- Older content is in noticeably lower quality
- Videos and pics have improved, but are not Hi Def and Hi Rez
- Only one format of video available for newest vids (wmv)
Bottom Line: Shemale Yum is the flagship site of Grooby, the company that brought you Brazilian Transsexuals, Black Tgirls and Joey Silvera among others. Of all the companies that shoot shemale porn, these people are probably the best and seem to really enjoy and know what they are doing.

First let me just say this is a big site that has been around for over 10 years, so you could imagine they have quite library of content. The site boasts 1,089 models, 326,782 photos and 2,054 movie sets. There were too many for me to count, but I believe those claims.

90% of the content is solo, so if you are specifically looking for a hardcore site, move along. They do usually give you 1 shoot of hardcore each month though, so there's a decent amount if you consider the entire life of the site. Most videos of the videos consist of tranny girls getting naked and masturbating, sometimes using toys and usually interacting with the camera man verbally or physically.

A few of the models on the site are a little bit below what I would expect, but I understand why they shoot them. Shemale Yum prides itself in shooting models first, so they are looking to snatch these girls up early in hopes they blow up later. Overall the quality of models is very good.

Prior to April 2009, the site was in dire need of a redesign and navigating through it was a chore. Now the site is cleaner, better organized and has nice search function.

Photo quality isn't fantastic(853x1280), but still acceptable and the photography is very good. These are true photoshoots, not screencaps. The photosets are available in zip downloads.

The videos are 640x480 with varying bitrates and look good, definately not HD. The advertise that they are shot in HD, but whatever they do I'm letting you know what the end result is. The smaller format (320x240) looks pretty bad, and is only worth downloading if you want to preview a video set. This site offers downloads of the latest videos in wmv format only, so keep that in mind. Hopefully they move closer to HD video soon. It also almost goes without saying that some of the older content in poor in video quality(rm files), but that's expected for a 10 year old site.

Overall it's a pretty good site and worth joining even at the price of 34.95. I know that anything over 30 bucks is usually enough to scare most people away, but there's a lot of content and they give you a lot of updates. So if you happen to be in to shemales, I suggest you check out Shemale Yum. It's worth it for a month at least.

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GCode (101) You mentioned this was a site from grooby. I joined a site called shemale japan and commented that this particular site did a set up where they would have a model that gest updated with the first movie which is an interview and strip (that's it) then usually after that you get a bj or masterbation but I noticed that a few cut off before cumshots. Then the third update was usually a total masterbation scene with or without a cumshot. I told this to someone who asked me a question about the site and they misinterepted what I meant and told the webmaster that the models never came. However, the webmaster made a reply to me and said that this format was how all the grooby sites were structured. Therefore, is this the case for this site? Is it a mix and mash of video scenes of the models stripping and a guessing game if they cum or not?
04-15-09  12:14pm

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seanchai (17)
REPLY TO #1 - GCode :

There is no mixing and mashing of scenes, although you seem to be doing it with your words and context.

Each set on Shemale Yum and Shemale Japan are distinct sets. With different clothes, costumes and backgrounds. Each set has different forms of play in them - and every model has a cum shot BUT NOT IN EVERY SET. We're quite clear on this and you obviously feel the need to take it out of context.

Shemale Yum updates 7-8 American models per week, from either set 1 or set 2 of their shoot. Approx. 50% of these would have cum shots in any one given week. That means around 30 models per month + hardcore (in which would all be cumshot). The non-cumshot sets are excellent distinct sets and not a "tease" as you suggested, containing an interview, some dildo, wanking, playing with their asses, etc.

If you want to only see cumshot videos, then you can easily do a search within our custom build database for "cumshot" and "video" (you could narrow it down by other fields such as cock size, body shape, ethnicity, hair colour, etc. Doing a search on just that, it's currently showing, 580 distinct cum shot videos, if that's all your interested in seeing.

Thanks for the questions, feel free to check the new tours on the site, our ask questions in our free forum at shemaleyum.com/forum/ or back here. I stand 100% behind all our sites and the quality which is why we've remained top of customer satisfaction and long term members for over 12 yrs.

04-15-09  02:52pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #2 - seanchai :

Hmm, I think I obviously said this exactly how you said, not every updated scene has a cumshot...I don't see how I am taking it out of context at all :) Plus, where is the we're clear about this thing coming from, I have never tried to do nothing but tell a fact that not every updated solo scene has a cumshot. I have been a member of plenty of shemale sites that involve solo and rarely do the sets or the scenes not end in cumshots (plus, they usually state that there is no cumshot in the description). If grooby does their sites different with another format that's fine, I was asking this user how the scenes were set up and if they were the same as shemale japan because personally (can I have an opinion please?), I feel that a solo scene involving a shemale should always end in a cumshot. I am not trying to be negative or argumentative but that's just how I feel :( I am not trying do anything like bashing the site or whatever but get more information about the site and it's structure. Thanks for the response and answers again.
04-15-09  07:55pm

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james4096 (126) REPLY TO #1 - GCode :


You know, I read your exchange with seanchai on the shemale japan review and at first it made my head hurt. I couldn't figure out what was going on. But then all of a sudden a light bulb went on above my head.

What you are saying is true GCode. It seems like these days they do break up one session of shooting into 2 or 3 sets. Honestly, I didn't even realize this until you said something. Now, I'll look at things differently.

I do still like grooby's sites would join any new site they came out with. They are the most reliable place to get to see some of the top names in shemale porn. I guess I agree with you that every scene should ideally end in a cumshot. However I do really enjoy some of the scenes that don't. Like seanchai said, the do have a very large amount of vids that do end in a cumshot.

A different site I can appreciate is shemale strokers, because they do a cumshot every time (or at least 99% of the time). The do only update 2 times a week, but that seems fine.

Thanks for your replies GCode, and seanchai too. I think this why we have PU. It's a healthy dialogue and helps improve our internet pr0n experience.

04-16-09  02:39am

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #4 - james4096 :

No doubt they have some great content. I have seen some great models from Grooby and they do some awesome things. They are a bit pricey in my opinion, but for good shemale content I've noticed the better sites are higher priced. Plus, I know grooby does update their sites so much and never lets anyone down in new content. I am not knocking down this site or their others personally, but I think the way of doing the updating of content downright quirks me. Waiting for an update or a new model or a new one coming back, watching it, get really in to the scene with the model in a great costume plus masterbating or toying/being toyed, then stop with no climax just kills a video for me :( As you said, you like some of those videos and I find that great, but to me when that happens the video's content goes down the drain. But, the scenes are usually great quality and the models are top of the line (that's why I think it sucks when this happens). Now that I think of it and getting more information from seanchai, I believe my score and explanations of my shemale japan review was a bit harsh. I think my own bias and being a bit annoyed at that exact time of the review, plus the foreign way that they were updating in this way played a huge part in a undeserving low score. I am waiting a bit more time for some more updates and I will def join that site again with these new things in mind. In the mean time, maybe I should scrounge some change up for this site, it does look pretty good :)
04-16-09  07:04pm

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seanchai (17)
REPLY TO #5 - GCode :

Gcode, with all due respect, what your looking for in a site, may not be what all people are looking for, and although your feedback is more than valid, let me try and put another idea to you. Sites's like SS (which is excellent for what it does) only update maybe two girls per week and for that you get 2 great solo scenes with cum shots. Shemale Yum is updating usually 7-8 per week, with usually about 50% of them doing cumshots. The rest aren't tease shoots at all but ones that may appeal to other people (not everybody wants the cum shoot, many want dildo play or something other). We wouldn't state "this set has no cum shot" but we do state "this set has a cumshot" so you can easily select "only show cumshots".
Considering we're showing all N.American content, our site is actually pretty good value for money. Not only do you get the above, but twice a month we also show a full length, exclusive hardcore HD video and photos. Usually 20-30 minutes in length (and always cum).

Your not the only one to have that complaint but most people are happy when they look at the amount and quality of content over the course of a month, compared to any other site out there. We are trying to reach the widest audience possible which is why you see non-typical shemale models alongside the established stars, many of these non-typical end up either being stars or firm site favourtites.

I'm confident that you'd enjoy a month on the site, even if you didn't wish to remain a member you'd get 100's of hrs of videos with cumshots (and no wasted downloads as they're easily sorted out). We do have discount options that make it cheaper and where you can mix and match over Grooby sites and you can find that information from the payment pages of any of our sites.

04-17-09  07:02pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #6 - seanchai :

I didn't want anything to get heated and I'm happy that you have been very informative plus relaxed with some of my comments. I believe that my main quirk with that updating was the fact that shemale japan was so new (which I should have taken this in to account a lot more now), that that kind of updating was a let down at that time. However, I see now that as the site grows and gets a lot more content (like this site, shemale yum) that updating like that can be fantastic because it constantly brings in new scenes for everyone to enjoy and be satisfied. Therefore, since that site was new, the amount of actual masterbation scenes with cumshots (I'm talking strictly masterbation solo scenes) were not much because the site was new and I really wanted to see them all. And yes, you are right about most other solo transsexual sites, they only get updated once or twice a week (which I don't mind personally), so you don't get as much content but a full long masterbation scene. While being a member of about 6 sites like this before, then joining that one with a different format, I think I just didn't understand the reality of what the site was doing but was so used to these other formats that I knew. Therefore, I take fault at this and know as the site gets bigger like shemale yum, this will be less of a quirk (for me personally) because you still get a VERY LARGE amount of masterbation with cumshot scenes because the site is updating constantly. I'm going to take my review off from this site for shemale japan now and do another review when I rejoin (cause I know I will, I do like the site) with a better positive attitude in mind that I know what's going on. Thanks for the responses and positive feedback.

04-17-09  08:57pm

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zergling (8) REPLY TO #7 - GCode :

i was a member of shemale japan and i was nt at all pleased with the site and asked for refund i totally agree with your review on shemale japan 100 percent listen i think most members would be more than happy to have more cumshots in there updates and maybe scale back the ammount that is updated. anyways there not really updating that much there just breaking down one girls shoot into 2 to 3 part and dragging as much out of one solo shoot as they cane .some cases you can see right through.im a current member of shemalestrokers.com and im totally fine with there updates which is two a week but they always end in a cumshot its soon to be 3 rumour has it as sammy said a while back.the cumshot is so important to a shemalefan to say its not the focal point is wrong.i think this issue needs to be looked at from the members point of view.im just wonering how many other members of shemaleyum.com and grooby sites have left due to these update policies
05-14-09  02:16am

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #8 - zergling :

After a few talks with the webmaster I don't think he wants to change anything and feels that his way of updating are what the majority of people want. However, I think the place would get even more pleased members if they did full length updates, even if it was one a week. Maybe two since models from South America and Thailand are more easier to get (therefore their south american/american and thai targeted sites could be two a week with full videos) but keep the Shemale Japan site at one a week because it is harder to get models. I like the shemale japan site and can account for the site doing a great job as far as getting legit japanese models and displaying them because getting TS DVDs from Japan are like $40-$60 a pop (in US currency) and you can get a wide range of scenes for the same price on their site. However, the webmaster states that his members like this way of updating and believes that our way of thinking may be in the minority. I'm all for having one full strip and masterbation scene, one whole blowjob scene, or one whole hardcore scene instead of like 3-4 updates of each of these scenes. I think the hardcore shoots were always one full updated video from I remember, so that's done right if I am correct in my assumption. I have never been a member of shemalestrokers, I have a few of his DVD's and found he does good camera work. It is on my list to join. Nice sharing ideas and thoughts with you and welcome to PU as a fellow TS lover that are too rare around here :)
05-14-09  09:54am

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