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TrashMan (103) 03-05-09  04:41pm
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Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Rather low overlap with other DVD sites
+Pornstar directory with headshots - which seems to be the focus of this particular DVD site
+Multiple download formats (480p/360p WMV, 360p QT and 240p iPod MP4)
+Movies are tagged with niches
+Ample preview images for every scene
+Like Videobox, you can make custom clips
+The layout seems similar to VideoBox (when you click a scene you get related scenes and you get the other scenes the movie linked)
+Downloads work with download managers. The link is not your usual "site.com/folder/file.wmv"; link, but when you load it into any download manager it picks up fine. FlashGet gets a filename, while Free Download Manager doesn't get a filename. So I'd suggest to stick with FlashGet.
+Movies are tagged with addition date
+Mmmm...they rip XPLOR media content (Homegrown Video) and they TAG THE ACTRESSES. 1) not many sites rip Homegrown video, 2) those that do rarely tag the actress names
+Site search
+Standardized encoding formats
Cons: -Library is only 1570 DVDs. VideoBox and VideosZ are cheaper and over 3 times as many DVDs.
-Update schedule sucks. A little over 1.5 updates per day (564 updates in the last 365 days)
-Updates only accessible from home page
-Site search works well, but when you search for a movie title you get your result and then some (some = a lot)
-Date tags dont appear in the DVD list, only on the DVD's respective page
-Videos are watermarked with the text "adult.com".
-No easy way of seeing movies from a series. Have to do a search. VideoBox gives you a pull-down menu listing all volumes of the series available, other sites give the movies a clickable tag of their series name, etc
-One too many clicks for downloading movies. VideoBox and VideosZ are a 2 click system - click DVD, click download format. Adult.com is an annoying three click system - click DVD, click menu, click download format. On that note...
-Have to use a menu to get to download formats (more in bottom line)
Bottom Line: Overall a very good site. They have some movies that I have never seen on any other site. Heck, I figured that the only place I'd see some of the movies I found on Adult.com would have been on a VOD site (yuck). Everything about Adult.com feels like VideoBox, with the only issue being that it feels like the OLD VideoBox (the last layout before the current one). Thats not to say its a bad thing, because the old VideoBox layout is a winner in my book and is a lot better than 99% of DVD sites out there. It lacks a few things from the old VideoBox layout (like comments) but they are very minor and doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the site.

The site search works well, the problem is that it returns so many results if you are too generic. So if you want the site search to work to your advantage be very specific - include numbers...e.g. "Chica Boom 35" not "Chica Boom". A search for "Chica Boom" returned the 15 volumes of "Chica Boom" they provide, but it also returned 228 other DVD results. Bah.

The download menu is this Web 2.0 menu which pops down and overlaps anything on the page, containing all the download links to the download formats. Besides the fact that its one more click, I always find myself clicking AGAIN to close it because it blocks stuff below it.

The update schedule sucks especially when you compare to VideoBox (5 updates per day) and VideosZ (6 updates per day).

There isn't much else to say. Thankfully, it is just another run-of-the-mill DVD site like VideoBox and VideosZ that does not have many major holes (like missing headshots in star directory (movieroom), or remnants of old encoding (VideosZ), stupid resolutions (480x352 on VideoBox or 720x480 for standard def video on DVDBox), lack of pornstar tags in a lot of movies (DVDBox), updates are individual scenes not full movies (pornstar.com), hidden scenes (pornstar.com), etc.). Bring "run-of-the-mill" is a good thing for DVD sites...I just want my stuff and to be on my way, I dont want flashy crap getting my way. Flashy crap is meant for reality sites like Brazzers, Naughty America and the sort.

Improved update schedule (at least 3 DVD's per day) and the rating is in the 90's.
Other places where if the changes are made the rating would be closer to 100:
-Big link at the top of the page next to "STAR BROWSE" for "DVD ARCHIVE". Please don't make it hard to get to the directory.
-Ditch the download menu. Its one click too many, besides the fact that I find myself always closing it because it gets in the way of the rating of the scene below it.
-Show addition dates below all DVD's on the archive page or when DVD's show as results
-Do like VideoBox does and provide a menu linking users to other volumes in the series (you've followed VideoBox this far, why not go all the way?)

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Monahan (44) To me the most important part is that there is not too much duplication with other (Video Box) sites. I did a little research on some of my fave babes and found enough new stuff on Adult.com to make a one or two month membership very worthwhile.


I have found that the search function on other sites have been deteriorating as a result of accuracy issues:

VideoBox - Frequent misspelling (Veronika Raquel shows up on VB as Veronica, Racquel, and in one case Rakel) and out-and-out mis-identification has made VideoBox with their 6,000 DVD's a crapshoot in locating specific talent

X Movies and pornstar.com- Accuracy is not as bad as VB's, but the search takes you to the DVD, not to the scene.

VideosZ - Tracking VB in its accuracy deterioration.

What's your impression of Adult.com's accuracy? Have you had any problems finding the babes and/or seeing obvious errors?

03-05-09  06:44pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - Monahan :

Actually, of all the DVD sites I think Adult.com is one of the best if not THE best. Yes I do comment in my reviews of sites like Naughty America or Brazzers that they are excellent in their search capabilities and actress tagging, but reality network sites are in a different league than DVD sites. The responsibilities pertaining actress tagging on DVD sites are much greater than on reality sites - in that at lot less work is required on reality sites so there lower probability of an incorrect name or such (mostly because DVD sites are adding numerous scenes at a time while reality network sites are doing one at a time). DVD sites, especially when it comes to the XPLOR Media Homegrown Video series, require a lot more work and responsibility, and when you get sites (like VideosZ or VideoBox) which just add massive numbers of DVD's, and whose focus is to do such, accuracy with actress tagging takes a back seat.

The difference with VideosZ/VideoBox and Adult.com seems to be the focus. The former seems to focus on adding a lot of movies while latter seems to be more focused on the actress/pornstar directory. With that said, the accuracy is excellent in getting actresses in the search on Adult.com, the problem is that there are not many results (if there are any). So I search for a girl, get excited to see a result, but get disappointed in the NUMBER of results.

So far, if I had to rank the DVD sites out of 10 based on categories:
1) the existence of tagging (VideosZ lacks actress tags on a LOT of movies)
2) correct spelling (e.g. spelling Ann Marie Rios "Ann Marie Rios" not "Anne Marie Rios", or Brodi Kennedy as "Brodi Kennedy" not "Broadi Kennedy", etc.) - this category also includes the act of not having two listings for one girl because of misspellings or lack of last name
3) scene tagging (not only putting names associated with the DVD, but also with each scene, and getting them correct)

Mind you with Adult.com i have not YET found anything to decrease the 10 rating in the three category

#1) Adult.com (10/10/10)
#2) MovieRoom (10/10/10 (I give Adult.com the edge because of the more completeness of headshots. If you are going to put headshots try to be as thorough as possible)
#3) Pornstar.com (8/10/10) (they always seem to forget a name here and there)
#4) VideoBox (10/8/8)
#5) DVDBox (9/9/8)
#6) Ten.com (9/7/7)
#7) PlatinumClub (9/5/8) (there are way too many duplicate listings for girls because of misspellings)
#8) VideosZ (8/7/6) (their old content is very bad and makes up too much of the site)
#9) MovieBox (8/5/7) (way too many tags lack last names and are mashed up into the generic first name)
#10) AdultMovieClub (7/7/6)
#11) Vidz (5/7/5) (they are pretty bad)
#12) Vixeo (4/7/4) (they are very bad. The funny thing is that AdultBouncer leases their content and they do a better job of tagging it)

I skipped all studio sites (Diabolic, Devils Film) because they can obviously excel in this field because they OWN the films.

03-05-09  10:49pm

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #2 - TrashMan :

TrashMan, your scored list of 12 sites will be very useful going forward. Last night I was playing around with the Adult.com preview site's searches checking to see what babes were in their inventory and to see if there were titles that would be worthwhile additions to my stash.

My second search was for Anastasia Christ. First disappointment, she showed up with only two scenes. Second disappointment, one of the two was really Jane Darling (Big Boobs in Prague, Scene 3), also a babe but definitely not Anastasia. I already have the Anastasia scene in that video (she's actually in scene 4 and is identified by Adult.com as Laura Lion).

I really like the head shot index a lot but I couldn't find a title search function if there is one. (My fallback on VideoBox is to check iafd.com or CAVR.com to see a summary of titles for a babe, then search the database for those titles.)

The good news is that, after playing around with Adult.com last night, I went over to Brazzers to see if they posted the Friday update. And what did I find? A cross promotion ad for Adult.com that offered the site at $14.95 a month.

03-06-09  08:21am

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Monahan (44) I joined the site based on TrashMan's review and on the $14.95 deal in the cross sell on Brazzers and will be posting a review after about a month.

But a few initial observations:

-Very fast download speeds (fastest I've experienced) at 10-12pm Pacific.
-The pornstar list is the longest I've seen. Unfortunately it's also among the most inaccurate as well. Many of the models that appear in their content are not listed. (The first two I looked for were Jenna Doll and Natasha Nice. Although not in the index, they both have two or more videos in the site that do not duplicate videos on VideoBox or other sites.)
-The search engine will search names and genres but there's no video title search. The good news is that it also has a boolean, key word search engine that will search by terms (names and titles) and will list the results in order of relevance. I was able to locate videos with Natasha Nice and Jenna Doll that way.
-The search engine is slow.
-The screen caps are good but are too small to gauge the desirability of the video and there is no flash feature or photo set to see a short preview. One must download the video to evaluate whether it's a keeper or not.

Last thought. As does TrashMan, I'm liking the site so far, especially because it has a lot of new stuff, and better, does not duplicate a lot of stuff I have in my stash. But I'm disappointed with the accuracy of the tagging and the omissions from the star list. I also don't care for the extra step to download that was mentioned by Trash Man in his review, but it's a minor annoyance.

But the shortcomings I mention above will impact my evaluation.

03-07-09  10:22am

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #4 - Monahan :

I must admit, I did notice that (about some star listings that are blank, lacking any movies/scenes). I really didn't care much about it though. My only thought about it was that movies previously on the site were removed while their references to stars were not. I've seen it before (APornArchive(.com) on Adult Bouncer). I usually like to believe that this is related to a loss of license rather than a blatant move to upset users. While it would be nice to see them physically remove the affected stars it is important to say that if you are looking at a site's potential based on a few stars, Adult.com lets you see everything you want before you join as the tour page is an exact mirror of the members page (sans the lack of the search engine). So if something is a deal breaker (e.g. lack of a particular star, or a listing with no entries) it is something you can see before you join (as opposed to say finding this out only after you join).

See, that's the problem with having different tastes...referring to the fact that I like a certain set of stars and you like others. It lets us see different sides of the story. And on my side I didn't seem to find any problems with the girls I like while there seems to have been a problem (be it exclusion from the cast list, or the victim of a poor tag job, etc.) with yours. This is certainly a good thing as far as reviews go - more reviews with different pros/cons. I just hope the problems weren't a super deal breaker in the end.

True, screencaps are small, but they are sufficient enough (and more than a lot of sites on the site) to make a decision on whether i want to download or not. See, mind you I download movies based on their star power (i.e. i like certain girls more than others).

03-07-09  11:21pm

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #5 - TrashMan :

As you I'm OK with the "null listings" (names in the dropdown with no content or incorrect content). I saw that when I played with the preview site.

The issue is the number of cases where a particular star is not mentioned at all in the list but who does have content. In my earlier post I mentioned Natasha Nice and Jenna Doll who have content in Adult.com but are not listed in the pornstar list.

Because they chose not to list those two (and others) you can only hope to stumble on them as you surf through all titles.

Mind you, it's more like a treasure hunt than a problem because they become happy discoveries when they show up unexpectedly, but I definitely would not score their tagging as 10/10. Their tag accuracy is not much better than that of VideoBox.

I have run into some other issues with the site as well, but I'll save them up for a complete review after I've given it a full workout.

But having been on the Adult.com site now for 3 days, overall I am very happy with it (I've added a lot of brand new stuff to my stash already), and it's all because of your excellent review. I was unaware of it previously. Thanks for that.

03-08-09  07:57am

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