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Cybertoad (104) 09-29-08  09:03am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 09-29-08  10:05pm  (Update History)
Reason: Considered Respected Members Input and Changed Score.
Pros: Average Quality Picture Almost HD Photo.
Photos Zipped
Movie Downloads for IPOD / PSP only
Video quality ok.
Site contests
Blog & Journal
Mobile Ring tone
Good Navigation.
Cons: Low Quality Video IPOD / PSP only 320x112
No Updates On Video 3 this year.
Photo sets 3 per month average
No HD as stated on site.
Live Cam is pre-recorded.
Suuport No Response.
Bottom Line: Francine Dee. WOW is gorgeous and thats where this site ends being tolerant.

The front page says HI DEF video there is no, the video is so bad that even on my IPOD is sucks and was grainy at 320x112 huh?
Video updates are 3 times this year only, but why would I even download this at 320x112 video my Dog can't watch it very well.

The site looks nice and navigation a breeze. But again thats where things stop. Area after area is lacking content and bulk. I read the two reviews before me and it like I am in the twilight zone. I plunked $24.99 thinking well the site looks awesome. But what a let down.
I tried to be fair after wasting my cash the review is on it own merits.

I can not believe this site has been here for years, its more like a mobile phone IPOD site but doesn't say that anywhere.

Bottom line:
The photos are the only thing keeping this site from a rating of 50. The pics are good but just good not great and not Hi Def. Being zipped means I can get my stash quick and forget about this site.
OK the site design is nice and she is beautiful.
But there is no justification for $24.95 for this site, maybe 9.95 just for the pics.
That cash would be better spent elsewhere.

Cybertoad Take:
Avoid this site, and realize its not what it seems or says, there is no Hi Def video and it says there is big as day on the front page. Says Live Cam,and is pre-recorded run.
And the pit maneuver that ended me chasing down this site ended with a grainy video that looks bad even on an ipod screen.

Money could be spend elsewhere better many many sites and models. Catalina Cruz for example to name one is far better quality at the same price.
To make a point the site is just not where a 2008 porn site should be, updates are just wayyyyyy to far apart to even call this site active.

No.... site doesn't even update more then 10 times in one year. And misleading front page.

Added 10/3/08 No response from support in 5 days.

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Replies to the user review above.

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atrapat (112) With all due respect, is the site such a disaster to deserve a 51 rating? I simpathise with you feeling ripped off because the other reviewers also made me think this site was some sort of paradise but, anyway, a 51 is sending it next to dead sites with 0 content while this one is clearly alive and has a decent amount of picture content.

I've only seen the free tour but it has some things I always appreciate like stating all the updates with dates. I agree the site claims to have "Hi Def video" on the home page but the video section in the free tour only claims to have "HD Flash Video at 1000K" plus ipod and psp versions. Maybe the streaming is at higher resolution than the downloadable ones?

I counted 60 solo picture gallery updates in the first 9 months of this year alone, which is quite a lot for a solo site. What resolution are they in? There was a scheduled chat last week which not so many solo sites really offer although every one claims to do. Did it take place? The contests also seem interesting and are absolutely rare. There seem to be way too many sections which are probably hot air but, anyway, a 51?

All in all, I believe this is a site Francine Dee fans certainly enjoy or she wouldn't be still in the business 8 years after it was launched. I am just guessing, but maybe the other two reviewers let their fan factor influence their first review ever and sent the rating way too high without clearly explaining their reasons.

This site has been on my radar for some time. I probably will never join at this price but I'm sorry to say your review in its current form is just as unhelpful as the other two.

09-29-08  02:08pm

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Morphious (Suspended) HAHAHA, and you talked about my review being way off. The site Preview states and shows samples of the quality of everything on the site, as well as the history of updates etc. It even states about HD at 1000K speeds.

I can you could care less about reading the preview ( and all the reviews ) before you posted on here. Guess the review gave you a good change to plug your favorite model site and bash this one.

This review is just wrong... Hopefully the admins will see it and pull this one..

09-29-08  02:17pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #2 - Morphious :

First. The review will not be pulled, in fact with will likely be rated as a 2 point.

Cybertoad is a fairly trust worthy guy here, I am sorry but I am going to take his word over yours.

How can a site claim it has HD video if it only runs at 320x112? That is clearly not HD. About any video would look sharp at that small of resolution, problem is that you would not sure if that was a dick or the leg of a table.

The site was not overly clear that there was on real PC downloads. This should be mentioned on an internet site.

09-29-08  03:56pm

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Morphious (Suspended) REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

Well Again, more miss information.

I cannot see where this is coming from? Is not not being read at all ?


it states ( in the Preview )

"View all of our Videos in up to Full Screen HD Flash Video at 1000K ( 1Mbs! ) or view in 3D interactive mode.
Download and Play on your Ipod and PSP."

How much more clear does that need to be?

And I thought the max size for video on an Ipod was 320x112 ( at 16:9 )? So why have it any bigger?

I think that they meant that the Flash video is in HD ( not the downloads. )

Also the site is updated several times a week, ( journal, video blog or photos, lots of sections. ) I am not saying all sections are updated several times a week, just to be clear.
The camera in the house are live ( house cams ). Her live chat is pre-recorded ( if you would read the site, you would know this as well ) until the next live chat date that is posted, and at that time Yes it is live, late by 10 minutes, but lasted over a hour ) even called some of the chatter's cells ( not mine :-( )

So to give this site a 51 is just negligence on this reviewers part. It Really seams like he did not read the preview or was not able to comprehend what he was reading.

This site hides nothing, every preview section has samples of the quality and amount of content on the site. That speaks louder this this review.

09-29-08  04:19pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #2 - Morphious :

What ever dude. Have a Great Day.
there a reason your reviews do not count.
Your review can not be trusted my opinion.

09-29-08  05:21pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

Thanks Andy, its true. I have the files to prove it, they are only 32mb not hardly what a hd would be. There is no other files TPB says otherwise too and contrary to Morph review there is no HD..
Pretty model though.

09-29-08  05:27pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #4 - Morphious :

Videobox and brazzers both offer Ipod and other portable media formats. The trick is that both of them also offer normal PC downloads. Site preview pages need to be clear. I understand what it is saying, but that may be because I already know before reading it. The site did not specifically say that it did not offer normal PC downloads and that is not normal for a website. Therefore, it needs to be made abundantly clear. They say what they are offering, but not what they are not. Normally this is not an issue, but this is not a normal site.

Again, I will have to back Cybertoad on this one. I am not saying that you are wrong for liking the site, I am just agreeing that his frustrations are valid and most PC users need to know of the issue.

FrancinedeeIpodPorn.com would be appropriate for this site. Then I would agree with you.

09-29-08  05:28pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - atrapat :

It is very low because its not what I beleieve and honest site due to what I see is very unclear , its a site that been here along time if it says it has video there is no reason anyone would think it is just ipod stuff. That and there are 3 updates a year? By the way with all due respect I do not base my reviews on Cost, or newbie postings. I will let my past reviews stand by this one too. As its accurate. I would have given lower if was possible as its misleading. This site needs work and thats what a 50-60 rating is for, I think that a site that advertises video and HD and doesnt update or deleiver would be a site that needs work wouldnt you? By the way Morph Changed the review to say IPOD and PSP didnt say that before and that was my reasoning for not liking that review. Not because I lost money lol I lose it all the time.
09-29-08  05:45pm

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Morphious (Suspended) REPLY TO #7 - badandy400 :

That is just silly...

Sites should not have to list everything they do not have.. Every site would have a HUGE list of stuff they do not offer.. They clearly listed what they have. ( I understood it and I am not a full time porn surfer.. )

But you both keep talking about the same thing, as if streaming video does not matter all. And having a Downloaded video is Everything.

I just received this from the webmaster at francinedee.com

Why can't we download the 1000K video files?

" Due to the large amounts of theft and trading on the Internet, FrancineDee.com has reserved the right to not allow downloading of our large sized video files. We have provided multiple ways to view our Streaming Flash video as a member. We really would like to try to keep something "exclusive" for our members. "

Hum, well that kind of explains why there are no Dl's and only streaming. May not make you happy, but I completely agree with that.

What is the point to join a site when you can go find all the content for free all over the net?

Please contact their webmaster, I am sure they would willing to help out more. ( got back to me in a few hours ).

09-29-08  05:47pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #2 - Morphious :

Nice, Thanks for the support Morph.
09-29-08  05:48pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #9 - Morphious :

First. It is likely that you can download the flash files, just have to know how.

Second. That is a simple way to make sure you have to keep paying for the site. It it is like renting a movie, and having to go back to the store every time you want to see the same movie.

Most of us want to download. It is so much easier to watch a movie from my hard drive than it is to stream it. Besides it looks better and frees up my bandwidth to download other things while watching. Being able to download is arguably the most important aspect of a website. I dont care how good it is if I cant get it.

Would you buy a DVD only to watch it right away and never watch it again? That is what streaming is to many of us. Plus, some people do not have connections capable of streaming HD, and most people have trouble if the are streaming and want to jump around a scene looking for what they like.

So you agree with restrictions of use? I suppose you agree with DRM as well? Perhaps censorship? With hard drives become more and more affordable it seems a waste to throw away download time to streaming. Do you use disposable plates every time you eat?

Maybe I going a little far with this, but one thing is clear. if a site does not feature things that 99.9% of site have, it should be known. Consider this. You bought a new cell phone and on the box it says "talk all day, never miss another call!" That would sound good, then you get it home ane realize it can only receive calls. The box said it can receive calls "never miss a call" but it can not send calls out. Now the box did not say it could send calls out, but why the hell would you look for that, every phone can do that!

09-29-08  06:46pm

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atrapat (112) REPLY TO #8 - Cybertoad :

Sorry but I still feel you based your review too much on the video content (or the lack of it). The site seems to have many other things apart from videos. I'm not so sure the site is misleading, either. The home page is misleading but free video section states the right facts. TBP facts also state what you have encountered in video terms. If the site was a video-only site and it offered only what it offers, it would certainly need work but (I may be wrong but) I believe there's much more than videos to this site.

On the other hand, you certainly deserve much more trust than the other two revieweres. Your reviews of Catalina Cruz's network are top notch and I will definitely join those sites in the near future. I decided not to ask the other reviewers for the reasons behind their extremely high rating because, with all due respect, one site fanatics aren't so much different than one book fanatics.

But, just as I am sure the site isn't paradise on earth, it looks like it has some interesting features which the other reviewers only hint at (even though those features are probably the reason why they like the site so much) and you almost completeley left those features aside. I'm not discussing the rating per se but basing the review in only one feature of the side.

09-29-08  09:57pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #12 - atrapat :

I appreciate your honesty and I respect your view points.
And you make some valid points I raised the review to a 62 because there is quality just not what is advertised.
atrapat, you do good reviews, and it is with this I descided to give slightly higher rating. Your input is one I can trust . Thanks.

09-29-08  10:02pm

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Morphious (Suspended) REPLY TO #13 - Cybertoad :

I have sent this link to the webmaster @ FrancineDee.com and it looks like they changed the wording on the site.

" View all of our Videos in up to Full Screen Streaming HD Flash Video at 1000K ( 1Mbs! ) or view in 3D interactive mode.
Download and Play on your Ipod and PSP. "

Notice the word Streaming has been inserted.

I kind of agree with the webmaster on the large video Download Files.
I am a business person. I would not want my products stolen and give out for free. It only hurts the model and the site. If everything is for free, what is the point of buying anything? Where does the money come from to operate the site, Pay for shoots, location, site updates, etc.

Yes I believe in DRM, People have a right to protect their Copyrights. if you look at the site, you ca see the Free Membership section, seems like they are trying to address the issue of people taking their Copyrighted content.

About updates, just to show you how wrong a review can be:

In the last week.

Journal updated today
News updated 3 times
1 Live chat
2 Photo Set updates
2 Video Blog updates.

I guess this is an inactive site. I have been in sites where this is 1 - 2 months worth of updates.

FrancineDee.com has been around for 10 years, I Really think they know what they are doing at this point, This site is always ahead of the curve as far as latest trends are concerned.

09-30-08  01:51pm

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atrapat (112) REPLY TO #14 - Morphious :

Morphious, not to be bitchy but I feel that your last reply is longer and more informative than your own review as it currently is. As you are clearly so fond of the site, would you consider doing a rereview and adding there all this info plus all the other bits you've scattered around?

I know you are new here but extremely short overenthusiastic reviews that go near the 100 rating are usually a bad sign. You seem to be not short of words so make use of those 1000+1000+3000 characters and justify that rating. There's little point in keeping on bugging Cybertoad's review when you have lots of space in a new review.

Check Cybertoad's Catalina Cruz review and compare it with your Francine Dee one to see what I mean.

09-30-08  02:42pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #15 - atrapat :

Atrapat, I have to agree, that had the time been taken to spew out this much would have been nice. I looked at the updated material he mentioned and do we see what is missing? Videos? in his lists.
And the main site says HI-Def which is not true. Updating a blog and news etc every two moths is not and update. The front non logged in says, Members, HiDef, Photos and Fullsite access and says The site regularly updated video. the dates are 8/22 6/6 and 1/25 this year for videos so far at this rate maybe 4 videos a year on a site that not only says they have video they force that by say Hi Def and updated Regularly. My review is is dead on accurate. They do not do as they say. This is the only point I am making to Morph, I agree she is a knock out model,like wow. I would love it if they did update often the fact they have been doing for years is disappointing because it looks like the site is dwindling down. If you look at the past updates were in 2007 and 2006 twice or more monthly, and now its every few months or more. Forget about the news and blog the site is a video site and advertises as pic and video. You need to update and provide what is said if they do not then I cant help make IT any clearer. Site is not doing what it says and at this price it should as its not cheap, But my review is honest I do not like giving low scores, but had no choice.

10-01-08  09:19am

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atrapat (112) REPLY TO #16 - Cybertoad :

Cybertoad, maybe I didn't see it clear enough the other day but I just want to say that your review is well worth it and I'm sure that a surfer looking for HD video will find the recounting of your experience valuable and avoid this site at all costs once they see the advertised HD video is nowhere to be seen.

I see your review and rating are honest for someone looking for a regular solo model site but Morphious seems to be so much into this site and model that I'd very much like him to arrange his thoughts and explain what makes this site so absolutely special for him.

The thing is I believe the site perhaps only SEEMS to advertise itself falsely for several reasons:
a) we usually expect solo model sites (or sites in general) to deliver mainly photos and video on a regular basis: journals, chats, live cams are a rare extra and not the main course;
b) at one point in its 8+ years of existence, the site was a usual solo model site and its design mostly stuck with it;
c) the site design fails at conveying to the visitors what it's really about;

When someone arrives at the site, he sees the model and some white text on a sky blue background on the right that he just ignores: hard to read and his eyes are probably fixed on the girl (at least, that's what I did). He scrolls down the page and sees the icons you mentioned: HD Videos, photos and all. OK, he thinks, we just found a usual solo model site, girl's hot, I like HD video, let's type in the credit card number and get the party started. Reality check: 3 streaming-only video updates in a year and lots of photos which aren't his favorite dish.

That text he ignored (rightfully, as it looks like they wanted people not to read it) says "Welcome to the internet's newest and most extensive reality show yet! Live cams are running 24 hours a day seven days a week to fulfill your voyeuristic pleasures. Go behind the scenes of a woman's world and enjoy". For once, I believe it's not lies in its entirety and this site is, in fact, delivering live voyeur video on a regular basis. OK, I guess those spy cams show recorded video during some hours of the day but Morphious seems to hint that he once caught Francine Dee having sex live on one of the "spy cams"! My crush on Francine Dee died a long time away (never was a member of the site, and never will) but, if that thing can happen in this site, I think it's pretty remarkable.

When you are so much into a model as Morphious seems to be, getting a weekly live chat plus video blogs plus contests plus spy cams plus getting her to call you on the phone during a chat plus being able to bid on her lingerie must make you live with a constant hard-on. HD what? Pictures? You get her LIVE daily! This site fails miserably to deliver HD video by all accounts but 3 different people came here to praise the site (2 reviews, 2 comments). Morphious seems to be the only one who didn't hit and run so I'd very much like him to make some sense of his initial review.

10-01-08  12:23pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #17 - atrapat :

Added 10/3/08
No response from support in 5 days of trying to reach them.
Yet Morph said he contacted them like that.
Somehow Morph says he got a response from sending a link showing what we said, he appeared to get a response in hours looking at dates of our comments, Also the site shows only information about 7 years being up how would he know it was 10 years?
The site was actually changed based on him providing a link ??? yet I cant geta response in 5 days interesting.
Seems to really have inside scoop yet shared little of that in the review. Again interesting responses by him, Yet he knew allot to go after another review.
Just my opinion of course.


10-03-08  08:28am

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Morphious (Suspended) REPLY TO #18 - Cybertoad :

Hello, back from Vacation, in the live chat on Francies's Site now site now. Seems kind of funny that showing a pre recorded chat while dran is not live, is one of the Con's from this reviewer. I guss he is only used to seeing a blank screen where the model is not live.

Asked the chatters if they had a problem with support emails.. No one said they have a problem..

Kind of think you are making this up.. I have even sent an email to the contact email ( form the members area ) and received email direct back from Francine. So I am really not believing that you have tried at all.

If you look at the site. http://francinedee.com/blast_past.php shows 10 years of sites. Photos show 10 years of sites. I am SURE that a lot of the other parts of the site, as they have been added over time, do not go back 10 years. Plus they just had their 10 years party in LA on 8-8-08 ( it is on the site )

There seems to be movies on the site that where shot in HD and
scaled down for web use. Comcast compresses their Video hugely, so does Dish network, etc. How is this any different? Just because of the physical size of the video? If this was 1920 / 1080 , but supper compressed, would it not be HD? What about the Industry calling 720 DPI video monitors HD? Where they wrong, because it was not 1920 / 1080?

OK, about the misleading parts of the site. I looked over it all again when I got back. Since you seem to be focusing your whole review and negativity toward this site regarding video, go here.


at the top it says : Regularly updated HD flash video with PSP and IPOD Downloads!
Then you can look down and see sample thumbs and dates of every video in the site.

Man, it does not get any clearer then this!!!. If you did not take the time and read over the preview pages and look at the dates and samples on the site, it is your own fault. The site shows samples time and dates for every update they have done. I don't think it gets an more honest then this. 90% of sites out there do not show you samples, and dates for all the content they have on their site. So is it better to see a "splash page" on a site with 20 pic samples, not dated, and you go in the site to find out that it has not been updated in a year? This had happened to me MANY times in the past.

I 100% support the advertising methods of this site, as it is one of the FEW model sites where you really get to see everything that you are getting BEFORE you chose to buy.

P.S. kind of funny how a bunch of the rebuttals to your posts have been deleted....

10-16-08  10:13pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #19 - Morphious :

Its a website.
We give reviews here.

You make it appear you are not just by chance supporting this site because this is just more then just tad over the top for anyone to write full page responses each time over one site, over and over. This will be the last time I respond. Its my own take you own stock in this site some how. In any event it will take along time for myself to trust your review, so not sure what you hope to gain by rebuttles If you want ppl to trust your reviews then try not to brow beat them in to liking the site. As far as my review & comments, well guy I have a good standing here at this review website and I do not just run around blasting websites my experiance proves this. I even increased the rating when a trusted member ( not you ) pointed out a missed thought on the site.
But this is my last response your website. Thanks For The review.

And for the record support never has responded.
And thats the truth on that as well.
No posts of mine were deleted they were duplicates. Do you have ventdeta ? Well I am done withy your review. Do not think anyone going to even take any of this mess you made as a serious review.

10-17-08  09:09am

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PU Staff

User account Morphious has been suspended. We have substantial evidence that this user is related to the site Francine Dee.

His Reviews and Comments have been removed, however we'll leave his replies here for the sake of continuity of the thread.

We'd suggest users judge his remarks accordingly.

10-17-08  09:55am

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