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How do you feel about unprotected sex in a movie?

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Submitted by elonlybuster (39)
It doesn't bother me at all 85% 46 Votes
Little uneasy but still watch 7% 4 Votes
I ignore it 6% 3 Votes
I can't watch it at all 2% 1 Votes

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54 Votes Total

Oct 20, 2008

Poll Replies (21)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) I prefer it, just as in real life. But I'm careful. Hope they are, too.
10-20-08  02:00am

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10-20-08  06:39am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) ok,
Heres my take.
This is fantasy.
If I was having sex witha pornstar
( ya like thats gonna happen) I would be wearing a bullet proof condom.
But this is fantasy, in reality, its not just aids they are looking at Hep A, B, or C that is not often tested for in the industry but is often contracted.

Again this is Fantasy and thats what they are providing, if they choose to wear one O cant knock them for that. And they are comming up with some very close skin color ones where you hardly see it.

Prefer not to see,
But understand if they do
But selfish me that rubber ruins the fantasy.

10-20-08  07:45am

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Denner (235) "It's All In The Movies"

Guess they still do tests, the actors - if they don't, they are stupid.
So when I see fucking without condom - and especially anal - they must have done their tests - before filming.
I think I remember a link to a place with dead pornostars here at PU - wasn't it here once?
Well, what I remember was the high number of death from aids...(not gay stars)

10-20-08  08:25am

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Belthazar (0) Unprotected sex is a must in adult movies !
Use of comdoms in adult movies is a 100 procent turn off for me.

10-20-08  09:11am

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surferman (5) I have to say that to see a condom is a turn off for me. However, I can not blame anyone if they choose to wear one in this present day and age.
However, in a way, if they have done regular testing as I assume they must, it maybe need not be necessary.

10-20-08  09:17am

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OttifantSir (5) I subscribe to the norwegian edition of FHM (For Him Magazine), and a few years ago, they had an article about what it's like to be on the set of a porn movie. After several months of petitioning, a Norwegian photographer was permitted to take pictures and write about his experience.

One of the things he told in his article was that the (at least the female) pornstars had two types of paper: One paper not older than three days with the results of their last STD-check, and Kleenex. All had that.

So, I don't think there is a HUGE chance of catching anything if you fuck a pornstar without a condom. Probably a better chance of catching something from a girl you pick up at a local bar. (My opinion)

As for whether a condom is a turn-off for me: Depends. If the movie is about facials, fucking with a condom until you're ready to go isn't a mood killer. If it's about just sex, like vaginal and anal sex, it sometimes put a damper on things, other times it isn't even noticed. It really depends on the setting of the scene.

10-20-08  09:23am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #3 - Cybertoad :

> But selfish me that rubber ruins the fantasy.
Ditto. An ideal for me would be something safe but invisible.

10-20-08  11:18am

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Monahan (42) Frankly, for me, I don't worry about it at all.

Given all the publicity about disease and all the "morning after solutions" to unintended impregnation, it's impossible to imagine a porn actress who isn't well prepared before the fuck scene.

As for the guys, if they aren't prepared, then they are subject to the Darwin effect. (Stupid people will die off faster).

Now, speaking from the User/Viewer/Wanker's point of view, I don't give a shit if rubbers are used or not because I am into the female body. I don't care for anal sex, for example, except when she's getting fucked in a reverse cowgirl position so I can see everything I enjoy seeing.

If a condom is used, fine. Show me the PTA.
If a condom isn't used, fine. Show me the PTA.

By the way, I have an associated question. I've seen scenes where the sperm jockey uses a condom, ejaculates his load in the rumbber, then the babe drinks it down. Can anyone explain why protection was used except perhaps the after-action is it's own fetish niche.

[PTA = Pussy, Tits and Ass.]

10-20-08  11:27am

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Lionheart (47) I like seeing the movies without condoms being used, but if there is a condom on the actor it doesn't bother me, I'm a really easy going type of person
10-20-08  12:24pm

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Toadsith (48) Simply put: I don't go to action movies to see people jump cars over exploding mountains while wearing a fire-retardant suit and a crash helmet.

Models in porn are in many ways more similar to stuntmen than traditional actors - we pay them to perform various sexual feats that are usually considered outside the norm and even dangerous. I understand that stuntmen often do wear protective gear - but they take great strides for us not to see it. So if porn figures out a way to hide the condom from the camera, all the power to them - until then I think there will always be a market for condom-free porn.

10-20-08  01:09pm

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badandy400 (103) I must agree with Toadsith on this matter.

I greatly prefer no condom. That is likely due to me not liking them myself. I do not have sex with different women, so disease is not an issue for me.

I believe that porn performers should not screw every person in sight. They should have a limited number of personal sex partners, preferably one, and they should all be carefully screened. If everyone would adhere to strict guidelines there would be no issue in porn at all. The problem is if one person strays away any and catches something it is all over again.

They have sex with known people as a profession, they should be able to be professional about it. They are not street hookers, or at least should not be. The big problem is amateur porn. "No credit no problem" approach like the car commercials use is not the best idea, only theirs is more like "No proof no problem." That is simply wrong.

10-20-08  02:07pm

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mr3633 (9) Don't mind the use of condoms in videos (although I prefer without) as long as the scene ends with a facial.
10-20-08  02:15pm

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pat362 (373) I would be quite happy if tomorrow every male performer was required to wear a condom for all scenes involving penetration.

People have contracted some serious illnesses and some others have died. All because we would prefer that the performers not wear a condom so as to not alter our fantasy. No offense but it's getting pretty hard for me to get turned on when I realise that the beautiful 19yrs old girl I was looking at
the other day has just contracted some disease I did not know existed and for which she will have to take medication for the rest of her life and God forbid may shorten her life.

In case some of you are unaware the most common test in the porn industry is the Aim Test. All performers male and female are required to have a valid one. The problem is that it's monthly. That means you have plenty of time between one test and the other to get infected, and due to some stars booking schedule infect many people, who in turn infect more people and so on.

10-20-08  06:32pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #14 - pat362 :

IMHO it is MUCH more complicated than simple "people have contracted some serious illnesses". People get infected and even get killed in all kinds of jobs (starting with medical ones), so IMHO just mere EXISTENCE of the chance doesn't make some thing "too bad" or not, for me it is important to know HOW BIG this chance is. To complete analogy with stuntman - some of them die or get permanently injured, but this doesn't mean that I won't watch "regular" movies which include stunts. Also it's quite obvious that using condoms does not GUARANTEE anything, it just reduces the chance, which again supports my point of view that it is all about "HOW BIG the chance is". EVERYTHING has some risk, even driving to work (this one is probably MUCH higher than any job-related risk BTW), so I tend to consider SOME risks as "normal" (yes, it is very sad if somebody dies in the car accident, but we won't give up cars because of it, will we?)

Now to the "HOW BIG the chance is" question for condomless porn - while I don't have any statistics on it (maybe somebody has? - then it would be interesting to compare it to statistics on stuntman injuries), I've got a feeling that with all the people who REALLY HATE porn, any such cases would be made VERY high-profile as a tool to fight porn, so as I don't hear of it every second day, it shouldn't be too bad even as it stands now. This obviously is just a wild speculation on my part, and I will be glad to see any real statistics (which in turn can make me reconsider my view of condomless porn).

10-21-08  09:55am

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littlejoe (23) i actually hate it when the guy wears a condom
10-21-08  03:32pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) See, that's why I said a WHILE back... If they have to use condoms, they need to get The fuck out of porn!! For an industry so popular and expensive, they sure treat their women like SHIT!!! U would think that with soooo much money, they would actually have their employees tested!! Then again, their some websites where people are fucking total strangers!! That why I like the girlfriend/boyfriend sex as well!!! In most cases, they know each other's well being!!!
10-21-08  06:28pm

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Wittyguy (105) For me it depends. On the amateur sites, you sort of expect to see it. The pro's, not so much. Either way, it's no big deal to me. And so long as were talking about fantasy here, if I put myself in the actor's position, for a lot of these chicks I sure as heck be bothered if I wore a condom.
10-21-08  06:29pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #15 - asmith12 :

I noticed the profession of stuntmen being used as a comparaison to a pornstar. Does anyone think that a stuntman would allow himself to be set on fire for that big scene without first putting some protection on? Yes some of them do get hurt, but it's not because of the lack of precautions. If sometimes we can see the fake mask or the fire retardant material beneath the clothes well we accept that because the alternative might be a dead stuntman. Is it so wrong then to expect to have the same consideration for a pornstar.

I wish you luck on your crusade to find any kind of study about the the use of condom or not in porn. You won't find any. As far as I know the only segment of the pron market that requires performers to wear condoms is gay porn, and I've read that there are a couple of mavericks studios that still ask their performers to go bareback.

I know that my condom only view is in a minority, but I was shocked and saddened to read on another forum, that an 18yrs old performer contracted anal warts during the filming of one of her movies. Do you realise that this can lead to anal cancer.

10-21-08  07:07pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #19 - pat362 :

> Does anyone think that a stuntman would allow himself to be set on
> fire for that big scene without first putting some protection on?
Right, they take precautions - EXACTLY PRECAUTIONS THAT THEY THINK ARE APPROPRIATE. Why models should be denied THE SAME CHOICE?

> Yes some of them do get hurt, but it's not because of the lack of precautions.
Come on, when anybody get hurt in an accident it's ALMOST ALWAYS because of the lack of precautions, and is ALWAYS this way for stunts (to start with, they could easily refuse to participate in the particular stunt if they consider it too risky). BTW, the same is true for car accidents - the very basic precaution is to avoid driving completely, but very few people are taking it.

10-22-08  07:15am

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nygiants03 (162) I really dont care about the protection or no protection for that matter. As long as the sex is as real as possible, Im good.
10-24-08  06:40pm

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