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blaze588 (5) 05-17-08  11:06am
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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).

- Great looking girls
- all young looking
- scenes are ok,
- just like cumfiesta. but smaller.

- other than loosing everything on my computer, the site pretty good.

- the scenes become boring, the girl is outisde, then inside taking off cloths, etc...

-DON'T download MPG Files, they are bad, made me loose everything

i downloaded a MPG FILE which was bad and had to reset my computer back to factory defaults. i had to call HP and they couldn't get working.

i emailed the site and asked for atleast 6 months free, they only gave me i think another month.

i don't think that is fair, i lost over $1,000+ worth of porn videos. all my itunes, my resume, wored documents etc... it sucked BACK UP EVERYTHING is my suggestion.

JOIN at own risk!!!!!!!!!

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Jay G (67) Just a note about backup. I was always pretty bad at it until I discovered external hard drives. Plug them in and take 5 seconds or less to make an extra copy of everything you do on your computer. I now automatically back up everything whenever I close a file.

I lost almost nothing the last time a computer died for me about two years ago because of this habit.

As a friend of mine who teaches computer science said, "It's not IF your hard drive will fry, it's WHEN...backup everything."

Sorry about your losses, but hope you have fun rebuilding your collection.

05-18-08  05:21am

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Monahan (44) Ditto on the back up suggestion.

Once again, I would like to see PU create a list of all sites that have serious issues like this and/or where the site is a rip-off.

05-18-08  07:15am

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blaze588 (5) REPLY TO #1 - Jay G :

thanks for the reply, i was a little unclear of what you where saying about external hard drives. are you recommending them or i should try something else.

thanks again

05-18-08  10:58am

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mr smut (42) REPLY TO #3 - blaze588 :

External HDDs are worth it as long as you don't let them run all day. They are not designed as extra storage but made for backup and transfer of large amounts of data.

Switch them on whenever you want to do a backup. I'm a paranoid guy who uses 3 different external drives and one backup PC to make sure I don't loose anything.

Here in Europe you get large drives (500-640 GB) with USB2 connection for less than $ 150 and compared to the amount of time spent to download all the stuff I like it's almost nothing :-)

05-18-08  12:09pm

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blaze588 (5) REPLY TO #4 - mr smut :

thanks, for the info. i think that will be the way i go.
05-18-08  05:25pm

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PU Staff
Can you tell us how you determined it was a MPG file that caused your problem? And do you happen to recall a file name?

We'd like to look into this one further.

05-18-08  06:24pm

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blaze588 (5) REPLY TO #6 - Khan :

the first time i had a problem, i opened the folder to look at the video i had downloaded, as soon as i opened the folder, an error message poped up, " Windows explor stopped responding" i had 2 choices : close the program or find online solution. either choice resulted in the same window poping up again. if i choose close program it popped up again " windows explorer stoppped working".

the only option i had was to 2 choices, and neither one worked. i was unable to press my windows eye, i couldn't click on anything.

i restarted my puter, it was fine, until i tried to go to my folder with the video i downloaded. as soon as i opened the folder, "windows exploer stopped responding". i did this about 3 times, finally i deleted the folder with the bad video.

i pressed my luck agian and tried to download the file again, possible a different girl, every girl has 2 options MPEG or WMP. this time i put the locatin of the downloading file on my desktop. big mistake. guess what happend. after dowloading the video "Windows explor stoppped responding"

when i restarted my puter, the desktop would appear then "Windows Exploroer stopped working". i couldn't do anything, called HP helped me try a few things, eventually had to go back to factory defaults.

as to what was causing the problem i have no idea, but the only thing i can think of was that file, MPEG. i've been downloading porn for 6 years+, never had a problem with anything, until this. i continued to download porn from the site using WMP format. so far so good.

excuse the spelling errors and bad grammer, i hope this makes sense. if anyone has more questions i will be happy to answer.

05-18-08  08:20pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #3 - blaze588 :


I'm strongly recommending an external hardrive for backing up info, data, pictures, videos. It's easy and fast to use and has saved my ass on one big occassion when my computer died and I had to buy a new computer. I was able to simply download all those extra files I'd saved onto my new computer and had lost almost nothing because I habitually had copied everything to the external hard drive (takes only a few seconds to copy a file).

I had a 180 gig harddrive that I filled up and then got a 500 gig drive. They just plug into the USB port and it's like having an extra computer to store things on. I strongly recommend it for everyone.

As long as I'm on the subject, I'd be tempted to NOT store any porn on my next computer hard drive, just keep it all on two external hard drives. I now have two external drives connected to my computer. Then I can turn off the externals or put them away.

Then anyone using my computer (or fixing my computer if it breaks down in the warrenty period)has NO access to any of my porn.

05-18-08  11:49pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #7 - blaze588 :

Ok, thanks for the additional info. One of our people will do some digging on this one and see if we can't turn up something.

Thanks again.

05-19-08  08:37am

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blaze588 (5) REPLY TO #8 - Jay G :

thanks for the helpfull info, i just went to best buy and bought a external hard drive 500 gig hard drive.

as to "hiding" porn i create dummy folders. it's worked so far, when my friends use my computer that can't find my porn. ha

06-11-08  05:45pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #10 - blaze588 :

Glad to hear you got the external. You'll find it's fantastic. When your hard drive dies or needs to be re-formatted, you'll have backup. My computer recently went crazy and I had to reinstall the operating system, losing all the info on the computer. It was all backed up on the external, however, so I didn't lose a thing except the few hours reinstalling my operating system and programs.

Warning however:anyone who goes to your computer and does a search for videos or jpg's will find them no matter what folder they're in. If you only download to your external hard drive all you need do is unplug it and put it away and anyone using your computer won't find it.

Another note if others might use your computer. Your surfing history on your internet browser is available unless you delete it before someone else uses your computer.

06-12-08  06:29am

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blaze588 (5) REPLY TO #11 - Jay G :

Hi, i hope i never have to use my back up drive, but knowing i have it i feel a sense of sercuity.

well thanks again

06-12-08  05:21pm

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Porn Pros Staff (5)
REPLY TO #7 - blaze588 :

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to come in and formally respond to this. As blaze588 has said previously, with a lot of HDs out there, its not a matter of if, its a matter of when. In this whole situation, I cannot help but think we are a victim of poor timing. There's no way you can view our video as the problem in this situation becuase you viewed a folder with our video recently downloaded to it. You could make a compelling case if you even tried to click & execute the video, but with thousands of previously happy customers, and return customers, we've never once heard of this happening.

Also, we've made a lot of strides and are adding one new site a month to the network. In the last 3 months we've added Shady PI, Flexible Positions, and Sleep Creep. We're adding servers in Europe to accomodate our European customers. We find our content to be incredibly unique, that is what we pride ourselves on. It's not just regular "porno" content, that stuff doesn't excite me personally or the people who work for us. We strive to provide content you cannot find anywhere else.

Lastly, and more relevant to the problem written above, you don't even have to download any video to enjoy our site as we offer full flash streaming on every video. We also offer the option of downloading WMV/MPG in all sorts of time lengths and quality sizes depending on what you feel comfortable viewing.

09-22-08  08:33pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #10 - blaze588 :

I would consider doing a full check of the hard drive itself. This can be a signal of a drive going back. If this is the case you will continue to run into this issue and the site itself would have had nothing to do with it.

I believe there is more to it than the site sending a bad video to you. Otherwise there would be more people on here saying it has happened to them. It is just easier to point a finger at who where ever the file came when the problem is first noticed.

12-05-08  11:16am

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