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IDoctor99 (0) 11-18-07  01:47am
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Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: REAL and Unique Amateur Content.

Endless supply of incredibly hot members posting high quality videos of themselves, reaching several minutes long.

Fast streaming and download times.

Premium membership can be had for less than 4 dollars a month.
Cons: This IS an amateur porn site, so it has no shortage of what may be considered unatractive people compared to mainstream porn.

Some videos are very short, and therefore, very annoying.

No video chat.

This is a voting site, so member's feelings get hurt when they recieve low scores.
Bottom Line: Do you find yourself viewing mainstream "amateur" videos only to find yourself frustrated at the overly produced and directed feel of the scene? Have you ever wanted to show off some of your private snapshots or sexy home movies?

Get ready to bring the world into your bedroom and peek into everyone else's, as members of this site post pictures and videos of themselves for other members to view. High tech cameras are becoming cheaper for the consumer, and that means that longer, higher quality videos taken by regular people are the norm instead of the exception on a site like this.

Site material is grouped into categories for ease of viewing, and every niche you can imagine is here: Solo masturbation scenes, hetero/gay/bi sex, group sex, pissing videos, nude in public photos, hidden camera videos... whatever the average person can dream up to do with a camera for posting online is what you will find.

Vote on posted material and leave comments as well. Send private messages back and forth. Get to know other members in the forums and chat rooms. Always be notified of new material from your favorite posters using the "friends" feature.

I post pics and vids there of my wife and I in action and I absolutely love knowing that people all over the world watch us and jerk off to us. It has really helped my wife's self esteem as well, knowing that so many other people find her attractive.

Post some of your own content and see how many fans you get!

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asmith12 (124) > Leave me a comment and let me know you saw this review!
You're obviously shilling for the site, and this is not welcome here.

11-18-07  02:05am

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IDoctor99 (0) REPLY TO #1 - asmith12 :

Sorry to offend if that is what I did. I'm not "shilling" for the site, I'm interested in getting as many people as possible to view my wife naked and having sex. I suppose if I'm "shilling", its for myself. On the other hand, after years of surfing internet porn, I do believe completely that this is the best site I've ever been a member of, so of course I want to promote it to others.

I would love to include other members who's content is spectacular in my review, but I can't know if they would appreciate that. I think it would be a good idea though. This is the type of site where people are exibitionists - everyone naturally wants as many people as possible to look at them.

I'll contact my favorite posters on the site and ask permission to include thier member names in my review. If I get some to say yes and I include them in the review, would that seem less biased?

About my own content; my videos usually premier at the top of the pile as far as ratings go. They will hover near the top five for several days, and then gradually drop down into the top 100 or so as the typical rude low voters do their thing. I have a large following on the site, it is no lie when I say I am one of the better posters there. If you would only check this out to confirm, I'm sure you would agree.

11-18-07  08:07am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #2 - IDoctor99 :

As I understand policy of this site, people affiliated with the site are not allowed to make reviews of the site they're affiliated with, because it cannot be anything but shilling.
11-18-07  09:26am

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Denner (235) agree with asmith - PU's with any connection to a site can't and should not make reviews....
There is a place called "Browse News" for inputs.

11-18-07  10:56am

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IDoctor99 (0) REPLY TO #3 - asmith12 :

I could understand your observation if I was affiliated with a regular porn site in the capacity that I administrated it or something to that effect, but this particular porn site is a site full of member content and the members don't make money or anything of that nature.

I read through the rules about writing reviews and don't think that I violated any guidelines, but apparantly you guys think I have.

If it suits you, I'll remove the part that seems to offend you. Still, you guys should really check out the site. I've stopped going to other sites I used to pay for simply because they can not top this particular one.

11-18-07  11:46am

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IDoctor99 (0) REPLY TO #4 - Denner :

The definition and context of how I'm "connected" to this site doesn't seem to apply in this situation as it would with "shameless self promotion" of a site.

On a site like this, where you submit your home movies and personal photographs, the very nature of being a member is to be envolved in the site community. I can't see how a member couldn't be "affiliated" with the site, unless he only viewed material and never submitted any of his own. For a person to give a quality, accurate review of the site, that person needs to be a member who submits content. If it wasn't for member contributions from individuals like myself, there would be absolutely no content at all and the site wouldn't exist.

11-18-07  12:05pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) Wow - After reading this review, I can almost picture a late night infomercial...

But this line really got me-
"If it wasn't for member contributions from individuals like myself, there would be absolutely no content at all and the site wouldn't exist."

Sure... no bias in the rating on THIS one!

11-18-07  12:06pm

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IDoctor99 (0) REPLY TO #7 - RagingBuddhist :

Guys, I can't seem to get around your criticisms. The only content on this site is member submitted. How can members who post material on the site speak of their experience but not seem biased? I don't see a way.

Seriously, check out the site. You don't have to pay to peruse the goods, but I'm sure after a while of looking around you'll want to pay so you can see everyone's videos. Being a paying member of this site is like walking into someone's home and playing everyone of their VHS tapes until you find one with them having sex on it.

How often do you get to see REAL homemade sex videos and private nude photographs of anyone, much less the thousands and thousands of members belonging to this site? Sure, there are other sites that cater to this sort of thing, but I'm a member of them and none of them get the job done as well as this site does.

I can't stress it enough. Check it out for yourself and you'll find it is very satisfying.


11-18-07  12:22pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #5 - IDoctor99 :

Even if you do not receive any money from the site, you admitted yourself that you want to get more people there; that means that your "review" is biased from the very beginning, and rating you put in you review is completely useless. It MIGHT be suitable as a comment (not sure).
11-18-07  12:45pm

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IDoctor99 (0) REPLY TO #9 - asmith12 :

Whats the problem with finding a good thing and wanting to spread the word? If I found a tool that made changing my oil easier and more fun, I'd want to tell everyone about it so I could spread the happiness. This is the same thing.

I genuinely feel that this is the best porn site I have encountered in 10 years of online porn surfing and I want to tell the world about how awesome it is.

I personally don't buy anything or invest any energy into something unless I have reviewed a lot of first hand accounts of what its like. The same thing goes for porn. I value the reviews at TBP and thought I would do a good thing for interested parties by offering a user review of my favorite site, as I noticed there were none.

Sheesh! Can you guys be any more rude to somebody wanting to help out fellow porn watchers?

11-18-07  01:01pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #10 - IDoctor99 :

> Whats the problem with finding a good thing and wanting to spread the word?
The problem is with creating your own content and trying to "review" it and put "rating" on it. Comment would be more appropriate for this kind of things (not exactly sure if even it would be ok with the spirit of the site, but in any case it would be better than fake review/rating).

> Can you guys be any more rude to somebody wanting to help out fellow porn watchers?
Sure we can, just ask about it politely enough.

11-18-07  01:18pm

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IDoctor99 (0) REPLY TO #11 - asmith12 :

Ok, I'll make one more reply and then I'm going to stop because you are obviously not understanding the site and what it is for, nor do you have the capacity to understand what I'm saying in my review. Also, it is obvious you are set in your resolve just to bash me for whatever reason so it serves no purpose to attempt to communicate with you any further because you are so plainly not worth talking to.

This site was created to let people post their own homemade movies and private nude photographs. You seem to be having a problem understanding that. I can't say it any other way, this site has ONLY content submitted by members.

I'm not reviewing my own content. I can't lie; I'm only being honest when I say hundreds of members at the site love my material, but I reviewed the site here, NOT MY OWN MATERIAL as you acused me of. Originally, I did ask readers of my review here to stop in and say hi if they visited the site, but that is the nature of that particular site. Members post their own material because they want others to see it. What is the harm in asking visitors to leave a little note saying they stopped by and liked what they saw? That is a large part of what the site is about; it is a voting and rating site. If you see something you like, vote favorably on it and chances are you can influence what sort of material posters put out in the future. If you post material, the voter response will let you know what they liked and what they didn't like.

There are two types of members at this site. One is the sort that is a member only to look at other member's content. The other type is the member who uploads photos and videos for other members to look at. That is the very essence of this site; it exists as a venue to showcase your own material so that others may appreciate it.

Guys across the world share their toys with friends. "Hey, I got a new Corvette, hop behind the wheel man, you've got to drive this thing!" This site does the same for men and women everywhere, but it lets them share their sexuality with people around the world instead of their material toys. In my case, I think my wife gives wonderful blowjobs. I can't very well run around in my professional world telling my cohorts about it, but I can use the anonymous nature of the internet to post a video of it and get feedback from members on how good they think she is.

That is what this site is for, but obviously you can't seem to get your mind around the idea. I'll say it one last time, and this is all I've wanted to do from the start -- (but I've been dealing with your unceasing nitpicking) -- if readers enjoy REAL amateur porn, they need to check the site out, plain and simple. It is my firm and honest belief that there are few, if any, porn sites offering a better experience on the web for anyone interested in such material.

11-18-07  01:59pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #12 - IDoctor99 :

> obviously you can't seem to get your mind around the idea.
No, the idea of the site is obvious (there is nothing really new about it BTW), it is you who can't seem to get your mind around the idea of THIS site, and the idea of THIS site is about unbiased reviews. And your so-called review cannot possibly be unbiased because there is your content on the site (moreover, originally you've put your ID in your "review"). You've wrote in one of your replies: "of course I want to promote it to others." - THIS site is NOT about PROMOTING anything; it is about sharing information.

> It is my firm and honest belief that there are few, if any, porn sites offering a better experience on the web for anyone interested in such material.
Even if it is firm and honest, it is biased.

11-18-07  02:21pm

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Apple (0) REPLY TO #13 - asmith12 :

sooooooo... aside from the fact that some of you may think this review is biased (which occurs to me is an inherent feature of a "review"), IDoctor is right about everything at the site. something he failed to mention, though, is the community that forms at newbienudes.

there is a very active message board, a couple of different chatrooms, and detailed profiles on the users, including little morsels like the ability to put a song in your profile voice greeting. occasionally we have competitions, there's a thorough verification process that allows you to know that the folks you are looking at are real and have consented. it's kind of like voyeurism/exhibitionism meets myspace.

there are some really foxy folks there, too: females, males, and couples. i'm not including my screenname here, so that you don't think i'm just trying to promote myself, but i'm happy to reveal it if you want another example of the members of NN.

i hope that even through your animosity over a perceived faux pas, you will all check out the site. asmith, i am guessing you already did... and if it's not for you that's fine. but a shill gets paid for posing as a customer. IDoctor is the one paying. that's how good the community is. thanks! -ms.apple

11-18-07  05:41pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #14 - Apple :

> which occurs to me is an inherent feature of a "review"
Nope :-). There is a subtle difference between "subjective" and "biased". It is like making an experiment in science - measurement errors are inevitable (like subjectiveness in reviews/ratings), bias (both in science and reviews) can and should be avoided.

The other points you're raising can be valid, and I should mention that if original IDoctor's review would be written in these words rather than in original infomercial style, it would probably face less opposition.

11-19-07  12:56am

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PU Staff
For the Record ...

We took a long look at this one and decided it did NOT violate our rules. While it's true, we do not allow webmasters or those associated with a site to submit reviews, we find that this is a bit of an unusual situation.

IDoctor obviously has a vested interested in how the site is perceived, however, we're categorizing that bias as we would that of an exuberant fan.

None of us here at PornUsers.com are new to overzealous fans coming and raving about a site. We've found this especially true when the site in question has a forum or live chat interface where equally zealous fans can be rallied.

As always, users here should use their own best judgement to determine when a reviewer's perspective is of value to them.

11-19-07  06:01am

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #16 - Khan :

Khan said:
"[W]e do not allow webmasters or those associated with a site to submit reviews..."

I'm saying:
"Are you serious?"

He came right out and said it - "I post pics and vids there of my wife and I in action..." If that isn't someone associated with a site, who is?.

I thought we were all here to rate porn sites - not for self-promotion. Even if iDoctor99 hadn't mentioned that he and his wife are on the site, I still would've been suspicious of his interest in the site because of the score he gave, along with the lack of details usually left with higher scoring sites.

11-19-07  03:24pm

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Apple (0) REPLY TO #17 - RagingBuddhist :

"If that isn't someone associated with a site, who is?"

nonetheless, the guy who determines the rules decided this post doesn't violate the rules. BUT, so that i don't just sound like i'm trying to piss anyone off...

YOU, RagingBuddhist, could post pictures of yourself at NewbieNudes, and there would be women (and men, perhaps) who would find you attractive (no matter what you look like) and comment on your pics and make you feel like a million bucks. especially if you get involved at all in the forums, where naked people become de-objectified, thereby making them 100% sexier and 100% more accessible and removing the slight twinge of guilt that the more altruistic of us feel when we look at mainstream porn. and that goes for any of you! it may not be new, but it is revolutionary, imagine a world where all the smarminess and underage-ness was taken out of porn. certainly that wouldn't be for everyone, but i bet it's for a whole lot of us!

11-19-07  08:26pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #17 - RagingBuddhist :

As we've said, this is a bit of an unusual situation. While the user does have input into the site by virtue of his uploading images, we've decided that, for the purpose of our rules, his involvement is not that of someone who has any real control over the site. We're allowing his review but encouraging users, such as yourself, to take his obvious bias into account when you determine if his remarks help you in any way.

Sorry if you don't agree with this course of action but its what we've decided is best in this situation.

11-20-07  04:55am

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