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Visit Pacino's Adventures

Pacino's Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - drop dead gorgeous teens
- all exclusive, I think
- incredibly helpful customer service
- excellent production
Cons: - poor searching features
- no categories, you choose a model and get to see the movies she's, though the photos pretty much tell you what you can expect
- the majority of videos are masturbation scenes and lesbian scenes, which many might take as a plus or a pro
Bottom Line: I should preface my review that I have a preference for South American young wimmin. I emailed them to ask if this what the site was all about and I was told about 80% are filmed in SA. Based on that, I joined. To my dismay, there was no searching tool to pick out the SA videos, and the hard core, i.e., non-masturbation or lesbo videos.

I emailed to ask about this and incredibly, the CSR send me a list of links, about 70, that fit my description. Wow, I never expected such service!

They upload a few videos a week, not worth it for a recurring membership, but definitely worthwhile if you like gorgeous amateur teens.

12-29-13  05:13am

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Visit Karla Spice

Karla Spice

No longer updating (ie, no more rotating content)

Just a note to say Karla's site is no longer rotating content and hasn't been updated since 11th February. I hope this isn't a sign the site will be taken down any time soon.

Obviously there haven't been any new updates for a good year-or-so but thought I might let people know so that they have the option of grabbing everything in case the site is closed.

My membership to the site has just ended, and it's still a great solo website, despite no new content (see my review for full details)

05-28-13  11:10am

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Visit GiGi Spice

GiGi Spice

Fake ones

This cute little model has changed....like so many others.
But this site has apparently not noticed...still the same ol' material, but Gigi Spice, aka Carolina Alvarez can't keep on being that young.
So now: new fake tits, new hairstyle and a bit more mature.

Found at few pics at and around a Lindapop.com site. Not easy to get to...can't place other links here, sorry..

08-24-12  10:41am

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Visit La Zona Modelos

La Zona Modelos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of Latin Teen Pass giving access to a network of 8 sites
Large archive of mostly exclusive content
Site still updating (but see also cons)
Latest photos a nice size at 1067 x1600 px
Zip downloads for newer photo sets
Firefox DTA works for grabbing the older unzipped photo sets
Multiple download options for videos
Model info provided
Videos have scene description, show date added and run time
Billing by CCBill
Cons: Regional pricing
Update schedule has slowed right down, recent and forthcoming update schedule shown as 1 new photo set every 2 weeks and no new videos have been added for 2 months.
Photo sets not date stamped apart from most recent updates on home page
Some duplication of content between company sites
About half the photo content doesnít have zip downloads
A lot of the content is non nude or topless only.
Oldest videos only have a single wmv download option
No file sizes listed for videos
No in browser streaming
No search or sort tools to help with navigation
Banner ads on virtually every page in memberís area
Bottom Line: This is a multi model site featuring a collection of over 120 models with the main themes being Latina teens in solo softcore action. Most of the models are in the 18 to early 20s age range with most of them originating from South America and a few US, European and UK based models here and there. The site has been online quite a number of years and originally started out as a non nude site but over time the content has become gradually more explicit with the newest content featuring full explicit nudity along with some masturbation and toy use with the odd bit of lesbian action here and there.

The navigation options are fairly limited with the only real way to explore all the content being via a nicely presented alphabetical model index which lists the models name with a nice 150 x 225 preview picture and clicking on that will take you to a page where you can find some basic info on her such as age, country, height and measurements along with a paragraph of background info on the model and shoots and a listing of all her photos and videos on the site. There are no other search or sort options for the models. The only other navigation category provided is a separate listing for videos in chronological order from the most recent added.
Whilst the latest photo sets come in a nice 1600px resolution that size is in the minority here, I would estimate somewhere around 80 to 90% of the photo content comes in sizes 798 x 1200 and 685 x 1024 px. Itís also hit and miss as to which sets have zip downloads. I was able to grab the unzipped sets with Down Them All but itís a lot more time consuming than simply downloading the zips. The site would be greatly improved if the owners would zip all the content for easy download.

Videos added since 2009 generally have a choice of 4 download option which are hi and low quality wmv, high quality quicktime mov and ipod mp4. The latest added video of Kami Li was in 1280 x 720 but sadly that is not the norm and was the only one I found in that size. The average spec for the hi quality wmvs was 720 x 540 @ 4000 kbps. There are currently 192 scenes in the main video section and they can range in time anything from around 5 to 20 minutes in length. The videos vary from behind the scenes photo shoot type to striptease with masturbation with or without toys. Some videos contain music and in some you get to hear the chit chat between model and photographer so itís a bit of a mixed bag really.

Most of this companyís models who also have their own solo sites such as GiGi Spice, Tania Spice, Natalia Spice etc also have content here so this is quite a good site if you want to check out all their models but donít want to pay out $25 -30 each on separate subscriptions to all their sites. Overall this is a fairly nice site for anyone who likes cute Latin teens and along with the bonus sites that make up the Latin Teen Pass there is a lot of content to see but you just need to be aware that much of it is very softcore or non nude.

06-25-12  07:12am

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Visit Cierra Spice

Cierra Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: One of the 8 sites that make up Latin Teen Pass which is included as a free bonus package when subscribing to other company sites such as Karla Spice, GiGi Spice etc
Exclusive content although 4 photo sets also are duplicated on La Zona Modelos but exclusive to this network I believe.
Fairly decent photo and video quality although not particularly hi res or hd
Zip downloads for all photo sets
Choice of 3 or 4 download options for videos
Billing by CCBill
Cons: Regional pricing outside US
No longer updating
Content not date stamped
No file sizes listed, scene descriptions or previews for the videos.
Bottom Line: This is the solo website of Latina model Cierra Spice who according to her site is a 19 year old college student from the US. She has long black hair, a nice petite body with smallish 34B breasts and a nice round booty. She also has a small tattoo just above her ankle which I hardly noticed. On her site you will see Cierra wearing various outfits usually followed by a striptease to full explicit nudity often followed by some masturbation and the use of toys. Itís all solo action here so you wonít see Cierra having sex with any other boys or girls.

In total Cierra has 94 photo sets (8889 photos) and 48 videos. The photos are mostly 797 x 1200 px in size and all sets have a zip download. Thereís a good mix of indoor and outdoor shoots and a good variety of outfits to stop them becoming too repetitive. Most of the videos give you 4 download options with a high and low quality wmv, a quicktime mov and ipod mp4 version. The high quality wmvs I downloaded were generally 720 x 540 with a bitrate of 4066 kbps. The videos range from about 6 to 15 minutes in length and often take the format of a question and answer session with the cameraman for 2 or 3 minutes while posing in a cute outfit, followed by stripping and masturbation. A few of the videos are simply films of the photo shoot.

This is now just an archived photo and video collection with no updates and no model interaction. The only extras are a few wallpapers, friends galleries and a journal which only has entries from February until September 2009 so I would guess there has been nothing new happening at the site for a couple of years.

06-12-12  06:17am

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Visit Pamela Spice

Pamela Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of the Latin Teen Pass giving you 8 sites for the price
Exclusive content
Nice photo quality
Zip downloads
Choice of video download options
Billing by CCBill
Cons: Expensive with regional pricing
An archive site, nothing new added for several years
No dates on the content
File sizes not shown
Brightly coloured medium sized watermark on photos is a little distracting
The colour looks a little washed out in some of the videos
Bottom Line: The Model: Pamela Spice is an incredibly cute 18 year old Latina from South America who has a youthful appearance, an all natural body with nice medium sized breasts and wears braces to complete the sweet innocent teen look.

The Content: Unlike some of the other sites in this network Pamela Spice contains full explicit nudity, masturbation and toy use. You will also see Pamela in some hardcore lesbian action with various girl friends including the use of toys and strap-ons. In addition there are some photo sets and videos featuring public flashing in a bar, restaurant, park, by the side of the road which is a niche I quite enjoy when I come across it but I have to admit I didnít find the flashing here particularly exciting or adventurous.

The Navigation: Pretty simple navigation really with just a separate listing for photos and videos which is really all you need for a solo site of this size.

The Photos: There are 68 photo sets (9865 pics), all photos are 798 x 1200 px in size and all come with a zip download. Thereís a good mix of indoor and outdoor shoots and they mostly start out with the model fully clothed. The outfits keep in line with the innocent teen theme and mostly consist of casual everyday type clothes. Expect to see lots of Jeans, sweat pants, jean skirts, shorts and t shirts and of course the obligatory school girl outfit. Donít expect to see any glamorous lingerie or stockings.

The Videos: A decent sized video collection for a solo site with 108 videos online. They give you 3 download options, a high and low quality wmv plus an ipod mp4 version. The average resolution of the high quality wmvs I checked out looks to be around 720 x 480 with approx 4000 kbps bitrate so they generally look ok on full screen. I did however notice the colour looked a bit washed out in some of the videos which I presume is the ďmilkyĒ effect Iíve seen Denner mention before in relation to Pacino videos. Each video comes with a screen cap, a scene description and shows the run time and they also provide a short preview video so you can get a fair idea of the videoís content before deciding to download.

Conclusion: Nothing has changed here since the previous reviews; itís just an archived photo and video collection, no updates, no model interaction and no extras apart from a few wallpapers and friends promo galleries. Pamela is probably my favourite model in this network so I was a little disappointed the photo collection was not larger. If you prefer videos you could possibly add 5 points to my score.

06-06-12  02:31am

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Visit Karla Spice

Karla Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good sized solo site with 310 photo sets (36,000 pics) and 138 videos.
Includes bonus site access to another 8 sites which make up Latin Teen Pass
Exclusive content
Nice quality photos and videos although not particularly hi res or hd by todayís standards.
Good variety of outfits and shoot locations
Choice of download options for newer videos
Some zip files.
Download manager (Download Them All) worked on grabbing the unzipped sets.
Billing by CCBill
Cons: Regional pricing making it expensive at $28
Very softcore, much of the content is non nude
Ugly watermark on photos
Half of the photo sets donít have zip downloads.
Older videos only have single wmv download option
Photos and videos not date stamped apart from recent updates on the home page.
Home page showing recent and forthcoming updates but I suspect rotating old sets out and bringing them back as updates going on here as the overall content count has not increased from older reviews.
No sign of any recent model interaction in the site
Bottom Line: This is the solo site of Latina model Karla Lopez from Venezuela, South America. Karla is absolutely stunning with long black hair, tanned skin and a super hot body with an amazing ass and fake breasts which Iím not normally a fan of. I believe the site has been online since around 2006 and with steady updates now boasts a sizable collection. I was under the impression this was now just an archive site so I was looking forward to being able to see Karlaís entire collection online so was a little surprised the first time I logged in to find the home page listing recent updates and forthcoming updates for this month. After working out the content count here is no greater than in TBPís 2010 review I can only conclude that they are recycling old sets as new updates although I canít swear to it never having been a member before.

Karla started out here as a non nude model and as such around two thirds of the content here is non nude before she eventually went topless in the latter updates. Itís mostly solo teasing and posing plus a few two girl shoots which feature some implied kissing and touching. There is absolutely no pussy whatsoever on display in the site.

Thereís a 50/50 split between the actual content quality with about half the photo collection coming in 800 x 1200px resolution complete with zip files and what I presume is the oldest part of the collection being at 683 x 1024px with no zips although I found I was able to grab these sets with DTA with a bit of fiddling around. With any solo site where you have such a large photo collection you need a good variety of outfits and locations to prevent boredom and repetition setting in and for the most part they do achieve this here. You get to see Karla wearing and stripping form a good assortment of outfits from casual jeans and t shirts to sexy dresses, nice lingerie, lots of tiny and string bikinis which she looks particularly hot in as well as some novelty outfits like a pirate, devil, police officer, nurse, schoolgirl and Indian girl to name a few. Thereís also plenty of variety in the shoot locations with plenty of stunning outdoor locations. Karla also has an amazingly expressive face that can carry off any look from sultry sex siren to naughty schoolgirl. At times when flicking through her photo sets in slideshow I found myself just laughing out loud at her changing facial expressions and goofy faces she was making and her playful personality really does shine through in both the photo sets and videos.

The main videos page gives you a listing of 50 videos which come with a choice of 4 download options, a high and low quality wmv, a high quality quicktime mov, and an ipod mp4 version. The high quality wmvs I checked out were 720 x 540 with a bitrate of 4066 kbps. If you click on video archive you are taken to a further selection of 88 videos which only have a single wmv download option which are similar in quality. Most of the videos Iíve watched seem to be behind the scenes type photo shoot videos but Karlaís personality makes them quite fun to watch. Usually they are between 2 to 5 minutes long but a few are longer.

It looks like Karla used to be quite active in the site with extras like a journal and Vlogs where she would interact with her fans but the last journal entry was July 2010 and I donít see anything else going on now. Other extras include some wallpapers and some friends galleries which are really just promos for other sites.

06-03-12  05:21pm

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Visit La Zona Modelos

La Zona Modelos

On Its Way Out? Looks That Way

When a site decreases the rate of updates, that's usually a sign that the site is on the way out. At one time this site had 2-3 updates per week. Recently however:

3/08 - video update
3/19 - gallery update
4/05 - gallery update
4/19-4/26 they were back to their former schedule with 3 updates, then
5/07 - gallery update and nothing new projected until 5/21 - and new updates are projected for 1 every 2 weeks.

For a multi-girl site, that's pretty paltry. It seems like almost all of Pacinos sites have become archive-only, so one would think that this would be the site he would focus his energy on to find new girls that, like Gigi or Karla, could become the focus of a successful solo-girl site. But, it doesn't seem to be the case.

05-18-12  08:29am

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Visit GiGi Spice

GiGi Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Gigi is a gorgeous, fun and flirty Latina babe
- Good balance of photos and videos
- Different formats and quality of video available
- ZIPs available for photo galleries
- Lots of behind-the-scenes style videos
- Less 'soft' than some of the Spice websites
- Bonus membership to eight websites
Cons: - No longer updating (last updated November 2011)
- Fairly repetitive, particularly the solo stuff
- The BJs and sex vids are a bit few and far between
- No bonus content or blog (like Karla's site)
- Misleading free tour
- Expensive
Bottom Line: If you are a fan of Karla Spice, then this is a natural progression with Gigi being all natural, but slightly harder in that she's fully nude and does BJs and sex scenes, along with G/G stuff and masturbation, too.

The free tour is pretty misleading in that it says it is updating weekly, while once inside it's clear it's not been updated since November 2011.

Another quibble as you join is the cost. $34 is EXTREMELY expensive for a website that is no longer updating. Yes, there are bonus websites, but they're sold as a 'bonus' websites, so Gigi's site in terms of value for money is pretty disappointing.

Once inside the website is easy to navigate. There's a videos section, photos section, plus downloadable wallpapers which are nicely done (as opposed to just being desktop-sized photos).

The videos section is pretty easy to navigate. There are 16 pages with ten videos on, all presented with a thumbnail, a paragraph about the video, and a button from which to download in a number of formats.

The formats are:

Preview (WMV)
MP4, approx 100mb
Low Speed (WMV), approx 100mb, 364x272
Super HQ (WMV), approx 400mb, 720x540
Ultra HD (WMV), approx 600mb, 1280x720

Ultra HD is only available for a handful of the most recent videos.

Content-wise it's a mix, but at the same time can be quite repetitive. About 5-10 of the videos are sex scenes, normally a mix of her having sex and sucking cock. They're pretty well shot, and she's a good performer.

The majority are G/G scenes, or solo strip and masturbation scenes. Some of the G/G scenes use strap-ons, and most masturbation scenes are her posing and then stripping before masturbating. A lot of the videos are split into two halves, so you'll generally get a strip video, then a masturbation video.

If you watch several masturbation videos you'll probably get the feeling of deja-vu, likewise with her B/G videos, they're pretty samey. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all really.

There are also a lot of candid videos. This is definitely one of the website's strengths in that you get a real taste of what Gigi's like. Whether she's posing in a lingerie store trying on different bras or rollerskating in public wearing tiny shorts and a tight vest while chatting with people in Spanish, it's definitely one of my favourite aspects of the website and gives it real personality. Obviously she keeps her clothes on in these videos, but you get an idea of her confidence and personality, and to me that counts for a lot.

For the expensive membership cost, there's a lot missing. Unlike Karla Spice's website, there's no journal/blog. Karla's website also has a Vlog which is missing from Gigi's. There's nothing like webcams, either.

Bonus content is good. Karla and Gigi are obviously La Zona's 'flagship models' as Karla isn't included with Gigi's membership and vice-versa.

Websites include several solo models (Cierra Spice, Pamela Spice, Maria Spice, Selena Spice and Bella Spice) along with Spice Teens, La Zona and Pacino's World*.

(* Pacino's World includes a lot of duplicated Gigi content, so bear that in mind before joining one or the other)

If you like Gigi, then you should like the other models too. La Zona definitely has a hot line-up of girls, even if sadly a few aren't updating any more.

Photo-wise, it's always welcome that you can download ZIPs, and photos are 1590px along their longest side. There are small watermarks but very unintrusive. Photo quality is very good with the beautiful Gigi against normally idyllic, tropical backgrounds.

Most of the photo sets compliment the videos and are around 100 photos. The videos and photos are shot at different times, so although photos go with the sets, you don't see Gigi posing for photos in the videos and the photos are properly posed-for.

The bottom line is that Gigi's site is very expensive, but pretty enjoyable. The videos and photos are all good, typical girl-next-door type of stuff, and the candid videos are a real asset. Quality-wise it impresses, however, the site is no longer updating, and beyond photos and videos, there's not much for your money.

01-10-12  12:59pm

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Visit Karla Spice

Karla Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Karla looks incredible - beautiful with hot body
- She is a great personality, fun, carefree and great tease
- Good balance of photos and videos
- Plenty of extras like Blog, Vlog, bonus sites etc
- Caters well for the strip-tease market
- Gorgeous locations with idyllic scenery
- Videos available in several formats
- Photo galleries have downloadable ZIPs
Cons: - Website is no longer updating with new content
- Older content isn't great quality
- Karla is only topless in the latter galleries
- Website is a bit on the pricey side
- Karla's boobs are fake and look quite 'bolt on'
Bottom Line: Karla has to take a lot of credit for this being such a good website. If god gave me a lump of clay and said 'carve the perfect woman', I think it would end up looking very similar to Karla.

She has luscious black hair, a beautiful, expressive face. She's slim with a flat belly, nice, tight ass and beautiful long legs. She also has massive boobs. They're fake, and LOOK fake, but I got over that fact pretty quickly.

Aside looking this hot, she is such a great performer. She's so much fun and such a personality. Her facial expressions, teasing with the camera - it adds so much character to the website. Considering it is no longer updating, you really get a taste of what it's like to be friends with Karla.

Similarly to Gigi Spice, the tour says there are weekly updates, which there aren't. The site hasn't been updated since November 2011, and the last updates were basically repeated content.

Her last 'real' gallery was her posing in a garden in a brown dress. Unlike a lot of websites it didn't die a slow, long, drawn-out death, there was no sign of Karla losing interest and becoming apathetic. I'd like to think she went on and did bigger and better things. She's actually quite well known in Venezuela and features in magazines and has been on TV at least once before.

At $28, Karla Spice is a bit on the pricey side, but for me it is a lot better value than Gigi Spice. Unlike Gigi's website, you can also enjoy journal, Vlog and guest galleries.

Navigation-wise, the site is divided into Pictures, Videos, Friends, Wallpapers, Journal, Vlogs and Bonus Sites.

Photo-wise there's about 400 galleries divided into 16 pages. Each gallery has around 100-200 photos. Photos are 1200px on their longest side and include a small graphical watermark. Some are a bit photoshop-heavy, but it's not too bad.

Karla wasn't always topless, so I would say the topless content accounts for about a third of the site, with the rest being implied topless (handbras etc) and a few instances of implied nudity too.

Many of the photoshoots take part in exotic locations, whether poolside or in beautiful lagoons. The rest is a mix of a very luxurious house or even places like the gym.

There are a few outfit galleries (Karla as a native Indian or a ship's captain etc), but a lot are her stripping from miniscule bikinis or even from everyday clothes. It's not the kind of site where she sluts it up and wears plastic stripper shoes, it's a lot classier than that.

Video-wise it's similar. There's about 50 great quality videos available in several formats.

MP4, approx 100mb
Low Speed (WMV), approx 100mb, 364x272
High Speed (WMV), approx 400mb, 720x540

Content-wise it's a mix of styles. Most are strip teases and her teasing viewers. She normally does a bit of dance, talking to the camera in Spanish (often subtitled). She's so exciting to watch.

In addition to this, there's also a video archive section with lower-quality videos available.

For me, Karla is definitely the site's strength both in looks and personality, and I'm really glad that Karla Spice's website exploits this fact.

The Journal section is basically a blog. It's actually really interesting, and I mean that. There's plenty of unique posts on there covering everything from her auditioning to be a model, her appearing on TV, her magazine appearances and trying to find places to shoot galleries. Lots of really nice, fun pictures too.

The Vlog section is also good. Lots of behind-the-scenes footage, Q&A with members answering questions that they ask (whether she'll go nude etc). This is VERY impressive. She isn't great at English, so everything is answered in Spanish with English subtitles.

You get bonus membership to 8 websites including: Cierra Spice, La Zona Modelos, Pamela Spice, Selena Spice, Spice Twins, Pacino's World, Mariah Spice and Bella Spice.

If you like Karla you should like them. None of the solo girls are as good as Karla, though, and Gigi Spice isn't included (although you can get discounted membership on join-up).

There's also a 'Friends' section with guest galleries including content from other La Zona models and more besides (Janessa Brazil, Misty Gates, Blueeyed Cass etc)

The fact the website is no longer updating is disappointing, but that doesn't take away from the fact Karla is fantastic and the website makes the most of her finest qualities.

It's easy to navigate, and although you can't get in touch with Karla any more, it is a fun website to be a member of as you really get to know Karla through the great mix of content.

I make no apologies for fawning over Karla. She adds so much to the site, and not only through looks. I'm really pleased that her website gives you a chance to *enjoy* her modelling career, however disappointingly short it was.

12-31-11  07:23am

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Visit Pamela Spice

Pamela Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Super-cute, young model
- Video and photos available
- Photos available in zips
- Multiple options for downloads
- Part of a small network of similar sites
- Some girl-girl scenes
- Supports download managers
- Decent download speeds
Cons: - Not updating
- Many of the other models on the network are topless only
- The only B/G hardcore scene costs extra
Bottom Line: First, please note that I agree with everything that exotics4me wrote in his recent review. Read that first if you want to join this site. My review will attempt to expand on a few things.

Iím not normally a big fan of solo girl sites. I find them boring and repetitive and they tend to have a shorter lifespan than many other kinds of sites. Iíve also been burned by a couple (notably Little April and Little Summer) due to the terrible quality of the videos. Then one day I noticed the picture that accompanies exotics4meís posts on the forum and I was hooked.

Pamela is an amazing looking young South or Central American model. She canít be much over 18 in many of the photos and videos and her youthful appearance is further accentuated by her braces. She appears solo in many scenes and also does a lot of girl-girl scenes. Both the pictures and videos are well lighted and shot. The other models she appears with in the girl-girl scenes are also attractive in the same way that Pamela is.

There is one boy-girl hardcore scene available, but in a greedy marketing twist the site sells that separately. I like Pamela, but not enough to spend $20 for a 13 minute video of her having sex.

Exotics4me notes that several of the videos feature some exhibitionism. Thatís correct, but Iíd characterize it as Ďexhibitionism-lite.í It isnít promoted as being one of the reasons for joining, but there are some scenes of her teasing a bit in public places. But the exhibitionism is fairly tame and I wouldnít recommend taking a membership for that reason alone.

The site is part of a small network of that includes access to six similar sites. The additional sites are also small and donít appear to be updating. At least two of the sites (Selena Spice and Spice Twins) donít even feature full nudity. Theyíre topless only with a thong or some other covering on the naughty bits. The additional models are attractive and young, but I think that Pamela is the best looking of all of them.

The technical bits are pretty simple given the small size of the site. There are 68 photo sets (zips available, 798x1200 resolution) and 108 videos. The videos are available in three formats: Super HQ, MP4 and Low Speed Video. I downloaded only the ďSuper HQĒ size and found that while they may have been industry standard when they were shot, they certainly arenít now. Theyíre all 720x480 with the bitrates ranging from 2000 to 8700kbps. The technical description mostly applies to the other sites on the network too.

Pamela Spice is definitely good looking and fits my usual style of model that I like. If you like young looking models you might be happy with a membership. The girl-girl stuff, the minimal exhibitionism and the additional sites all contribute to the value of the membership, but given that there are no updates I wouldnít call this a good value. Thatís not to say you shouldnít join, but just join with your eyes open.

05-15-11  11:55am

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Visit Pamela Spice

Pamela Spice

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Can be joined through her site and includes 8 bonus sites for $24.95, will explain the better deal, in my opinion, in bottom line.
- 68 photo sets, 1200x798 resolution, all are zipped.
- 109 videos, 720x480, 3000-4000 bitrate
- Mostly solo, plenty of exhibitionism and some girl/girl. There's a catch on the boy/girl content.
- Pamela is a highly charismatic model, she smiles a lot, she giggles, she gets visibly excited when she shows off her body in public, she's playful and as someone who is married to a Latina, Pamela still has the cutest English accent I've heard. Maybe it's the things she says, don't know, but the biggest con is going to be that she no longer is modeling.
- All of her content has stayed on my hard drive since I downloaded it, no deletes and I still go back to it often. Some of these scenes give you a feeling that you're not going to see anything like them again.
- One of the few solo models who doesn't seem to take herself too seriously.
Cons: - No updates in 2 years
- Would have liked more picture sets and more exhibitionism in her videos.
- The general con theme here is more, more, more.
- The one real con, Pacino did record one hardcore scene of him and Pamela, but it costs $20 to download it in addition to your membership. I don't know if he will ever decide to add that one into the regular content or not.
Bottom Line: I had said I wasn't going to review this site, but after realizing how much I go back to the content and realizing there are no reviews on it, I thought there should be one since it touches on a niche.

First, Pamela is a very young looking model, from South America. She does have braces, which could be a pro or con for you. She looks really tiny, but once out of her clothes she has a really nice, natural build. Not for sure if she would be a C cup, but pretty close and has the curvy Latina butt. It's hard to tell, but I'm thinking at first Pacino was going to use her more as a barely legal model. Quite a bit of her content plays to her "innocent" look, pigtails, knee-socks, etc...

Her masturbation sets are very believable, she does vaginal and anal masturbation in some. She has several girl/girl videos and like most of Pacino's models, she really seems to enjoy the girl/girl sets, especially the ones with the equally pretty Karen.

What sets Pamela apart though is her exhibitionist side, the innocence gone naughty, she does it as well as any model. A few examples, one set is in a busy bar, it's dim and she flashes her boobs at least 6-7 times with people walking right by. She has a couple of park scenes where she sits on a wall in a skirt and slides her panties over while people walk by, even touches herself in parts and makes comments about, "my pussy is wet". The believability of her sets is as high as any model I've seen. These exhibitionist sets contribute to the credibility of her other sets.

The bad news is that she isn't modeling anymore and hasn't been since 2008.

The good news is, you can join Pacino's Adventures, which is updating and has HD content of Latina amateur models and Pamela's site is included as a bonus site. For someone that has never joined Pacino's Adventures this is a great deal since I personally think Pamela's site alone would be worth joining for one month for the exhibitionism lover.

You can join through Pamela's site for $5 less and it does include the good site La Zona Modelos, and 5-6 other solo model sites Pacino has had that have stopped updating. It's hard to call it a network since all of these sites have been standalone sites at one point or another.

The video specs aren't great, but they are DVD quality and look good enough.

I would recommend it to exhibitionism fans just by itself. It's hard to make an estimate, but I'm saying a minimum of 1/4 of the videos have exhibitionism in them. These stand out because of the look of naughty, trying to be innocent, joy on her face. Some of it seems completely spontaneous too. Very good masturbation model too, the masturbation in the sex toy store is as hot as any solo scene I've seen.

It's probably not for everyone, some of the exhibitionism videos may take 3-4 minutes before you see any skin. Exhibitionism fans probably already expect that, but thought I would mention it. I recommend joining through Pacino's Adventures and getting it as a bonus site.

04-11-11  06:17pm

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Visit Natalia Spice

Natalia Spice

Pacino's greatest find?

Pacino is known for bringing in a lot of amateur Latina models, mostly or all, based out of South America. While my membership is running out to his Pacino's Adventures site, I happened to notice a new site added to his family sites. This Natalia Spice is quite incredible! I've not joined it yet, but probably am going to. From the join page it does show Tania Spice's solo site as one of the bonus sites. It had been a standalone site there for awhile, so that's a bonus if you're a fan of Tania and wanted her content away from Pacino's Adventures. I'm curious to see how much content of Natalia there is since I'm not familiar with her and she looks to have a near perfect, all-natural Latina body and the previews confirm g/g sets, masturbation, so if not this month, I'll join it next month. Kind of reminds me of Sativa Rose from her earlier days. Though it's unlikely, anybody tried it yet?

03-28-11  07:02pm

Replies (3)
Visit Pamela Spice

Pamela Spice

Exhibitionist Fans

I didn't see a reason for a review since this site is now considered free as part of the Pacino's Adventures sites, but it's still worth noting. This site, I assume, used to be a standalone solo site. Pamela Spice is the model and she's a very cute, traditional Latina model with all-natural body. There's more under those clothes than my eyes realized.

The numbers, to me, are quite impressive for a bonus site. A total of 109 videos, 68 photo sets for a total of 25.7 GB. The videos are 720x480, pictures are only 1200 long end, but are zipped.

Where the site separates itself from most solo sites are the exhibitionist scenes. This is a rough estimate when I say at least 1/4 of the scenes involve exhibitionism. If you're a fan of exhibitionism then you know what I'm talking about when I see you can "see" how much of an exhibitionist she is. She really gets into these scenes and does everything possible to at least get a nipple slip even with a bar full of people.

A few more examples of the exhibitionism. One scene has her behind the guardrail of a very busy highway, full flashing and touching herself as cars go by. One is in a bar/club and that one even has a few pantyless upskirts and boob flashing. One is in broad daylight on the front dining area of a restaurant though she doesn't get to show much since the patrons keep walking in and out. One is having a breakfast at a restaurant that includes full flashing, upskirt pulling panties over as staff members are walking around. Several in parks with people walking by. Though not really a typical exhibitionism scene, the one in the taxi is one of the best. The driver is focused and she is masturbating in the backseat complete with moans.

This ended up being my favorite of the Pacino sites and she's become my favorite of his regular models.

12-13-10  03:17pm

Replies (0)
Visit Tania Spice

Tania Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Roughly 2/3 of content is not included with Pacino's Adventures.
- Picked up as cross-sell trial with Pacino's Adventures for $4.95 for 3 days, full access.
- May be a couple off, but showing 93 photo sets, 94 videos.
- Weekly update, don't know if these are just sets Pacino has stashed or not.
- Pics are zipped and are 1200 long end on about 60% of pic sets and 1600 long end on the other 40%.
- Covers basic sex niches, solo, girl/girl, boy/girl and girl/girl/girl.
- Bonus sites are hit or miss, same bonus sites as Pacino's Adventures. La Zona Modelos is an above average bonus site and surprising to me, Pam Spice is a bonus site, surprising since she is my favorite of the Pacino models.
- Video quality has some variance and not really for sure the rhyme or reason to it since some of the older videos are 1440 high end in res, while some of the newer are only 720 high end.
- Over 10,000 pictures of Tania, full site is 38.2 GB.
Cons: - Guessing the tech staff thought it would be easier to start the name of each video with ts, for Tania Spice, then the name of the video. The videos that are more than one part, occasionally two parts, are not in order since ts are the first two letters in every video filename.
- Can't say I would join this site for $29.95, really nice as a trial when combined with monthly sub to Pacino's Adventures.
- Pacino is big on the outfits, costumes, only problem is, all of his models use the same outfits, costumes, themes so there is a chance for redundancy which is a shame since his models are very good at tease/strip.
- Just not big enough to be a standalone site, should be included in with the bonus sites on Pacino's Adventures
Bottom Line: I have mixed emotions on all of Pacino's sites. This one doesn't change that. I like the technical quality, wish the pictures were a little bigger, but they are at least at a minimum 1200 long end and are zipped. Considering the varying tech quality of the videos not being based on date of release, it is probably safe to say he shoots or shot the solo models he has, maybe for a year, then they left and he's just slowly releasing the content.

It's interesting how a video released 5 weeks ago is 720 long end, while one released last year was 1440 long end. It's not so much a criticism as it is a heads up, maybe positively or negatively depending on taste, to potential members since the model, in this case Tania, doesn't look much older in her newest set as she did in her oldest set.

The girls with solo sites working with Pacino are also quite different. Tania is one of the more hardcore models he has. She does everything including anal. At first, when I first saw her back on Pacino's Adventures, I wasn't for sure if I would be that much into her because of the braces on her teeth. However, considering the fact that many of these models come from impoverished countries, I can see the other side that says her family probably couldn't afford braces when she was younger.

In terms of personality, she's almost as playful at Gigi Spice. Really pretty hair, no matter which color and as Spencer said in the TBP review, she has a great set of natural boobs. As would be expected, she also has a nice full butt as well. Tania does speak some English in a few of the videos. I don't think she's as much into the girl/girl scenes as Gigi, but she's very good at solo and also in the boy/girl scenes with Pacino.

The settings/themes vary from the expected schoolgirl to baseball player to football player to bathtub to police officer to taxi driver to the unexpected road construction crew worker. So much variation in fact, I think you could put most of Pacino's sites into a costume type genre which is why I wish there was more focus and higher resolution on the pictures.

Like with his other sites Pacino doesn't get in the way like most males in porn. He's rarely heard and if he is, it's not with words like "bitch" or the typical male porn star stereotype. He's rather laid-back and seems to have a calming effect on the models.

Overall, it's a good site, for the $5/3 days cross sell with Pacino's Adventures, it's an excellent deal. However, since it is still a standalone site at $30/month, it's not recommended as a join by itself. Which leads me back to the mixed emotions I started with. If you're joining Pacino's Adventures, the flagship site and get the offer for Tania's solo site, I do recommend it. It took me a day to download the videos and pictures from it and considering her attractiveness, she's very collectible and has several solo sets that end in dripping orgasms.

As trial with PA, recommended
As standalone, not recommended

11-15-10  12:42am

Replies (10)
Visit GiGi Spice

GiGi Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Gigi is an amazingly hot model with a superb body and look.

The photo sets are of a high image resolution quality as are the videos.
Cons: Lame repetative and boring for the most part. Apart from a few sets, mostly the same.

Bonus sites are very very lame and unimaginative.
Bottom Line: I was left feeling very disappointed by this site. Theres no doubt that Gigi is absolutely stunning and hot beyond belief, I had seen some very arousing pics of her floating around the internet so decided to join her site. Those hot pictures I spoke about are in there but are very few and far between as most photo sets are very lame and my biggest disappointment is that the photo sets are very repetitive, with whole pages of photographs looking the same. I was not looking for hardcore and like solo theme sites but this really lacked imagination and effort on the part of the photographer.
The ability to download zip sets is good but is let down by the amount of photos in the sets that just look exactly the same and wastes your ispís download allowance.
Gigiís pics are high quality to view as are her videos but content is very limited and updates do not appear as frequently as you would expect. The video selection mirrors the photo themes in content, so what you see as photos you get as video.
One thing that also attracted me to Gigi Spice was the additional 8 bonus sites including La Zona Modelos but 7 of these were unbelievably dull, so dull in fact, I have not downloaded any of their content at all and the 8th site La Zona Modelos itself, which looked the better site is down at the time of writing this review 23.09.2010 and just comes up with an error message telling me to contact the webmaster as the site is faulty.
The Proís are Gigi herself who is unbelievably hot and the image quality.
The Conís are that overall the site and especially the bonus sites are very boring and just not worth the money. 60/100

09-22-10  03:21pm

Replies (1)
Visit La Zona Modelos

La Zona Modelos

Any current members

Just curious to find out what any current members think of the site? Zip files and quality of videos and media players.

05-17-10  05:44pm

Replies (3)
Visit GiGi Spice

GiGi Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Gigi Spice's solo site, comes with access to 8 other sites, including 6 exclusive solo girl sites, one non-exclusive site and the best of the bonus sites La Zona Modelos.
- Gigi's content's quality is a bit mixed, the photos max out at 1200 long end though you can get some of the same sets on Pacino's Adventures in 1600 long end quality. All sets are zipped.
- Videos all have top quality of 1280x720 with 6000+ bitrates. Also have lesser quality smaller video files available.
- Nice mixture on Gigi's content of solo, boy/girl hardcore and girl/girl
- Navigation is simple, click photo or videos and the page opens with thumbs to each set.
- Download speed is a little faster than Pacino's Adventures, reaching roughly 95% of my max DL speed.
- All content on Gigi's site is exclusive to Pacino's network.
- She's about as playful and cute as I've seen from a Latina in porn, speaks English, but usually speaks seductively in Spanish. Great video model.
Cons: - First problem, part of these videos and picture sets are also available on Pacino's Adventures. Not just a few, but more like 33% of them. Seeing that I joined both this site and Pacino's Adventures at $30 each, it needs to be mentioned.
- As Pink Panther noted, Gigi is not the best photo model, she is great when in action and moving around, but some of her actions just don't translate well in photos like licking her lips in 5 straight shots. Probably is as much the photographer's fault since she seems very open to anything.
- Not for sure if it is really updating. The newest content is also available on Pacino's Adventures so they may just be bringing content from that site to here as new.
Bottom Line: I want to note that I removed 5 points off the Pacino's Adventures score since one of the major draws for me was Gigi's content and I now find out it is shared with this site. I'm sure it was done to bloat the numbers of this site.

Next problem, though I didn't list it in cons, the videos, not all, but some, are parts. I didn't list in cons since these are very long videos with very high quality. Even in parts, one has 3 parts and each part is 15 minutes at 700 MB for 1 part. So as a whole it would be 45 minutes at 2.1 GB. It does reduce the number of full scenes to, estimating, 60.

The good parts, Gigi is very cute and playful. This really shows in her videos. She is dancing in one before she even realizes she is on the camera, she laughs a lot, smiles, good eye contact with the camera and then there is the dirty talk. She has the nice, sultry Spanish accent and attitude for it as well. Think of a much less annoying Rosie Perez. She is convincing that she really is getting off. There is some squirting in her videos that looks to be of the real variety. More spurt than steady stream. She giggles when she squirts as well. Some seem to even catch her off guard. She'll kind of look at the floor in front of her to make sure she squirted and smile.

The girl/girl content is good as well. She has one with another of Pacino's models where both are masturbating together. She looks to accidentally pee trying to push a squirting orgasm out and just starts cracking up. The look is one that says, "Oh well, already started peeing, might as well finish".

Her boy/girl content with Pacino is also good. There is a lot of serious kissing between them, which makes for more, good, believable videos.

I'm pretty sure the newer updates are from Pacino's Adventures. She has also showed up on a few other glam sites with implants. None of the content here has the implanted boobs. If this site was added to Pacino's Adventures as a bonus site, I would consider that the best Latina deal on the internet. As it is, knowing that 1/3 of this content is available on Pacino's Adventures, it takes away a little from both sites.

Still, very little to complain about when we're talking all videos on Gigi's site being HD. As of right now, I have less than half the content downloaded and am already over 25 GB, so the quality is high as is the focus on the content, Gigi. Pictures could be bigger, while the repetitive photos of the same pose for multiple pictures is a bit annoying, the photos are generally entertaining.

I went into a little more detail on the bonus sites in the Pacino's Adventures review, all are ok with La Zona Modelos standing out as the best of those.

Overall, I see this site as a 1 time join, unless Gigi comes back. It's one of the better solo sites and she's an excellent performer. For fans, a recommended join, if not a fan, I would say try Pacino's Adventures and watch a few of her videos there before joining this site.

04-06-10  06:56am

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Visit Pacino's Adventures

Pacino's Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very good site that includes access to a network of Latin models.
- Total of 9 sites included in membership, 8 are exclusive, Pacino's Adventures is a blend of solo, girl/girl and boy/girl hardcore and is exclusive. The 7 other exclusive sites feature 6 models and their friends. The other one Pacino's World is not exclusive from what I can see.
- Gigi Spice is an absolute doll. Lots of content of her here. Sadly have to buy separate membership to her solo site to get all of her content.
- Tech quality on newest updates goes like this, videos 1440x1080 w/6500+ bitrate. Pics are 1600 long end and come zipped. The older videos are 720 high end and are good enough for me, pics never go below 1200 on oldest sets.
- Two updates on this site per week, pic/video/screenshot in each update.
- Good DL speed, around 90% of my max DL speed
- For the most part nicely laid out navigation
- Around 65 models as of 3-27-10, multiple sets for most. Also plenty of fresh, never before seen models.
Cons: - Would be in for a long time if Gigi's solo site was included in the network.
- Had a few downloads break during download, but the files are still there. Seemed to be more a connection issue, could have been my side. Re-downloads went fine.
- One of the sites, Pacino's World, looks to be a non-exclusive site of just various models. Wouldn't have noticed until I saw 3 sets of Eve Angel that are on almost all non-exclusive sites.
Bottom Line: Not for sure why I hadn't joined this site earlier. My best guess is that it wasn't a network at one point and some of the solo model sites included are non-nude or topless only. Not that that is a bad thing, it probably was just pushed aside while I was looking for nude sites.

There are roughly 65 models on Pacino's Adventures and I've downloaded 60 of them. Gigi Spice is the star for me, Emy Reyes is also on here, she's one of the few models I had seen on other sites. Most of these models are new to me and nearly all are very pretty, nice bodies and not a lot of shyness either. The language could be a problem for some since it isn't English, but there are English subtitles for the important moments.

Pacino himself is the only male on the site. That could be a problem for some, but I think he does a good job of keeping himself off the camera as much as possible. He has a low voice so it's not the male screeching that many pornos have.

Tech quality is very good, those 1440x1080 videos look nice. Everything is arranged well. Model index, each model has her own page with all of her photo sets and videos on it.

The only real down for me is the exclusion of Gigi Spice's solo site. The way it works, Pacino's Adventures, Gigi Spice, Tania Spice and Karla Spice are like the flagship sites. When you join any of these you get La Zona Modelos, Pacino's World, Cierra Spice, Pamela Spice, Spice Twins, Selena Spice, Mariah Spice and Bella Spice. All of these sites are very good, but you're still going to need to buy multiple memberships if you want say Pacino's Adventures and Gigi Spice's solo site. Those four flagship ones never are included with one of the other flagship ones that I can see.

Not too bad of a deal since you still can get a dozen or more sets of each of those models on Pacino's Adventures and La Zona Modelos to see if you would want to pay another $30 for their solo sites.
Some of the more tame/less nude sets are still highly erotic. The bodies on these models are mostly curvy below the waist and smaller on the top half. Gigi looks to have about a 24 inch waist and 38 inch hips with 34B breasts. I didn't see any implants on any of the models, there are some tattoos, but most likely those are cultural ones not the kind just to look like everyone else. I was a bit surprised to see a white model in one of the recent updates, but I'm estimating 98% are Latina. Updates on the bonus sites are hard to tell much about. Most of those network sites are not dated on the updates so I wouldn't know if those are updating.

La Zona Modelos updates look to be 4 per week.
Pacino's Adventures updates every 3-4 days with the full photo/video/screencap update on each of those.

The solo ones are a little hard to tell, but there is a ton of content overall.

I'll go as far as saying it's the best Latina network/site out today. The exclusivity of the sets and fresh, new models also helps a lot. Highly recommended.

03-29-10  12:44pm

Replies (9)
Visit Pacino's Adventures

Pacino's Adventures


I don't want to pay 30% more. So I never join a web if CCBILL tries to charge me this 30% because I am European (so they earn this amount in the money exchange). Be careful because sometimes they just show price "29,95 or 23,90" without $ or Ä symbol. I prefer to ask for secondary billing company or, very simple, not join

03-19-10  05:43pm

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Visit Karla Spice

Karla Spice

Karla Done With Site? Updates Cut In Half

Karla's site has gone to a new pic set every 2 weeks, rather than every week, which was the norm for a while. The rumor is that she stopped working with the site at the end of 2009, so they now have to stretch remaining new content for as long as they have it.

Since the webmasters haven't responded to the thread in a forum that they have previously participated in and responded to, I think the rumor is most likely true.

A warning to members and prospective members - the updates have been cut in half and may have a complete end before too long.

It's the problem with solo-girl sites - if the model decides she's done with it, then that's it.

Megan Summers, who used to have a site with Phil Flash, was supposed to have her new site go live this past Monday. She told her new webmaster over the weekend that she was done with modelling and didn't want the site to go up or any of the new material to go out publicly. He was classy about it and just agreed to her wishes, but I bet he had sunk a fair amount of time and money into getting the site ready for the launch.

02-27-10  11:19am

Replies (0)
Visit La Zona Modelos

La Zona Modelos

Now with easteuro models???????

This is really strange - the La Zona Modelos latina-sites are doing a switch - still more easteuro-models are the newer updates.
I like easteuro-models, as well as latinas - so this COULD be good - apart from one major item:
WHY do this latina site NOW take these non-exclusive vids in - instead of hanging on to the exclusive latina-material???????


ANY answer, webmaster?

02-03-10  07:14am

Replies (2)
Visit Selena Spice

Selena Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - This girl has a great ass. I wish all young slender woman had shapely butts like selena
- Exclusive content
- Access to network of 7 other sites
- No DRM and no apparent daily limit.
Cons: - Flash ads on nearly every page
- Not a huge amount of content
- Video and photo resolution needs to improve
- Very soft/tame
- NO zip downloads of photosets
- Camera work isn't great
- No interaction with the model
- Only one video format (wmv)
Bottom Line: I've been looking at this site for some time, and decided to join after hearing you got bonus access to the company's other sites. I'm not sure when that started, but I don't believe it was always that way. Anyway this chick Selena has one hell of an ass for a thin to average size girl. The photos and vids do focus on her best asset too. This is a softcore site. She gets topless and wears tiny panties that barely cover her cooch, but she doesn't go any further. Sometimes she's a little shy about showing her tits. No masturbation either. Come on! Why not? The pics and vids consist of her on a set or sometimes outside stripping out of little outfits.

I counted 95 photosets and 43 vids. This site is still being updated at the time of my review. Updates come about twice a week. They tend to be photo updates. It looks like they only add 2 new videos a month.

joing this site gives you access to:
Cierra Spice
La Zona Modelos
Pamela Spice
Spice Twins
Pacino's World
Mariah Spice
Bella Spice

Most of them are softcore with similar models.

Videos are 720x480 with bitrates between 700kbps and 1800kbps. All full scene, all wmv. That's acceptable, but in these days I expect better. The watermark is text and in the corner.

Photos are 681x1024 and are slightly airbrushed. There is also a medium size, but whatever it is it's way too small. No zips for the photosets. Too bad. Also the navigation button images were broken.

I found the videos to be a little dull. It's mostly her posing or standing there and the camera zooming in and out between cuts when she takes off her top and shorts. I guess there's not much you can do when you don't take your panties off or even touch yourself. Also, they were too short. I don't believe any were bigger than 40 MB.

I guess I enjoyed this site. I liked Selena and I liked the sites in the network. It needs work. Hopefully the quality improves and Selena gets a little more daring. Maybe she could do webcam shows like most softcore models. This is very soft content, so if you don't care for topless only sites, stay away. If you are like me and you like this girl's body and can deal with softcore, just keep what I said about the quality and content in mind. I'm going to give this the lowest possible "might recommend" score.

12-30-09  03:19am

Replies (2)
Visit Pacino's Adventures

Pacino's Adventures


This is - or COULD - very well be one the the best latingirl-sites around.
And it's getting better since I was here last in 2007/2008.
The main thing then was the blurred/milky videos (something like the older Penthouse-ditto, but not quite).
Those video-qualities are getting A BIT better - but still nowhere near the crisp thing that's on site like DDF or 21-Sextury - or a lot others.
The best thing about the site was the exclusive girls here - real latins - no fakes, no almost US-latins ect.
NOW they have models who are Euro latin look-alike and ditto US...
But take a look - they got a very decent preview...

11-25-09  07:40am

Replies (0)
Visit Tania Spice

Tania Spice


imo that content isn`t exclusive. you can see much of the content at pachinos as i can remember

08-31-09  09:26am

Replies (1)

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