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Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

Another fisting site bites the dust

Hasn't updated since August of last year, and even before that the updates were only coming once every couple of months for awhile. Seems the only sites still around that regularly update is Teachmefisting and Filthyandfisting

Follow-Up - 12-08-13:

I will add that while the site has been updating again, all content is recycled now. There have been no new updates on this site in at least a year.

01-09-13  04:10pm

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Visit Moms Teaching Teens

Moms Teaching Teens

Anyone know if these movies are featured anywhere else

Just asking if anyone has come across these movies on another site. Pantsmulligan comment below says that they have and in better quality but doesn't mention where. Anyone any clues?

06-10-12  07:00am

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Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

There you have it

Entirely brilliant opening line in Spencer's TBP review today:

‘Brutal Fisting is up for review today, and I don't know if there's technically a distinction between brutal and non-brutal fisting, since most fisting seems pretty brutal to me, but there you have it.’

Fisting really isn't my thing, but that kind of writeup does bring a smile to my face...

06-04-12  03:31am

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + great if you're into girls and huge dildos
+ A LOT of sexy girls
+ Videos in HD = great quality
+ user friendly/you can add scenes to your favorites allowing for easy follow up and dload
+ dload the whole movie or parts of it
+ vaginal and anal
+ free extra sites : Mother Teaching Teens, Huge Strapon Lesbians, Brutal Fisting are amongst the best
Cons: - older videos are of poor quality
- not updated frequently
- alot of women lack emotions and/or don't seem to enjoy what they are doing
- too many close ups; it's almost always the same camera angles
- for feet lovers, you barely see any feet for they are always out of the camera range
Bottom Line: I really enjoyed my membership with Brutal Dildos. I in fact registered twice. Site is ultra easy to navigate, the scenes are super easy to preview, easy download, easy acces to the free sites, GREAT content, HD files range between 1go to 3go. A lot of quality content. I just wish there were more updates, and maybe a little more known pornstars. Good billing practise and easy to cancel. Enjoy! =)

03-28-12  07:33pm

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Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +All exclusif content.
+All videos can be downloaded in WMV or MP4 and they offer HD 1920x1080 content for all of them.
+You can download all photosets as a complete zip file and resolution is 1200x800.
+You get access to 8 other sites
+They have a good selection of models and this is the only place you'll see them do this type of content.
+Content is all dated.
Cons: -They only update about twice per month so it's still a small site with only 44 videos.
-Only two of the other sites are still updating.
-They have a pretty awful preview section and that makes it hard to get a good feeling of what's available inside.
Bottom Line: *This is a pretty extreme fetish so the number of performers willing to do it is rare but these guys still manage to hire certain girls that you wouldn't expect to be doing this and to appear like they enjoy it. Even more when you consider that 15 of them also do anal fisting which is even more extreme.

*The videos are well shot so you aren't limited to only a few angles during the action. That's appreciated during the penetration because you get to see the face of the performer and that adds to the heat of the scene. They also like to shoot from various positions and that's a plus.

*The one thing they need to work on is updating more often.*

**Since this type of fetish is pretty exteme then I can only recommend it to those that are into it. If you enjoy teach me fisting then you should enjoy this one.**

03-27-12  10:46am

Replies (3)
Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +414 videos and they add a new one each week.
+All videos can be dowloaded in multiple formats like WMV and MP4 and resolution is at least 640x360.
+They started offering HD quality videos in 2010 so you can now download the 100 most recent ones in 1920x1080.
+They have 414 photosets and they can all be downloaded as a complete zip file. Resolution for the last 100 sets is 1200x800.
+They have a surprisingly wide variety of models.
+You get access to 8 other sites.
+Content for this site appears to be all exclusif.
Cons: -Resoution for 300 of their videos is at best 640x360.
-Resolution for 300 of their phototsets is 560x840.
-Although you get access to 9 other sites. Only 3 of them are still updating.
**Many of the toys are huge so less a con and more a warning for anyone looking for midcore style penetration.**
Bottom Line: *I got a special offer to join for 20$ so it was hard to pass up. It's not that 30$ is a high price to pay but the content is on the extreme side of things and I'm not always in the mood for that kind of porn.

*The most surprising thing about this site and some of the other in the network is that you don't expect all of their models to do such extreme penetration and I'm not just talking about vaginal either. They use some really big toys which is a plus for me but I have to be in the mood otherwise the content is too extreme and I don't enjoy it. The only sites that are still updating are brutal fisting and huge strapon lesbians. These sites share many of the same models so it's not unusual to see a model on all 3 sites. I'm also pretty sure that the content on the sites that are no longer updating is not exclusif.

*If you are in the mood for extreme penetration than this site and 2 of the other in the network should more than satisfy your needs but if you like midcore style penetration then stay away because you will really hate what you see.*

**I think they should really work on the preview sections because this would greatly help anyone visiting for the first time to see that they are still upodating and what you get for your money.**

03-26-12  09:01am

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Visit Moms Teaching Teens

Moms Teaching Teens

Very weak site

Poor quality downloads. Much of this sites content (and it's bonus sites) has been available (in better quality) on many other sites.

02-21-12  08:03pm

Replies (2)
Visit Prolapse Party

Prolapse Party

Just when you think you have seen it all...

I have seen a lot of very extreme stuff in porn, I even like the harder stuff, but never in all my ~20 years as a perv have I seen something quite like ProlapseParty.com. I am not judging it but seeing stuff like this on a mainstream pay site makes me wonder if anything is beyond the pale anymore?

12-15-11  03:25am

Replies (7)
Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

Updates coming slower and slower.

Just a heads up, seems the Brutal guys are slowing down updates big time in their network, especially on this site. Huge Strapon Lesbians has also had this happen to an extent, but it's gotten really bad on Brutal fisting - with updates now coming every 3 weeks to a month.

12-04-11  07:43pm

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Visit Mobile Brutal Dildos

Mobile Brutal Dildos

Just what I need when out and about...

Granted I'm likely missing the point since I'd never bother to look at porn on my phone... but is there really such a demand for, er, brutal dildo action, that folk need it when mobile?

11-04-11  12:26am

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Visit Anal Dildo Lesbians

Anal Dildo Lesbians

First impression

Well the name says it all. You get two girl a dildo and anal sex :)

They have around 40 scenes and most of the action is okay. The models are more on the average side of a hotness scale, but the few scenes that I've watched so far looked pretty decent. We have some strap-ons, some double headed dildos and some more or less enthusiastic girls. Some scenes are very hot with the girls licking each other while some feel like an older model teaching the younger girl about dildos. Overall there is enough variation here that it should keep you busy for a few weeks. (I also liked the fact that several of the girls wear high heels and stockings to bed :)

The big drawback for me was that the highest quality they have is 640 WMV and some scenes are only 448 mpg. I also had some odd color issues with some scenes, the girls skin looking strange (might be my codecs or something, but I didn't have an issue with the content on the rest of the network). Finally, the images are not the best quality and the last update was from 2008, with not many chances of more updates coming anytime soon.

The good part is that the rest of the network has similar lesbian content so there is that.

09-24-11  01:00pm

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Visit Brutal Anal Sex

Brutal Anal Sex


I won't bother with a full review of this site since most of the scenes were hard to download/ view. The site looks very outdated and most content is only available as clips. So one scene can be anywhere from 3 different clips to 8 clips. This, combined with the navigation killed the site for me from the get go. It's basically a huge black page with a photo of the scenes, you have to click each one to get more details and then you can download the clips, which are not the best quality. They also have images on some of the scenes, but no zipped archives

On the positive side they do have a lot of scenes (over 120) and they are pretty brutal. From the few clips I downloaded the action is high energy and the girls get a good anal pounding.

That being said you could probably find better quality content on numerous other sites (try Videobox for similar content but in much better resolutions)

09-24-11  12:36pm

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Visit Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - 26 scenes with Russian model Sasha Rose doing all the basic and not so basic stuff (solo masturbation scenes, fisting, regular hardcore sex as well as anal and double anal penetration, lesbian action as well as lesbian fisting)
- Videos are all good quality with multiple size options and formats to chose from HD- 1920x1080
SD- 640x480 and WMV or MP4.
- Images are available as zipped and are decent quality at around 1200x800. There are around 170 images per set and overall they look decent/ aren't just thumbnails.
- The site had great download speeds, no log-out periods, no issues navigating and overall it probably has the nicest interface of the whole network.
- The Bonus feature is a joke, but you do get access to several network sites that still update pretty often.
- There is a members forum where you can report issues and in theory could communicate with Sasha. (t would be awesome if it worked)
Cons: - The last update on the site was 10.10.2010 and I don't think we'll see much stuff here in the near future.
- The forum, while a potentially nice bonus is devoid of life and Sahsa only posted on it 6 times total.
- The whole strength of a solo site is the girl offering new and unique content. While the scenes here are exclusive they are not incredibly unique (except for one or two). A membership with many other networks will get you similar stuff from Sasha. Some of the outfits here are nice (a hot pair of heels here and a nice corset there) but simply not enough different content to warrant joining this particular site.
- The network sites are nice but several of them are old and don't update anymore (Dildo sex machine last updated in 2009, Brutal anal sex doesn't have dates but is old. Extream Kream updated this year but irregularly, anal dildo lesbians last updated in 2008)
- They have adds in the member's area
Bottom Line: I love Sasha Rose. I loved her since I first found her sets on Teencorenetwork. She does anal, fisting and even double anal and makes it look effortless and fun. She has a great body and gorgeous lips, overall she is one of my favorites so joining a site dedicated to her sounded like a great idea.

While I usually don't care very much for sites dedicated to just one particular porn star I've had some good experiences in the past. Membership to a solo site usually means some live chats, maybe a forum or journal of sorts and even if the model herself is not posting someone pretending to be her does, which is the most you can ask for really :).

I remember solo sites where the girl would upload random photos of herself every day, answer questions regularly and auction off bits of her clothing or just give it away, you could make special requests for a certain type of outfit or scene and she would deliver. I even remember one site where the community convinced the girl to finally try anal. Overall what I'm saying is that if you're not going to promise hundreds of different hot girls but just one you have to make sure that one girl caters to her fans.

This site at a first look appears to do just that. Sure, most of the videos are pretty average sex scenes, but you also get some unique and exotic content: a milk enema video, a peeing scene that is very tastefully done. We get some interesting outfits (black leather jacket and white stockings anyone?) In the beginning Sasha was posting in the forums and they were taking requests for what the next scene was going to be. Everything seemed to be going great.

Then it all stopped. No updates, no one answers the forums anymore, it's like a ghost town in there. The first thing in the member's area is a banner proclaiming they will update weekly. There are dozens of users asking when those updates are supposed to happen and dead silence since 2010. It's like a slap in the face.

The site looks great, it navigates very easily and has a ton of nice features (each scene is dated, rating buttons for each scene, easy to preview the action and even easier to download stuff) Sasha looks awesome and she does very hardcore stuff, but nonetheless the webmasters dropped the ball in the worst way possible. It almost feels like Sahsa decided to leave the network and they had a huge fight or something.

Now don't get me wrong the content that is here is not bad, in fact it looks great, but except for a few videos, you can get the same type of scenes on a dozen other sites that will also have a lot more scenes.

I would have loved to see some backstage stuff, some interviews (I know she doesn't speak English, but subtitles or a translator) something to make more of a connection with Sasha. They only have the same type of porn I can get at 21sextury and teencoreclub and on top of it all they aren't even updating anymore.

The network itself is not bad, they have a few sites that are still updating regularly and a bunch that have older videos/ clips. But I wouldn't join just for Sasha's site. If some of their lesbian/ dildo content on the other sites looks incredible and you're already in the network Sasha is a nice bonus, but otherwise it's simply not worth it.

Check out brutal dildos, huge strap-on lesbians, moms teaching teens or brutal fisting before deciding on this network (those are all sites that still update regularly and have significant amount of content). Those sites bundled into the package also drive the score up from a 60 for this site to a 69 overall package value.

09-24-11  12:21pm

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Visit Huge Strapon Lesbians

Huge Strapon Lesbians

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - They have 126 scenes with updates seeming to come very regularly around every 10 days.
- By far one of the best sites in the network.
- New videos available in 1920 WMV 640 WMV or MP4, older stuff is around 640 WMV and 480 MP4. Images are around 1,200px × 799px and are available as zipped archives.
- A lot of good looking models. Compared to BrutalDildo which is also available in the network this site is a huge improvement. I'd say with maybe 3 exceptions we have only gorgeous Russian models.
- Very hardcore content. They have massive anal gaping, fisting and double anal penetrations. The focus of the site is on the strap-ons and girls fucking other girls with a strap-on, not so much tender lesbian love.
- Girls seem into it. None of the scenes I saw felt forced/ uncomfortable. Then again many of the models are well known anal porn stars (Sasha, Aspen, Isabell)
- Great download speeds, no problems navigating or downloading content
Cons: - Some scenes feel very different/ some inconsistencies, not necessarily bad, just a bit odd (see the bottom line for details)
- More navigation features would be nice. While the site is usable, right now you can only browse the archive by date added, times viewed or if there is vaginal or anal. A model directory would be nice especially as the site grows.
- The rest of the network is rather a let down after seeing this site. As is the bonus content.
- There are adds inside the member area.
- Some of the choices in models are questionable, especially in the older content. For the most part we have young looking, hot girls, but once in a while you get a very mature looking woman who shouldn't really be on this site.
- Some models don't seem into the lesbian aspect of the scenes, if you don't care about girls kissing/ giving head to each other this shouldn't be a big loss.
Bottom Line: I actually joined this network for the Brutaldildos website, which I already reviewed a while back, however this site was an incredible surprise. The content here is by far the best in the network and it's overall pretty awesome.

They update very regularly and have some very hot models, they even got Monica to do a very good lesbian scene and Aspen (one of my favorites) is in a threesome. For the most part the content is great and almost everything added recently is looking awesome at 1920 WMV. Oh, by recently added I mean anything since mid 2009 so probably 100 or so videos, not a bad deal if you ask me.

The photos (more recent ones especially, sadly here I mean only a handful of the more recent stuff) are also pretty good looking and introduce both girls separately before the sex scene (they both strip solo before they get each other naked and bring the toys in). Overall while images are not a main focus I still found most of the sets good enough to save.

Basically what I'm saying is that technically speaking the quality of the scenes is great.

The site also allows for relatively easy navigation and while more options to search for a scene or a more detailed scene description would be nice it all works for now. The ability to quickly select anal or vaginal scenes is the very least they could have offered and works well enough. However as the site grows they need to get a serious face lift.

So now to the most important part, the actual content of the scenes, which is very varied, some scenes are completely silent while in some the girls speak very accented English while getting fucked. Some scenes are very passionate and look more like Lezcuties material while some are straight to the toys and play more like anal acrobats or no rest for the ass. Sometimes the girls suck on the dildos and moan in pleasure (which for me is incredibly frustrating... it's a piece of plastic for God's sake) while in others they seem to be more focused on the other girl and rubbing her while they fist her ass. Some scenes the girls are all naked while in a bunch they keep on some clothes, shoes or stockings.

What I'm trying to say is that overall it's hard to know what you're getting in a scene and this can be either good or bad depending on what you expect. I listed this inconsistency in style as a negative right now, but if you easily get bored with one type of scene this can be a great positive. I for one was just caught a bit off guard and wished for a more detailed description or at least some thumbnails that could describe the action before I downloaded the video. (Technically I guess I could stream everything, but the flash streaming app is not the highest quality. It works, but it's a bit blurry)

Either way, for the most part both girls get fucked in each scene, although usually one does vaginal while the other does anal (there is a pretty heavy skew towards anal videos here, btw.) Also most scenes end a bit abruptly as there is no cumshot (as expected), so we get a fade to black while one girl vigorously rubs the plastic penis or sits there with her mouth open, half licking the strap-on as if they're confused as to what's going to happen next

I mean correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like most of the Lezcuties stuff ended with the girls making out while smiling satisfied as if they had all just orgasm-ed, and Analacrobats has milk enemas or some other crazy stuff towards the end.I know it's asking probably too much, but they could probably fake an orgasm or wave to the camera and walk out of the room or so do something that is not a complete anti-climax.

Okay, okay I'm probably too demanding (and I won't take away from the score for this subjective pet peeve of mine) I at the end of the day these girls are very pretty and they do incredible things with huge dildos. One girl even sticks a bottle inside her anus and makes it look like she's having a great time.

So despite any of my complaining this site is a must see for anyone who loves anal toys and Russian models. It's intense, hot and has great models. Throw in brutal dildos which is pretty similar and you have a good combo (although don't expect much from the rest of the network as the other sites seem to have stopped updating. The Sasha Rose one is good, but doesn't have a lot of content and hasn't been updated since 2010)

Anyhow, while a bit on the pricy side I say it's well worth checking out.

09-21-11  10:02pm

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 390 scenes (120 anal an the rest lesbian or vaginal) (Potentially way more videos with the network membership but had some errors, see bellow)
- Both American and Russian models of good quality :) What other site offers Aspen and Chastity on the same page?
- Earliest content is from 2005, but there seem to be a lot more recent updates, with several videos posted this year (07 of 2011 seems to have been a great time for them) (However the updates seem completely random)
- Very hot and very extreme action. I wouldn't say they are better than anal acrobats, but the site is up there. Great close-ups of massive gape, a lot of ass to mouth and indeed brutal dildos
- Very good looking models who truly seem to enjoy the action.
-Decent options when it comes to downloads (1920 WMV to 640 mp4 or mpg, although older content is just 640 and 320) Overall all the scenes I looked at were very decently lit and played well. Photos are zipped and good quality
Cons: - The main issue I had with the site was in the network area. For example the lesbian section of the site actually leads to huge strap-on lesbians site. This doesn't mean that brutal dildos doesn't have lesbian content it's just categorized under the solo archive. This would be fine if the links worked properly, but half the time trying to go to a different site in the network lead to me getting a big error and having to log back in. Which also meant that all the downloads I had going were canceled. In the end the webmaster was nice about it, but so far the issue is still not really fixed.

- Speaking of content being categorized wrong, there is no real way to sort through the scenes. You get a vaginal or anal dildo checkbox but that is it. No way to select the age of the model (which ranges quite a lot) or if she's Russian or American

- To make things worse the bonus pics and movies are a joke. Old content that looks dated and is hard to navigate.
Bottom Line: So what is the bottom line? The site promises brutal dildo action and delivers it plenty. Sure there are some quirks with the network and sure some of the models might not be the hottest girls on the planet (especially the older updates have some really questionable girls) but damn the site delivers.

Each video is about 20 minutes and they tend to start with the girls stripping a bit, playing with themselves and generally getting ready. Then we get one or two huge novelty dildos and depending on the video we get to see some incredible vaginal stretching or some massive anal gape. For the most part the girls seem really into it and suck the dildos periodically, play with themselves and look into the camera often enough. Also it's nice to see them riding the dildos and look really excited.
The enthusiasm of the girls is what really sells this site. I've been a member of many hardcore and anal sites and very often you get a girl that looks bored or uncomfortable, not here sir. This is one of those few sites where the models all seem into it and the fact that they do the insertions themselves seems to make most girls a lot more comfortable and open. Great job in that aspect.

So far the site seems great, enthusiasm, great action, decent videos, hot models (again, the more recent ones are great, with a few hidden gems in the archive) however there are several flaws that bring the score down.

One of the flaws inherent in a dildo site is that some scenes will simply look fake, when a girl kisses the balls of the dildo, trying to look sexy it sadly seems mostly stupid. I get that they should lick the dildos but why do they have to pretend it's a real cock? Also since no one is really cumming in these shots most scenes kinda just end. Some girls try to seem satisfied, but some just look the same and the video cuts to black. A bit more acting towards the end could really help some of these scenes.

Also for a site that is all about extreme insertions you get a surprisingly little amount of DP or variety among the toys (I swear I started to recognize the dildos from one scene to the other) I guess I'm a bit spoiled by Analacrobats, the ultimate when it comes to anal and dildos, but it just felt like this site could benefit from a bit of creativity. At least many of the models have stockings and cute outfits so that somewhat redeems things.

Finally one other thing that bothered me about content was that some "recent" updates are clearly older material (given away by both in the way the models look and act as well as the lack of a HD version of the video) I guess that is bound to happen but I still felt a bit cheated. To make things just a bit worse I found one or two videos from other sites. No big deal but a bit of a shame really.

I already mentioned that I had some connectivity issues with some sites in the network not automatically logging me in (most worked fine, but once it a while I'd get a bad cookie or something) Also, like I mentioned the bonus pic and movie section is mostly some very poor quality jpegs and some old DVD's that are really a let down.

But enough with the negative stuff. Like I said for the most part the site delivers and the network helps make it a decent deal, especially if you're bored with boy girl hardcore sex and you have most of Anal Acrobats already. There are some great scenes here and while you're bound to recognize many of the models they are still cute and willing to do some pretty crazy stuff for your entertainment.

Before you join do make sure you're okay with extreme dildo action. If you're troubled by girls gaping orifices, ass to mouth and other generally intense sex this is not for you.

09-09-11  11:36pm

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Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

Type of action?

Do they go right into the fisting or is there a bit of foreplay?
I noticed there are pictures depicting anal as well as vaginal fisting, what's the ratio of anal vs vaginal fisting?
Is it all girl on girl?

04-06-11  03:27am

Replies (2)
Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Reasonably good 1080P high def video
+ Multiple choice video quality downloads
+ Very good download speeds
+ No regional pricing
+ No DRM
+ Content dated
+ Exclusive content
+ Very attractive girls
+ Each update comes with matching picture set
+ Network access
+ Zipped pictures
Cons: - Interface is very basic, again just pages of videos
- Only 12 videos, totaling approx 4 hours 45 mins of video
- Video quality could be better
Bottom Line: Another tough one for me to rate was this. The fact that only 12 videos are available is pretty awful and negatively impacts the score but then you are given network access to other great sites such as extremekream.com, brutaldildos.com, analdildolesbians.com and others which brings the score back up again. But I have been a member of other network sites a few times in the past so I have already got a lot of the content on my hard drives, score back down again. But I do like the girls on this site and the content itself is great, female double anal fisting is not something you see very often. You guessed it, score back up. Next influencing factor is the video quality, while it is 1080P HD at 8mbit/sec bitrate it has been poorly encoded giving a lot of scenes grainy artifacts and not the crisp quality that networks like 21sextury can produce, even at lower bitrates. Points back off. The last big influence on the score is the updates, or should I say lack of updates. After a short floury during early February when all of the 12 videos were added a few days apart there have been no updates whatsoever. That's almost 2 months without a single video being added. Lots of points off for that one.

I feel I am going to have to put some caveats on the final score and again provide some alternate scores for different situations. If you have never been a member of the network, I would give the site a solid 75. The score is still on the low side because by joining a fisting site you obviously want to see fisting videos. The fact that only 12 are available cannot be escaped even though the amount and quality of content from the other network sites is generally very good. If, however, like me you have already tasted what the network has to offer then the content it provides does not add enough value. If they regularly update the site it will definitely be worth joining in maybe six months time but unfortunately as mentioned above, regular updates are not forthcoming. As it stands I find it hard to recommend except to newcomers to the network.

04-03-11  06:31am

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos


Site seems to be limited to 2 simultaneous connections, each connection being limited to 8 mbit/s. As they have 1080P video its going to take forever to download from this site :(

02-03-11  02:21am

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

No Review.
01-10-11  05:05pm

Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Extreme content
*High-quality videos
*Decent models
Cons: *Slow downloads
*Old content is of a lower quality
*Potential website glitch
Bottom Line: Extremely big dildos... check. Hot girls willing to take said dildos in both holes... check. Extreme action with said dildos and said girls... check.

Based on the size of the "brutal" dildos used, there's little doubt that this website falls under the extreme sex category.

The problem with most extreme sex websites is that they usually aren't as extreme as they advertise themselves to be, and the featured girls usually aren't in the upper echelon of the aesthetically pleasing department.

Not so with Brutal Dildos. The action is very extreme, not only due to the sheer size of the dildos used, but also the velocity at which their used.

A lot of the girls featured on Brutal Dildos are actually mainstream porn actresses. That's really a breath of fresh air, if you ask me. If you've been around the porn block long enough, you've probably noticed that the actresses that perform in the extreme porn genre are either age-challenged, weight-challenged, looks-challenged or all of the above. Not so with the girls featured on Brutal Dildos - most of them are actually very hot.

Besides the dildos, the quality of the videos, the download speed and the website experience (for lack of a better term) are also brutal. That's to say, they take away from the overall enjoyment of the website.

The quality of videos is average compared to the quality of videos on other adult sites. That in itself is not a deal breaker in my opinion. What is a deal breaker, however, is the download speed.

Videos take a very long time to download. Even though I have a fast Internet connection, the videos don't download at speeds anywhere near to what my connection speed is capable of.

I'm not a website expert, so I don't know how to technically describe what I'm about to say, but... something just ain't right with the website. As I mentioned above, the download speed is very slow. In addition to that, the website is slow to navigate, and after being a member for months, all of a sudden one day, I was unable to successfully log in, even after multiple attempts (which consequently caused me to cancel my membership).

Overall, Brutal Dildos is a good website for those of you fancy the extreme stuff.

07-26-10  01:49pm

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Visit Huge Strapon Lesbians

Huge Strapon Lesbians

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -They currently have 76 scenes(all dated).
-They update with one new scene per week.
-Access to 6 other sites.
-Movies can be downloaded in parts or whole.
-Videos com in 640 & 1920 WMV as well as 640 MP4.
-You can use a download manager.
-The performers are all identified with their proper name.
-The toys used do match the name of the site.
-Photosets can be downloaded in zip format.
Cons: -The only way to search for a scene is by it's date, the type sex (vag/anal) and it's score.
-Although you get 6 other sites. Only 3 of those may still be updating with new content.
-The photosets have a resolution of 1200 x 800 but they appear more like teaser material than an actual desire to satisfy their customer.
-The price is pretty steap for what you get.
-Older content on the other sites is of poor quality and looks very dated.
Bottom Line: This site belongs to the same people that own norestfortheass or they use the same director locations and performers. I was a recent member of N.R.F.T.A so the similarities in content, performers and styly is obvious. I can't prove it but I think they saw an opportunity to make more money by stopping to update content on one or more of their network and creating this new site with that content. I would have prefered paying a couple of dollars more and getting this content with my norestfortheass membership.

I think that only brutal dildos and maybe Sasha Rose are still updating but the prior is again content that could and should have been added to the N.R.F.T.A network and not this one.

If you like Girl/Girl action with huge toys that penetrate vaginas and anus than you will be satified.

To be avoided with anyone looking for serious passion between the performers. Some were able to portray it but most missed theboat.

06-25-10  08:22pm

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Visit Huge Strapon Lesbians

Huge Strapon Lesbians

No longer updating weekly.

The site now updates every week and a half to close to 2 week time. Rather frustrating really.

06-13-10  06:04pm

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Massive dildos, enthusiastic girls, and extreme penetrations in all holes. Great action in general, anal scenes in particular are delightful.
* High quality videos (DRM free) which can be streamed or downloaded (in full or in parts) in a few formats (WMV, MP4, flash). Most recent videos are 1920 res (HD) which is excellent to see, earlier vids are at 640.
* High resolution photos for each scene (almost always 1200x800px landscape or 800x1200 portrait)
* About 300 solo scenes on offer stemming back to 2005
* Access to a good number bonus sites including Huge Strapon Lesbians, Sasha Rose, and several others focusing on Anal, Dildos, Lesbians etc. You also get access to bonus DVDs and pics which are mainly in the 'extreme penetrations' category.
* Billing with Epoch and CCBill.
* Regular weekly updates
Cons: * Variable attractiveness of models, although this has generally improved with recent updates.
* Billing with Epoch needs fixing; if you live in EU they charge you €29.99 which obviously isn't the same as the $29.99 they advertise. If you encounter the same problem, join with the alternative biller (CCBill) instead.
* Main page is slightly misleading as it advertises lesbian scenes as part of Brutal Dildos which are in fact featured on its sister site. Not a big issue though as you get access to it as part of your membership.
* Members area is a bit tacky in design and the search function could be improved as you currently can't insert names or keywords you might be looking for.
* Older videos from '06/'05 are of poorer quality, but again not a big issue because that's only to be expected.
Bottom Line: Huge dildos and extreme penetrations - the basic premise of the website is fantastic. There's something very appealing about girls stretching their holes and having a lot of fun in doing so. It's why I joined the website previously back in '07, only to eventually leave because the quantity and quality could have done with more improvement.

Coming back now and having had some time to mull over the changes I'm really pleased that they've continued to update consistently, have introduced new toys into the mix, and have included many more anal scenes. The majority of the action is still pussy oriented, and I think the balance on the whole is good. The newest movies are of very high quality and a treat to watch; pics are of good resolution and there are always several video formats for each scene. You get a lot of bonus stuff too to keep things relatively interesting, and you'll probably find yourself spending a fair bit of time on Huge Strapon Lesbians as it features excellent raunchy action.

There are some small negatives about the website as mentioned above. They could make browsing a bit more pleasant and the quality of models could still improve further. If they want to really compete with the leading sites online they'd probably have to bring the picture quality up a notch. I would personally like to see more frequent updates as well, but having remained consistent over the years is to their credit. All in all these are fairly minor critiques - if you like girls mounting big dildos, then this fits the bill and it's definitely worth subscribing to.

05-11-10  08:54am

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Site looks to have improved...

I joined this site a few years ago and the action is great, I'm impressed that they're still regularly updating and they've really increased the amount of anal content in particular it seems. Will definitely rejoin soon and let you guys know what I think!

05-06-10  08:09pm

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Seems that: Many of the "FULL MOVIE" downloads won't Index

I joined the site yesterday and have only downloaded five videos so far. But of the five, two of them would not index upon viewing them. The "Gina" and the "Hellizabeth" are the ones I found with this problem so far. To fix this I had to download the smaller video segments and then combine them, that's a pain in the butt.

Maybe I just got un-lucky and these are the only two FULL VIDEOS that won't index but that is not very likely. The guys at Brutal Dildos should REALLY test run all their videos and make sure they are not damaged before posting them.

*** UPDATE ***

I just saw MargulisAZ's comment in his review, where he says:


1. Downloads are problematic and don't always finish. This is very annoying and frustrating. This happens especially when trying to download a whole movie.


This could be the reason the two videos I mentioned were not indexing. If they did not fully download, that would cause them to NOT index. I didn't notice their file sizes. If that's the case then the videos are not damaged but Brutal Dildos' server has a problem and is cutting out before the entire video downloads. Either way, they need to fix it.

09-20-09  04:08pm

Replies (7)

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