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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Hot girls
Lots of existing content
Daily updates - pic and video
Great looking video - very high res
Great looking pics - very high res
Site ownership that cares deeply about the members' opinions
New elements that indicate that the future is bright
Very easy and clear site navigation
Fast download times for zips and vids
Cons: Overall site design could be "prettier"
Bottom Line: If you like slender, shaved young women with small, natural breasts, ALS Scan is heaven.

The vids and pics on this site are just glorious. The management of the site are consistently looking for new ways to make the site better and more exciting, they consistently seek feedback from the members and will reply substantively to e-mails. The thing that I love about this site is that there is an appreciation for the multiple aspects of what makes a young woman hot - her silliness, her sexual heat, her hints of shy-ness, her tomboy aspects, etc. You can see that all on display here, especially in the wonderful, long high res vids, many of which have a behind-the-scenes character, where you get to see these gorgeous young women really relax and share themselves with you.

I consider this to be a wonderful site.

01-10-07  08:49pm

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Visit Babelicious


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Gorgeous models in great sexy photosets, well-photographed
Galleries viewable - and downloadable - in 3 sizes - 1000, 2000 and 2500 pixels for most sets, some larger if I remember correctly
Great looking site - really attractive
Lots of opportunity to rate photosets, vids, models and to see highest rated photosets, vids, models as a result
Excellent, really seamless navigation
Consistent, clearly documented updating
Fine network of bonus sites with membership
Cons: Um, I don't know - the models don't jump off the computer and fuck you?

Seriously, I can't think of any Cons, so I'll give 2 suggestions for other elements that could make this fine site even more exciting:

1) Periodic live events - web cam shows archived for members that can't make the original broadcast
2) HD Video - I would love to see these models in even higher res video
Bottom Line: If you're looking for hard-core stuff, you're not going to find it here - nor do they advertise it as being here. But if you love gorgeous women photographed in the sun where you get to see them up-close and personal, this site is very exciting and sexy. I assume that the material here is a mix of exclusive & non-exclusive. What matters to me is that it is excellent material. They seem to be going for a very sunny vibe. The site design is pink pastel and the photosets & vids tend to also be very light and sunny - lots of poolside stuff - all of which I love when I'm seeing models this gorgeous. I was excited by this site the first day I saw it and I find myself excited by this site every day I go back to it. That's rare and it's a sign of a great site. The people who run it seem to be very engaged with their customers & I hope that this continues.
I highly recommend this site.

03-17-07  09:01am

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Visit Babes.tv


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Consistent updates, 6 days a week, Vids posted Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Photo sets posted Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
100% Exclusive Content
Very responsive Customer Service
Lots of models that I really like
A Unique personality to the site
Cons: If you're not joining using any "Special"s, the $29.95 price would be high

The navigation is idiosyncratic. You can be looking for particular photo-sets and not seeing them in the "Pictures" area, becaus the site categorizes them as Behind The Scenes sets.

If you're into only the most prime-cut models, the affection of the site for models, such as Jade Hsu, that are a bit out of shape, may be a real turn-off for you - this is more a warning than a real "Con", since it's a matter of taste
Bottom Line: The bottom line is this: I really like this site because there's a real personality to this site.

The creative people involved in this site really like sex. They like sweaty sex. They like sex with women that smoke and drink too much and don't take care of themselves as well as they should, but are fucking banshees in the sack.

There are a lot of sites out there with the most prime-cut models that appear on this site, such as Monika Vesela, who is a real beauty that I'm happy to see all over.

But hardly anyone is posting sets of Jade Hsu these days because she's a bit out of shape. You see less of Brittany Skye these days because she's getting a tad heavy.

You know what? These women radiate sex! These women are fucking hot and the creative team involved in this site are smart enough to appreciate that and so we get to see them here.

The regular price is high here, but if you've had any membership at any of their other sites, they periodically send out e-mails inviting you to join this site at a reduced price of $19.95.

At that price, this site is a good deal because there is real artistry here and that's never anything to spit at, though if you were spitting in the mouth of the sexy Jade Hsu, she'd probably like it and spit right back - I don't know about you, but I'd find that a tremendous turn-on!

07-04-07  11:14am

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Visit Clara G

Clara G

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-30-09  06:07pm  (Update History)
Reason: forgot something
Pros: Huge-ass vids that look great - really sharp - real HD

Pics are also large and sharp and look good

Clara-G is a babe
Cons: Raul Christian is a major turn-off. When it comes to rough sex, I have my radar turned way up, which I believe is appropriate, because if men are going to be treating women roughly, you have to be fairly certain that it's consensual play and not abuse - and Raul C comes off to me as an abusive asshole - and when I see Clara G flinch when he shoves her before she collects herself and puts on a smile, I feel a little sick.

No updates lately. What the fuck? This site hasn't won me over enough to leave me in the lurch update-wise and there haven't been any updates since I joined.

There are no longer any bonus sites as part of your membership, so they eliminated that extra value at the same time that the rate of their updates fell of a cliff.

Download speeds are slow - and if you just leave your system running with a download manager, the downloads break off before they are done.
Bottom Line: Update or shut the fucking site down is my attitude here.

Since the end of July, there have been 4 updates to this site and they are all just archives of live shows. That's crap, in my book.

Clara G herself is a hot babe and left to her own devices, doing a solo scene or doing a scene with a single babe that she's hot for, she can do great stuff. Why that couldn't result in at least weekly updates to this site is beyond me, so I have to say that there is no justification.

While this site promotes itself as being the wildest of the wild, it's really not. Sunny Leone is not one of the wilder porn babes in the universe and Clara G is flat-out not creative enough to get a wild scene out of her.

This site proves the brilliance of John Stagliano to me, who brings in enough wild cards so that he can almost always get things to that next level of excitement and make you go "ooooooohhhhh". Clara G is nowhere near that level of creativity and her scenes don't have that feel of danger, of newness of flying without a net - except her solo scenes and some moments of her interactions with really wild babes, such as Sasha Grey.

I can't recommend this site, though I was able to get it at quite a decent price, because if you start to sign up for the site, fill out the first page that includes your e-mail address, but don't follow through the rest of the "join", they'll e-mail an offer to join for $19.95 for a month. Still scenes don't excite me in any consistent way.

Plus a site that has files as huge as this one does ought to have servers that can effect downloads of at least 400 kbs/second - at least if you're using a download manager. This site does not deliver that in any consistent way.

My advice to anyone attracted to the type of material that this site promises - join Buttman.com and you'll have Jay Sin's excellent site as well as a dozen or so other updates per week or join the Evil Angel premium addition to Videobox and you'll be assured several updates per week.

This site should get it together or shut down.

10-30-09  06:04pm

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Visit Crissy Moran

Crissy Moran

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Crissy is hot!
While Crissy is now retired, the site is still adding 1 photoset a week
Nice variety of Crissy material - a whole section of her fetish material - several bondage photosets - plus lez and some material of Crissy having hetero sex - seeing her incredible bootie bouncing while she's being fucked is a sweet sight!
Lots of bonus sites - LonnieWaters.com, NataliaCruze.com, AmateursGoneBad.com & GlamourGirlsGoneBad.com
Cons: Crissy is retired. When it comes to a site focused on a particular model and that model is retired, well the level of interaction with that model is going to be nil - of course, that is the case with this site.
b/g Hard-core material is limited - 6 photosets and 2 vids
Non-exclusive content. There is not a lot of exclusive content in this whole collection of sites. Probably the AmateursGoneBad.com stuff has been seen the least - and they have some hot stuff there - Nautica Thorn for example
Bottom Line: If you've got a jones for Crissy and you haven't been a member of sites such as Twisty's or SexyBabes.tv, you're going to be more impressed than if you have seen her work at those other sites, because you'll have seen a lot of the stuff here before.

But with the sheer quantity of quality content available through joining this site, I've got to give it at least an 80 - If you've got the mind-set where bonus sites count to value, there's quite a bit of value here - I was happy to see the number of porn star shoots included in the AmateurGirls site - these are sets with lower production values, of course, but when you're talking about babes as hot as Nautica Thorn, for example, it's fun to see her simpler photo sets.

On the other hand, the lack of exclusive content is keeping me from staying past 2 months - virtually everything here is out there far and wide on other sites - for people who aren't members of other sites, this is a fine place to find it.

Navigation is simple - very few bells and whistles. Some links on Crissy's site are glitchy.

If Crissy ever decides that being a devout Christian and showing us her fine bod aren't a huge contradiction or she just misses being naughty, I for one will welcome this hot babe back with completely open arms. Crissy is hot!

05-28-07  10:46am

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Visit Digital Angel Girls

Digital Angel Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This site has the archive of Sexy Teen Sandy, including pics, vids and webcam shows
Some of the newer models are hot
Cons: The main page is completely dishonest:

There are NO live shows
While I'm not looking for Ipod vids, I also consider it completely dishonest when a site advertises them on the home page and doesn't have them anywhere that I can see
The site goes for periods of time with no updates at all
There is no support - e-mails with questions about updates, etc, may as well be sent to your aunt Martha - the one who doesn't own a computer - for all the response you're going to get
Bottom Line: If you're in love with Sandy and want to see her earlier stuff, this is the place to see it all and at least they haven't eliminated any.

Whenever a star model leaves a company like this, it's a challenge to replace her with other models that will draw people in - all the more reason, I think, to be honest about what you're promising people.

This site started out well after Sandy left, adding frequent updates, as promised of various models, then it started getting all freaky - sometimes whole sections of pics of new models wouldn't even be available.

This is not a dependable site. It's being dishonestly promoted and handled in a clumsy and stupid way.

I can't recommend it to anyone that doesn't crave frustration at this point, though they have the foundation to build something decent if they care to.

03-27-07  10:03pm

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Visit Digital Playground

Digital Playground

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: High quality content, all exclusive

New series being uploaded to site in addition to their DVD's

DVD's that have previously been held back, such as the Island Fever series, are now being uploaded

Frequent updates

Great depth of archives

Top porn performers
Cons: Streaming Only

Confusing multiple membership options, including "DP Premium", which claims to have unlimited downloads of Digital Playground, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Vivid, Wicked, Private and other studios - but it seems like you have to join to see what they're really offering.
Bottom Line: There is one - and only one - reason why I'm bothering to review this site and that is that this site is getting better in a major way. It is VERY unusual to see a site that has been around as long as Digital Playground get better, so when I see a site like this get much better, I've got to bring it to the attention of other PU's. This site has always been the place where Digital Playground put up their DVD's that they wanted to offer for streaming. It's always been streaming-only. At times they have also had cam shows by their contract stars. They aren't doing those at present. What's new with the site is their web series and scenes that they are putting up on the site in addition to their DVD's. And these aren't crap no-budget scenes with bottom-feeder performers. They've been putting up scenes with the best up-and-comers such as Alina Li and Sara Luvv - great scenes too! And they have a new series starting tomorrow - a porn version of Sons of Anarchy starring the glorious Bonnie Rotten that looks very exciting from the previews. In a time when other sites are giving less and less to their members, it's pretty striking that this site is going in the other direction entirely. I hope that it lasts! My 89 score is because of the "Streaming Only" of this site. No site that doesn't offer downloads of their vids should be graded as excellent, in my opinion.

06-24-14  10:04pm

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Visit DP Fanatics

DP Fanatics

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Gorgeous women involved in lots of kinky action.
Excellent work, technically.
High quality pics, high quality vids
Consistent updates - once a week for a new set
IF you can plan on remaining a member, you will have access to 2 additional excellent sites with the same high standards and update schedule PER MONTH, at the point that you are entering your 4th month of membership, you are getting access to a new set of pics and vids every single day from one of the sites
Cons: This is mainly material recycled from the premium 21st Sextury sites, such as Pix & Video, so if you have a current membership to that site or were recently a member of that site, be aware that you may not be getting brand new material.

If you are not willing or able to maintain ongoing membership for months at a time, you will not have access to all of the material from the other sites.
Bottom Line: Keep the "Cons" warning in mind, but if you have not had a membership to a 21st Sextury premium site before and you like hot European models beautifully photographed and video'd doing all kinds of kinky stuff - DP'd in this site with other kinks becoming available through the bonus sites - this site is wonderful, as are the related sites, which you can see listed on the home page.

Personally I love the 21st Sextury style - the lurid colors, the sexy outfits, the roaming camera - so I thoroughly enjoy this site.

And some sites in the network, such as Lez Cuties, will appeal to fans of more "natural" porn sites, such as Sapphic Erotica.

So if you feel that you can commit for a lengthy membership, be prepared for a great smorgasbord of fun.

01-12-07  10:18pm

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Visit Evil Angel Network

Evil Angel Network

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Mammoth Network - I joined through the JonniDarkoXXX.com - that's not listed at PU, which is why I'm doing my review at this site's listing - there are individual sites for most of the active EA directors, Buttman.com is Stagliano's site, and they also have sites geared to particular niches - cockjugglers, euroangels, etc - which collect the same material along those niche lines

Frequent updates to the network - many of the sites are updating once a week, Buttman.com is now updating 3 times a week, every day there is something new to see and it's not crap - it's really good stuff

Video quality is pretty good. EA directors tends to favor a raw style, so their stuff is not as "clean" as Jules Jordan, for instance, but I watch the vids at 200% on a large monitor and it looks good to me - dimensions show as 640 X 480 - Buttman.com is posting some HD vids

New feature - zips of all photos & vid grab sets

Recently had first webcast
Cons: There's an unweildy quality to the network because of the multiple forms of organization - by niche and by director. They seem to be working to get this under control - they're just now trying to get performers' names on all vids so you can search by performers' names across the network - but it doesn't work perfectly at this point. I give them points for moving in the right direction

Getting a handle on updates can also be confusing - what shows as most recent updates on one site might not be the same as what shows as most recent updates on another site - so for maximum enjoyment, you have to be open to that kind of exploration.

Exploration is also needed to get the best price for the network. I joined through JonniDarkoXXX, as I said - If I had known, I could have joined through Buttman.com and probably gotten a better deal - they just lowered the multi-month price there, so perhaps I would have missed it anyway - but again, this is an example of the unwieldiness.
Bottom Line: If you like Evil Angel's balls-to-the-wall style, this is a great way to get access to a wide range of their stuff - and if you join on a mutlti-month basis, they make it a great deal.

For whatever reason, this network seems to be a current focus of EA - so they're working on making significant improvements - the labelling of vids has gotten much better within the last week or two, the photo & screen grab zips just began this week, they just did their first webcast event on 4/10/09 - and they had the archive up for viewing within a few days.

Excitement factor of the material, generous updates and forward motion quality-wise of the site are 3 key factors to me. If they go to higher res vids across the network, label the HD vids more clearly and work out some of the glitchy and unweildy aspects, I would rate them higher.

Just to lay out the amount of material here:

JonniDarko's site - 20 scenes plus - updates weekly
Nacho Vidal's site - 120 scenes plus - updates a bit more sporadically
Buttman.com - 220 scenes plus - updates 3 times a week - usually 1 exclusive scene for the site a week
AssJazzDuro - 20 scenes plus - updates sporadically
Jay Sin's site - 40 scenes plus - updating multiple times of the week - Jay Sin's stuff was the real "find" for me - candy-colored fantasy filth - very innovative, arty, new - very exciting
Manuel Ferrara's site - 60 scenes plus - updating weekly - great stuff here - gorgeous women!
Justin Slayer's site - 140 scenes plus - updates sporadically
John Leslie's site - 140 scenes plus - updates sporadically
Joey Silvera's site - 240 scenes plus - updates weekly more or less - a chunk of his stuff is she-male material - though not recent updates
Christoph Clark's site - 220 scenes plus - updates weekly
Jake Malone's site - 60 scenes plus - updates weekly
Rocco Siffredi's site - 300 scenes plus - no updates since 7/16/08

So hopefully this gives a picture of this pretty large network - unlike other networks, there's not 1 or 2 quality sites and the rest is dross. There's hours of quality porn to check out here.

I don't use a download manager, and I'm not a site vacuum-cleaning guy, so I can't comment on how that technology would function with this network - I've never run into download limits here, but I download a couple of scenes a day, so I'm not exactly testing the limits.

There is a page to send comments and while I haven't received personal responses to all comments that I've sent, it's clear that they are reading them and paying attention to member comments and upgrading the network accordingly.

John S is the only director that I've seen making himself directly accessible to members to comment on Buttman.com and he's very interested in member feedback, though he's got his own obsessions that he's going to follow through on - which is as it should be, in my opinion.

04-18-09  09:11am

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Visit Face Down Ass Up University

Face Down Ass Up University

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: If you like school-girl themed tease, with a variety of cute girls, this site hits the spot

Pics look great - recently shot pics are at 1330 X 2000

There's a variety of non-nude to nude, including sex toy play and a small amount of boy-girl action

Vids, while not HD, also are good looking (properties on the vid pertaining to the same pic set I looked at for measurement above are 720 X 400)

Members here get access to a large number of Phil-Flash sites that are not being updated any longer, including Next Door Nikki, Seanna Teen, Taylor Twins and Phil Flash.com, which itself includes the archives of several no-longer-updated tease sites, such as Tiffany Teen. This is the motherlode of teen tease with lots of sexy clothes, cute girls & awesome ass shots.

Very little photo treatment mucking things up!
Cons: Phil Flash is the director - it's a one-man show. Updates come when Phil gets to them - usually once a week there will be a pic set with a vid, but not always.

Updates are frequently older material re-released or released for the first time on a site rather than a zip set with a separate buy price (part of the classic solo-girl site business model)

Vids are mainly vids of photo-shoots.

No web cam action at this point in time
Bottom Line: Porn is very subjective. I've read comments from PU members that have joined Phil-Flash site, such as Next Door Nikki, and been bored.

I'm a huge fan of hot young 18-23 year old tease, and Phil Flash is a master of just the kind of tease I like - hot young women in sexy clothes with tiny thongs or sexy panties with lots of upskirt and ass and leg shots.

If you like that stuff, you'll find a lot of stuff here to enjoy. This site was started when Phil was bored of non-nude, which he'd mainly done when he stared with models like Tiffany Teen and Megan QT. So there's more nudity and toy play, etc in FDAU, while you have access to the classic non-nude stuff, which I still find very hot and erotic - more than most of the solo-girl stuff being done today.

To get the most out of this network, you'll have to do a lot of logging into multiple sites and clicking on "Bonus" whenever you see it. I suppose that all of the Phil-Flash sites included in membership here might eventually be integrated together, but they aren't now.

04-24-10  08:34am

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Visit I Am Trouble

I Am Trouble

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: There are few truly unique websites - this is one.

In terms of her body art, her hair styling, her make-up, Masuimi puts a lot of effort into facillitating a whole performance - frequently very campy/funny as well as sexy. Imagine a live-action half-Asian Betty Boop as done by Ralph Bakshi and the guys who did Looney Tunes cartoons and you've got Masuimi's sensibilities.

Masuimi is brilliant.

Her husband does a lot of her photography/videography - she works with a lot of other really talented artists as well.

Masuimi is very engaged with the site - more than I've ever seen her.

Updates are very frequent - several times a week - some vids, some photo sets.

It's a very interactive site - lots of encouragement to comment on the material and to engage with her other quirky members.
Cons: Vids are 640 X 360, so not the biggest around - made to make it easy for her world-wide members to stream on the site.

Pics tend to be 667 X 1000 - again, made to fit nicely on the page in her site - and design is very important to Masuimi.

So - not the biggest for us size freaks - but they all look good, so this is just a "could use improvement" note.

Her video cam cut out after 1 hour, so it was cam-less chat for me after that - again, something to work on - but since she was typing, I had no problem continuing to chat with her and the other people in the chat - a very fun time, actually.
Bottom Line: I've been a member of her site a few different times over the years. Masuimi is a more mature, more calm, nicer person than she was a number of years ago. I remember some pretty abrupt responses to suggestions I made to the site years ago. Now her attitude is all, "let me know if there's anything I can do to make it better." And I think that's sincere. She has upped the inter-activity of the site by leaps and bounds.

She's been doing her site for 7 years plus. At that point in time, most models have cut way back on updates, let the site go to seed in many ways, done away with forums and cam shows etc. So to see a site that seems more vital and energized and alive and creative after 7 years is very cool.

Her newest stuff is the most fun and some of the sexiest I've ever seen her do.

Body-wise, Masuimi has always worked to keep herself VERY fit. I recall one point several years ago where she looked too thin, but that was for a short period of time. She looks great now and her new boobs fit her whole cartoon fetish asthetic.

"Charming" is not a word I would use to describe a lot of internet model sites, but that is the word that comes to mind for Masuimi's site and her work. I really like her sense of humor and I especially like that she doesn't draw a line between the humor and the sexiness.

Oh - and the price - $12.95/month - for a site with as much of a an archive (700+ photo albums) as this one and with the level of creativity and artistry and unique-ness as this one is pretty damned nice.

So if you're in the mood to check out a sexy fetishy, big-boobed, half-Asian babe with a Betty Boop aesthetic and a wonderful sense of humor, I HIGHLY recommend Masuimi's site!

03-08-11  09:48pm

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Regular Daily Updates - 1 day pic set, next day related vid set

Lots of options for downloading or streaming vids, including the ability to download in pieces for people with slower connections or smaller hard drives

Three sizes for the pics - 800, 1200 & 2000 px - and you can download a zip in one click
The babes are awesome - mainly Euro babes with sumptuous bods & natural boobs - rare is the update that doesn't make me happy

The navigation is simple and snappy - models are listed by first name, so it's easy to click on a letter and see a bunch of babes to choose from - and they don't do endless updates of just a handful of models, so there are a lot to choose from.

They don't photo-shop the girls to hell. You feel like you're looking at hot women and not just some display of some goober's photo-shop expertise.
Cons: This is a solo-girl site. You're not going to get sets of girl/girl stuff or boy/girl stuff.

A bit formulaic. Looking at the main "What's New" page, I wouldn't be surprised if a large number of their sets were shot at different areas outside at the same basic location - you get the girl teasing in sexy outfits, then stripping, then masturbating with fingers and then toys.

You're not going to check in one day and see a sexy babe in a bondage outfit or something else crazy and surprising

I've seen some of these sets posted elsewhere - so exclusivity is a question
Bottom Line: The real test of a site for me is "Do I like what I'm getting? Are the babes hot? Do the pics and vids look good? Do I enjoy the material? Do I want to go back the next day and see their new stuff?"

For me, this site passes that test on an ongoing basis. I really like seeing hot Euro-babes in brightyly colored bras & panties and flouncy little skirts outside with the sun behind them so that their sexy natural bods are shown to their best advantage - just showing off their sumptuous bods and teasing, then putting on a masturbation show with fruit or toys - and there's not some guy talking over it and there's not some annoying music. You can hear the birds or whatever incidental sounds from the wind.

And that's what they do. Is it formulaic and repetitive? I suppose. But I like this stuff. The babes are hot and they don't fuck it up by getting hot babes and then photo-shopping the pics so you can't even see them for all the crap they do to them - take a clue, Twisty's!

The vids are hot and fun to watch and look good full-screen. They're not HD and they don't lie and say that they're HD. They could go HD and that would certainly be nice, but they really don't need to. They look good now, and that's what counts.

09-06-08  09:54am

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Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent rate of updates - almost everyday they have a new full-length vid or photo set added - some days they have multiple updates

Excellent variety - they have great cutie-pie stuff, especially their photo sets. They also have a LOT of very kinky material - and the Japanese take their kinks seriously!

Excellent quality - everything they present, they present in high quality. Full length vids are up to 2.5 gb. I haven't seen other sites that are offering these vids for membership download in that size or quality file sizes.

Download speeds are high quality as well - I generally experience download speeds of 500 kb/sec+

Besides the Gravure (high-quality model pics) and biggest studio releases (Attackers, DAS, S1), they also Uraban (uncensored photo sets - banned in Japan) and uncensored vids as well as weird fetish vids (such as Cat Fight Anal Pro Wrestling)
Cons: Mosaic issue - any site presenting authentic Japanese erotica is going to have the mosaic issue on most of the top-line Japanese AV being presented - that's a fact of life, and a frustrating one for those of used to Western-style porn

Price - the lowest price available is $59.95 for 2 months. That's quite high as compared to other porn sites. I did as much price-comparing as I could with other similar sites and decided to join this one because of the mix of pics and vids, but the price is high.

Unattractive guys - I don't care personally, to tell the truth, but it seems like there are members of this forum that are turned off if there are unattractive guys in guy/girl scenes. There are lots of them in Japanese video, where if you can get it up on camera, and are willing to be on camera, you can be a male performer.

Download limit - 8 gb/day - not a problem for me, to be honest, but it's there

Navigation - I wish there was a search by category of vid - cosplay, etc
Bottom Line: I joined this site because I was frustrated at the various Asian porn sites that were only presenting shellaced/photo-shopped photo sets and short vids. I wanted to see good high-quality photos of hot Asian honeys where I could see what they actually looked like instead of how much time the site's photo-shop crew could spend covering them up.

I wanted to see the hottest Japanese AV babes being put through their paces. This site fit the bill and delivers quite well. I love how cute the girls are and I love all the well-filmed kinky stuff they do - the cosplay, schoolgirl themes and gang-bang fantasies are all really hot to me.

I haven't seen other sites presenting this high-quality combo of new photo-sets and new vids that are download-able in this quality.

That also means BIG files - so don't join without a huge hard-drive or DVD burner. You'll just frustrate yourself. The site indicates that you can stream vids and perhaps there are some where that's true - I haven't found them.

I would have rated this site higher if

a) The navigation were better, so I could more easily find the material I'm most interested in
b) The mosaic issue weren't as frustrating as it is to someone raised on Western porn - they do strive to present thin-mosaic and uncensored material when they can get it.
c) I could find more nude and upskirt photo-sets. Most of their photo-sets have clothing, from what I've seen.

04-05-08  07:17am

Replies (14)
Visit Jenna Haze - JenX Studios

Jenna Haze - JenX Studios

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Jenna's a hot babe

Jenna's new stuff can be seen here exclusively and it's really good

This site is part of a network so that there are other porn babes' sites to access and enjoy and Cam-modelz archives to explore

Included in the network are Jules Jordan's sites - his stuff is not available to download elsewhere that I'm aware and his stuff is among the best porn being created these days.

Pic sets on all sites can be downloaded as zips with pic size as 1200X1600

Vids are a good size also 720X408 and play back well

Jenna's cam shows are very entertaining - she's a great tease

The price is quite reasonable - I believe that I paid $80 or so for a year.
Cons: If you're a Jenna fan, you'll very likely be frustrated at the lack of updates. The last vid update on Jenna's site was 10/28/10. Jenna has expressed frustration that the people that have responsibility for updating the site with the material she provides aren't. She really needs to get other people to do that.

It's one of the bizarre elements of this network that the various sites seem independent of each other and have responsibility to do their thing independent of Premium Pass, which basically hosts the whole thing.

Some sites update a lot, like Lexi Belle's site - and Lexi can be counted on to do cam shows when advertised. Other sites, like Shawna Lenee's and haven't updated since June 2010.

Some of the porn babes don't show for cam shows when scheduled or have never worked out the Stream-mate kinks so that members of this network actually have access to their shows.
Bottom Line: Lots to see for new members:

Jenna's site has 149 vids - many exclusive to this site - tease vids - many from her recent DVD's - "Darkside" to the present and 121 photo sets - most are small sets

Jules Jordan's sites - there are a few - but all the material can be accessed through JulesJordan.com - have over 500 vids and over 240 photo sets - updates continue at a good rate on Jules' sites.

Lexi Belle's site started up at the end of January 2009, but she's done a lot for her site, so there are already 89 vids and 79 photosets - she's doing a lot of work for Juliland.com, as is Audrey Bitoni - both of them post their Juliland.com work on their respective sites - that stuff is very odd and surreal - similar to Gregory Dark in his hey-day.

Premium Pass also posts vids and photosets, some of which are actually good, most of which are the type that you'll find on all the porn DVD sites - standard licenced stuff.

The frustrating stuff about this network is the glitchiness - the no-show cam shows by people like Tori Black and Tori Lane or the - no-access cam shows months after they moved to the current network, which they should have figured out by now if they gave a shit.

The lack of recent updates on Jenna's site - especially vids and updated of her cam show archives - pisses me off. Jenna's a BUSY woman and she just needs to find someone reliable to run the site for her and kick whoever she's paying now to the curb.

That fact makes me bring the score of the site and network down to 70. If I were mainly joining because of Lexi Belle, I'd probably score it quite a bit higher.

01-04-11  06:40pm

Replies (2)
Visit Master Speaks

Master Speaks

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Daily Updates

Great Variety of material - leans towards BDSM and Hentai, but there are other kinds of updates, including old Tales From the Crpyt comics, Heavy Metal comics, celeb-based comics, etc

There's a section of photo-sets that are quite good, mainly because of the hotness of the women
Cons: Navigation - there is none, basically. New updates are added onto a single comics page with no rhyme or reason and only vague descriptions.

If you're looking for a particular type of material, or a particular artist, or a particular set that you liked before, you've got a chore ahead of you - nothing about this site makes it easy to locate anything.

The live-model photoset section doesn't seem to be updated any longer.

The quality of the images varies - some good, some average.
Bottom Line: Navigation is a big deal with many members of this forum - if it's a big deal for you, stay away from this site - it would drive you insane.

If you've got the kind of brain that finds appeal in a jumble, that finds enjoyment in digging in and discovering what's there, this site is kind of fun.

For me, the bottom line is % of hot stuff, and I find the % of hot stuff here to be about 40%, which is not bad because there's a lot here and with a little digging - looking at the various sets, I always find something that's a real turn-on.

The biggest frustration to me is the quality variation. The price of $19.95/month is perfectly reasonable for a site with multiple daily updates and I would be inclined to stay longer, and would certainly give it a higher rating if the quality of the images was consistently excellent.

In fact, the quality rarely gets above good, in terms of size of images, etc, and sometimes it is lacking, mainly in size, so the dialogue balloons can be difficult to read, not a good thing with a comics site.

But I like this site in a lot of ways, especially the multiple daily updates and the variety being posted, so I hope they make improvements in quality and navigation.

04-13-07  10:51am

Replies (0)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Incredible level of updates - usually 4 per day
Great photography really high quality
Multiple sizes of photos - new option this month gives you small, medium or large - this is great!
Zip downloads available in different sizes as well
Good variety of models increasingly - they seem to have gotten away from the all-waif tendency that they had at one time, though there are a LOT of waifish models
Multiple live cam shows a day (6 most days) with hot MetArt models
Cons: Their vids often aren't very exciting for my tastes
If you're looking for hard-core, definitely don't expect it from this site.
Bottom Line: This is a tremendous site for lovers of hot young European models. The people who run this site show a desire to give quality in everything they do, from the volume and consistency of their exclusive updates and their cam shows to the increasing quality of their browsing and download features.

Just this month they added a middle size for viewing and downloading that is just perfect for my tastes and added a "next image" viewing mechanism that I've been craving for a while.
Given that their pricing is not higher than other similar sites, it really makes me wonder how they can do this and others cannot.

Since I don't know when I'll find the answer to that particular question, I'll just keep enjoying this truly fine site.

03-07-07  08:25pm

Replies (0)
Visit Mya Diamond

Mya Diamond

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Consistent, Daily Updates
Great quality photosets & vids (usually alternating days)
Pics are huge (1365X2048) and vids are sumptuous enough to be great to watch full-screen while not being too ravenous on your hard-drive - a typical 15 minute vid is about 150 mb
Great price for such a wealth of material
Some interaction with Mya at forum
Some HC shoots & vids
I like the roaming camera style in the vids that allows you to explore My's great bod from all angles.
Cons: With solo-girl sites, since it is about THE model, I crave a bit more interaction, would love a periodic cam show to be added to the features of the site - this is more a wish-list item than a real con, since the site isn't advertising this feature.
Bottom Line: Mya Diamond is a unique looking woman - I always say she reminds me of a sexy vampire with that long face, prominent jaw, very distinctive Eastern European nose and eyes.

She's got a fantastic bod - GREAT legs, wonderful tight ass and really nice, natural boobs.

I love the way she moves. It's no wonder she is a top adult model in Europe because her every move is conscious and very sexy, though I think her facial features are too unique for her to achieve the same success in the US.

This is Mya's site and she obviously is engaged with it, does a periodic blog, periodically posts in the forum. There are about 30 other models that have had sets on the site also, some with Mya, some solo or girl-girl without Mya.

I think this is a better site than Eve Angel's site, which sometimes was inconsistent in the updating and doesn't have the same level of engagement by Eve as this site does with Mya.

There's a lot here, given the daily updates and its all quite high quality, so if you like Mya's distinctive look, I would highly recommend this site. I've never seen better material with her elsewhere, including in the Private films I've seen her in.

04-27-07  07:39am

Replies (4)
Visit Naughty Girl Sandy

Naughty Girl Sandy

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Sandy is gorgeous!
Sandy does incredibly hot cam shows - usually 2 per week
Sandy cares a lot about this site and it shows in the results
Regular photo and HD vid updates - now fully nude
Cons: Damn, I don't know - I honestly can't think of bad aspects of this site

OK - I thought of a "con" - no zips of the photosets - you have to save one pic at a time - this is the norm with solo-girl sites and is not a big deal to me, but to others it might be a make or break issue.
Bottom Line: A common complaint about single-model sites is the upsell to fully nude zip sets. A few weeks ago, Sandy decided that she was going to break with this single-model-site tradition. She was now going to show it all to her members. She then presented us with a cam show where she stuck the cam right up against her juicy pussy and proceeded to mesmerize us. She has since released several really hot photo-sets and vids that have shown her to be as good as her word.

Sandy is a blazingly hot blonde Brazilian, now getting a lot of exposure all over the internet, at Twisty's, Suze.net, Matt's Models, etc, under the name Sandy Summers - well this is her site and if you find her attractive, join this and check out a cam show and be completely enthralled by one of the sweetest, most fun, sexy honeys there is.

This is not one of those sites where the model does content and stays away for weeks at a time otherwise. Sandy is very engaged with this site - at her forum and in her cam shows and with the photo sets and vids also, some of which are self-shot - in HD. Her web-master is a pro also, so you get the best of both worlds - a well-run site with a smoking hot, engaged model.

05-29-07  10:26pm

Replies (5)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Regular updates - every single day, I believe, they update with 5 updates - a combination of pics and vids that averages 85% pics
Good navigation - no huge number of pop-ups
Pics and vids can be downloaded in single-click downloads at various sizes
Good search engine - by model or by rating of models or by "look" or clothing
Engaged webmaster, very interested in members' opinions - the people that run this site care about making it enjoyable for their members
Cons: Excitement factor could be much higher. When I see the same models on this site and then my absolute favorite site - ALS Scan - I see where this site is lacking. They are simply not getting the best from their models. Some of the sets of very attractive models are down-right depressing. The models don't look happy or engaged and it's not that they're doing material where that's the point - the photographers and video people are just not that skilled at bringing out the best from their models
Bottom Line: This is a good, really well-run site. The vids look quite good. The pics vary a bit more - some of them look quite amateurish. Some of them look quite good and professional. I like the amount of leg stuff that they shoot. I like a lot of the models that they shoot.

It's that "excitement" factor that they fail at too often to make me plan on renewing at this point - nothing takes the wind out of my sexual sails than seeing thumbnails of a great-looking model, clicking on the set and seeing her sitting there with a glum expression on her face, looking utterly bored. A good photographer - and ALS Scan is my gauge - will do what it takes to get the model to engage. And it's clearly possible because they'll shoot the same models as Nubiles and the same model that looks glum and bored on Nubiles is blazingly alive and vivacious when in shoots posted at ALS Scan.

09-06-07  06:52am

Replies (6)
Visit Phil Flash

Phil Flash

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Irregular, though frequent, updates
Great library of existing material, including the entire Tiffany Teen site
Great looking young (18-22) models
Fantastic network of cam shows (20 or more per week)
Great quality photos and vids in sexy outfits showing lots of hot young ass
Some nude models, which adds variety to the mainly non-nude character of the models here.
Cons: No zip option for pics, though vids and cam show pics can be downloaded
No way set up for members to give feedback to the people running the site, though some models in the cam show network, that are they're own sites, are quite responsive to members.
Bottom Line: If you like sexy young tease models doing cam shows, this site is priceless. There are great cam show girls doing their thing on a very good, stable network from early afternoon into the night on most days.

Mainly these are non-nude models, but there are some models, like the lovely Jannah Burnham, and new featured model Holly, that go topless, and the incredibly creative and fun Priscilla, who does fully-nude shows.

The update schedule is not consistent, but each week will have 2 or 3 great pic sets and 1 or 2 vids with the ability to download web cam pics from the shows of various models.

I would find it difficult to discontinue my membership at this site.

01-13-07  10:53pm

Replies (1)
Visit Premium Pass

Premium Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great quality vids - bit rate shows as 3806kbps, dimensions 720 X 480 including for older vids

Nice group of sites in network:

Jenna Haze's site, which she is very engaged in - doing 2 cam shows a month, 1 solo, 1 w/ guests, 2 or more photo sets being put up per week, exclusive vids put up occasionally

Jules Jordan's site - the man makes the best boy/girl porn of anyone alive, in my opinion - his stuff has rough elements but it has the feel of consensual rough play instead of some guy/guys beating women down. His work posted here is astounding. His last update was of Mia Rose - looking lovely and being enjoyed & fucked by a guy who had her squealing incredibly.

Katsuni's site - she's also into it and it's just getting started but having a lot of unique stuff of this sexy woman

Premium Pass itself updates once a day, though the updates are fairly random as to quality

Pic sets are all downloadable in zips across network
Cons: If you're a pic fan and like to look through the pics on the site, the site can be pretty glitchy & frustrating - all pics in a set rarely load well and some display as red "x"es - you have download the zips to view the entire photo sets

Updating of some sites is inconsistent - you can't count on Jules Jordan's sites to have new vids every so many days - the upside is that you can get multiple vid updates on his sites in a single week

There are some sites in the network - Sybian Solos, Housewives Adventures, Teens First Threesomes - that haven't updated since 2007
Bottom Line: If you're a fan of Jules Jordan's work, , or of Jenna Haze, you're going to find a lot to love here. There are 360 plus scenes of Jules Jordan's work here - and the 3 most recent updates - involving Mia Rose, Brittany Sky & Amy Reid - have been some of the absolute hottest.

There are 70+ vids of Jenna at her site, some solo tease, some girl/girl, some boy/girl - most exclusive to her site.

The quality of that stuff and Jenna's cam shows are enough for me to be very happy about this site.

There are glitchy elements to this network - the photo set posted at Jenna's site today didn't download for me when I tried earlier - I'm sure that they'll get it fixed - Jenna has a forum to hear from her members about problems and she clearly cares about this site and promises to post all of the scenes that she is in that her new production company is producing.

The excitement factor is all when it comes to whether or not to feel happy about having spent money for porn - the elements I described above make membership here an exciting thing for yours truly, so there it is.

Now if Katsuni starts doing cam shows - mmmmmm!!

03-12-09  08:03pm

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Visit Sandy Summers

Sandy Summers

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Frequent updates - they aim for Monday-Friday. This can be a combination of new Sandy photosets, Sandy's vids, Sandy's archives of cam shows, candid photosets and friends's sets - basically photsets from other models' sites

All material is zipped - all photosets and vids.

The site design is pretty and navigation works pretty well.

For people who crave harder material from their sologirl sites, Sandy has advanced beyond teasing to showing her full bod, doing lots of girl/girl and masturbation scenes with toys, etc

Sandy is pretty involved in the site - she posts at the forum sometimes and does 1, or sometimes 2, live cam shows in a week when she's not travelling

For people who want to see Sandy sans photo-shopping, there is a good deal of material where you can see her un-Twisty-ized
Cons: I've got to say that the excitement level of the site is decreasing for my tastes. For me the issue is this - Sandy is a great tease! Sandy is not a great sexual performer. Sandy's stuff when she's wearing the craziest sexiest little outfits that show off her scrumptious bod and doing her Brazilian dancing and all - that's the hot ticket there - and if she did that mainly and then threw off some OK sexual performance, I'd be more happy than the direction that she's gone where the tease is not as present and the sexual performance is more present - and she's a much better tease than she is a sexual performer.

Navigation is mainly good, but for a solo-girl site to not have the ability to arrow "next" through a photo-set is a problem, in my opinion

Pics could be bigger - They are 1500 X 1000

Some areas of the site don't exist - there's a Bonus area - that the other reviewer thought was really hot that is empty

The VIP section of the forum was last updated 10-08
Bottom Line: This is a well-run, professionally-run site with a good level of involvement by the model. There are frequent updates. The people who run the site are cool and care about the site and its members.

They've got 310 picture sets, 98 girl/girl sets, 43 candid sets, 106 guest sets, 206 vids, 77 web cam archives & they update with something 5 days a week.

If you've seen Sandy at ALS Angels or Twisty's and you're hot for her, you should join for a bit - 30-90 days - and you'll probably find a lot to enjoy.

Maybe this is crappy to say, but I found her hotter a couple of years ago and I preferred the softer direction, mainly because she was better at that stuff.

There are great girl/girl sexual performers - think Nella. Sandy is nowhere near that class, unfortunately.

On the other hand if she were wearing the hottest craziest booty shorts and dancing like mad to show off her Brazilian sense of rhythm and her juicy ass, I'd probably be pretty freaking entranced. Seeing her stick a dildo in her pussy for the umpteenth time is not all that entrancing.

01-22-09  06:13pm

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Visit Sexy Babes

Sexy Babes

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of high quality pics and vids
Hot babes, including most prominent porn stars and adult models
Great network of related sites that members have access to
Downloadable zips of pic sets
Cons: Non-exclusive content
Structure of site creates lots of open windows to deal with
Many photo sets are overly photo-shopped
Bottom Line: I've always enjoyed this site, despite the "cons" of the non-exclusive content and the navigation issues - the windows that open every time you click somewhere are a pain the butt. I much prefer a site where you go to where you click without another open window.

But the recent addition of a new "bonus" site - Babelicious.com - really raises the value of this site. There are now 4 sites in the network - that you have access to - that update at least 5 days a week - and Babelicious.com is a great site in and of itself - and members are being told that it will not be cut loose from the network. And while the photos at Sexy Babes TV are less that 1000 px, and the older sets tend to be overly-photoshopped, the photos at Babelicious.com are up to 4000 px and delightfuly free of that unnecessary photo-shopping - and when you've got huge pics of gorgeous babes like Amy Ried and Penny Flame, who would want that crap?

SexyBabesTV was a very good site before, now, with the addition of Babelicious.com in its network, it is a fabulous deal.

01-20-07  03:55pm

Replies (3)
Visit Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Unique site - if you're tired of cookie cutter porn, you might really enjoy this site

Not the usual girls - again, if you're sick of sites that cycle the same models between them, you might find this site quite refreshing

Frequent updates - they have 2-4 updates of official Suicide Girls photo sets per day plus the same amount or more from the hopefuls

I really like their photography. There's a lot of variety of styles, there's a lot of personality to the photo sets, a lot of humor and it has a very fresh feel to it - which is not something I can say about a lot of stuff out there.

They have this "tag" thing where you can click on words that other members have "tagged" a photoset with - like outdoors, motorcycle, fishnets, pinup - and if you want to see more sets similarly tagged, click on the word that interests you and you will have other sets come up that you might also like - with a site like this that's got so many updates, that's helpful.

Price - not expensive
Cons: It's all pretty soft. If you're looking for hardcore porn, don't bother with this site

The site's niche is body modifications, which can mean piercings or tats or spikes or whatever - if you don't care for that particular niche - stay away

This is a pic site as far as the porn aspect goes. If they've got vids of the girls, I haven't found them.

The navigation on this site confounds me. If you know the name of a girl, you can put in her name, but the browse function seems completely disabled so it's a site that I wind up stumbling around in - and it's got enough cool stuff that I find stuff I like everytime I check in, whether by using the "tags" or by looking at the new stuff prominently featured on the home page.

The pics aren't very large - 87.1K is what is shown in properties when I look at an average pic from the site

There's a whole "community" aspect to the site that also requires some work if you're going to be able to get into it.

You'll see heavy girls.
Bottom Line: If you want to check out an inexpensive site that has a lot of girls that haven't been seen all over the place and are shot by photographers with real talent and creativity and you like hot girls with tats or piercings, or at least like some hot girls with tats or piercings - and you don't mind going past the girls that aren't your thing, well you might like this site.

I find it quite refreshing. I would be happier if the pics were bigger. I would be happier if there were vids of the girls that I really like.

As it is, I rate it very good for the value and the freshness and originality and the charm of the site.

It's definitely a site that makes me look forward to checking it out every day, because there's always new stuff - and it's never the case that the new stuff looks just like yesterday's new stuff. They'll have different locations, different poses, different "stories" to the sets, etc.

I like that you can delve into the life of the girls a bit - one of the first girls that REALLY turned me on was a tattooed pierced small-breasted brunette with a gorgeous bod that turned out, when I started reading her story, to be from rural Tennessee, really into cars - building them and racing them.

As to the prescence of girls that I'm not into, it's like going to a low-key strip club - you just pass by the girls you're not into and put your energy on the girls that interest you.

12-12-08  07:13pm

Replies (3)
Visit Thai Cuties

Thai Cuties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Regular Daily Updates
A Good Amount of Cute Girls
Good Navigational System - pointing to particular models, most popular models, most popular vids, most popular photo sets
Zip downloads that work well
2 Bonus Sites
Decent Price
Cons: A fair amount of girls that weren't my taste
Erratic speed of viewing pics - sometimes really slow
Un-exciting Vids
Un-exciting photos
Bonus sites aren't updating and have lots of non-exclusive material
Bottom Line: This site has a fair amount that they do right, what with the amount of regular updates and the good navigational system and the bonus sites with material involving some of my fave Asian porn babes, such as Nautica Thorn.

So why have I not spent much time at this site? Why have I only had 1 month's membership that I'm not terribly sorry to allow to expire?

Lack of excitement. There are cute girls here, but there is nothing very exciting about the photographs or the way the girls are presented - it's all really flat. The vids are worse than the photos because the quality is not good.

I'd love for other members to recommend an Asian site (mainly photography with vids also) that they find exciting, because this one did not do it for me, though it is a quite decent site that may be just the ticket for others.

03-01-07  06:53pm

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