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Visit Webcam Hackers

Webcam Hackers

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 50 videos with updates pretty regularly (every 7 days it seems).
- The scenes are supposedly in HD (1250x720), but in my opinion even the HD looks grainy and rather poor quality (I guess it's all part of the webcam look, but to me they took it a step too far with some scenes looking as bad as a live cam strip show)
- As the title suggests this site is all about girls with webcams. Some of them strip in front of said webcam, some get fucked (sadly only one camera angle) and a few masturbate solo.
- They have the same high quality of models the rest of the site has and I believe all "amateurs" on here have scenes on other sites in the network.
- Most scenes have a bit of a story. A girl talks to her boyfriend and strips for him, a foreign exchange student has sex with her boyfriend, etc. Nothing too crazy, but it all stays in the same theme of a webcam hack and it's rather hot.
- Access to the network is included (tons and tons of good sex scenes here.)
Cons: - Like I mentioned above the videos although good resolution are still a bit on the grainy side and several of them have the webcam specific delay, which really makes the scene hard to get into. Also some scenes have serious color issues (when a girl's vagina looks purple something is seriously wrong)
- Some scenes are very short (5 minutes) and there are some scenes that feel like they belong together in one video but were split into two in order to make the site look bigger. (There is one Madison Ivy scene where she masturbates then another scene where has sex in the exact same place).
- The entire network needs a better way to preview videos. Right now their thumbnails are not very clear.
- Some girls are really not that interesting in solo action. There is one scene where a girl pulls on her labia and asks if we can tell which one she pulls on more. Titillating stuff indeed.
Bottom Line: Overall this site suffers from some limitations that are inherent in the type of content it's trying to produce. When you're trying to generate amateur content you pretty much force yourself to have rather poor camera work, only one angle and sometimes awkward interactions (like I mentioned above some girls do well alone with a camera and some are just weird)

Also they have a scene where two girls get into adult diapers and pretend to be sumo wrestlers. I guess that fits the site and it's rather funny, but I'm not sure if it's content that I want to pay 25 bucks for. I guess you have to look at this site as a bonus along with the much, much better sites like Massage Creep and 18 Years Old.

Aside from the sometimes questionable content I would have loved longer scenes. The average video is around 10 minutes with many running under that. Give the girls some more toys and more outfits and there should be no issue making longer videos.

So, we have rather poor action, short scenes and bad camerawork. So far the site manages to fail on every count possible. We do have several hot models, but why bother trying to watch the scenes here when a click away they are showing off with good lighting and multiple camera angles?

Now don't get me wrong, the premise of the site is good, we need more amateur content even if amateur means pornstar paid to masturbate in front of an expert camera crew. But for the love of God don't settle with actual webcam footage. That is never going to look good, it's just a waste of time and money.

Bottom line: the latest updates on here show improvement. Maybe it's just my hopeful optimism but the camera work seems cleaner and they are starting to focus on sex scenes as opposed to solo masturbation. Also the u8pdates are coming regularly and they seem to really want to push this amateur-like content, which is great.

More HD updates, more hot models and longer scenes and we should have a great site with a unique premise. (please no more adult diapers though... there is no need for that.)

P.S. The score reflects mu hope that the site will improve, right now I would not join this network just for the violation series of sites.

10-29-11  04:13pm

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Visit Amateur Violations

Amateur Violations

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 48 scenes and they seem to update every 10 days or so.
- Videos are available in multiple formats including HD (1250x700) and smaller formats (640x320 and I believe even 320x). They have streaming, a trailer for the scene as well as HD images (3,000px × 2,000px and zip files available) and screencaps.
- The whole network has some cute, exclusive models and this site in particular has a few hot girls (check out Eve Evans and Lexi bloom)
- The theme of this site (as far as I can tell) is weird amateur-looking stuff that didn't really fit anywhere else. As such you have a scene where a girl is on the phone while getting fucked, a gloryhole scene, a girl with a bag over her head and a scene where the actors get "caught" by an angry parent. Overall I'd rate this site funny, rather than hot. Good for a chuckle and some scenes have a few good POV BJ moments, but overall a bit of a mixed bag.
Cons: -As mentioned above the site really feels like an odds and ends closet, this doesn't fit anywhere else so let's put it here. This could explain why there are several scenes that seem to have been split up to make it appear as if they have more content updates. Overall there are actually only around 20 or so scenes here.
- They have ads both to live cams and other sites. Install adblock and you should be good to go, otherwise it can be a bit of a pain.
- Several of the scenes are much shorter than described (5 minutes as opposed to 36) I assume if you grabbed both videos for one scene and merged them you'd get the full time length. Anyhow, it feels cheap of them to pad the site like this
Bottom Line: Don't get me wrong, I love the Pornpros network. Their stuff is consistently both funny and sexy. They somehow manage to get some good looking exclusive girls and they have some great scenes with little funny interviews and stories. However I don't understand why this particular site exists. It feels like a complete hodgepodge of random scenes that don't fit together and for the most part aren't even particularly hot or interesting.

I guess the idea was to have a bunch of amateur scenes with random funny stories behind them. One girl takes revenge on her boyfriend and calls him while getting fucked by another dude. Another girl doesn't realize when the condom breaks and is mad after the dude cums inside her. Two lovers get caught in the act by an angry parent, a gloryhole and a girl who gets a bag over her head.

In theory all these sound kinda funny, maybe interesting, but I fail to see why we need an entire site of such scripted "funny" porn stories. To make things worse many of these stories are broken up into two updates for no apparent reason other than to make it look like they have a lot more updates than they do.

The Pornpros network always had a frat house vibe of "Bro, let me tell you this crazy story while we drink cheap beer and pop our collars." For the most part this doesn't bother me, in fact I enjoy it once in a while (as corny as it is this vibe is much better in my opinion than abusing girls on film and calling that porn) However this site along with the public violations one always felt out of place on a porn site; they are almost more at home on a jackass reality show than on a porn site, in my opinion.

I mean I enjoy a funny story behind my porn, but what is the point of doing an entire scene where the girl has a bag on her face? Or why have a scene that ends up with 3 minutes of the girl spiting the cum in anger and saying it tastes fucking weird? These are funny stories that you'd share with friends not porn you jack off too.

To add to the disappointment most of the scenes look like they were filmed in a very dark room with a cell-phone. The camera work is not nearly as good as most of the network and while I understand that they wanted to go for an "amateur" feel, in the end, when I can barely see a girl's vagina, I just feel cheated. Not to mention that now I suspect several of these scenes are old stuff they ripped from somewhere else and are just recycling. (I hope I am wrong but I am suspicious of some of these older looking grainy films)

Anyhow, once you get past the mixed content there are some nice scenes here. Some of the girls are cute (again, if you join check out Eve Evans)and they do have sex or at least give BJ's. My recommendation is to see if you like a girl and then check out her scenes on the rest of the network since they are always better.

That being said I have to say that in the end this is a very subjective review. Maybe some people really like this kind of funny story porn, I for one just felt confused and disappointed at the poor video quality.

Now please don't judge this whole network based on this review. They have some great content, just check out 18 year olds or disgraced 18 or any of the other great sites they have. This is just a small weird site that I don't think is really reflective of the network as a hole.

10-23-11  07:55pm

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Visit Deep Throat Love

Deep Throat Love

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 145 scenes now and updating regularly (almost weekly, although they do miss a week or two here and there). Most scenes come in a range of formats including HD (1250x700) as well as standard sizes and small clips. They also have HD images for each set at 3,000px × 2,000px (zip archives available). Older stuff is of course in lower resolutions, but for the most part stuff looks great.

-Download speeds were incredible at around 1 mb per video. No issues with log-out or missing links or anything like that. Overall the technical aspects of the site work well. However, I do wish they had a way to show all models on this site alone as opposed to models in the entire network.

- The scenes have good camerawork, but they tend to focus a bit too much on close-ups. Good light and hot models.

- Although the site is called Deepthroat love I believe all scenes have some regular sex as well, and we even get some threesomes (not too much anal though)

- Overall fun scenes with cute girls
Cons: - I mentioned this in almost every one of my reviews for Porn pros but it's a pretty huge mistake and it's very obvious here: they need a better thumbnail system. Right now as you navigate the site you get to see the scenes name and the models in it, but the picture for it is always hard to make out (you often see more of the cock and the girl's forehead than her actual face.)

- Each scene starts with an interview that can get ridiculous. The camera guy asks the girl to deepthroat a dance wand, or a banana or some candy marshmallows. One one hand it can be funny, but then again it takes 5 minutes away from 30 minute scenes. Depends on you if it's a bonus or a con. For me it got repetitive and the girls weren't interesting enough to make it fun.

- Although they do deepthroat none of the scenes are as anywhere as intense as FacialAbuse or Gagfactor or even Teencoreclub. The girl's make-up doesn't get ruined and they don't end up with spit on their faces.
Bottom Line: It's been a while since I last visited Pornpros and the network has improved in many areas, while maintaining some of the positive stuff that attracted me to them in the first place.

They still get some good looking models and many of them are exclusive. The girls do hardcore (including some impressive deep throating on this site), but it never feels forced or abusive. In fact the whole vibe of the site and the network is fun, ridiculous and over the top fun.

Let me give you some examples of the kind of scenes you can get inside. In one video the girl tries to stuff 24 marshmallows in her mouth and looks like she's about to explode into laughter at how ridiculous the whole thing is. In another scene the girl tries to deepthroat twizlers and almost gets the hickups. It all feels funny and while it can get a bit repetitive if you like the vibe this site is great. (I think at some point or another you get to see girls try to deepthroat bottles of water, sausages, almost all kinds of candy imaginable, bananas, corn, asparagus and celery, oh and cucumbers, how could I forget cucumbers)

Once the interview and the attempt at stuffing ridiculous food down your throat is done the girl goes down on the male model with a lot of closeups of the action. This depends a bit from scene to scene but overall I'd say you get too see everything, even a bit too close for my preference. The BJ sessions are interrupted by sex usually at least twice. Most videos have doggy, reverse cow and some sort of missionary with her legs over her head.

What I found interesting was that most girls really seem to get into the sex and many of then bounce on the guys cock as opposed to him doing all the work. This can be very hot if you like to see a girls round ass as she bounces on a dude in doggy style. I, personally found it extremely hot and different from a lot of sites where the girl just sits there taking it very passively.

The content is pretty similar all throughout the site and most models fit the same mold (big breasts, round asses, a lot of them have tattoos and piercings and although they all say they are 18 or 20 they seem to be somewhere in that 25-ish nebulous porn starlet age)

Some of the cons are that it's not as intense as you'd expect from a site named Deepthroatlove and most action feels too mainstream, no DP, no runny make-up, no really gagging or intense face fucking. In fact very much of the content feels like a pretty standard porn DVD. While this is fine, it does feel like they should get at least some scenes with more umph. Right now I felt like half the scenes here could have been on any other one of the sites in the network. Then again if you just want straight sex with good looking very well made-up girls this will be perfect.

Anyhow, combined with the network access (which gives you more scenes than you'll ever be able to watch) the site is a great deal if you're not looking for very niche porn. For anyone that wants to replace DVD's with the convenience of a major network this site is perfect. It offers enough hardcore action to satisfy most people, stays fun and has consistently high quality.

If they would improve their thumbnail system and get some more unique looking models I'd declare this a perfect site. As it stands this site just didn't fit my personal taste and while I do recommend it, make sure you like their type of content before committing to a membership.

10-23-11  06:59pm

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Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Kinda hard to tell how many models they have but by my calculation it should be close to 200.
- Almost all of the girls were new to me and they looked like actual amateurs (or at least not the seasoned porn stars we get on many other sites)
- The whole angle of the site is similar to backroomcastingcouch, but a bit more focused on getting the girl made-up, getting her in sexy outfits and convincing her to do DP or Anal. (Several of the girls have more than one scene. A hardcore initiation video and a anal or DP shot)
- Videos are available in several formats (most recent ones seem to be around 640x340 WMV, while older are 480x360 MPG) Videos run very long, several at 1 hour or so with interviews as well as some behind the scene stuff (make-up, different outfits etc.).
- Images available for almost all scenes as zip (1200x1600)
- A lot of very very cute models who are nervous and seem extremely genuine.
- Weekly updates
Cons: - More navigation options are necessary. Right now you can navigate the scenes by update date or by model, no way to find all DP scenes, or all Anal, or all POV. No search function, very basic design.
- The site didn't let me download more than 2 scenes at once, it didn't even let me navigate the site while the downloads were going on.
- The bonus sites are some strange streaming only sites that required me to install a strange plug-in.
- A lot of the older videos have really bad lighting/ camerawork. I remember one particular scene where the girl's skin looks yellow and for several shots you get a giant lense-flare.
- Older scenes offer a POV and a third person camera view, while newer stuff only seems to have one camera angle, although there are multiple cameras around.
- The descriptions of the scenes are very detailed, but rather useless as they don't have a quick category break-down.
- There is a lot of talking in the videos which might put some people off.
Bottom Line: I joined this site after enjoying Backroomcastingcouch on and off for about a year and have to say that this site is very similar, even sharing some of the models. In case you're not familiar with this type of site, they focus on "real" girls doing a porn scene for their first time. The scenes are filmed by one or two guys with handheld cameras or fixed tripods, start with an interview, and go into pretty rough sex (they have several anal scenes, the girls give rim-jobs to the guy, there is some deepthroat and pretty good facials).

As far as I could tell with one or two exceptions all the models are new-comers to the scene and exclusive. (they have Lexi belle and Nicole ray, but mostly you get some very cute looking amateurs).

As any amateur site some girls are really into the sex and are freaky, while some just giggle or talk non stop, while looking extremely nervous. You get several scenes with awkward "stop, I can't do that" or strange moans. Also, while the girls are very cute for the most part, they are not perfect models. You get to see a bit of a fat roll, or some stretch marks on their breasts. If you're a fan of "real" women as opposed to the standard porn-star look this can be great, otherwise it can be a bit of a let down. Just don't expect the airbrushed look of hustler or playboy.

Several scenes have the girls change into more sexy outfits from their regular clothes, or take breaks in between different sex acts, so there is a bit of lack of continuity (I remember one scene where the girl blows a guy in the back seat of a car, then dresses up in a cute school-girl outfit and has regular sex with him... it was rather strange to see them go from a BJ to striping, back to a BJ, but on the other hand it keeps the content varied and interesting.)

Also during most scenes the guy talks to the girl almost the entire shoot, asking her if she ever went so deep on someone's cock or if she ever had her vagina spread open by such a huge dildo or other standard porn conversation along those lines. Depending on the girl and how into it she is this can make the scene a lot better (I remember one girl that to her surprise really enjoys having a dildo in her ass and is extremely cute as she tries to describe the sensation)
Then again, if you prefer your porn silent this will be yet another let down.

For me the small mistakes as well as the awkwardness of most girls made the site feel fresh and interesting, but I can easily see how some might find it frustrating. It really depends on what you want from your porn.

If you enjoy amateur porn and like behind the stage stuff you should really like this site, but if you want a more mainstream porn experience there are many other networks that offer better value. If you are unsure if you want to be a member of this site or not I recommend checking out Backroomcastingcouch since I feel that site is more mainstream, but very similar.

Two of the biggest differences from Backroomcastingcouch is that this site focuses more on toys and for many scenes you can get a separate POV or third person shoot of the action.
Also I'd say that this site has more younger looking models while casting couch has a lot of varied models. Either way both are good if you want more realistic porn.

Now that I discussed the content a bit, I'd like to mention some of the negative stuff. The download limit of only two videos at once was really disappointing, and the fact that older scenes are really poor quality is really a shame. I'd say that basically maybe a bit over half the scenes are worth downloading since everything older is shot in poor video quality and has strange color issues.

The bonuses for the site are a joke (they mention 23 sites, but they are streaming only, non exclusive stuff that is really not worth your time) If they would add Backroomcastingcouch as a bonus site this would be an epic network, as it stands though it is a bit pricey for a singe site.

Navigation has to improve. Right now this is one of the most basic sites I've seen out there. No search features, no real way to tell when the older scenes were updated, the model index is very basic, and there is a different page layout for the older stuff. Not very good thumbnail previews and no streaming.

Finally, the images are also a joke, most of them rather poor quality and several not even showing the sex scenes. This is a video centric site and it really feels like one.

There are other minor issues, for example the main male model always blurs his face which can cover up some of the action if he's giving head or using a toy on the girl, he always holds a camera for the POV scene and that can get in the way sometimes.

Overall the site is good, very good if you like this type of amateur content. For someone like me this was a great find and along with Backroom castingcouch one of my favorite places for amateur porn. If they get a face lift this is a 90 instead of an 89.

10-23-11  05:10pm

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - They have around 4158 scenes from around 930 DVD's in almost any category you can think of (around 2000 anal films, 58 BBW, 366 Tranny/shemale, and around 1500 "college")
- Daily updates.
- Most videos available as WMV or MP4 in many different resolutions (ranges from 720x400 for most videos, to ~960 and 1280x720)
- 400 photo sets at around 1,280px × 1,920px, but no zipped files.
-Navigation is relatively easy. Can search by category, (most) models have a page where you can see all their sets and you can search by DVD. Hovering over a preview clip shows you more pics from the scene so you get a good idea before downloading
- Good download speeds, good connection (no log-outs)
- Content is very good with some interesting DVD series focused on young adult (anal/18 tryouts, 18 year old pussy, mom's teaching teens), MILF Gangbangs as well as some pegging and transvestite stuff.
- A lot of models, including well known pornstars Russian models as well as some amateurs
Cons: - A few of the models don't seem to have a page, which makes it harder to find their scenes.
- No real focus on photos (many scenes are veyr similar photos and don't seem edited properly). The lack of a zip file option really hurts too.
- The content is a bit exotic and skews somewhat towards anal as well as bisexual/ transvestite/ BBW. Overall I found it nice and different, a bit more intense than Videobox for example, but some might find it too "diverse" (They seem to have quote a number of pegging videos for example)
- A lot of the action is pretty standard porn DVD stuff (a lot of big breasted models that look rather fake and act very, very poorly. Don't expect anything from the few porn parodies they have)
- The number of models they show as well as some navigation options are slightly inflated by the fact that they include male models in searches. It's nice if you care about the male talent or the pegging/ bi-sexual scenes, otherwise it seems like a trick.
Bottom Line: Like any major network this one has a few issues, but enough variety and content that it makes up for almost all faults.

Let's start by considering exactly how much content we have here. There are over 4000 scenes on this site alone, another 1000 from Rocco Sifredi and 2000 from Peter North (which are both included in the membership ) and probably another 2000 from other sites available with the membership (myteenoasis, white ghetto, etc)So in total we're looking at about 11,000, which is pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

Almost all of the scenes are hardcore ( about 400 scenes are solo masturbation there are some lesbian scenes, but around 3000 or so are various forms of hardcore boy/girl scenes) and there is a ton of variation. Luckily they also have a quick sorting system so I can easily tell you they have 458 group sex scenes ( they have some of the better gangbangs I've seen) and only around 11 grandma porn scenes.

They have a heavy focus on anal and anal creampies as well as interracial and big boobs, and as I mentioned before the have more pegging and male bi-sexual videos than I'd seen in any other major straight network (around 500+ I'd say).

That being said, it's hard to comment on the content of the scenes since they all come from different DVD's. Some scenes are almost entirely close-ups of the intercourse, while others are little stories and feel almost like old fashioned DVD porn (mostly far away shots, corny dialogues and a ton of make-up)

On one had we have some brief interviews and even some little set ups (the babysitter has a crush on some boy and wants the dad to give her tips, the mom catches the daughter seducing her boyfriend and shows her how it's done, etc. )

However, there are many scenes that start with
the fucking already going on and some that are collections of clips (although they don't really warn you...I guess if you recognize the name of the DVD you know what you're in for)

It's hard to describe the scenes sometimes even on the same DVD (I believe one of the tryouts has American and Russian girls on the same DVD so naturally some girls have an interview while others just go into the fucking silently.)

Overall I'd say that you need to enjoy anal and not mind less than HD quality (the new stuff is all HD, but a lot of stuff is only around 720.)
The Gangland, Anal POV and Don't Tell My Wife I Assfucked The Babysitter are pretty good and entertaining, bust some of the BBW or Tranny stuff might not be your cup of tea.

I think a good description of the vibe the site gives is one scene where a dude gently kissing a girl tells the camera he respects young girls, even when they are younger than him he respects them. The camera pans down and we see he is already getting blown by a chick. He then fucks both.

Some negative aspects of the site were the sometimes too simple navigation. While the preview for each scene is decent and searching by a category is easy I wish you could combine two categories, for example it would be cool to search anal and limit to teen as opposed to every other category. Also while navigating by DVD it can sometimes get frustrating to go back and get the next DVD in the series. (Not to mention that they seem to be missing some in certain series, or they are mislabeled or something.)

Another surprising lacking chapter were the behind the scenes features. I understand may people don't like them but it would be nice to have the option too see them if you want too.

On the positive I had no trouble downloading anything. Some people commented that HD was only available for streaming, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I used Download them all and I got everything I wanted with no issues.

The bottom line is that this site offers a lot of anal young adults and a lot of interesting variation. It's not as focused on a niche as much as a network like Teencoreclub, but has some great scenes. I downloaded a ton of scenes with very hot models doing very intense anal and the price is great. The only downsides are minor/ cosmetic stuff and if they would improve their website a bit it would be a great, great network (provided you like hardcore, anal sex).

10-17-11  07:37pm

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Visit Teenrotica


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 240 individual models with several scenes, coming in at around 1200 photo scenes and around 280 videos (some very cute lesbian action but mostly solo videos)
- Most models are incredible and as far as I cna tell they are not the same few girls that show up on every site.
- A lot of corsets, stockings and high heels. I don't think I've seen such variations in outfits on many sites. Very nice and classy.
- Most scenes have around 150-200 images and you get to see the girl strip from cute dress or skirt or what not as well as play with a dildo or touch herself.
-Decent navigation (has some errors, but nothing huge) you can search by type of content, bra size, hair color or model name. Although I don't think all scenes are labeled correctly.
- They have some pee scenes and a few anal scenes, a bunch of lesbian scenes and 4 vaginal fisting scenes (including a girl with 3 dildos in her vagina.) oh and around 10 blow job scenes... not too spectacular but I guess it's okay.
Cons: - I don't think the site is still updating. I've been here for a month and I don't believe they got anything new. (some )
- Some links don't work and my download speed varied greatly, sometimes timing out. Might be just me, but a FYI.
- Videos are about 9 minutes or so and are almost all under 100 mb... I thing this is a dead giveaway as to the quality of the scenes in terms of resolution. Don't bother is what I'm saying.
- The action in the videos is also sub par so in case you missed my last point, the videos here are an after-thought and you shouldn't expect anything else.
- The photo scenes get a bit repetitive since all the girls seem to use rather similar toys (having a sybian or a massage wand or a selection of larger dildos would have been nice) but overall the cuteness of the girls saves the site (as long as all you want are solo photo-sets)
Bottom Line: I joined the site with the mindset that I was joining a photo gallery, despite their claim on the free tour to have a "large HD video pool" don't expect that. They have a lot of models and a lot of photos, as well as some BONUS videos. (I don't know what else to call all the videos where the girl has 9 minutes to get naked and fuck herself with a dildo...)

Now that we cleared that up, let's take a look at the actual images. For the most part I was content with the galleries I downloaded from here. The chief reason for that is that they have an incredible amount of very cute models. Most of the girls are European but you don't get the same Eastern European vibe many sites seem to have nowadays.
They have girls from Portugal, France, Finland, UK, anywhere in Europe, you name it and they probably have it (even one girl from Mongolia). They of course also have a lot of US models and you can easily navigate the girls by age, haircolor, country or horoscope (I guess most models here are Aquarius...not sure how it helps but there you go, now you know).

Sadly, they do the old porn trick of claiming every one is 18 or at most 20. The oldest girl on the site is supposedly 23 and there is only one.... of course when you look through the girls they mostly look 25-ish, but whatever.

Anyhow, for the most part the girls look young-ish, have some make-up but not incredibly ridiculous amounts of it (for the most part, as one or two of the "18 year olds" on here needed a lot of foundation and pig-tails to pass as under 30)

What matters more though is that the girls personality seems to shine through their sets. I suspect that they had the girls bring their own wardrobes from home, because I felt a strong consistency. One model is all innocent and dressed in white, while another is playful and has rainbow colored socks or what not. Overall, I'd say they did a great job with giving most of the photo scenes personality (intentionally or not)

That being said, they do have some very weak photos where it feels like they tried to pad the gallery with shots that are almost the same (girl moves her hips a bit or something like that) More focus on the dildo and masturbation would have been nice. In several sets the dildo action is maybe 15 photos out of 150... Not good enough.

Navigation, while okay also had some issues. They have a big add for MC-Nudes.com that never goes away. At the bottom of the member's page they have a link to a free preview and a few other Join now promotional stuff. Small stuff, but it shows that someone doesn't care enough.

Furthermore, the specials on the site are nothing but a few more similar galleries. It's really a joke. The vote for a model feature they seem to be very proud off doesn't really seem to do anything and I found it a useless gimmick to make users feel like they are involved.

Oh and the biggest negative point is that they don't seem to be updating anymore, so yeah... that's pretty huge.

All things considered this is not a bad site, or better said this looks like it was a good site back in 2008. Nowadays it feels outdated and lacking. I'd say you can get much better content at Nubiles, X-art, probably Met-art or Karup-s PC.

If you really like some of the models in the preview page ( and there are a lot of cute ones) consider joining once to get what you want and then more on to better sites.

They get a 90 for the quality of models and a 50 for everything else so I guess around 70 is the correct score.

10-15-11  12:35pm

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Visit First Anal Date

First Anal Date

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 38 videos and around 34 image sets (updates seem to happen more frequently recently.The last few updates are as follows: 15 Oct 2011, 7 oct, 15 sept, 9 sept, 07 aug and april before that )
- Around 25 minutes for each video WMV available as 1920x1080 and around 480x270
- Images are available as zipped archives and look good (anywhere from 50 to 200 per scene)
- On average very good looking models and we get oral, vaginal sex and anal in a few different positions (almost all scenes have doggy and reverse cow) The finish is mostly on the girls back although we have a few facials and anal creampies.
- Navigation works pretty well and if you hover the mouse over the preview scenes you get to see a few images from the scene (It makes getting an idea of the video you're about to see much easier)
- You get access to (I believe all) Pink Visual streaming sites as well as I shoot my girl, they caught on camera and a few more and if you stay with the site longer they give you more sites.
Cons: - All the models have different names from other sites making it hard to tell what model you're looking at (I believe they have a few new girls here, but I can't be 100% sure) The lack of a models index makes this even harder. I'd like too see more focus on the models, but maybe that's just me
- The scenes tend to have very poor lighting and some of the older ones look closer to amateur porn than something professional.
- More search options will become necessary as the site grows.
- Pretty huge ads for other sites
- A lot of the action is pretty generic Russian porn. There are a few scenes that look really good with the actors getting really into it, but a lot of the girls look bored/ mentally checked out.
- All videos save as fulllength-high.wmv, which seems to be a plague of Russian sites. Makes organizing your downloads harder.
- I hate that the PinkVisual sites don't allow downloads (I know they are just offering those sites as a bonus, but I love complaining about them :)
Bottom Line: I joined this site because I am a "completist" and wanted all scenes with Aspen (who is named Olga or something like that on this site). However, I was surprised at the quality of some scenes here as well as the nice bonuses they offer.

The videos, especially the large option look great(honestly don't even bother with the low resolution stuff since the poor light and the 420x resolution will make for a horribly looking movie). They have a lot of good looking models and while the action is not the most diverse, there are a few really good moments here.

Some highlights of the models they have are Aspen, Agnessa and Henessy as well as a bunch of other girls I didn't recognize (Vanessa and Lucie are were very adorable).

The scenes range a lot in quality with some girls who look like they are drunk or half asleep to some girls that push themselves into the guys cock. I remember one particular scene where the girl is eager to get him in her anus and grabs a bottle of lube herself. It was incredibly hot seeing her lube the dude and force him into her ass.

What is also pretty darn cool is that they have a bunch of videos where the girl seems really hesitant to go for the anal sex. For a site that calls itself FIRSTanal date that makes a lot of sense and a level of "realism" that ads a lot to the feel of the site. (Sadly for the most part the girls don't even seem to notice a difference between vaginal and anal sex)

Overall, I'd say they come pretty close in type of content to sites like Teenmegavideos or maybe Firstanalquest (Firstanalquest has a lot more stockings and cute outfits, something this site avoids entirely).

The big difference, of course, is that firstanaldate only has around 40 scenes so far. Just comparing the number of videos you'd get those other two sites are better deals or even better go to 21sextury or Teencoreclub and get a hell of a lot more content with better light and more variation in outfits/ action.

Now don't get me wrong if the site continues to grow at the pace they showed for the past few weeks this will become a hell of a deal. (And if you're like me and need all videos of a certain model this is is also a great deal :)

What is nice though is that the site seems to know that it's not offering enough content so they give out a ton of nice bonuses. The Pink Visual network is pretty great (except for their streaming only policy) and if you hang around for 100 days or so you get around 20 bonus sites (of course a bunch are old and don't update anymore but Bang my teen ass, Nasty angels,18 pussy club, I shoot my girl are all nice sites with similar content. Sadly young libertines and casual teen sex don't seem to be available as part of this "stick around get bonus sites" deal)

Considering the bonuses offered, the limitations of almost all Russian porn sites (why the hell does everyone have to re-name models? ) and the bonuses this site offers the whole package is not bad, not great, but not as bad as many other sites out there. I still stand by my opinion that 21 sextury or Teencoreclub are miles ahead of this place, but if you're bored with those more mainstream places and love anal scenes this place is not bad.

Bottom-line: average, worth checking out if you're a huge fan and looking for new sites to join.

10-15-11  10:31am

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Visit Massage Creep

Massage Creep

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 100 scenes and updates seem to come every 7 days or so.
- Just like the rest of the network they offer the scenes in a range of formats including very nice looking HD (1250x700) as well as standard sizes and small clips (MP4 and MPG for smaller resolution asn WMV for HD). They also offer HD images for each set at 3,000px × 2,000px (zip archives available).
- Great download speeds, no issues with time-outs or auto-log out
- Good network navigation and similar videos on the rest of the affiliated sites (see my network review for more details for all sites)
- Interesting concept and pretty well executed with some nice banter and good looking models. It's definitely not your regular gonzo, no set up porn, but it's not really the small scene porn from old DVD's
- There is a lot of focus on the girl's body (the guy rubs her with oil all over and you get a lot of nice close-ups)
- Well filmed, good mix of close-up and far away shots, overall the scenes look good
Cons: - They need a better thumbnail system. Right now the one image they show for each scene is not indicative at all of how the model looks or what will happen in the scene. They also need a way to see all models involved in the site so you could easily browse them (there is a bit too much focus on network wide navigation)
- Some fake cumshots (not many, and the newer stuff seems to be all natural facials, but just a heads up)
- In some scenes the sex doesn't start until minute 20 or so. If you like a good set-up then this site will work well for you, but if you want quick sex this site might be too slow to get to the "good stuff"
- Some scenes are not edited very well (see bellow for more details)
- The download links don't automatically start the download, you have to use a right click save as (no big deal, but really this whole network only had small issues if you like their type of content)
Bottom Line: I listed several cons up there, but if you read through them you'll see they are mostly cosmetic stuff. They need a better site navigation system, a better preview system for each scene, fixing a link. Stuff that could easily and probably will be fixed in the future. For the most part, the network is strong and there are no big negative aspects, as long as you like their type of content.

I talked a bit in my Pornpros review how the entire network has a unique vibe to it. That is very true for this site as well. The models all look more or less similar (big boobs, young-ish, probably around 20 or so, American and Caucasian)
There is a set up, that feels a lot more natural than the old DVDs where the models were all stiff and unbelievable, but it's a set up nonetheless.
And finally we get about 20 minutes of good old fashioned plain sex (no anal, no ass to mouth, deepthroats, threesomes or other crazy stuff.)

The whole site feels fun and light hearten. A masseur visit some young girl, oils her up then cums on her face and tells her to let it soak in for 5 minutes.

During the massage he talks to her and we hear all about what the girl is studying in school or how she is working out to stay in shape or how loosened up she feels. Around halfway through the video the guy uses a vibrator on her, or gives her head (It's nice to see a site where the guy pleases the girl a bit before the sex) Then we get the sex scene and a facial ending.

Nothing incredibly revolutionary, but nonetheless the scenes are fun to watch and due to the intro we get to know the model better than many other sites. In fact I'd say that is the main strength of this site, instead of just throwing you into a sex scene you get to see the girl, the set-up of the table, the foreplay and you get to hear her talk while her breasts are massaged. In a way it's like an pre-scene interview, but a lot more interesting.

Another strong point is the way a lot of the scenes are filmed with many angles, good close-ups of the girl's breasts (a lot of focus on breasts on this site) some close-ups of the sex as well as interesting sex furniture pillows (they often use these triangle foam shapes that perk the girl's ass into the air and make doggy style look more interesting)

The only issue with the whole idea is that there are some awkward editing mistakes that make some scenes awkward. I remember in the Brooke Adams scene you can hear her moan while her mouth is closed and the guy cums gallons of fake semen on her face. In another scene the director interrupts the actors to give some directions and then calls "Action". We get too see the filming crew in mirrors. Sometimes the male models face is censored (to protect his anonymity I guess) but a few minutes later you can see him clearly.

I know these are not big issues, but when you're trying to create a certain vibe for your scene continuity errors can make it all feel completely fake and kill the mood.

The other downside for me is the quality of the models. I couldn't help but compare this to Fuckedhard18, which has the exact same set-up (massage girls then fuck them :) but Fucked hard has much, much hotter girls. Massage Creep seems to focus mostly on big breasts/big booty regardless of how cute the girl is (a bit too much MILF and tattoos on Massage Creep for my taste), whereas the Fucked hard site is almost entirely young models that look stunning with the oil on their body (maybe it's the way they film as well, as some scenes on Massage Creep could have used a bit more organized light)

I guess it's more of a personal choice really, and I believe the preview pages for each site shows pretty well what kind of girls are on each network so you can draw your own conclusions. Nonetheless Fuckedhard wins over Massage Creep in my book.

Overall, at this point if I had to choose one massage site to join I'd go with FuckedHard18 since the content is very similar, but they have better looking models and more scenes.
However, joining Massage Creep means access to the Porn Pros network, which has a ton more similar videos, some much more attractive girls and a bunch of different content.

I guess as far as bang for you buck Porn pros is the winner, but if you really, really love massage sites FuckedHard is the way to go.

10-08-11  08:06pm

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Tons and tons of videos, (they seem to have more than 6000 scenes and are uploading 2 per day)
- Videos are available in a range of formats including very nice looking HD (1250x700) as well as standard sizes and small clips. They also offer HD images for each set at 3,000px × 2,000px (zip archives available). Even nicer they offer a trailer for each scene, so you get a quick impression of what will go down.
- Streaming was excellent, downloads are incredibly fast, navigation is easy and the main network site allows quick access to all member sites. Overall the technical aspects of the site look okay.
- Fixed their billing/ spam issues (see bottom line for more details, but a great improvement)
- A lot of different sites that fit many niches including BDSM, cum-shots, MILF, African American, Latino, old on young etc. Focus on young looking girls and hardcore sex (not a ton of anal, DP or deepthroat)
- Some very hot models that seem exclusive (and new to the industry)
Cons: - Some of the sites in the network don't update very often or at all, the main focus right now seem to be the disgraced and violation sites (which are light BSDM/ a random guy supposedly running up to girls and cumming on them or pulling their clothes off in public) The real ex-girlfriend/ amateur sites and the 18/ Jurassic cock sites.
- Some of the navigation features could still be improved. The models index is a bit wonky especially with girls that appeared in older videos (some links don't work, lead to wrong videos etc.) Nothing big, but still would be nice to see everything work.
- The fake cum shots/ public violation can be either a pro or a con. If you hate over the top videos this network probably has a few sites that might put you off. Overall they have a very specific vibe to the site and some people will love it others will hate it.
- They still have some adds in the member section (Adblocker on Mozilla should take care of everything)
Bottom Line: This is one of the first networks that I joined years ago and I have to say they have been improving constantly. I remember about a year back when they used to spam your e-mail and I had serious trouble canceling my billing with them. They finally seem to have cleaned up their act and are now focusing on creating some awesome porn. I had no trouble canceling and no spam from them.

They also created a new members page which looks better than before and seems to have fewer bad links. This doesn't mean it's perfect, but it's a good step in the right direction.

Better previews of the scenes would help (right now they have only one image a few categories and a verbal description, unless you click on the scene), as would a way to find all anal scenes from one model for example. Right now they don't have any way to do this kind of cross tab search. Nonetheless, they offer category search, model search, site specific search... overall unless you want a very specific video you shouldn't have trouble finding good content.

Another improvement would be if they offered more hardcore scenes. Don't get me wrong the disgraced series is pretty fun and intense (want to see a girl get tied up and fucked in a swing or while clothespins are stretching her pussy out? This site has it) However the site has almost no anal scenes (a lot that are labeled anal are actually light ass play) and almost no true deepthroats (although the deepthroatlove site is changing that don't expect to see too many girls with smeared make-up or spit/ semen on their faces)

Right now the site focuses on having good looking young girls (even the MILF, look young) doing regular sex scenes. And I believe they have some of the best straight sex scenes out there. A ton of new girls, along with several better known models, but all of them with awesome bodies, great make-up, good lighting, good camera work and some pretty well hung male models.

Almost all scenes start with a bit of an interview so you get a feel for the girl, then we get to the action which can be pretty varied (they have several threesomes, POV, the light bondage series as well as more traditional little scenes).

Sometimes they use fake cocks and fake cum, which seems to disagree with many people, but I'd say that maybe only one site that is still updating does that (cum-shot surprise). So it's pretty easy to ignore those scenes, especially when you get over 6000 other videos to choose from.

In the sections above I mentioned that the site has a specific vibe to it. I'd like to talk a bit about this. The Porn Pros network always had a strong fun, classic porn identity. They don't do the whole innocent Lolita or the abuse the female model spiel. With this network you get good old fashioned porn. Hot girls that look like they are having fun and a lot of regular sex in over the top situations. This is not Facialabuse or Met-art, this is the kind of almost mainstream porn that used to be all over the DVD market, except Porn Pros makes it look even better and offers a ton of variations so you won't get bored.

The Disgraced series isn't really that disgraceful or abusive, but for someone that doesn't care for intense, humiliating BDSM they are just the right amount of deviant to be fun.

The amateur sites they offer follow the same model. Sure we get a bunch of shots of the girl in the mirror and POV shots, but the quality is still miles above anything a true amateur could produce and just different enough to keep me entertained.

That feels like the key to this network, they aim to entertain. Even the fake cum falls into that model, sure it's fake, but it's entertaining to stuff squirting on them. It's all meant to be light hearted fun and form some people that works (I love their vibe, their fun scenes and the hot models).

Bottom line: Don't expect this network to fit into a narrow niche. If you want only intense BDSM or truly amateur scenes or would rather see all anal sex, then I believe there are many other better sites for you. However for 18 bucks, considering the amount of content you get and the high quality of the models it's a shame not to give this network a try.

10-05-11  08:00pm

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Visit X-Art


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 130 video scenes and a lot more images (they update 3 times a week, twice with image sets and once with a video, the images go all the way back to 2007 so you do the math, but there are a lot :)
- Videos available in various resolutions up to 1920x1080 HD and images available in 1200, 2000 or 4000 PX.
- Some incredible images of young looking models, for the most part each scene has around 40-60 images and the girls usually start already naked or almost naked. Some very good, artistic shots and a lot of play with light on the girls forms and interesting angles.
- A lot of exclusive models, that look very good (you get to see nice breasts and round forms, but no extra fat)
- Starting to include hardcore and lesbian sex, and the videos are keeping the site's general vibe.
- Good download speeds/ no issues with downloads, log-in or navigation.
- Enjoyed the description of each scene, which although on the long side are nice erotic stories
Cons: - Videos are around 6-8 minutes each and the solo ones feel like they don't have much of a climax. For almost all videos the action starts as soon as the scenes opens, making for a bit of a rough-ish intro.
- I would enjoy a few more outfits (stockings, high heels etc.) A lot of the models are completely naked for the entire scene.
- Some of the models only have a 2-3 photo sets. I'd love it if they could get a few solo sets, a lesbian and a hardcore set from each girl.
- Some sets have as low as 10 photos. The 40-60 range is nice, especially since most girls start out naked, but why not have more images, since they already have the model in the studio and are paying her?
- The vibe of the videos can be either a big plus or a a negative. They start with a musical intro and are edited to feel very erotic/ dreamy. The camera doesn't really do close-ups of the girl, there are white sheets all over and the lighting feels very erotic. It's a unique vibe and some might love it.
Bottom Line: I joined this site looking mostly for some solo shots of girls I haven't seen before. In that aspect the site delivers very well. They have around 100 models and are constantly updating with more girls. They select almost entiurely European and American models and while I wish they had more Asian or black girls, the selection they have so far looks great (Quite a few readheds, different body types and a lot of very cute faces). Also, while they do have a few better known models, for the most part I believe they showcase newcomers to the industry, with a lot of girls I have never seen before.

The photos and videos all have a very erotic approach. There is a lot of focus on light, shadows and forms. The scenes are named stuff like: "Just married", "Young love", "First time", "Sex, love and happiness" and each video starts with an orchestral musical piece that leads into the action. The entire focus is on the models, their supposed innocence and nudity.

There is a particular vibe to the site and it's consistent from the design, the elaborate descriptions of each scene (they are longer than many other site I've seen and each one seems to be unique and thought out, a mini erotic short story for each shot) to the type of models they choose, the locations and action in the scenes. It all feels like an artsy, softcore site although they have boy-girl scenes as well as a lot of toy play and lesbian sex.

If you're into that Teen-dreamy, 18 year old innocence vibe the site is very consistent and delivers excellently with a variety of models and types of scenes. They also have quite a loty of outdoors scenes as well as scenes inside large architectural structures. Very interesting from an artistic perspective and I saved many images to use as wallpapers.

The closest site I can compare it to is ftvgirls.com but here the girls seem to fit into the young adult, innocence niche more neatly than FTV. Also the quality here is much higher and downloads were much faster. Some other similar sites are of course Met-Art and Nubiles, but I'd say Nubiles is more hardcore than this site and Met-Art a more softcore.

Overall you have to make sure you like this type of content before joining since there is no network site to offer different content. Also you have to be sure you like photos since most of the content here is images (although they are updating new hardcore stuff regularly).

Now that we determined who the target audience is for this site I'll comment a bit on the negative aspects. Videos feel too short and many of the photos scenes are also on the short side. While I don't mind 8 minutes of video when they are as well edited as the content on this site. I do wish they would offer more variation. Different outfits, more stripping, foreplay before the sex or lesbian action would be nice.

Also I remember one scene with 3 girls where they only offer 13 images. That seems like a criminal waste. Even if the girls weren't going to do a lesbian scene they could have a few more shots of the three of them touching or getting each other naked.

Speaking of lesbian scenes, right now there is no really easy way to find all boy girl, lesbian or solo scenes. You can navigate the site by videos, all updates or model index. More options would be nice, a category search will become a must as the site grows.

Some more bonuses would also be nice. Right now aside from the main content all the site offers is a behind the scenes blog which is kind of interesting, but not extraordinary (Just some updates on where theya re shootinga and the occasional behind the scenes image). If they partnered up with another similar site they could offer a much better deal. (They do have some live chats, but I don't think they are part of the membership and cost extra)

Bottom line: The site is well done and offers good content even if it's a bit on the short site. Good quality and fast downloads. Hot models and nice boy-girl, toy and lesbian scenes. If you like any of the models in the preview or really like this type of sites X-art could be a good deal. If you want gonzo hardcore, anal sex or a bigger focus on clothing/ heavier make-up, this site will probably disappoint. Don't sign up expecting Brazzers or Reality Kings, sign up expecting a more hardcore version of Met-art.

10-04-11  04:18pm

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Visit American Bukkake

American Bukkake

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A lot of scenes (way over 200), starting all the way back in 2004 and up to January 2011.
- Videos (640x320, 340x240 for the older stuff, which unfortunately means most of the content here) and images (720x480) although no zipped archives here.
- A lot of pretty good looking models and a ton of guys who cum on them. We're talking about dozens of dudes in most scenes. Basically, I don't think I've seen any other site which shows this much cum on a girl (excluding fake semen). The Gokkun scenes, where the girl actually swallows a lot of the semen are even more intense.
- A lot of behind the scenes videos were you get to see the girls get ready, some candid interviews and a few mistakes.
- Access to the entire network which includes a lot more oral fixated videos.
- If you have not gotten any of these videos before, and like bukkake and oral sex this network is a decent value
- relatively easy navigation, didn't have any issues with log-in or downloading or streaming stuff
Cons: - This site doesn't seem to be still updating (although others in the network do update)
- Too much of the site's content is focused on behind the scenes videos. I love those scenes, but with a lot of the videos at around 340 resolution and the more recent ones almost entirely BTS, it feels like we're missing out (In fact I believe they have some behind the scenes for videos we don't even see on the site.)
- The site needs a serious face-lift. The navigation right now works, but it's lacking. No search functions, no easy way to sort through the different types of scenes. No model pages. Compared to many other sites this feel like it's missing some basic features.
- More download options and more/ higher resolutions would be great.
- Overall content can get a bit repetitive.
Bottom Line: I joined this network because I had never seen any of the videos from JM Productions before and as far as I can tell none of those scenes are available anywhere else on the internet in one place. Not even Videobox has all the DVDs from the American Bukakke or Gag factor series. So basically if you enjoy seeing good looking girls getting covered in cum you can't miss these videos and VOD would be way more expensive than a months membership on this site.

On the other hand the sites in the network feel a bit like they are the bare minimum necessary to get 30 bucks out of you. The design is very basic and a lot of the older stuff they offer is in poor, poor resolution (for this site which hasn't been updating recently that means a lot of the content is not very qualitative).

The other reviews here already pointed out that many scenes that are on DVDs are not available on the site, there is no HD and there is way more Behind the scenes stuff than necessary (Gagfactor has a much better mix of BTS and actual content.) To this list of complaints I'd like to add that for a bukakke site there isn't that much actual bukakke here. Several of the videos are actually lesbian bukakke or reverse bukakke, both of which are squirting in my book and don't belong on a site that writes half it's title in a semen-like font.

Also while I understand that this site is strictly focused on bukkake, I wish they had more fore-play. Not necessarily sex, (although a few of the scenes where they have a good old gang bang before the cum are nice) but more stripping, more of the girl getting naked. Right now most of the scenes feel like they start in the middle with the girl already masturbating and go on from there.

Another annoyance was the lack of a better preview page. Right now once inside the members area you get on huge list with the female models name, the date the scene was updated, a small thumbnail that is often not very descriptive and the length of the clip. It's not enough to really sell the scene. I'd love a models page or a category search so I can find all the lesbian bukkake scenes quickly.

Now that I got the negative points out of the way I'd like to focus a bit on the scenes, which for the most part are great. They have a few with actual sex (if you join check out Chastity Lynn's anal bukakke, it's great) and a lot of scenes with many, many men cumming on one girl that usually plays with herself a bit before the actual cum-fest. If you enjoy facials, ruined make-up, a lot of cum and some swallowing you really can't miss these videos. All the models seem to have a good time and they joke around a bit a the end of the video.

We also get a bunch of more or less interesting twists (birthday cake with cum on it? bukakke in a gym? Martini glass or dog bowl filled with cum? They have it) There are also a bunch of different outfits, corsets and even some light BDSM.

Another highlight are the Behind the scenes which for the most part are petty good (I preferred the ones on GagFactor). If you enjoy seeing girls get ready for the scenes, joke around with the camera guy, change from regular street clothes to sexy outfits then this site will be a nice surprise. I personally really enjoyed a few scenes where you get to see the girl without make-up, acting very casually, but you have to be interested in BTS to really see a great value here.

So overall, this site doesn't rank as high as Gag Factor (see my review for that site as well before joining the network) but still offers some nice scenes for anyone who loves cum-shots. The lack of recent updates, low resolution and the niche appeal hurt the score and while there is a lot of fun in the scenes here I don't think they have as much personality as other sites in the network.

Basically I'm recommending this to fans, for anyone else check out the other sites in the network or consider another place to get your facial videos :)

10-02-11  07:32pm

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Visit Gag Factor

Gag Factor

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Many, many scenes. I lost track of count around 200, but they probably have more. The site started uploading on August 20, 2003 and doesn't seem to have missed a month yet, with several months having multiple scenes uploaded. September and August this year have 3 scenes each so hopefully they'll get up to weekly updates.
- Some gorgeous girls (Chastity Lynn, Nicole Ray, Capri Anderson) along a bunch more girls I didn't recognize, and a few very nice behind the scenes videos
- Videos from 2008 onwards are available in 640x340 WMV. Images are available as 750px × 500px, but no zipped archives and there are only around 50 or so per scene. The site is clearly focused on video.
- Access to Americanbukkake.com, OverStuffedHoles.com, GhettoSwarm.com & HardcoreFuckMachines.com
- Some of the most intense deep throat action out there. They focus on getting the girls covered in semen and spit and face fuck them intensely. A lot of very nice variation in videos, content and models.
Cons: - Older videos are only available as 320x240.
- Images are pretty hard to download and are not as detailed as the videos(some are just the girl striping then a few shots of the ending).
- The site's navigation need a serious face lift. Right now it's just one long page with all the scenes presented with one thumbnail and the models name. There are some lesbian scenes, but no way to find them, no way to sort by model or type of action in the scene.
- The scenes feel a bit to short with some clocking under 8 minutes (The one with Chastity Lynn is literally just a guy walking in, fucking her mouth for 7 minutes and fade-out). I understand it's just a more intense BJ, but I'd like an interview with each model, maybe a bit of stripping, something to add a bit more fore-play to the scene (that way if you want just the action you can always fast forward. )
Bottom Line: As both previous reviews on here mention, most of the content here is also available on DVD's and especially for older stuff that is probably a better option as the 320x240 resolution is not that good. That being said, I still found this network a good value.

First of all I have to say that I loved the videos, they are intense and fun with all the girls seeming to enjoy the scene or at least tolerate it fairly well. The compassion with Facialabuse is inevitable and I found the scenes here just as intense with great deep- throating spiting and cumshots, however for the most part the models here seem to have a much better time and the cameraman doesn't insult them/ treat them as sluts. This site feels a lot like good old video porn if you remember stuff from around the 2000 when it was all about a few well known stars who would do over the top, fun and ridiculous porn.

Notice how above I said "for the most part" because the older videos are a bit more similar to the facialabuse model. The male model walks in, sometimes slaps the girl or calls her a cock-hungry slut then facefucks her. That is the older stuff, almost everything since 2008 is either a brief interview followed by a hardcore BJ or a small scene with maybe a minute of set-up before the BJ. Either-way, everything feels over the top and fun, giving the site a nice vibe (with no excessive vomit, name calling, confused looking amateurs or abuse)

I also really enjoyed their choice of models, with a lot of good looking girls getting their faces covered in spit ans semen. There is tons of ruined make-up, choking and swallowing and this site probably has some of the most intense deep throat for many well known models. Furthermore, there are a ton of cool outfits, stockings, corsets as well as high heels and cute skirts. Overall a nice variation in locations, outfits, models and types of scenes.

Another nice feature are the Behind the scenes videos and I only wish they were longer. They capture some great moments with the girls, including candid interviews and little mistakes. Overall some of the best behind the scenes videos I've seen in a long while (I remember one particular scene where the girl is telling the cameraman how she is engaged to the male model and wants to plan the wedding when the guy just walks in, pushes her back and starts fucking her mouth. Priceless stuff.).

Now a big downside is that each scene is just a blow job, no stripping, the girl doesn't masturbate or fool around. They get to the blow job pretty quick, which on one hand makes the site feel less like just another porn site and more unique (No BS, just blow jobs here). On the other hand it's hard to feel like you're getting your money's worth when you don't even get some good views of the girls vagina. In fact there are some scenes where the girl keeps her clothes on the whole time. I wasn't expecting sex (although that would be nice) but at least a bit more than a face fuck would be cool.

Of course better quality videos would be great. Zipped archives of the images are a must and a better site design is needed (Also more of a description of each scene on the preview page would be nice, right now we get the model name, the date it was added and one single thumbnail that is not very representative).

So overall the site has some serious flaws and it feels like whoever designed this was way more concerned with getting cool videos than having a good webdesign, but the scenes make up for these issues and considering how much fun they are I'd say a month membership is not a bad deal. (Did I mention they have a scene with a girl in mime make-up? How can you say no to a site that has a girl in mime make-up? :)

Even more, the bonus sites are a nice value with a lot more good looking models in pretty hardcore action.

So the bottom line: If you like blowjobs, fun scenes and don't mind seeing mostly well known pornstars this site is for you. However, if you want more than intense blow jobs and need HD scenes you should probably look somewhere else (Facialabuse, Teencoreclub, Gagngape are all a good alternative choice.).

10-01-11  10:20pm

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Visit Fuck You Paul

Fuck You Paul

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 20 video scenes and 16 photo sets. The videos are available in a range of sizes/ quality from 1920x1080 to ipod format,the images are also available in multiple formats and look very good.
- Some interesting bonuses (a few interactive games, a flash viewer for the images, good streaming options, a few different language options)
- You get network access to several similar websites.
- All videos feature Mel a pretty cute, punk-ish looking girl with a nice body. She gets naked, plays a bit with herself and even plays a bit with a friend (Rain, who is not as hot as Mel, but still...)
- A lot of different outfits/ locations and overall a nice variation of videos (although everything is softcore)
- Good download speeds, no problems navigating the site.
- Somewhat interesting approach with the whole boyfriend left me now I'm taking revenge approach. The descriptions to the scenes are funny and the whole feel of the site is interesting.
Cons: - Last update on April 12, 2010 and while they have a page which promises future updates I doubt we'll actually see them.
- Everything on the site is extremely softcore to the point where it's disappointing. Although there is another girl in some scenes the two never really do much together. (I think nipple licking is the most action we get to see)
- Although the site is a solo site they don't go the extra mile to have you interact with the girl. All the scenes have music over the actual sounds (so you don't even hear her laugh or moan), no interviews, no behind the scenes, no member forum and the promised webcam gives a message of : No webcam yet guys!! leave me messages on the blog!!! xoxo
- The blog mentioned above doesn't work.
-The rest of the network also doesn't have a plethora of videos and images and while I didn't check every site most seem to have stopped updating around April 2010 as well.
- No overarching network access (have to log into each site on its own)
Bottom Line: At first this site and the supporting network looks great. A bunch of solo sites focused on glamor shots and lesbian action, what's not to like? Even better, the site design is sleek and works nicely. You can easily find all the downloads, you can stream all the videos without issues and the large resolution photos look great and are available as zipped archives.

Sadly there are two big problems (and they are huge). Most, if not all of the sites of this network seem dead and to make things worse most of them seem to have around 20 scenes. This makes the whole network around 100 videos, which simply doesn't justify the cost.

No matter how high quality your content is if you're only offering a handful of videos you can't justify 40 bucks per month. At least if they had some more bonuses, like a few webcam chats or behind the scenes videos, really anything that could help create a connection to the model that is supposed to sell the site. As it stands right now the biggest bonus the site offers is a few old- fashioned flash games (poker, blackjack) with naked photos of Mel. Basically content that doesn't really help sell the solo site.

Now don't get me wrong all the girls they have on this network are cute and Mel is absolutely adorable. She has a great body, gorgeous eyes and I really seeing her in a thong, but there is simply not enough here to justify a purchase.

To make things even worse the content on the site is not even that interesting. When I was reading the preview page I kinda hoped Mel would be a tad bit more hardcore than she actually is. I feel that if you say "and I canít deny Iíve fucked some members also hehehe" you have to deliver at least some masturbation scenes with a toy.

This site is probably even less hardcore than Met-art, no scratch that it's less hardcore than an Abercrombie catalog. You never really see Mel's vagina or her playing with herself. While she has a different outfit in every scene and there are a lot of stockings and heels it's simply not enough.

I'm not saying I demand brutal anal sex and gagging, but I kinda wanted more than 20 stripping scenes. I swear I saw more intense action in romance movies.

So, let me recap this quickly: around 20 scenes on a site that didn't update since 2010, only has at most two girls ( maybe ~4 scenes have two girls, the rest are solo) and those girls don't do anything more interesting than licking each others nipples very briefly.
In fact there is a scene where the girls play with puppies. I have no clue who would want to see two topless girls with puppies but I for one was disappointed.

Overall a well built website which seems to have started very promising and was abandoned. Visit Nubiles, Met-Art or any of the multiple young adult sites around the net for a much richer experience.

P.S. Only gave it 55 since the design of the site worked well and Mel is very cute.

09-30-11  05:04pm

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Visit Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - 26 scenes with Russian model Sasha Rose doing all the basic and not so basic stuff (solo masturbation scenes, fisting, regular hardcore sex as well as anal and double anal penetration, lesbian action as well as lesbian fisting)
- Videos are all good quality with multiple size options and formats to chose from HD- 1920x1080
SD- 640x480 and WMV or MP4.
- Images are available as zipped and are decent quality at around 1200x800. There are around 170 images per set and overall they look decent/ aren't just thumbnails.
- The site had great download speeds, no log-out periods, no issues navigating and overall it probably has the nicest interface of the whole network.
- The Bonus feature is a joke, but you do get access to several network sites that still update pretty often.
- There is a members forum where you can report issues and in theory could communicate with Sasha. (t would be awesome if it worked)
Cons: - The last update on the site was 10.10.2010 and I don't think we'll see much stuff here in the near future.
- The forum, while a potentially nice bonus is devoid of life and Sahsa only posted on it 6 times total.
- The whole strength of a solo site is the girl offering new and unique content. While the scenes here are exclusive they are not incredibly unique (except for one or two). A membership with many other networks will get you similar stuff from Sasha. Some of the outfits here are nice (a hot pair of heels here and a nice corset there) but simply not enough different content to warrant joining this particular site.
- The network sites are nice but several of them are old and don't update anymore (Dildo sex machine last updated in 2009, Brutal anal sex doesn't have dates but is old. Extream Kream updated this year but irregularly, anal dildo lesbians last updated in 2008)
- They have adds in the member's area
Bottom Line: I love Sasha Rose. I loved her since I first found her sets on Teencorenetwork. She does anal, fisting and even double anal and makes it look effortless and fun. She has a great body and gorgeous lips, overall she is one of my favorites so joining a site dedicated to her sounded like a great idea.

While I usually don't care very much for sites dedicated to just one particular porn star I've had some good experiences in the past. Membership to a solo site usually means some live chats, maybe a forum or journal of sorts and even if the model herself is not posting someone pretending to be her does, which is the most you can ask for really :).

I remember solo sites where the girl would upload random photos of herself every day, answer questions regularly and auction off bits of her clothing or just give it away, you could make special requests for a certain type of outfit or scene and she would deliver. I even remember one site where the community convinced the girl to finally try anal. Overall what I'm saying is that if you're not going to promise hundreds of different hot girls but just one you have to make sure that one girl caters to her fans.

This site at a first look appears to do just that. Sure, most of the videos are pretty average sex scenes, but you also get some unique and exotic content: a milk enema video, a peeing scene that is very tastefully done. We get some interesting outfits (black leather jacket and white stockings anyone?) In the beginning Sasha was posting in the forums and they were taking requests for what the next scene was going to be. Everything seemed to be going great.

Then it all stopped. No updates, no one answers the forums anymore, it's like a ghost town in there. The first thing in the member's area is a banner proclaiming they will update weekly. There are dozens of users asking when those updates are supposed to happen and dead silence since 2010. It's like a slap in the face.

The site looks great, it navigates very easily and has a ton of nice features (each scene is dated, rating buttons for each scene, easy to preview the action and even easier to download stuff) Sasha looks awesome and she does very hardcore stuff, but nonetheless the webmasters dropped the ball in the worst way possible. It almost feels like Sahsa decided to leave the network and they had a huge fight or something.

Now don't get me wrong the content that is here is not bad, in fact it looks great, but except for a few videos, you can get the same type of scenes on a dozen other sites that will also have a lot more scenes.

I would have loved to see some backstage stuff, some interviews (I know she doesn't speak English, but subtitles or a translator) something to make more of a connection with Sasha. They only have the same type of porn I can get at 21sextury and teencoreclub and on top of it all they aren't even updating anymore.

The network itself is not bad, they have a few sites that are still updating regularly and a bunch that have older videos/ clips. But I wouldn't join just for Sasha's site. If some of their lesbian/ dildo content on the other sites looks incredible and you're already in the network Sasha is a nice bonus, but otherwise it's simply not worth it.

Check out brutal dildos, huge strap-on lesbians, moms teaching teens or brutal fisting before deciding on this network (those are all sites that still update regularly and have significant amount of content). Those sites bundled into the package also drive the score up from a 60 for this site to a 69 overall package value.

09-24-11  12:21pm

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Visit Huge Strapon Lesbians

Huge Strapon Lesbians

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - They have 126 scenes with updates seeming to come very regularly around every 10 days.
- By far one of the best sites in the network.
- New videos available in 1920 WMV 640 WMV or MP4, older stuff is around 640 WMV and 480 MP4. Images are around 1,200px × 799px and are available as zipped archives.
- A lot of good looking models. Compared to BrutalDildo which is also available in the network this site is a huge improvement. I'd say with maybe 3 exceptions we have only gorgeous Russian models.
- Very hardcore content. They have massive anal gaping, fisting and double anal penetrations. The focus of the site is on the strap-ons and girls fucking other girls with a strap-on, not so much tender lesbian love.
- Girls seem into it. None of the scenes I saw felt forced/ uncomfortable. Then again many of the models are well known anal porn stars (Sasha, Aspen, Isabell)
- Great download speeds, no problems navigating or downloading content
Cons: - Some scenes feel very different/ some inconsistencies, not necessarily bad, just a bit odd (see the bottom line for details)
- More navigation features would be nice. While the site is usable, right now you can only browse the archive by date added, times viewed or if there is vaginal or anal. A model directory would be nice especially as the site grows.
- The rest of the network is rather a let down after seeing this site. As is the bonus content.
- There are adds inside the member area.
- Some of the choices in models are questionable, especially in the older content. For the most part we have young looking, hot girls, but once in a while you get a very mature looking woman who shouldn't really be on this site.
- Some models don't seem into the lesbian aspect of the scenes, if you don't care about girls kissing/ giving head to each other this shouldn't be a big loss.
Bottom Line: I actually joined this network for the Brutaldildos website, which I already reviewed a while back, however this site was an incredible surprise. The content here is by far the best in the network and it's overall pretty awesome.

They update very regularly and have some very hot models, they even got Monica to do a very good lesbian scene and Aspen (one of my favorites) is in a threesome. For the most part the content is great and almost everything added recently is looking awesome at 1920 WMV. Oh, by recently added I mean anything since mid 2009 so probably 100 or so videos, not a bad deal if you ask me.

The photos (more recent ones especially, sadly here I mean only a handful of the more recent stuff) are also pretty good looking and introduce both girls separately before the sex scene (they both strip solo before they get each other naked and bring the toys in). Overall while images are not a main focus I still found most of the sets good enough to save.

Basically what I'm saying is that technically speaking the quality of the scenes is great.

The site also allows for relatively easy navigation and while more options to search for a scene or a more detailed scene description would be nice it all works for now. The ability to quickly select anal or vaginal scenes is the very least they could have offered and works well enough. However as the site grows they need to get a serious face lift.

So now to the most important part, the actual content of the scenes, which is very varied, some scenes are completely silent while in some the girls speak very accented English while getting fucked. Some scenes are very passionate and look more like Lezcuties material while some are straight to the toys and play more like anal acrobats or no rest for the ass. Sometimes the girls suck on the dildos and moan in pleasure (which for me is incredibly frustrating... it's a piece of plastic for God's sake) while in others they seem to be more focused on the other girl and rubbing her while they fist her ass. Some scenes the girls are all naked while in a bunch they keep on some clothes, shoes or stockings.

What I'm trying to say is that overall it's hard to know what you're getting in a scene and this can be either good or bad depending on what you expect. I listed this inconsistency in style as a negative right now, but if you easily get bored with one type of scene this can be a great positive. I for one was just caught a bit off guard and wished for a more detailed description or at least some thumbnails that could describe the action before I downloaded the video. (Technically I guess I could stream everything, but the flash streaming app is not the highest quality. It works, but it's a bit blurry)

Either way, for the most part both girls get fucked in each scene, although usually one does vaginal while the other does anal (there is a pretty heavy skew towards anal videos here, btw.) Also most scenes end a bit abruptly as there is no cumshot (as expected), so we get a fade to black while one girl vigorously rubs the plastic penis or sits there with her mouth open, half licking the strap-on as if they're confused as to what's going to happen next

I mean correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like most of the Lezcuties stuff ended with the girls making out while smiling satisfied as if they had all just orgasm-ed, and Analacrobats has milk enemas or some other crazy stuff towards the end.I know it's asking probably too much, but they could probably fake an orgasm or wave to the camera and walk out of the room or so do something that is not a complete anti-climax.

Okay, okay I'm probably too demanding (and I won't take away from the score for this subjective pet peeve of mine) I at the end of the day these girls are very pretty and they do incredible things with huge dildos. One girl even sticks a bottle inside her anus and makes it look like she's having a great time.

So despite any of my complaining this site is a must see for anyone who loves anal toys and Russian models. It's intense, hot and has great models. Throw in brutal dildos which is pretty similar and you have a good combo (although don't expect much from the rest of the network as the other sites seem to have stopped updating. The Sasha Rose one is good, but doesn't have a lot of content and hasn't been updated since 2010)

Anyhow, while a bit on the pricy side I say it's well worth checking out.

09-21-11  10:02pm

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Visit Filipina Coeds

Filipina Coeds

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 50+ scenes (various sizes from 320 for the older ones to 640 for the more newer ones. Overall the quality could be seriously improved)
- Images are around (1,000px × 750px) but I couldn't find any zipped options for the images, which is really a shame.
- The streaming option works well.
- You also get access to Thai coeds which contains more of the same style of scenes
- A decent mix of hardcore sex and lesbian videos I'd say maybe half are lesbian and half pov style sex.
- The whole site feels like two guys encounters with a lot of Asian prostitutes in a hotel room (for better or worse) One one hand a lot of the girls are cute and seem genuine. We also get to see how they are picked up and how they interact while not shooting the actual scene. On the other hand... well read more in the cons section
- Good download speeds and okay-ish navigation
Cons: - Strange update schedule ( most of the videos seem to be from June 7th with a few more from the rest of the summer. Nothing very recent.)
- Most scenes are filmed in a hotel room and this means a lot of shots that are too dark, out of focus or otherwise very amateur-ish. The fact that a lot of the scenes are in 320 resolution makes this site an even sadder experience.
- The girls are clearly not porn stars and they don't speak English so we either get some scenes filmed in dead silence with the girl looking like she's mentally somewhere else, or scenes where the girls talk to each other constantly in another language and giggle about kissing each other. This of course cold be great is it's what you're looking for.
- Most scenes are watermarked Asiabootleg.com. Not sure what the deal is between the two sites.
-Thai coeds, the sister site you get access to didn't work for me half the time so while in theory you get two sites for the price of one no such luck for me
Bottom Line: I joined this site a while back and downloaded all the videos only to be surprised when everything ended up being less than 2 GB. I don't think any other recent site I joined was so small. Most of the scenes are 32x240 and there seem to be no updates past June this year. (I think it's pretty safe to assume this is more or less a dead site) To make things worse the photos are practically useless since there are few of them and there are no zip file, which leaves the poor quality videos.

Sadly, as you can imagine from the tiny video size the quality of the content is not the best. Everything seems to be filmed by amateur cameramen who are often the male model as well. Almost all close-ups are too dark to see, there are shaky scenes when the camera is handheld and the cumshots are almost always badly framed, sometimes to the point where the action is off screen and you just see the back of the girl's head.

The content of the scenes itself seems to fall into two categories: the scenes with multiple girls which for the most part are fun and the only redeeming part of this site and solo POV scenes which are rather bad.

The scenes with multiple girls are usually very interesting because the models are clearly not porn actresses and act more like giggly young adults than anything else. At one point a phone starts ringing and the girls jump up to dance, minutes later a girl does the splits for no good reason. It's like a comedy, but with naked girls and cheering when they finally make out. Overall these scenes look very energetic, random and fun.
One video starts in a restaurant, another starts with the girls bathing while wearing ridiculous bathing caps, it's funny and sexy at the same time. Sadly the poor camera work and the small resolution kill these otherwise interesting shots.

On the other hand several of the scenes on the site are just a POV scene in a hotel room. Some are okay, with the girl getting really into it, while the majority are more awkward than anything else (some girls look extremely out of it to the point where it gets boring). I understand these are hookers, but damn they could look a bit more interested in the sex...

At the end of it all I'd say maybe half the scenes are worth keeping/ unique enough to be interesting. However, you have to put up with shitty resolutions.

The navigation of the site is easy (especially since there isn't a lot of content) No sorting, categories or any other special goodies. But you can see the scenes, what the latest updates are and you can get access to the thai coeds site (which didn't work for me half the time, so don't get too excited)

I also wanted to mention that almost all of the videos are watermarked asiabootleg.com so maybe joining up with them would be a better deal. In fact their preview page shows a lot of the girls available on this site. Not sure what the deal is there.

Overall the bottom line seems to be avoid this site. The poor technical aspects make the few hot scenes a bad value. However, if you really want to see some amateur girls, don't mind small video resolutions and love Asian women this might be interesting. (Although I strongly, strongly feel like other sites could be a much better fit)

09-21-11  04:26pm

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Visit Over 18 Under 21

Over 18 Under 21

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 20 scenes, videos and photos (Videos at 640x 480 WMV and images around 768px × 1,024px, although no zip option for images.)
- Great download speeds although not enough download options regarding video quality
- Rough hardcore (the girls seem to be really into it and there is some pretty rough deepthroating and some choking. Not very much anal play though)
- Some cute models (Hillary Scott)
- The girls all wear cute clothing and in some scenes they keep some of their stuff on, so there is some nice variation.
- Full network access with some of the models appearing on other network sites as well.
Cons: - The site is tiny (only about 20 scenes and while the sex is pretty hot several of the models are pretty well known so not a lot of new stuff here)
- Doesn't seem to get any new updates.
- Video quality could be much better, also I'd appreciate better lighting (sometimes when they go for a close-up the image gets too dark because of the angle)
- Most of the scenes seem kinda generic, the girls don't look into the camera a lot and some of them seem to just go through the action kinda mechanically. (One girl in particular just kept screaming I've been bad daddy, give it to me daddy, to the point where it got very distracting.) Too much focus on the whole daddy's girl aspect
- The lack of zipped archives and some rather poor photo scenes make it clear the focus here is videos, but we don't have HD or particularly unique videos so... well let's just way that this is overall one of the weakest sites of the network
Bottom Line: First of all beware of the trial for this network since it doesn't really work well (you only get some scenes and it changes into a full membership rather abruptly). Secondly, don't expect that this network will change your life, they have some good content but overall they are pretty average, especially if you're looking for young adult stuff.

I'd say the stocking/ leg niche and the Asian angle is what they focus on although backstabingsluts is also very nice. Either way, young adult is not their cup of tea and it's very obvious. This is the only site dedicated to young adults and it's not very large or very unique by a long stretch

Now don't get me wrong, the scenes are pretty intense and I believe exclusive, however they are virtually the same to what you could find on the majority of hardcore DVD's.

For the sake of compassion I watched some of the scenes here next to scenes I had from videobox and to be honest I couldn't tell which was which (well, that's a lie, the videobox movies were in better resolution so there's that)

Each scene seems to start with the girl dancing around a bit to standard porn music. After a few minutes a guy walks in and we get some pretty rough sex, including some spankings, deepthroating and a bit of playful choking. There is the standard porn dialogue: "You're a bad girl, I'll have to send you to your room" and the standard blow job, sex, cum-shot routine (Interesting enough most sites in the network don't follow this routine, with a lot more 69, toys or other types of interesting/ different sex)

Nothing on here comes close to the intensity of something like Facial abuse, but we're not talking about softcore porn either. Basically the scenes are similar to what you'd find on the Barely 18 series of DVD's or Cum stained casting couch or most Hustler videos. Good old fashioned porn with girls that could be anywhere from 20 to 30 and pretend they are much younger. Big lollipops are present, along with ridiculously short skirts and make-up smears.

However, at the end of the day you can get more young adult content for your money on other sites, shorter miniskirts and more intense hardcore action along with younger looking models. Try Teencoreclub, Firstanalquest, 21sextury, Nubiles, or good old Videobox.

Any of those sites have better camerawork and more girls, along with much easier navigation (I didn't mention it so far but this site is basically one page where all the scenes, video or photo are mixed together, no search options, no categories, no model index, no multiple download options, overall just the bare bones of a site.)

However, if the rest of the network attracts you then this could be a nice, if not very big bonus site. Their Asian content and the stocking sites are much more interesting so check those out and look at this site as a bonus not a main attraction.

P.S. I uploaded a review for one of the stocking sites as well so you can get an idea as to what kind of content they have there.

09-18-11  01:53pm

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Visit Stocking Stars

Stocking Stars

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 100 scenes most of them with image sets and videos (Movies come usually as WMV at 640x 480, but some have MPEG formats at smaller resolutions. Also some scenes are available as clips or 320x 240 resolution. Images were around 768px × 1,024px)
- A great variation in models (some Russian teens, some more mature models, a lot more Asian girls than similar networks so that was a nice surprise)
- The tour gives a good impression of the action inside the site, some lesbian (2-3 scenes) a little anal (more of the recent stuff has it, I'd say maybe 20 scenes overall) and mostly hardcore boy girl with focus on outfits/ stockings, including some footjobs and guys cumming on the girls feet. Overall a lot of variation (which is good and bad at the same time)
- Some hot models that really seem into it
- Full network access with a few more sites that are very similar.
- Download speeds were very good and I didn't have any trouble navigating the site. (No dead links, no sudden sign-outs)
Cons: - The site updates randomly, the latest scene on 03/04/11 the one before on 12/12/10 (3 or 4 videos in December last year, with not much before then)
- The site is really not focused on images (some sets only have the girl stripping and none of them have a zipped folder download option)
- More and better quality video options would be nice (the camera work is not always the best (awkward angles and poor lighting really hurt many of the videos))
- The whole site feels like it has 3 very different types of content(I'll elaborate in the bottom line, but overall there is a kind of strange break between various scenes.)
- Navigation, while it works is not the best. No search options, no way to tell what happens in the scene, no model index. The site is basically a page that shows all the sets movies and pictures mixed together on one page. It's simple to the point where it's frustrating, especially when a photo set shows up but you have to hunt for the movie.
- Some sets are mislabeled
Bottom Line: This has gotta be one of the strangest sites I have joined in a while. The members page is a black screen with thumbnails of the movies and the photos all together on one page, mixed with each other to the point where it's hard to understand what exactly you're getting (a few of the older sets are also mislabeled or several of the girls have the same name)

Basically I wanted to get the scene with Brigitte white from the preview tour. I click on the movie of the model called Brigitte only to realize that it's another model, of course the thumbnail was so unclear and they had no preview images so I only realized I had the wrong video after finishing the download. I go back only to realize there is no Brigitte movie... I think. Not sure since there is no way to search for a particular model or type of scene. Even worse, they have no zip archive... but they do have a slideshow option so there's that. But wait, a bunch of the photos are actually not hardcore action, just the girl getting undressed. Maybe I could stream the scene instead, alas no streaming available on this site. At least the downloads went incredibly fast, got a 400 mb scene in just a minute or so.

To make things even more confusing there seem to be 3 types of scenes on the site. The very first 20 or so scenes feature English speaking girls, dialogue (mostly stuff along the lines of: "Those are hot stockings, you make me hard, I am cumming now.") and a lot of focus on the stockings, cumming on the stockings and rubbing the penis on the stockings (These scenes are all named "ss_model name" and are very similar to what the preview tour promises, just see the trailers to get an idea of what these scenes look like).

The next bunch of videos named "was_model name" seem to be pretty generic hardcore Russian porn. No talking, no music, guy walks in and within 30 seconds the girl is blowing him. The models are also not as cute in my opinion, they look more generic Russian porn-like, and there is not nearly enough focus on stockings.

Finally the last kind of videos which only have the model name are little story scenes (girl dressed up as bride, girl dressed up as secretary, etc.) and have horrible, horrible music. I swear I have never heard such poor choices for porn music.

Scattered among those rather generic and boring types of scenes there are some real gems. I found one scene where the girl tries on several pairs of stockings in front of a guy before having sex, I also found a really good video with a bunch of behind the scenes type of directions and an adorable model in crotchless panties.

Sadly there is no easy way to tell which scene will be interesting/ different and which one will be a 15 minute close up of a girl's back in doggy style. Some scenes have the girl look straight at the camera as she puts on stockings or plays with herself, some are nothing but poor close-ups of genitalia. Overall a rather strange mash-up of scenes that feel like they belong on different sites.

Aside from the strange discrepancies in the content the site was overall average. Navigation was sub-par but the large network makes up for it ( check out like legs and secretary hoes since both have a bunch of stocking material). Download speeds were very fast, but the lack of more download options/ better quality videos brings the score back down. The models were okay, with no exceptionally ugly or beautiful girls standing out. Overall a nice mix of English and Russian girls (they are missing out on some really cute girls though, no Aspen, no Payton or Flick, no Amai Liu or Sasha Grey).

Another unhappy point is the technical quality of the videos. Sadly, I think none of the videos looked as good as the preview page made them appear. The lighting is not always optimal and sometimes the camera guy focuses on the wrong things (please no close up of a dude's face while he's jacking off.) also I think the three preview videos are a bit misleading since most of the content, especially more recent stuff is not really representative of those trailers (In my opinion)

That being said there are some nice gems hidden here and if you do join I recommend Whitney and Anne as their scenes were some of the more interesting ones. Also make sure to check out the rest of the network.

09-18-11  12:42pm

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Visit British Doggers

British Doggers

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Maybe 11 videos and 78 photo sets of various quality (mostly really bad stuff, videos are around 320x240 and images are around 768px × 1,024px)
- They have zipped images and some hardcore action, some stripping, all outdoors
- The site came bundled in a network deal so I guess I didn't technically spend money on this particular site.
- Navigation worked okayish most of the time and the whole using the site experience was adequate (downloads worked, I didn't get kicked out suddenly and the links worked)
Cons: - Very few videos and few images. To make things worse the quality of most images and all videos is very poor. The scenes have inadequate lighting and for the most part mediocre camera work.
- No diverse options when downloading size or quality wise. In fact, overall the site looks like it was made 10-15 years ago and never updated the technical side
- Some sets look recycled from the '70 some look like they belong on a different network (I swear I saw a bangbus set on here) I don't think there is anything remarkable or interesting about the content, it seems all non -exclusive image sets from diverse places and poor quality clips.
- Nothing British about the models, no apparent rhyme or reason to the scenes. No modes page or way to easily browse the scenes.
- They have adds for other sites in the members section
- While they do daily updates it looks like they simply recycle content, the newer content looks just as bad as the old, with no foreseeable improvement.
Bottom Line: I don't know what you're interested in but this site doesn't have it, trust me you're probably better off with a Google image search. I have seen preview pages for some sites that were way more impressive than the members section of this site. Why? Well let's take a quick tour

The video section is a joke, 11 scenes at 320x 240 resolution with very, very generic porn action. Even more interesting the oldest video is from august this year and the most recent is from September, combined with the fact that all scenes look like they were filmed before digital cameras were invented it's pretty obvious they are recycling content.

The photo section is a bit better, we have around 80 sets with anywhere between 20 to 100 images each. Some look like behind the scene photos (the girl smiles next to a guy with a flaccid penis) some look like screengrabs from a hardcore movie and the rest look like old discolored photos you might find in your dad's collection.

The action in the scene is all over the place, there are some scenes where the girls don't even take their clothes off, some DP, some stripping outdoors, some dildo... overall a hodgepodge that doesn't make any sense. You have anything here from Hillary Scott deepthroating a dude to stuff that would maybe be at home on Met-art if they decided to give up on good quality, HD photos.

So the content is poor, the quality of the images and video is bad,the website navigates like an amateur project put together by someone with minimal HTML knowledge. There is no way to find specific categories of action or particular models, to get to the scenes you have to click the images, but not the texts, although they are links as well. Oh and don't even bother with streaming the videos, of navigating the images with their image browser that is also a joke and will break on you.

Overall there is nothing here that redeems the site. I got it as a special deal when I joined a network and was just impressed at the poor quality. If I had paid to be here I would demand my money back, it's simply a poor site. Maybe the sites they offer as bonus are better (I didn't check those out so maybe those are awesome and worth it... but I doubt it.)

09-16-11  04:46pm

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 390 scenes (120 anal an the rest lesbian or vaginal) (Potentially way more videos with the network membership but had some errors, see bellow)
- Both American and Russian models of good quality :) What other site offers Aspen and Chastity on the same page?
- Earliest content is from 2005, but there seem to be a lot more recent updates, with several videos posted this year (07 of 2011 seems to have been a great time for them) (However the updates seem completely random)
- Very hot and very extreme action. I wouldn't say they are better than anal acrobats, but the site is up there. Great close-ups of massive gape, a lot of ass to mouth and indeed brutal dildos
- Very good looking models who truly seem to enjoy the action.
-Decent options when it comes to downloads (1920 WMV to 640 mp4 or mpg, although older content is just 640 and 320) Overall all the scenes I looked at were very decently lit and played well. Photos are zipped and good quality
Cons: - The main issue I had with the site was in the network area. For example the lesbian section of the site actually leads to huge strap-on lesbians site. This doesn't mean that brutal dildos doesn't have lesbian content it's just categorized under the solo archive. This would be fine if the links worked properly, but half the time trying to go to a different site in the network lead to me getting a big error and having to log back in. Which also meant that all the downloads I had going were canceled. In the end the webmaster was nice about it, but so far the issue is still not really fixed.

- Speaking of content being categorized wrong, there is no real way to sort through the scenes. You get a vaginal or anal dildo checkbox but that is it. No way to select the age of the model (which ranges quite a lot) or if she's Russian or American

- To make things worse the bonus pics and movies are a joke. Old content that looks dated and is hard to navigate.
Bottom Line: So what is the bottom line? The site promises brutal dildo action and delivers it plenty. Sure there are some quirks with the network and sure some of the models might not be the hottest girls on the planet (especially the older updates have some really questionable girls) but damn the site delivers.

Each video is about 20 minutes and they tend to start with the girls stripping a bit, playing with themselves and generally getting ready. Then we get one or two huge novelty dildos and depending on the video we get to see some incredible vaginal stretching or some massive anal gape. For the most part the girls seem really into it and suck the dildos periodically, play with themselves and look into the camera often enough. Also it's nice to see them riding the dildos and look really excited.
The enthusiasm of the girls is what really sells this site. I've been a member of many hardcore and anal sites and very often you get a girl that looks bored or uncomfortable, not here sir. This is one of those few sites where the models all seem into it and the fact that they do the insertions themselves seems to make most girls a lot more comfortable and open. Great job in that aspect.

So far the site seems great, enthusiasm, great action, decent videos, hot models (again, the more recent ones are great, with a few hidden gems in the archive) however there are several flaws that bring the score down.

One of the flaws inherent in a dildo site is that some scenes will simply look fake, when a girl kisses the balls of the dildo, trying to look sexy it sadly seems mostly stupid. I get that they should lick the dildos but why do they have to pretend it's a real cock? Also since no one is really cumming in these shots most scenes kinda just end. Some girls try to seem satisfied, but some just look the same and the video cuts to black. A bit more acting towards the end could really help some of these scenes.

Also for a site that is all about extreme insertions you get a surprisingly little amount of DP or variety among the toys (I swear I started to recognize the dildos from one scene to the other) I guess I'm a bit spoiled by Analacrobats, the ultimate when it comes to anal and dildos, but it just felt like this site could benefit from a bit of creativity. At least many of the models have stockings and cute outfits so that somewhat redeems things.

Finally one other thing that bothered me about content was that some "recent" updates are clearly older material (given away by both in the way the models look and act as well as the lack of a HD version of the video) I guess that is bound to happen but I still felt a bit cheated. To make things just a bit worse I found one or two videos from other sites. No big deal but a bit of a shame really.

I already mentioned that I had some connectivity issues with some sites in the network not automatically logging me in (most worked fine, but once it a while I'd get a bad cookie or something) Also, like I mentioned the bonus pic and movie section is mostly some very poor quality jpegs and some old DVD's that are really a let down.

But enough with the negative stuff. Like I said for the most part the site delivers and the network helps make it a decent deal, especially if you're bored with boy girl hardcore sex and you have most of Anal Acrobats already. There are some great scenes here and while you're bound to recognize many of the models they are still cute and willing to do some pretty crazy stuff for your entertainment.

Before you join do make sure you're okay with extreme dildo action. If you're troubled by girls gaping orifices, ass to mouth and other generally intense sex this is not for you.

09-09-11  11:36pm

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Visit Beauty Angels

Beauty Angels

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 180 scenes and they update the site very heavily (I believe thy had an update per day for September so things are looking good)
- A lot of cute models doing mostly hardcore action (including a lot of anal and some lesbian anal toy play)
- Each set has video as well as images downloadable as zipped files. (Images are around 960px × 1,440px or 1,440px × 960px. Videos come in three categories high WMV files, Medium FLV and "portable" quality MP4)
- The network, while not perfect allows for easy log-in in all the websites you are a member off so you can easily search for more scenes featuring a particular model. Or you can try to use the advance search function which (almost always) returns pretty accurate results
- Each update has a nice tagging feature so you can quickly tell what the scene will contain, the model name age and date it was added onto the site.
- The action in the videos is varied and pretty hot for the most part. Good camerawork and nice models
Cons: - There are a lot of small issues with the site and the network in general, many of which I mentioned in my review of Fuckstudies. The thumbnails are not very revealing as to what happens in any given scene, downloads sometimes cut out for me. Many of the models are re-named so it makes it hard to find a particular model (Aspen is named Galina for example)A few of the links are broken taking you to the main page instead of where you wanted to go to. All models are 18, even if they have scenes on the site in 2009 and 2011.
- Aside from the network wide minor issues this site has a few odd quirks of it's own. Several of the scenes seem to be taken from other sites (some in the network some not.) They have at least one scene from Firstanalquest and a few from other sites.
- Along with the non-exclusive content the variation in the scenes is a bit strange. You have a few videos of solo girls with toys, some lesbian, some threesome, some hardcore anal. It all feels a bit chaotic
Bottom Line: I've been a member of this network for a long time on and off. My latest membership was probably a year and a half ago and a lot has changed since. They always used to have more unknown models doing pretty hardcore stuff with male models that looked about their age. Overall there was a feeling of home made amateur Russian videos, with kinda crappy lighting and awkward scenes (I remember a few where the male model couldn't get hard enough to properly fuck)

This all changed for the better since I was last on the website. The male models seem a lot more confident, the camera work is improved and the WMV high definition (which is not truly HD, but close) was a much needed addition. All the while the girls are still cute and a bit awkward, making for some very hot scenes. Note how I said some hot scenes, because not all scenes are that great.

Sadly, a few of the girls are not the most beautiful or young looking models out there, and while I know that what constitutes beauty is very subjective teens with massive fake boobs just seem off-putting on a site such as this. Also girls that seem really not into it or even in pain make for very bad scenes. It puzzles me how on the same site you get girls that positively seem to jump on the guys cock along with girls that look confused and generally uncomfortable with the whole deal.

Furthermore, to be honest the lesbian scenes didn't do it for me. On Lezcuties you get some very hot girls who seem all the way into it here maybe every other video seems to have that kind of passion. If you have a lesbian scene you must get girls that are into giving head, sucking nipples and caressing as opposed to just grabbing toys and jamming them in their partner.

Since we're talking about inconsistencies among models I guess I should mention the solo action. You have some models that do anal toys, some that fist themselves and some that just use their hands very delicately. Overall it's a bit strange and some more ways of filtering content would be nice.

I realize that criticizing models or their level of enthusiasm is a very subjective way to approach a site review, but the inconsistency between how the models act within the same network makes for an odd experience. I guess the fact that scenes are used from different places is to blame for this, but still, more careful selection of the scenes included in the site would help.

Also a way to quickly sort the type of scenes would help. It's strange to navigate the site and see 3 solo girls along with a hardcore anal gape all on the same page.

Better navigation in general would be nice. The site right now is a bit clumsy and the search failed me several times. For example I couldn't figure out a way to see just the models that appear on one site, probably no one cares about this feature since all sites seem very similar. I for one had hopped that Beauty angels would be more focused on solo, maybe some lesbian action, definitely more stripping and focus on the models. Instead half the scenes are identical to the rest of the network with brutal anal sex to the point where the rest seem out of place.

I guess the moral of the story is that you should join the whole network and expect more content similar to hardcoreyouth or analteenangels than met-art or nubiles. The focus is on hardcore action and while the site does deliver, at the end of the day I still felt like something was missing. The rest of the network offers enough other content to compensate but this particular site could benefit from a bit of reworking and a different approach.

Overall if you never joined the network or if some of the models seem incredibly attractive to you, a month of membership is not bad. But make sure that you also want the content on Fuckstudies, teenmoviemania and tricky masseur. If you want just anal action, Firstanalquest might be a better fit and if you're looking for hardcore gorgeous teens consider teencorenetwork.

09-08-11  12:16pm

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Visit Danni.com


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A lot of content (due to the size of the archive and all the different kinds of content available I couldn't really get a feel for how much stuff is here, but the main image galleries go back to 1999 and the video features start in 2000 and the live chats are also probably from that time onwards... so yeah. a lot of stuff here)
- With any huge archive like this, content varies in both quality and what happens in the scenes. Older stuff is more focused on girls stripping, while more recent stuff has some more masturbation and lesbian stuff. I am not 100% sure but at least most of the new stuff is all original.
- Decent navigation (some videos don't have proper links and sometimes it's hard to tell what star shows up in the scene, but overall it all works) Also the model directory is very well put together with links to the models page.
- Some hot models, all well known porn actresses for the most part (Lexi Belle, Sunny, etc)
Cons: - Some of the older stuff doesn't stream properly and sometimes the downloads failed for no apparent reason. (Everything recent worked fine)
- Some of the content is strange (they have a naked joke of the week which is just a naked girl say a joke in 30 seconds or so... The girls try to make it hot but it kinda doesn't work.. also the Virtual lap dance doesn't really have a purpose when you can see the same girl masturbating in a live chat)
- Some sections of the site have not been updated for a while (Model diary hasn't been updated since 2010, some of the photo galleries are just 4 images or even less)
- Not a lot of focus on images or not the right focus. They have a huge collection of casting calls but each only shows 3-4 images of the girl being cast.
- Sometimes it's hard to find all content by one model
- Some live chats are better than others, but I guess that's something that is unavoidable.
Bottom Line: This site is very different from the average porn out there. The main reason is that the entire focus is on the models and their personality. Almost all recent girls have a live chat and a lot of them used to have a model diary until that section stopped updating. If you're interested in knowing more about a girl, hearing her talk while masturbating or having lesbian sex than this site is perfect for you.

The model diary still has a lot of videos where the girls answer a bunch of questions while naked and playing with themselves. It's somewhat similar to those interviews they now have in gonzo shots, but instead of some faceless dude asking a girl who looks nervous you get a confident model who asks the questions herself while moving around a bed or touching herself.

The live chat is even better since it actually allows you to ask a few questions in hope they might be answered (I didn't catch any of the actual live ones, but the older stuff is all archived so you can enjoy a lot of hot girls that have already been featured.

These two sections of the site make it all worth it in my opinion. Where else do you get to see two porn stars banter a bit and joke around before having sex? Or hear a hot girl discuss her preference for thongs.

Of course the fact that the live chat is not heavily scripted means some girls will just giggle and moan while others are actually interesting. But overall I'd say it's still something different and exciting.

Now that I praised the site let's take a look at the less perfect aspects. Some of the content can get repetitive and boring. We have the virtual lap dance, which is just a girl stripping, not even her touching herself. They seem to have stopped updating those, but we still get a ton of stripping on the live event. I mean one video of Lexi Belle stripping is nice, but they have at least 3. Then you have the casting calls, which are also a great idea, but they only seem to have 2-3 images for each girl, almost makes you wonder why they bother. Bloopers of the week is one image, behind the scenes is also an image or two. although we occasionally get a behind the scene video

The feature videos also range in quality, although for the most part you get some pretty hot lesbian action so I guess that's fine. I just wish the older stuff was better quality and the streaming player worked for the entire site.
Also I'd like it if the content was better organized. Right now I thought it was a bit hard to find certain models or a certain type of scene. Also some thumbnails showing what the scene is about would be nice.

I hope it's clear that overall the negative aspects are mostly detail stuff and the very, very hot interviews make up for what is lacking. You basically get a more intimate view of many porn models that show up on other sites and DVD's, along with some scenes of the same models stripping and/or masturbating. You get to interact with the models a bit and also see them answering questions. So if that is what you want than this site is perfect. Not so much if you only want hardcore boy girl action or completely new faces.

Of course there could still be some improvement. More focus on the backstage stuff (maybe some videos of the girls getting ready for the feature scene, or maybe showing them trying on different outfits or more updated model diaries) any of those would be nice. They could even choose to do the naked joke as a bit while the girl is getting ready for her interview. I think it would make it better and more interesting than what it's now.
Navigation could use a face-lift and the download speeds were sometimes slow or cut out for the older stuff (I believe they must use some different servers for the older content)

But anyway, as far as a good place to get a lot of hot, full bodied porn actresses this has got to be it. I don't think many sites offer so many interviews and chat opportunities as Danni does.

Good value, if it's your niche.

09-07-11  10:46am

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Visit Fuck Studies

Fuck Studies

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The previous two reviews on here say 30 scenes and 50 scenes. Right now they have around 100 and it looks like they are going strong with updates every week.
- High quality video as well as images (average images are around 1,440px × 960px or 960px × 1,440px) and video range from around 100x720 for High to 860x480 Medium and 640 or so for low.
- Some very cute models and some that I have not seen on other sites.
- They all do hardcore and many do anal (In fact for the more recent updates I'd say every girl does anal)
- Variation in the scenes and what goes on (I'll detail on this in my final comments)
- Always had good download speeds with very impressive spikes (got a 300 mb video in 1 minute)
- Support staff was courteous and quick to reply to a feedback e-mail I sent a while back. There is also a forum and administrators respond to the threads almost every time. It's nothing too spectacular, but it's nice to know you can have your opinion heard
Cons: - I got this site as part of a Teenmagaworld so I'm not really complaining, but several of the 22 sites they have have not been updated since 2009 or so. The most updated seem to be fuck studies, beauty angels, teen sexmovs, Tricky Masseur and teen sex mania. Although to be honest I am not sure if there are huge differences in regards to the content each site specializes in. Just make sure you join the right site or the whole network so you don't somehow loose access to the currently updating sites.
-The 2 say trial is more of a joke than anything. Just trust me on this one, don't bother. Just get the full membership.
-A lot of small cosmetic issues nothing bit but...(navigation can be a bit clumsy at times, girls don't have the same name as they do on most sites, making it hard to figure if you know the model before or not. Some of the thumbnails are not revealing at all, some links take you back to the main page instead of where they are supposed to go.)
Bottom Line: I have been a member of this network back in the day (I believe 2008 or so) since then the site has grown quite nicely.
I remember you used to have to log into each site individually, now there is a very nice overarching network that can take you to all scenes a model has, all recent updates and there is a page that can send you to all the specific content a site has (it's nice to see even old sites got a face lift and for the most part are much easier to navigate)

Each scene allows you to stream it (and it works great) post comments on the action (a very nice feature that can be quite useful as other users can identify the model or comment on where else on the net you can find here. ) or download the action in several formats (they don't really tell you the formats, just say high, medium, low, mobile, ipod, but for the most part it's all WMV except for the ipod format which is mp4)

Also each scene has a "date added", model age, name and tags of the kind of action she does. Of course everyone seems to be 18 and the names are for the most part messed up (models who are always known by Sasha or Kelsie here are called something else entirely) But nonetheless this feature makes browsing much easier and for the most part things work fine.

One of the things that irk me are the fact that you get just one thumbnail unless you enter the set and sometimes that thumbnail can tell you nothing except that there will be a penis and a vagina involved. I'd love it if they would implement the feature a lot of sites seem to have where you can hover the mouse and see a few different images from the movie, or maybe allow you to see a few more sample shots before clicking on a scene. Also I'd love it if instead of 7medium.wmv the scene could save as Valentinamedium.wmv. I know almost none of the Russian sites do this (Teencorenetwork names everything I01 ) but it would be nice.

So much for the technical side of the site. It has a few quirks, but it's a huge improvement and I like it a lot more than many other sites. Now to the content itself.

Back in the day this network had a few very cute models and a ton of poor quality videos of so-so girls. Nowadays they upped the game and they seem to have solely hot, rather unknown models and they almost all do anal. Also if you get the network membership you are guaranteed to get a few more scenes with the girl on one of the other sites.
Overall I am very happy with the quality of the girls they have now as well as the variation between the models. There are some girls who seem to jump on the cock while others are hesitant and have to convinced. It makes for a nice difference in action. Speaking of which I am happy to say that this site does a great job of keeping things fresh. Sometimes the girl will wear stoking for the whole scene, sometimes she is completely naked, sometimes she still wears her top. Sometimes they have vaginal sex, oral then anal, sometimes they go straight for the anal. The male model is sometimes supposed to be the teacher, other times he is another student, sometimes the girl starts fingering herself before he shows up, other times the guy seduces her. Basically what I'm saying is that each scene is different and you never know what you'll get.

One other interesting bit was that some scenes have subtitles. You're not missing much as the dialogue is usually along the lines of: "But you're my teacher, I can't have sex with you...okay, put it in my but" but it's an interesting work-around for the non-english speaking girls. I'd like to see some backstage interviews or something like that, but I guess you can't have it all.

Overall the network reminds me more of 21sextury than anything else, but they don't put a lot of make up on girls and don't have the lesbian focus some of the 21sextury sites do. So maybe a combination of the action from Firstanalquest (there is a lot of anal here) and the network and support from 21sextury is the best description. I hope they keep up the good work as they can easily become the best Russian teen site around.

09-06-11  09:57am

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Visit Naked Closet

Naked Closet

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Relatively easy to navigate, nothing too crazy, but it works well enough for what it is. Has a nice slideshow feature for the galleries. Has a bunch of categories you can use to search the site (although half of them don't work)
- Lots and lots of photos (Around 450 models and each one seems to have on average 3-5 sets of images, so about 500 images total...)
- The streaming videos work very well (they are not an incredible value, just scenes from other sites or DVD's and no downloading, but the streaming system works well and has a nice navigation menu.)
- Some cute models (again I don't think they have anything exclusive, but it's interesting to see photo shoots from various places gathered under one domain. Some scenes make the girls look like amateurs, some make them look all "dolled-up")
- Nice mix of lesbian, hardcore and solo, with a lot of focus on glamor and solo stuff. Overall reminded me of Penthouse and other older magazines in style and feel.
Cons: - There is no really good way to navigate the site quickly. The categories don't return accurate answers, the search is rather buggy and there is no way to get the videos to show up in search (Heck I don't even know how many videos they have, I tried clicking next until I reached the end of the video galley but lost count. I guess that's good, right?)
-The images are all around 681px × 1,024px so no great quality there.
-The last updates seem to be from 06/2011 with more updates promised for later in the month (Not sure what happened there... guess the webmaster forgot what month it is.)
-There's nothing in the content section that will make you go wow. Not very hardcore and while some models are cute, the way they are shot is very old school (hell, some of the models are taken from Penthouse and look straight out of the 90's. Hot teen in jean overalls anyone?)
Bottom Line: I joined this site mostly because I wanted to see some of the models from the olden days :) and didn't want to join several sites to get their images. I wanted to see if I could get an amateur shot with Sunny Leone, Monica Sweetheart or Tory Lane on the same site that could show me their hardcore scenes.

As far as that goes the site is great. You get to see a lot of the models in what could very well be their first photo shoot (no make up, they look slightly younger) and then later in a hardcore scene(nothing too crazy, just some good old vaginal and oral sex )Here let me give some examples: I found a very cute amateur shot of Sunny Lane along with her more regular hardcore sex :) I had never seen her without any make-up and in Ugg boots so that was nice. But I also found the Penthouse Sunny Leone images which I remember from the actual magazine. Very convenient to have both in one place.

Unfortunately there are not that many well known models on the site. I couldn't find Katie Morgan, Sandy Sweet, Cassie Young...and a bunch of other names that have been around forever.

I guess the moral is that the site kinda fails on two levels. It doesn't offer exclusive content, but it's not Videobox for images either.I had hoped they maybe had a lot more images from the 90, 80, and maybe even earlier, but that wasn't really the case.

The rest of the sites in the network seem nice and I'll have to check them out more later, but there seem to be 10 or so straight, classic porn sites. Sadly, the live show feature didn't work for me and I couldn't log into the bonus free cams despite having a functioning username and pass. I have a ticket with the support team and maybe they'll figure it out, but it's not a big deal for me as the cams didn't seem too crazy or high quality.

The technical side of the site itself was okay, like I mentioned above, navigation by category was pretty broken and the search didn't work well. I looked up sunny lane and it gave me no results I looked up young and there is good old sunny... no clue why or how it happened.

The best way to work the site is to look for model name and go by that... kinda clunky if you ask me, but I guess it works well enough, as long as you know what model you're looking for or if you are in the mood to browse through 400+ models.

What else... I guess that's about it. There are images of naked girls here, not much, not less. A bit boring and bland, exciting to see because of the amateur shots vs the professional shots of the same girl, but not a must see. In fact looking back I should have probably gotten a membership to Twisty's or Penthouse or maybe even Playboy... but then I wouldn't have a shot of Tanya James in funny pajama pants along with her hardcore scenes...

I hope that last sentence illustrates what kind of mindset you should have when approaching this site :)

09-03-11  11:28pm

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Visit Defiled 18

Defiled 18

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good quality video and images.
- Pretty good looking models. The same high quality girls that the rest of the Teencorenetwork has.
- Comes with the rest of the network subscription so it's just more good content for the same price.
- Sometimes download speeds are incredible. 1 mb per second is pretty impressive in my book although sometimes speeds are ridiculously slow...about 50/50 I'd say)
-Same simple navigation the rest of the site has.
-Scenes are different from the rest of the site, more hardcore, more intense looking and not every scene has the same set of actions. (Some girls get more spanking, some are tied to a big X wooden cross, some spend more time in the cage etc. ) For the first time we get directions from the camera-man and the girls speak a bit. It's not much, but it's different from the usual Teencore stuff where the girl walks in and is naked and sucking cock within 30 seconds.
Cons: - Sadly I fear that they won't update this site anymore. I hope to be wrong but this seems to be another site like cumholics or analyzedgirls or one of the many other sites the network sets up but never uploads to.

-Again no zip files for the images, the photo sets are not very well planned (you get 30 images of the same deepthroat, then a close up of a cock, then another 20-30 images with very slight differences... rather disappointing)

- No choices as to what video size you want. I don't need the super high quality but can't choose something else.

- Navigation of the network is a pain (read my review of the teencorenetwork to see what I mean)

- The interaction between the girls and the male model as well as the camera-man are an improvement in my opinion, but sometimes they are ridiculous. Having a girl who does hardcore on the rest of the site say she's a virgin is a bit weird if you ask me. I guess getting models who speak better English is out of the question...
Bottom Line: I've been with this network for a long time. I love the models they have and the hardcore action they do. However, even more than the hot girls I used to love the old teach my ass site, mostly because the guy would interact with the models before the actual sex.

I know this is not everyone's cup of tea but what really makes a porno interesting for me is getting to know the model. I want to see her get naked, get ready for the sex scene, I want to get a bit of a connection with the girl before she has a cock in her ass. Call me a romantic :) but I'm the kind of guy who back in the DVD era used to watch the backstage features before the actual sex, just to get an idea of how the girl really is.

That kind of connection with the female models is something that in my opinion always lacked from this network. The girls are incredibly cute, but except for a quick glimpse of her walking out of the room at the end, you never saw the real girl, you just saw the porn actress. Many other Russian sites get around the language barrier by having translators (Woodmancastingx anyone? ) or by having backstage scenes where you can see the girls showering and joking around (21sextury).

Sure, you don't need interviews with the girls or backstage stuff, but it makes the scenes a bit more interesting. And this site has finally got it right (even more than Spermatino, which was supposed to be all about the backstage experience)
Here let me give you and example or two: Seeing Jill naked in a cage ask "what should I do" in broken Russian while looking straight at the camera with gorgeous eyes makes the scene incredible hot in my opinion, much more than any amount of ass pounding can. Or you have Flick look half smiling/ half scared at the cuffs, or Eva smile as she wipes cum of her face... just small moments that remind you that these are real girls, doing incredible hardcore scenes.

Unfortunately we don't only get that, we get the cameraman constantly barking commands like "yes yes, hurry, hurry pet yourself" and breathing heavy into the camera... a more soft handed approach could get the same results. But you know what even with the creepy cameraman this site is one of my favorite on the network because it's different. Every other site is pretty much the same scene only with different girls (now he'll force her to do deepthroat, now she'll do anal, now he does this and that and that... boooring) But they are getting better and this site is a huge step in the right direction.

You have spankings, scenes where you see them lube the girl up or where she fists hereself, more stripping and self petting than any other site on the network. At the end of each scene the girls take a few minutes to wipe the semen off their face and smile to the camera. It all makes the models more real, more human and that makes the whole scene a hell of a lot sexier.

I'd love to see more of this, more backstage, more interviews, more focus on the models. Of course improved web design, better download speeds and maybe an option for streaming. I'd love to see better photo shoots and a bio page for each model showing all the scenes they do across the network. I'd also love a lower price (how the hell does 21 sextury manage to do everything else for a much lower monthly cost?)

Anyway, the site is great and I hope it will continue to update. The network has some incredible models and it's worth checking out, but be ready to deal with some technical issues and some repetitive scenes (although as I said before, they do seem to get better and if I review this network in a year I'm sure I'll have a lot more positive stuff to say. )

09-03-11  10:01pm

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