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Visit Drilled Mouths

Drilled Mouths

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - You get access to 25 other sites
- zip downloads for photosets
- no DRM or daily download limit from what I could tell
- No silicone
Cons: - Not much content. Only 45 scenes
- Only 2 updates in 2009
- Only download option is wmv
- The content might be exclusive, but it might also be available to other sites as a feed based on the url
- Older videos are lower quality.
- The videos have generic file names. 3 digits, for example 698.wmv.
Bottom Line: The scenes here are almost always one girl and one guy. It usually starts out pretty tender, but in no time he's trying to jam his dong all the way down her throat. After the bj they fuck a little bit and then a pretty good cumshot. I would say this is moderate deep throating action. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's intense, but definitely not as hardcore as facial abuse. The girls are all able to take a cock down their throat and there's a fair amount of gagging, but it's not very rough or violent. And I don't recall any vomiting. I don't know if that's good or bad, that's just how it is. I felt the scenes were repetitive at times. For example the girls always end up sucking the guy off at some point while grabbing on to her own ankles. Anyway, all of the models are Eastern European. None of them are those super beautiful busty Czech girls you see on the net today, but nonetheless they were all at least cute. All natural though, no implants. I liked them.

The latest videos in high quality are 832x468 with bitrates ranging from 2000kbps to 3145kbps. Every video has full scene download and split clips. There are two qualities of wmv to download and two in streaming flash. Older videos are smaller and have much lower bitrates like 716kbps. Some vids don't have watermarks, and some do.

Photos are 800x1200 for the latest stuff and for the older stuff 680x1023. Most people don't join this type of site looking for photos, but every scene has them, and zip downloads too.

Though I liked the scenes enough, there just isn't that much content at this site and it doesn't seem like it will be growing any time soon. You do get access to around 25 other sites though. I'm not sorry I joined at all, but I must give this one a low recommendation.

12-13-09  02:37am

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Visit Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Dylan interacts quite a bit with the fans.
- Bonus access to network of 11 sites(including this one) featuring a different pornstar.
- Zip downloads of photosets
- No DRM
- Sale price of $17.95 for the site/network is a good deal
Cons: - This is a new site so there isn't much content yet.
- Content doesn't seem to be all exclusive.
- This is a new site but there are no HD vids
- There could be more updates
Bottom Line: This appears to be the official site of pornstar Dylan Ryder. This is a newish site so there isn't much content. As of this review there are 6 videos and 18 photosets. The vids are hardcore g/g, b/g and threesome. The photos are either the accompanying pics for the videos or solo sets. Some of the stuff seems to be exclusive to this site, but I recognized at least one video from somewhere else. However from what I gather Dylan will be adding more exclusive content to this site. Like I mentioned before, Dylan does interact with the subscribers. She posts on her blog every other day or so and if you comment on a photo or video she'll usually reply. Let's see if she can keep it up. Updates come usually once a week. I'd like to see more frequent updates. I know it's work for the girl but if I'm joining a single model site I expect 2 updates a week minimum.

There's a link for webcam, but I'm not into webcams much and I never caught a show. They don't have any archive shows either. You'll also find a few candid shots and other photos set up like a myspace photo album. Nothing much.

Joining give you access to the following pornstar sites:
Devon Lee
Dylan Ryder
Abbey Brooks
Hanna Hilton
Cassandra Calogera
Aaliyah Love
Ashley Fires
Monica Mayhem
Puma Swede
Hailey Young
Sweet Leah Luv

They're all similar in quality, but some of the have a lot of content like Puma Swede and others have very little like Devon Lee(brand new site). Right now this is what adds value to any otherwise tiny site.

Photos are 1000x1500 with zip downloads.
The videos come in 2 sizes of wmv (640x480 1500kps & 320x240 600kbps) and one mpg (320x240 750kbps). You can download or stream(play in browser) all 3 types. I will stress again that they need to offer HD videos soon. This is a new site and it's almost 2010. Step up your game girl.

If you're like me and you like this girl this site is promising. If it grows and they get some 720p or 1080p vids this site might be decent. But for now it's still a small site so I can't really recommend it alone right now, but joining the network is more than worth it for at least a month.

11-21-09  02:23pm

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Visit Exploited Babysitters

Exploited Babysitters

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Content is exclusive
- Download manager friendly
- The girls are hot
- No DRM or download limit.
Cons: - Slow updates
- No zip photo downloads
- Image resolution isn't great
- Not much content
- Video quality needs to improve
- Only a few sets have accompanying images
- Lack of video format options
Bottom Line: The videos are shot in mostly POV. Usually the scene is about a the babysitter getting caught not doing her job or doing something she shouldn't be doing and then she gets fucked. A lot of the time the cameraman is annoying and talks too much. They waste too much time talking and setting up the scenario in the beginning of the scene. Things can get a little weird/pervy, for example on more than one occasion the girl ended up wearing a bib and having a pacifier in her mouth. I have to say, the girls in the scenes are very cute though.

Currently there are only 88 scenes and there has only been one update since the beginning of June. There are high, medium and low quality full scene and split downloads. All files are wmv's. The top quality is only 640x480 1500kbps. If you didn't know, that's not great for 2009.

There are only photosets for 17 of the shoots and then 7 have screen caps. Each set has hundreds and hundreds of pics. Too bad there are only about 800x600. You can't download the photos in a zip either. Not a site for picture collectors.

The quality of this site is mediocre, there is not much of it and they don't seem to update much. It looks like the site started out okay, but then fizzled. There is no DRM, but there might have been before. Also, anecdotally speaking, I found the site to be slow. I didn't run any bench tests or have any conclusive evidence so I didn't list that in the cons. I give this site a low recommendation. Skip it.

08-18-09  02:25pm

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Visit Exploited Secretaries

Exploited Secretaries

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Video resolution is good
- Zip downloads for photosets
- No DRM or apparent download restrictions
- Bonus access to 5 sites
- Exclusive content
Cons: - Not much content, only 25 scenes
- Site does not update
- No penetration, only blowjobs.
- Photo rez isn't great
- A little overpriced, even considering the size of the entire network
- The secretary theme is too common
Bottom Line: Let me first mention that this site is all blow jobs. No intercourse. The title and maybe even the previews, do not indicate that. It's not that I mind or anything, I've joined my share of BJ sites. I'm just saying, some people might not know. The scenes are all very similar, a guy is interviewing a girl wearing glasses for a secretary position. They chick ends up blowing the man to get the job. The action is okay. The ladies in the scenes aren't big pornstars; most of these girls have probably only done a few scenes for other small sites. Also, I don't think any of them had implants. None of them were drop dead georgeous, but I found almost all of them to be at least cute or attractive. Overall I thought it was refreshing to see these women.

The are 1 or 2 qualites of wmv for each scene and one ipod m4v. The best quality is 1280x720 and 25000 kbps. That can be considered HD, so good for them. There are full scene downloads and also split into clips.

The photos are around 803x1200. That's not very good. There are zip photo downloads for each scene. Some of the older sets only have caps as opposed to actual still photos.

Most of the scenes aren't dated, but if you consider the last dated one was in July of 2008 and there are only 5 or so after that, it is safe to say that they are through updating.

Obviously the whole secretary been done before and it has been done better. The video quality is pretty good, but the photos are lacking, so this is not for photo guys. You do get access to the other sites this company owns, but do not join this network just for this site. I only have access because its a bonus site for pantyjobs. Low recommendation for this one.

08-25-09  02:38am

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Visit Fantasy Girl Gianna

Fantasy Girl Gianna

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of a network of individual pornstar sites
- No DRM or dowload limit
- Zip photoset downloads
Cons: - New site, so there's still not much content
- Photo resolution could be better
- No original content. Everything is from DVD's that most people have probably seen.
- Most videos are split into 2 or 3 parts.
- Lack of updates.
- I don't believe Gianna has anything do to with this site, so that means no interaction.
Bottom Line: This is a site featuring naturally buxom pornstar Gianna Michaels. It just opened at the end of July and is part of the Fantasy Girl Pass network. I've you've seen a DVD cover, then you've probably seen this girl before. This is one of the hardest working women in porn. Her scenes are everywhere. I'm going to cut to the chase and just state that this site is nothing but scenes from her many, many movies. I knew coming in that at least some of the content was non-exclusive, but I was hoping to find someting I hadn't seen or maybe a few original scenes. No such luck. The content comes from DVD's such as Be My Bitch 5, Great Big Tits 3, 69 Flavas 4, Huge Boobs Galore, Big Fucking Titties 3, and Interracial Creampies among others. These are your basic DVD scenes really. You'll find a decent variety in there, hardcore, BJ's, threesomes, interracial, girl/girl and tittyfucking. There is no anal though. Joining this site gets you access to the other fantasy girl pass sites, 13 sites in all.

There are high and low quality video downloads of both wmv and mov. You can also view the movies in your browser via flash. The top quality is 720x540 and 1500kbps. I guess I would have to say that is slightly above average, but not HD like the site claims. That is just technically speaking though. Keep in mind these scenes are ripped from DVD and then encoded into wmv so there is some loss. Therefore the actual quality isn't as good as what you'd see on a video of the same specs shot originally for the web. Most scenes are split into 2 or 3 parts, which is a negative.

As far as photos go they are only 850x1280. These are still, not just screen caps. There are zip downloads for each set. You can also view every gallery in "Low Res." What a joke. As if 850x1280 is actually "High Res."

The updates had been pretty frequent during the first month when they were still rolling out the new content. However, they haven't updated in 2 weeks, so it looks bad already in terms of updates. Currently there are 46 videos scenes and 28 photosets. Keep in mind that most of the videos are split into parts so there are less than half of that number of scenes in reality.

Don't join this site(network) just for Gianna Michaels videos. If you are already a fan and collector of her work, then you probably already have most of the scenes in here. She's everywhere on the web. She probabaly has at least a dozen original scenes on each of bang bros, reality kings and brazzers. You'll also find 103 of her DVD scenes at videobox. However, this isn't a bad network if you like more than one of the other girls with sites. This specific site is just nothing new and the quality is just average. Let me just say that could change though, this site has only been around for a month, but I have my doubts. This site is a disappointment. I'm giving a low 'might recommend" score because if you count the other stars' sites, it might be worth it.

09-09-09  05:53am

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Visit Females On Shemales

Females On Shemales

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Does a good job answering a rarely seen niche
- No DRM or download limits
- Bonus access to network sites
- Zip Downloads of photosets
- Exclusive Content
- New video quality is pretty good
Cons: - Older photos and videos are lower in quality
- Streaming only on older videos
- Lack of updates, They went 6 months this year without one.
- Navigation is not great
- Photo rez could be better
Bottom Line: The site is called Females on Shemales and that's what you get. Hardcore sex between
Brazilian girls and trannies. Sometimes the trannies can cum, sometimes not. You never know. I am aware that some trannies enjoy fucking women, but some of them don't and when that happens the action is dull. You'll find the usual Brazilian trannies here like Carla Noves and Shayane Lima.

The latest videos are 1280x720 which is pretty good. Of course they could be a little clearer, but this quite good compared to most shemale sites. You only have the choice between wmv and m4v(mac and ipod) file formats. You can stream vids in your browser(wmv not flash). Older videos are streaming only, but that is only the first 20.

There are 40 photosets and the latest images are 1070x1600, not terrible. The photos go along with the videos but they have missed a few especially lately. You can download the photoset in zip files.

The past month they have been adding an update every 10 days, but this year they went the first 6 months with only one update(in January).

The navigation has problems. You have to go through each page of videos and can't skip ahead. Also you can't search by model on the front page or by popularity.

There are two problems I have with this site that are a matter of personal taste. First IMHO shemales and females do not always look good together. You really notice how much bigger and masculine they are when paired with an actual woman. This isn't always the case though.
My second complaint is not just with this site, but with most shemale sites featuring Brazilian content. Some of the Brazilian models are very attractive, but it is clear that so many sites use Brazilians because it is so damn cheap to film them. The actresses usually give very poor performances and look spaced out a times or constantly looking at the cameraman for direction. They are not getting paid much and do not enjoy it so they are just there to get their money and go. Also, most of them only speak Portuguese so you rarely see scenes with dialogue or scenarios. The result is an inferior product.

Joining gives you access to Tranny Solos, Shemale Sandwich, My Dream Shemale, Shemale Blowjobs and Lucky Ladyboy. All of the sites with the exception of Lucky Ladyboy feature Brazilians, however that site is new and there are only 4 scenes. You also get access to some gay and straight sites as well. The majority of the network sites are gay sites, but they appear to be expanding their straight content.

This is an okay site and network and it's not too expensive. You get a lot of different configurations involving shemales, the network only lacks TS on TS. If you know anything about Brazilian tranny sites, then you have an idea of what you're getting. If you like to see Brazilian shemales fucking girls then you'll probably like this site. But if you like American or Asians this might not appeal to you.

07-12-09  09:29am

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Visit Frank's TGirl World

Frank's TGirl World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Higher quality models than other sites
- Great variety of models
- You'll find many exclusive and never before seen models
- Good still photography and video direction
- Large amount of content, all original
- Photos available in zip file and also slideshow
Cons: - Lately the videos have this strange fish eye effect that makes them almost unwatchable
- A little bit difficult to navigate
- Time for a site redesign
- No bonus content
- Frank can't keep his mitts and mouth off the girls while filming
- Mainly solo shots, very little hardcore
Bottom Line: As far as transsexual sites goes, Franks Tgirl World is one of most consistent sites out there.
Each Thursday the site is updated with 4 photo/video sets. The photos and videos 95% of the time consist of a tranny stripping and then jerking off. Occasionally you will see some hard core fucking, but it is rare.

Frank seems to be an expert and knows how to work with and direct the models, getting the right angles and not missing a pop-shot. Each week they give you a mix of U.S. models, Brazilians or Asian ladyboys; so that means something for everybody.
The quality of models is on average higher and more consistent than other sites even by the same company.

There is no bonus content, but there is a lot of content if you are new to the site. There are over 700 photo/video sets. The site is now very big so they should think about adding a search function and reorganizing the content like some of the company's other sites in order to make it more user-friendly.

The video and photo quality are satisfactory and look like they have improved. The major drawback that affects this site is the fish-eye lens that most of the new videos use. It makes them difficult to watch, and they should fix that.

If you are into shemale porn give Frank's T-girl World a try. It's worth the $34.95 with the amount of content and variety and has a nice personal touch.

03-02-09  10:38am

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Visit Gloryhole.com


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Bonus access to 13 sites
- They have a good sized library
- no download limit or DRM
- zip photoset downloads
- exclusive content
- Download manager friendly
Cons: - Older scenes(the majority) are split into parts
- Poor site navigation.
- Still on the expensive side
- Scenes can be repetive
- videos look decent, but not HD
Bottom Line: This is an all interracial(white girls on black cock) glory hole site. The scenes are almost all set up the same way, a girl introduces herself, strips, shows off, sucks and fucks a black dick through a glory hole and takes a cumshot. The girls are a mix between well known porn stars(ones who do IR) and new girls, probably strippers. They are all attractive or at least cute, and the scenes are good. Most of the action is blowjobs, because it is hard to fuck through a wall or get the proper leverage. They do usually try to fuck for a little bit though.

There are currently 309 scenes, and updates come every Monday. Earlier reviews have cited limited content, but the site has grown. The site is set up like blacks on blondes or any of the other sites on the dogfart network, if you happen to be familiar. To me that mean the navigation is flawed. There are 6 scenes to a page and you can either go though all 50-some pages or use a jumplist on a form. They would be better served to have small headshots or previews of the models on one page and links to each shoot from there.

Finally the company did the right thing and gave bonus access to all their sites when joining one site. Some sites are good, some bad. It adds a lot more value though.
The sites are:


The highest quality videos are 640x360, 1500kbps and look alright, but I think they should upgrade to something closer to HD. They also offer the videos split into 3 parts and also a lower quality "midband" split into 10-15 parts. Unfortunately any scene shot before 2007-08-13 is only available split into 3 parts.

The photos are 1067 x 1600 and there are usually 100 or more photos per set. Zip downloads for the photos are available.

This site is all interracial and all gloryhole so it can get repetitive. It's not terribly realistic or creative either. But still, Gloryhole.com is not a bad site that focuses on the glory hole niche. Now that they offer bonus access to the other 13 sites, I say it's definitely worth it for glory hole fans and interracial enthusiasts. If you happen to like glory holes and want to see the reverse(black girls sucking white cocks) you'll get that on Glory Hole Initiations which is also on the network. The whole network is still expensive at $34.95, but worth it is for one month of exclusive content. I do recommend this site for interracial fans, mostly due to the large network.

06-16-09  02:30pm

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Visit I Love Lupe

I Love Lupe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Video resolution is decent. 1280x720 6000kbps
- Even with the new boobs, she still very sexy and a good performer. Nice pussy too.
- No DRM and I also didn't experience a daily limit.
- No zip downloads for photos.
- Video updates have slowed down. There were no videos added in June.
- The majority of the movies (34/49) are old movies from her old site.
- Her look has changed. She's added a pair of bolt-on implants and often does her hair and makeup like a porn star now. This may be a con for some.
- Cam shows aren't archived on the site.
- A little expensive for the amount of content on this new site.
- She need to do more hardcore. I like the solo and G/G stuff, but more hardcore.
Bottom Line: I mentioned it before, and everyone knows by now that she got breast implants. When I first heard about this months ago I had the same reaction as most people. She may have gone hollywood, but I still think she looks good. You just need to get used to her new look.

At the time of the review there are 80 photo sets and 49 videos. Before June the site was updating every day, but it just dropped off. This week an update was added, but there was about a month without updates which happened to be when I was subscribing. The photos are new, but most videos are from her old site. Let me be clear, the site doesn't have all of her old stuff, just enough to round out the content. And the older videos have lower resolution. The good news is that they are pre-implant.

Most of the content is solo, which might be bad news for some. There is a good bit of girl/girl scenes and very few hardcore. The solo stuff is typical, you know in her "bedroom" in some outfit and then eventually masturbating with a toy. Not bad though.

The videos are good in their highest quality. The best they offer is 1280x720 6000kbps wmv and then they have 2 mobile formats, mp4 and wmv. Also you can stream in browser with flash. I found the watermark on the HQ videos to be annoying. It's in the bottom right corner, but sometimes there's a shaded bar across the bottom of the video.

All images are 1600x1067 with no zip downloads. I didn't bother with photographs much because of this, which is a shame because she photographs pretty well.

This site could be decent someday. If they keep updating and give us more hardcore it might almost be worth it. My opinion is that solo sites belong on a network of other solo sites, so she should partner with some other young ladies. Anyway, right now you're not getting enough new content to justify joining, but big fans of Lupe may want to join in a few months. Not as good as her old site, but not terrible.

07-06-10  04:49am

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Visit Interracial TGirl Sex

Interracial TGirl Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - zip photoset downloads
- Frequent updates
- bonus access to Shemale Club
- Nice video resolution
- The site is well organized
- Fills a unique niche
Cons: - Library is small
- 4 GB Download Limit
- Very expensive at $35.00, especially for a new site.
Bottom Line: Interracial Tgirl Sex is a new site for 2009 that is centered on sex between men and shemales who are of different ethnic backgrounds. As you'd expect it is mostly black men and white trannies, but there are 2 sets that are the reverse. The site is run by famous TS pornstar Wendy Williams, and features herself and other girls like Olivia Love, Kimber James and Natassia Dreams. There are quite a few scenes with South American Models(which screams "cheap") but no asians.

Currently there are 23 videos. The breakdown is: 17 "hardcore" sex videos, 4 solo and 2 "behind the scenes." There are 3 qualities of WMV 500x280(400kbps), 1280x720(1400kbps) and 1280x720(4000kbps). The highest resolution looks pretty good and if you've joined any of the company's other sites it's similar to their highest quality vids. There are also Ipod mp4 and Flash videos available at 640x480.

As far as photos go there are 11 solo sets and 15 hardcore. You have three resolutions to choose from 1600x1600, 1200x1200 or 1024x1024. Those indicate the size of whatever is bigger, the width or height. Those are decent sizes and about what you should expect from a brand new site, though they could have gone to 2000. All sets offer zip downloads in all three formats.

The site is updating at a pretty good rate, they update almost everyday. However the site is still new and there is not much content. You do(for now that is) get bonus access to Shemale Club, and that's a pretty big site. The site is arranged by type of scene or by model name and there is a search engine.

I got access to this site as a bonus for joining shemale club, but I would not have joined this site by itself In addition to not being the type of site I prefer it is also too damn expensive. The scenes are decent and the quality is nice, but the price is not right. I think $35.00 is the absolute maximum one should have to pay for any porn site, and in terms of quantity the site is not worth it. My advise to those who are really interested in a niche like this is to wait a few months until the site has grown. Otherwise stay away.

06-02-09  02:46pm

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Visit Karup's Older Women

Karup's Older Women

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - no restrictions or DRM
- zip photoset downloads
- decent sized library of content
- exclusive content
- New HD videos look good
- 6 updates a week
- search function
Cons: - Average video quality on most videos
- Some of the models are barely "older women"
- Older videos split into clips
- Images could be larger
Bottom Line: This is Karup's try at the mature or "MILF" thing and I'd say the did a pretty good job. The women are between the ages of, I'd say, 30 and 60. Most of the women look like they are in their 30's, though there are more than enough fine mature women. So you will see some actual crows feet, stretch marks and surgery scars (these are not necessarily bad things). The women are good looking, you will not find too many old hags. The content is similar to what you'd see at All Over 30, even a lot of the same women. There's a mixture of well known porn stars and the women you only see at mature sites.

Photo content is grouped according to type. Those types are toys, action, uniforms and mature.
Here's the breakdown at the time of my review:
224 action (this is harcore sex, usually one-on-one)
204 toy (masturbation with toys)
147 uniform (themed outfits, usually office clothes or workout gear)
767 mature (Just regular solo shoot of the models)

And here are the videos:
148 hardcore (sex)
527 solo (interview and then masturbation, toys optional)

You can also find content by model name and there is a search function. There are not that many options for search criteria, but it can be useful with such a large library.

The majority of the videos are 640x480 2621k, which is just okay. However, they have now started to produce HD videos, which are 1280x720 4840kbps, and they look nice but there are only 3 or 4 right now. Some of oldest videos are only available split into 2-4 clips. Videos come in 1 quality of wmv and the newer vids also in streaming flash. I found the camera work to be a less than perfect at times for the videos.

The images in the photosets are 680 x 1240, but I expected better. The photography is very good though. There are zip downloads and slideshows.

As far as bonus content there are a few feeds which are not worth your time and then there are some sets from All Over 30 and Karups PC.

Overall I found it to be a pretty good site focusing on older women. Six updates a week is a pretty good rate, so the site will continue to improve especially now that they have HD videos. $29.85 is a little bit high, but it won't kill you. I downloaded a good amount of videos that I liked and will keep, so it was worth it for me. If you like All Over 30 you'll probably like Karups Older Women. So, I would recommend this site. You could probably get all you need in one month.

06-23-09  06:23am

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Visit Kat Noir

Kat Noir

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive amateur content
- Decent amount of content for single amateur
- No restrictions or DRM
- Good fan interaction
Cons: - No zips of photosets
- Photos too small
- The site design is a mess
- Video quality is very poor
- Most of the videos are split into clips
- Full length videos come in zip files
Bottom Line: Kat Noir is an amateur site featuring Kat, a 40-something redhead, involved in a whole lotta interracial action. This site is pretty typical as far as interracial amateur sites go in some ways. She gets plowed by one or more black guys, sometime with another girl, while her husband films it. But she's also into some kinky things, not limited to bondage, pissing, rimming and smoking. She can get pretty nasty. This is a real woman enjoying real sex.

She seems to update about three times a week with actual original content, but I'm not sure about the schedule and details. The site, especially the front page is cluttered with a lot of crap like news, horoscopes and pic-of-the-day. It's also not that great to navigate through. This pretty much an interracial site, which means you'll find her doing a white guy every now and again, but it's rare.

According to the site there are 626 photo galleries consisting of 24,137 images. The galleries are separated by content such as one-on-one, group sex, solo, girl/girl, bondage, smoking and fetish. The majority of the photos are of group or one-on-one interracial sex. The photography and action in the photos is decent, but the photos are all 640x480, which is ridiculously small. They are also not available in zip downloads which means they are a hassle to download.

On to the videos...
There are 57 full length "movies" that range from 15 to 60 minutes. The larger ones are split
into 2-4 parts. They are available in 1 quality of both mpg and wmv and most of them are 320x240, which is not acceptable by today's standards. One thing that was unusual about the full length videos, was that they are in zip files. Not the ones that are split, but each individual file is zipped. It must be to save bandwidth or make downloads quicker. But the files aren't that big anyway. I found this to be slightly annoying, but nothing I couldn't handle. There are also over 200 other videos scenes that are split into short clips. These clips are also 320x240 for the most part. Most of the videos are of interracial action, but there is some solo, lesbo and kink as well. Basically the action and variety in the videos is not bad, but the video quality is poor.

She does interact with her fans through her blog and chat, and she occasionally films answers to questions asked by her fans, so I give her points for that. There are also some typical bonus feeds, but nothing new or great in there.

Kat is attractive and makes a good effort, but the quality isn't good enough. Because of the quality of the videos and pictures, my recommendation is to skip this site if you are looking a quality amateur interracial site. For a single model amateur site there is a good amount of content for one month though. In addition to tightening up the design, she just needs to offer bigger pics and vids, with zip files of the images.

05-15-09  11:06pm

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Visit Ladyboy Dolls

Ladyboy Dolls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content
- Zip photo set downloads and slideshow view
- No DRM or daily download limit
- Girls look good and they climax every time
Cons: - No updates in since May 2009
- Video quality is average
- Server only allows 2 simultaneous downloads
- Image rez could be better
- Not much Content
- Lack of video format options
Bottom Line: This is a solo ladyboy site, but I did see 2 hardcore Male/TS updates. IMHO most of the models are attractive and the scenes are good. I've seen better, but I've seen much worse. These are your standard solo TS videos, they strip,jack off and then cum. Usually the girls are wearing stockings and stripper heels, but in one scene the girl was wearing a burqa! The girls do cum just about every time. Sometimes they talk to the camera man, but most of the time they do not.

I need to stress that there is not much of content here. There are only 35 scenes and 8 or 9 of them are only photosets without the accompanying videos. The update schedule used to be one update every 5-7 days. But since the beginning of May of 2009 there has not been a single update. There is no news or anything to let the customers know whats going on either.

Videos are wmv files that are 640x480 and 2300kbps(not great). There is a lower quality mpg which is not worth dowloading and you can also watch streaming flash in your browser.

Images resolution is 1028x683 which is just acceptable. The photography is good though. You can download the photos in zip files and you can watch them in a hands free slide show in your browser.

The content is not bad and I saw some videos I liked, but the quantity and video quality is lacking. You could easily grab all the content in one evening if you wanted. For the amount of content at the current price I do not recommend the site. We don't know even if the site is done updating or not so I can't say that it will get better. This site has potential though. If they would continue updating and offer HD videos then this site will be good. There are dozens of other ladyboy sites out there, go join another one.

07-14-09  09:24am

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Visit Lipstick BJ

Lipstick BJ

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Video resolution on later vids is good
- No DRM/download restrictions
- Bonus access to 5 sites
- Content is exclusive
- Lipstick blowjobs are pretty unique(but maybe lame).
Cons: - Looks like they haven't updated in months
- Very little content, 26 scenes
- Photos are poor to average.
- There are No zip downloads for photosets
- Site is too expensive
Bottom Line: This is another site I got as a bonus for joining Panty Jobs. The girls are young, amateur and natural. Not bad, not great; some are pretty cute. Basically in each scene you'll see a girl putting on lipstick then giving a guy a POV blowjob and applying more lipstick on in an attempt to leave lipstick marks on his dong. I could barely tell most of the time to be honest. Lipstick these days isn't meant to come off easily and it didn't always show up against the color of the dude's penis. This fetish may be for some people, but I found it to be lame.

You'll find high and low quality wmv's and one m4v file for ipod. The top wmv is 1280x720 2500kbps, which is pretty good.

The photos are not very good. They are either crappy quality screen caps or stills that are anywhere between 800x1200 and 1200x1800. There are no zip files to download the entire set.

The last update was sometime in May, but they didn't specify a year so maybe they have not updated in 1 year and 3 months.

This is one more below average site. As far as BJ sites go this site is unremarkable, even with the lipstick gimmick. I think it's overpriced too. You do get access to 5 other sites, but 3 of them are 3rd party garbage and the others don't have much content. But if you are looking for lipstick blows jobs, then you probably have no choice but to join. Otherwise, I think you know where I stand.

08-26-09  04:50am

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Visit MILF Cruiser

MILF Cruiser

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Bonus access to a network of around 20 sites
- No more DRM on new site. No download limit.
- Zip downloads of photosets
- If you factor in the whole network at the $17.99 sale price it's a good deal
- I had consistently good download speed,always over 1 Mbs
Cons: - Photo quality isn't great. They are also just screen caps.
- Only 76 scenes on new site.
- Slow with the updates
- There are very few HD videos even though have the capability.
- Content is non-exclusive.
- All scenes on the old site are split into clips and some still have DRM.
Bottom Line: Most scenes are basically the same scenario. Two douchebags are driving around talking about older ladies, one guy has a camera so you can't see him, and they inevitably pick up some random woman in her 30's or 40's who usually needs a ride. The girl messes around with the one guy in the car a little bit and then they go home and finish with the fuck and suck fest. This concept has been done over and over again and this site doesn't really stand out that much. However the ladies are nice looking and scenes aren't bad. There are 76 scenes at the time of this review, and the updates seem to be really slow. There was only one update during the month of August.

You can still access an older version of the site that has more content. There are 144 videos in there, but none of them are full scene. I need to mention that some of them still have DRM. That's a shame, because there are a lot of scenes I would have liked to download. Some of those older videos are available in the new site and are DRM free and full scene. I hope they eventually add them all to the new site in full scene and without DRM, but I'm not holding my breath.

All the videos on the new site are full scene downloads and DRM free. The majority are 640x480 2500kbps, but you may find a few 1280x720 3000kbps. In short, the videos still look decent. There are wmv, mov and flash in full scene. You can also download the wmv's split into 6 minute clips. The full downloads, even at 640x480 are pretty big downloads, usually approaching 1 gig. Luckily the downloads were fast and I didn't notice any daily limit so that shouldn't be a problem.

The images aren't great. They are around 800x400 px screenshots. Some are clear, some are not. Not uncommon for a site whose content is ripped from DVD. You can download the photos in zips and they also offer slideshow view.

I haven't seen a lot of these scenes elsewhere, but it is important to note that you can see these scene in the DVD line of the same name. Therefore the content is not exclusive. Overall, I liked the scenes and the quality was acceptable. There are many bonus sites to look through too. This is an average site, but considering the bonus content, I'd recommend it at the current price.

08-31-09  12:50am

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Visit Milf Seeker

Milf Seeker

No Review.
09-28-09  05:02am

Visit Moms Teaching Teens

Moms Teaching Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Zip downloads of photosets
- Action in the scenes was hot
- No DRM/download limit
- Decent amount of content
Cons: - Videos are just average quality
- Older videos are much lower in quality
- There are a few non-exclusive(obviously) old dvd scenes mixed in
- Most of the "teens" don't look like teens at all
- A little bit on the pricey site
- Photos are average too
Bottom Line: Basically in each scene you'll see 2 female pornstars, one older and one younger, fucking and sucking 1 dude with older lady taking the lead. mbaya's description of the scenes is still accurate. The scenes are not usually mother and daughter like you might expect. They get a little more creative. Maybe the moms didn't quite look old enough, but my problem was with the "teens." From the preview pics it wasn't always obvious who the mom was and who the teen was. Here's a tip, if one of them has pigtails she is the teen, and if one of them has glasses and wears stockings she is the mom. They could have gotten younger women. I've seen enough girls who look like they could be 18 in porn to know that they exist. Currently there are 190 scenes and updates come once a week. The content seems exclusive, but some scenes were clearly from DVD's that feature teens and MILFs.

When it comes to the videos you can download 2 qualities of wmv and one mpg. All movies have full scene downloads and split clips. The top quality vids are 640x480 2000kbps. They look about average. They should think about offering HD immediately.

There are photos to go along with each scene. These photos are average quality too. They are 800x1200. Zip downloads are available for all sets now.

Joining gives you access to a few bonus sites, some are decent, but some look like they consist of old dvd scenes. They are the 8 other sites listed in this company's profile. As you can see many focus on dildos. There are also some bonus feeds and videos, but nothing to write home about.

The site was enjoyable to me and I'm glad I joined. I found quite a few of my favorite MILF pornstars in there. The quality needs to improve if they are going to charge $30. I might recommend this site if you like this whole teen and MILF on 1 guy and you don't mind the quality.

08-13-09  09:46am

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Visit Mr. POV


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Bonus access to 3 other sites
- All exclusive content
- Quality of video and pics is consistent and all full-scene. The site is new so you will not find small unwatchable older stuff.
- No DRM or apparent download limits
Cons: - A single scene is split into 3 parts with 2 days between updates
- No zips for photo
- Navigation is pretty bad
- This site is a little overpriced at almost $30.
- Too many long interviews
- All videos have the same file name 01.wmv
- Lack of choice in video format. Only wmv and flv downloads.
- I expect HD video on a new site
Bottom Line: Mr POV is new sister site of Mano Job and The Dick Suckers. It has a similar style but this site actually has full-on vaginal sex. You might not known it's part of the network because they don't make it obvious or easy get to the bonus sites. Anyway the models are all porn stars, but none of them are the worn-out looking type. They are attractive, but I didn't see anything but white girls and I think they were all fairly young(no MILFs), so there's not much variety. As the name suggests the action is shot POV style. IMHO that doesn't always provide the best angles and can be repetitive, but some people appreciate not having the male talent in the way on screen.

The are 78 scenes but actually only 26 models. They release 3 videos in a row of a girl and each one counts as an update. The first scene, which they put on Monday is a naked interview; nothing special. The Wednesday update is the girl engaged in POV sex with Mr. POV himself. Finally there is another POV video of the girl on Friday, this with a different guy. I feel this is not the best way to run the site. They don't need to give us 3 updates in a row of the same girl. They can do one POV scene with the girl at a time and then don't give us the other until at least a few weeks later. The interview video can be cut out or a be smaller part of a girl's first scene. Interviews are okay, but keep them short and I don't care what movies she likes. They did a 40 minute interview with Dylan Ryder for crying out loud! What is this, Meet The Press? No of course not, on Meet The Press you typically only have to answer question for half as long.

Joining gets you access to Mano Job,The Dick Suckers and Chelci Fox. Like the sites I mentioned, Mr POV suffers from poor navigation. They spread the content out on too many pages, they don't have a model list and the search is mediocre.. They also have the extra videos of slow motion cumshots that Mano Job has, but I honestly never bothered to watch one.

Photo updates are different from the video updates. On the day the interview is released they put out 3 solo photosets too. The next two hardcore updates have both vidcaps and action stills. So that's around 130 actual photosets if my math is right. All photos are 1000x1500, but they do not offer zip files of the photos. Too bad because I liked the photography but don't like to waste my time downloading 1 pic at a time.

The video quality ranges from 640x480 1500kbps to 720x480or 800x600 2000kbps. I expect 1280x720 or better on a new site like this. You can only choose between wmv and flv. You can watch in the browser or download both types.

Not a bad site, so if you're looking for exclusively POV videos then this is your site. You do get the other sites and the content is all exclusive, but there are bigger networks that are cheaper. It might be worth it if they had crisp HD videos, zip photo downloads,and different updates. I rate this an average site and might recommend it if you're into POV.

10-24-09  04:04pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

No Review.
04-14-09  07:34pm

Visit Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very nice professional photography.
- The girls are beautiful.
- Every model on the site is all natural. No implants.
- A large quantity of models.
Cons: - Basically no video content.
- The photo resolution could be better (680x1024).
- The navigation is poor, and no search function.
- No zip downloads of photos.
- The site could use a facelift.
- No bonus content. Just a few candid photos of events.
Bottom Line: Perfect 10 is the website of the now out of print magazine of the same name. The site consists of mostly Eastern European models photographed tastefully topless(no pussy).

This is a photo only site, the link to "videos" leads you to a store where you can order DVD's. The "video cams" link takes you to 5 videos of boxing matches between some of the models and an interview of each of the fights participants. -- And it's streaming video, no downloads.

The resolution of the photos could have been better considering that this is a photo site. They don't give you many photos per model/shoot either, just 1 page of select photos. That is not a terrible thing because usually you get tons of pics that are practically the same or crap.

It was also hard to navigate the site. You could only browse alphabetically and you couldn't even go to a certain page, just next or previous.

I believe the site is still being updated, but how often and when, I cannot say.

While the models look great and the photgraphy is top notch, I cannot recommend this site at all. It's not even worth the 2.95 3-day trial price.
The site could work if they offered super hi-rez photos, some behind the scenes videos, and a search function.

03-16-09  04:38pm

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 6 updates a week
- zip photo downloads
- No DRM and no download limits
- Download manager friendly
- Very good BBW content and models
- Site is organized well
Cons: - Videos are sub-HD though they claim otherwise
- Some photos are small
- Not exactly exclusive content
Bottom Line: Plumper Pass gives you access to a network of 6 BBW or "plumper" themed sites.

BBW Dreams
BBWs Gone Black
First Time Fatties
Big Babe Blowjobs
Plumpers At Play
Hot Sexy Plumpers

They have mix of hardcore, bj, interracial and solo. IMHO they have some nice models. Almost all of them are very thick girls with huge tits(usually too big for me). There are a few who are borderline like Gianna Michaels and not too many are disgustingly huge. But make no bones about it, these are BBW's. A few of the models I've seen at mainstream sites I normally visit and some I've never seen but was happy to discover.

Though you get access to a few "sites," most of them are not radically different, sort of like brazzers. The site's content is almost exclusive. They do release DVD's with the scenes from their sites, but I've never seen them distributed through any other unlimited download site.

There are currently 213 models in 622 scenes. I would say that is a decent amount of content. Really not bad for scenes you probably have never seen in a niche which isn't well represented. They normally update every day except Sunday, but recently they have missed a few days.

The navigation and organization is nice. There is a search engine and content is arranged by date, site, model or ranking. All scenes have summaries and(a few) keywords.

Videos come in 2 qualities of wmv, one ipod mp4 and 3 qualities of streaming flash. The best quality wmv's are 720x480 and some older vids are 640x480. Neither size is what I would call HD. They look acceptable, but this site needs to get with the times.

As far as the photos go, some are 1500x1000 which is approaching good, but other are only 667x1000. The smaller photos are grainy and usually just screen caps. There are zip downloads for every set, but some set don't have many images.

This site has definitely improved since the previous 2 user reviews. The video quality isn't great and they don't have a huge library, but I enjoyed the site and found some good vids and models. If you like the type of models this site has, then go for it and join for a month. Get all you can and then join back in a few months. One complaint I have is that most of the models cover their stomach up by leaving there top on around it or skirt up. I'm not an expert on plumper sites, but I'd imagine other guys don't mind seeing the girl's stomach. We know they're big and like or at least expect them to have a gut.

07-06-09  10:48pm

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Visit Pussyfoot Girls

Pussyfoot Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Easy to find scene. All on one page with actress name and thumbnail
- Part of a large network with diverse content.
- Video downloads available in 2 sizes of wmv and also in mpg
- Decent sized library and few repeats of models
- Non distracting and clean design (with the exception of the ads on the right)
Cons: - Below average video quality(400 x 300, 1Kbps)
- Photos are just screen caps and poor quality.
- Not exactly exclusive content
- Site not updated as advertised
- Does not offer full scene download, videos are split into about 5 parts.
Bottom Line: Pussy Foot Girls is a site offering videos of girl-on-girl scenes that focus somewhat on feet.
A typical scene shows two female professional porn stars involved in foreplay and foot-licking and then pussy licking and using toys on each other. Again these movies are all lesbian, no dicks.
All of the content seems to be ripped from the DVD series "Pussy Foot'n" and does not seem to be updated anymore.

There are 83 videos that are usually 30 minutes or less featuring known actress such as Richelle Ryan, Flower Tucci, Kinzie Kenner, and Jessica Darlin. Each scene is split into 5 minute pieces and has 1 page of screen caps. The quality of the movies is definitely not DVD quality but not terrible.

Joining the site gets you access to the Filth Freak network of sites which has similar styled sites focused on different niches like Latin, Asian, milf, Black, butts, shemale, etc.

If you like feet and lez scenes or just the Pussy Foot'n series and are looking to join a diverse network this might be worth checking out for $29.97. However if you are a true foot fetishist, then skip this site. It is for the casual foot fan and only has a minor focus on feet. There are better networks out there anyway.

03-02-09  11:15pm

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Visit Rascal Dog

Rascal Dog

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - New videos qualify as HD 1280x720 >7mbps
- Zip photo downloads.
- Very nice looking models and good photography.
- No DRM or download limits from what I can tell
Cons: - Older photos are just average rez
- There aren't enough videos.
- Navigation is screwy. Sometimes links don't work when you click them and you can't open anything in a new window. Hitting the back button on your browser takes you way back.
- Content is non-exclusive, However I should mention the only other place sold them as separate sets.
- All videos have the same name "w_0.wmv"
- Doesn't handle download managers well. You can't queue up downloads because they expire almost immediately.
Bottom Line: Another glamor site. This one has some very hot women and I thought the photography was well done. The content is very soft though. There's always full nudity, but no sex and not much masturbation or concentration on the vagina. That's not always a bad thing though, if you are looking for soft content you'll find it here. All the content comes from the foxes.com library, a site that sells by the set. Currently there are 55 videos and 784 photosets. That's not much, but imagine paying 9.95 for each of those. They don't have all of foxes' content, but they will continue to update. Updates come about every other day.

The older images are around 600x800 and the newer ones are 800x1200. The have zips to download photosets, but you cannot download the photos individually through your browser because they use flash. There are photosets going back 2005.

The videos come in wmv and mov format as well as flash in your browser. You download full scene or split into four parts. The newer videos are 1280x720 sometimes with very high bitrates, sometimes greater than 10000kbps. I think that might be a waste. A few of the older videos are 720x480, but they only have videos going back to last year.

The navigation would be good if it wasn't so glitchy and screwy. The good things are they let you specify how many rows and columns you want to display, all the models are listed on the side of every page and you can sort by video or photo. You can save your settings too. I just found the navigation to be slow or unresponsive. They used some php scripts that were likely bloated and buggy. And I like to open links in new windows occasionally, but you can't.

There are better glamor sites out there, only join if you've been looking at some specific girls/sets on foxes.com and just have to have them. In that case joining for one month should do. The girls were nice and I'm not saying I didn't get some stuff I liked, it's just an average site.

11-14-09  01:04pm

Replies (3)
Visit Real Peachez

Real Peachez

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-02-09  10:50am  (Update History)
Reason: I neglected to mention that some new videos are actually 1280x720
Pros: - exclusive content
- no DRM/download limit
- zip photo set downloads
- decent amount of content (photo sets mostly)
- some newer videos are 1280x720 8000kbps
Cons: - older videos are grainier
- photo rez could improve
- no video file format options, one size of wmv only
- The majority of the video's quality is average
- camera work in the videos isn't great
Bottom Line: This girl used to be a non-nude model years ago, but now gets totally naked and plays with her snatch on camera. You will see full nudity on this site. Most of the site is solo with a little masturbation, but she does do some girl/girl. Sarah does do "hardcore" B/G now, but actually they are just blowjobs, no sex. Though I'm not sure of the update schedule, they seem to come a few times a week.

Most videos are wmv's at 640x480 or 720x480 and 8000kbps. Some of the newest videos are 1280x720. The older videos have noticeably lower bitrates, as low as 1000kpbs. I should mention that I thought the camera work was lacking.

There are 88 video scenes as follows:

31 solo
10 girl/girl
32 sex toy
14 hardcore
1 guest model

The photos are only 683x1024. The photography is good, but they images should be larger. This girl is young and clean, I think the site could benefit from hi rez photos. There are zip file downloads available and you can also watch slideshows hands free. Currently there are 309 photo sets.

Here is the breakdown:

246 solo
15 girl/girl
29 sex toys
3 hardcore
16 guest model

There are also 114 webcam show archives, but she hasn't posted any since 2008.

The earlier PU review and the TBP review say that there were no preview thumbs for the photos sets, but that has changed. I also believe the site has been redesigned since then. I didn't have any problems using a download manager, though you probably couldn't cue up downloads for hours.

Overall I'd say this is an average solo site. I would have liked to see more videos, and more hardcore. If you happen to like this girl and don't mind the photo and video quality I listed then go ahead and join at the recurring rate, but cancel before the end of the month.

08-02-09  09:57am

Replies (2)
Visit Real Punting

Real Punting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very original concept for site
- Latest vids are in HD
- Zip photo downloads
- Exclusive content
- No DRM/download limit
Cons: - Older video quality is much lower
- Image resolution isn't great
- Design and navigation is bad
- Quite expensive - 34.99 recurring 44.99 non-recurring
- All videos split into parts, though this isn't that bad considering the HD vids are around 1 gig and split into two parts.
Bottom Line: I was confused by the title of this site. I thought that in the UK punting was boating. Now I realize that a punter is a guy who uses the service of a prostitute. On one hand this is a porn site that shows regular guys fucking escorts. But this is also sort a review/preview site for people looking to get the right prostitute in the UK. They give links to the women's escorting sites and each scene has a review with the details. The women are performing for a porn site, so what they do is probably a bit different from what you'd actually get if you were a real "punter."

The content in here is decent. Most of the women are from the UK, however a few come from other places in Europe that happen to work in England. Some of the women are attractive and some are quite plain. These are not pornstars nor are they amateurs. The fucking is a little bit more real. A few of the ladies have some experience in a porn so they tend to be a bit more athletic in bed. They usually start out chatting and at some point the man pays. Then they engage in some foreplay/oral, followed by fucking and then cumshot. Sometimes the girl does something different like dancing for the guy, using a toy on herself or giving him a massage. Occasionally it's a scene with 2 girls or maybe anal. The guys do wear condoms in every scene(that may turn some people off, but it made me feel better). They appear to update 4-6 times a month.

The photos are only 600x900. So that means they aren't hi-rez. Each set is around 100 images. They do have zip downloads and slideshow view.

The videos are available to download in either wmv or RealOne player format. There are 4 sized 512k, 758k, 1500k and HD. None of the lower qualities are even watchable except the 1500k(700x400). The HD videos are 1280x720 at 7000kbps and they look pretty good. Only the last 70 or so are available in HD. The latest videos can also be streamed in flash. All sizes can be downloaded split into about 6 clips, but the top two also come split into 2 parts. That's means no full scene downloads, which not terrible in this case because each part is 400-600 MB.

It's clear that this site has improved since the first review. The quality is better and they have different guys so the action is different in each scene. This site is definately not for everybody, but I enjoyed it. It was really different and I liked some of the girls. I'd like to give the site a higher score, but considering the number of older lower quality videos and the high price, I would have to grade this site as average. If you join, get the recurring price and then cancel immediately. The non recurring is $10 more. Go through the preview and if you like enough of the models you may want to join.

08-06-09  04:00pm

Replies (3)

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