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Visit Kamilla 18

Kamilla 18

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + kamilla is super cute
+ 4 bonus sites
+ billing through CCBill
+ quick to navigate?
Cons: - very small site
- too expensive
- videos are sometimes shaky
- photos are sometimes blurry
- no recent updates
- no interaction with model
- very softcore
- dialog not in english
- some videos are very low res (418 X 288) and split into small segments
Bottom Line: The score is a tribute to Kamilla's beauty, which is the only selling point of this site.

The videos are apparently filmed with a small camcorder, and the cameraman does not have a particularly steady hand. Scenes seem to start and end more or less randomly without much thought for direction. The action itself is very softcore. Kamilla keeps her legs closed when she is nude. Some videos are split into annoying 2 minute segments. Total duration of the video clips is less than three hours. The latest video update is from november 2006. Photosets are updatet until September 2007.

74 photosets are available on the site. Some of the photosets feature Kamilla togehter with another girl from the Diesel network such as Ivana from IvanaFukalot. Image resolution changes randomly between 1200 x 800 and 1600 x 1062. Some images are blurry or have artifacts. Fortunately, Kamilla's cuteness will distract you from the mediocre work of the photographer.

I got access to this site as part of my 18onlygirls membership and cannot access all four of the bonus sites you would get through a Kamilla18 membership. I can only comment on TheSpermLover which is a rather mediocre site.

At $29.96 I cannot recommend this site at all, but it's ok as a bonus site. Kamilla really deserves better than this though.

02-03-09  01:33pm

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Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + massive amount of content
+ many hot european girls
+ high production quality on main site
+ main site has one new video&picture-set every day
+ 29 bonus sites
+ 2 new bonus sites every month
+ covers a large variety of fetishes through bonus sites
+ good video quality for newer scenes
+ decent video quality on all bonus sites (512x384 to 1280 x 720)
+ lighting, makeup and other technical aspects are mostly excellent
+ picture sets are shot by capable photographers
+ picture sets available in zip files
+ download managers supported
Cons: - direction is often too bland and generic
- no dialog in most scenes
- annoying babbling guy on some bonus sites
- low production quality on some bonus sites
- bonus sites don't update as often (usually weekly)
- picture resolution is only 1280 x 852
- low video res on older material of the main site
- half the bonus sites no longer update
- download problems (see below)
- no search function on any site
- no network-wide overview of scenes/models
- all video picture and zip-files have cryptic filenames like "v24045-399.mpg"
Bottom Line: This network is massive with thousands of scenes and picture sets.

The bonus sites cover a large variety of fetishes. Whether you have a foot, ass, big-boob, shemale, fisting, urine, interracial, facial, MILF or domiation-fetish, the bonus sites have some of everything. OK maybe not everything in one scene ;)

Video production quality (direction, models, etc) is high and consistent on the main site, but fluctuates wildly on the bonus sites. Some bonus sites start with good quality and then gradually drop to rubbish, others are mediocre all the way and some are hit and miss for every new scene.

In general there is too much mass produced generic and repetitive content but you will find some gems on almost every site of the network.

Unfortunately the video resolution on the main site before 10/2007 is only 400x300. Before 10/2008 it's 720x406 or 640 x 480. Newer vids are in 1280 x 720. Video resolution on the bonus sites varies from 512x384 to 1280x720(rare) but is always watchable.

What I like about this network is that quite often stunningly hot European models and high production value come together. Some of my all-time-favorite lesbian scenes are from this network.
The pictures on this site are more than a bonus. Many of the hardcore picture sets could be featured in magazines IMHO.It's a shame they aren't available in higher resolutions than 1280 x 852.

I had reliable download speeds of 6MBit (my cap) on this network - provided the download startet at all.
This is one of the main peeves of this network. At least 5% of all download requests are rejected.
On some days the rejection rate jumped to 90% (!!!) for several hours. Using an automated download manager it's not much of an annoyance, but clearly this is not acceptable.

I could rate this network as high as 90 if finding and downloading the good content was easier.
21stSextury really needs to cut down the low quality filler material and make the site more accessible.

The following bonus-sites no longer seem to update:
-squirting files
-creampie reality
-dirty orientals
-sex city asia
-mandy is kinky
-speculum plays
-deepthroat frenzy
-only swallows
-perfect ladyboys
-baby got balls
-cumming matures
-enslaved gals (not sure)

note: sometimes bonus sites start updating again after several months

01-29-09  04:37pm

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Visit Policeman


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + pretty girls
+ fun scenes
+ bill trough CCBill
+ supports download managers
+ decent download speeds
Cons: - only 25 scenes
- hasn't updated since 2006
- too expensive
- low video quality on half of the scenes
- false advertisement: "CONSTANTLY UPDATED!"
Bottom Line: Each of the scenes on this site follows one of two basic scripts:

1) Two guys dressed in policeman costumes stop female drivers and "arrest" them for not having their license on them. Confronted with the choice between a 1000 Euro fine and a striptease all of the girls agree to strip and later proceed to get physical with their captors.

2) Two guys offer free medical exams for driver licenses. The unsuspecting girls have their bodys examined and fondeled. After "failing" the exam they agree to please the doctors to obtain the medical certificate.

I expected this to be a dark domination-style site but it is quite the opposite. The scenes have a relaxed atmosphere and though the acting and dialoge are anything but realistic, are fun to watch. Even though the scenes are advertised and labeled as episodes of a series they do not have any relation to each other.

The girls are beautiful eastern Europeans and have a next-door-girl charm about them.

Half of the scenes are only in 700kbps, the others are approx. 1500 kbps.

The site tour doesn't mention any bonus sites. There are three links to bonus sites in the member's area but they are dead (404).

I had access to this site as part of my Diesel Network membership.

For a whopping price of $30 this site is definitely not worth joining. If you get it as a bonus site you might want to check it out.

02-23-09  07:04am

Replies (2)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + thousands of hardcore scenes
+ many scenes with hot and enthusiastic girls
+ some of their sites have interesting and original concepts
+ fun niche content that is still mainstream-compatible
+ good amount of US, Latina and European content
+ good value if you join with one of the many discount offers
+ search across all sites
+ easy to navigate
+ fast download speeds (I could max out my 6Mbit connection downloading from Germany)
+ same price for European customers
Cons: - videos only have average video quality (720 x 480 px)
- older scenes have low video quality (480 x 320 px)
- pictures have low resolution (640 to 900 pixels on the long end)
- older scenes are split into multiple parts
- quite a bit of repetitive content
- some (few) of their sites could be named "generic porn site no 0815"
- false advertising for HD content
- sites could use some descriptions or introductions
- advertisements for third party content inside the members area
- download links time out after a while making it futile to use download managers

Bottom Line:

Realitykings is one of the largest providers of exclusive porn on the internet. While they only release two or three updates a day, their backlog has reached a size of >5000 scenes. The site tries to explore a variety of niches and fantasies while staying smack in the middle of mainstream pornography. The various sites act more like subcategories, so you only have one login and one site layout to deal with.
Bottom Line: Realitykings provides a decent mix of ethnic variety. I'd estimate that about 50% of the girls are white Americans, 20% are Europeans, 20% are Latinas and 10% are African Americans. Unfortunaltely Asian girls are underrepresented on Realitykings. The girls are usually grouped into different sites based on ethnicity. While this makes finding ethnic content easier it also limits the possible fantasies. You will not find any black girls on "CFNM secret" or "Hot Bush" for instance.

In terms of fetishes Realitykings doesn't stray far from mainstream porn. The lesbians still look pretty straight to me, the "first time audition" girls still act quite professionaly and the "CFNM" girls still drop their panties. If you are not strictly looking for fetish content these "almost niche" sites provide a nice introduction to various fantasies though.
The sites could use some descriptions or introductions. Who would know what "Flower Tucci" is or could tell the difference between "8th street latinas" and "Saturday Night Latinas".

Video quality is excellent for all newly released content - if you judge by standards of four years ago. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed by the clarity and overall quality of the videos. They are still pleasant to watch and by no means bad, but one of the big names in online porn can certainly do better than this. Even the eastern European sites have upgraded their equipment quite a while ago. Surely they don't have a bigger budget than Realitykings.
I also wish Realitykings would upgrade their older content. Some of the best scenes from "Mike in brazil" are from 2005/2006 and video specs like "480x320 20.00fps 500Kbps" simply don't cut it.

All picture sets accompany a matching video and are produced in the same way: The actors play out a scene similar to the video shoot and the photographer constantly clicks away with his camera. This results in extremely large picture sets with often more than 600 pictures in a single set. The pictures only have a slightly higher resolution than the video content which comes out to a resolution of 0.27 to 0.54 Megapixels *cough*. I don't think any pic-lover can be content with this.
Cleary these pictures are meant to be viewed as a slideshow and, actually, I can recommend the sites slideshow feature as an alternative to the streaming video. The picture is much clearer than the streaming and even the downloaded video, and the pix are often shot at a better angle too.

I was quite pleased with the cross site search of Realitykings. It will match model names, site names, keywords and descriptions of the scenes. A search for "asian" gives me 123 results across all sites, which is about 2% of their total content. Finding scenes with asians any other way would require a lot of effort. It is also possible to make searches like "asian AND blonde" or "asian NOT 1on1". Some scenes are tagged incorrectly though.
*zoidberg voice* Hooray! I exceeded the maximum review lenghth */zoidberg voice*

08-22-09  04:18pm

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Visit Sperm Swap

Sperm Swap

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - very good video quality
- many hot girls
- intense action
- good camerawork and lighting
- original scenes have two girls in every scene (some even have three girls)
- about half of the video content is available in 320x240,640x480,960x540 and 1920x1080 pixels resolution
- streaming is also possible but not in HD
- decent download speed. I maxed out my 6 Mbit connection consistently
- good site navigation
Cons: - new 'updates' since mid 2008 are from the sister site Asstraffic
- site doesn't justify a recurring membership - sign up for 30 days and download everything
- 3 day trial is worthless as it doesn't let you view full scenes
-older half of the video content is only available in 512x384 resolution at 1500 kbps. Picture quality is still ok though.
Bottom Line: This is one of my favorite sites and I'm somewhat sad that they no longer update with new content. Each scene starts with the girls showing off their assets with occassional instructions from the cameraman. After a bit of light lesbian play one or two guys join in for some intense action. The girls are treated less rough than on Asstraffic but if you're more into the romantic setup this site might not be your cup of tea. For fans of gonzo-style porn with multiple girls however this site is almost a must. The girls are hot and the cameraman almost always gets the best angle to highlight their features. The content could be a bit more varied but at least I know what I get when I open a random video from this site ;)

For 29.95$/29.95 you get:
- 189 spermswap scenes with a runtime of ~35 min each
- some scenes from Asstraffic (19 as I'm writing this review)
- a picture gallery for each scene. The pictures are ok but not much of a reason to join the site.
- some generic bonus scenes (non-exclusive)

The price seems to depend on the IP you are connecting from rather than the country you select during signup. I signed up from a European country but was charged 29.95$ since my IP was from the US. (not that I complain =) )

The scenes can be browsed by actress, date or by specific types of action (Anal, AtM, Toys etc). However, since you will probably download the entire thing to your harddrive this feature might not make much difference. I recommend downloading at least one screenshot or image for each video so you can browse the thumbnails after your subscription expires.

01-11-09  05:59pm

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + very, very cute eastern European girls
+ large amount of videos and galleries
+ frequent updates
+ easy to navigate
+ content exclusive to the diesel network
+ access to 13 sites of the diesel network - This might only apply to the three month membership option
+ videos available in different encoding options
+ decent video quality but resolution for most vids doesn't go higher than 852 x 480 (they already call this HD). Some newer videos are recorded at 1280x720 though.
+ daily live cam show
+ cameraman is always silent
+ download manager (DTA) works for videos
Cons: - content consists mostly of posing
- most scenes are short (less than 15 min)
- hardcore content is lackluster except for ivana
- galleries only have 665x1000 or 1000x1500 px resolution
- photography not as good as the popular nude-art sites
- scenes have no dialoge at all
- site navigation sometimes feels sluggish
- duplicate content among the networked sites
- five of the network sites no longer update (LayTheKat, SashaFucksDasha, Kamilla18, TheSpermLover, Policeman)
- download managers don't work for image sets
- only few models appear in the live shows
Bottom Line: This site features some of the cutest eastern European girls on the net. Most of the scenes feature one or several girls undressing, posing and masturbating. The insane cuteness of their models clearly is the strongest selling point of this site. If you are looking for intense hardcore action this site will probably disappoint you. Most of the hardcore scenes are very tame and only have a few minutes of actual intercourse. The hardcore scenes with Ivana and some of their newer models are good though. Sasha also has a ton of excellent blowjob scenes.

Each of the sites on Diesel Network is easy to navigate but there is no cross-site search and a fair bit of duplicate content. The site supports download managers for video files but I could not get any dl manager to work with the zipped galleries.

I could constantly max out my 6000kbit connection during downloads from Germany.

This is a very good site for softcore videos of eastern european girls.

07-26-09  09:02am

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