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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Almost 5,600 videos available for download (2008/12/01)
+ Videos come in different formats (WMV & MP4) and resolutions from 320*240 up to 640*480 plus you can create custom clips quite easily
+ Regular updates with 5 new videos each and every day
+ This site is download manager friendly
+ Downloaded videos have names that speak e.g. Mature_Women_With_Younger_Girls_6_Scene_3_dvd.wmv
+ Lots of categories to choose from like Teen, MILF, Fetish, Toys etc.
+ Good download speed and no download limit (see text)
Cons: - Names are only available for female actors
- Some scenes haven't got links to the models
- Older content may not be as crisp as most of the newer stuff
- What the hell is Gonzo? (see text)
- Searching for a particular model may not show all valid results (see text)
Bottom Line: Even though I'm not a guy that likes videos that much I'm mighty impressed by the enormous size of this monster site. Surfin' there you can easily get lost when clicking one of the links that guide you into other categories or to a list of scenes for one particular model. It will take you lots of hours to get to see only the scenes that you are really after plus there's enough other material that will get your attention.

Sometimes you'll see that model names are not correct e.g. the search for 'rubee tuesday' links to 9 DVDs and the search for 'ruby tuesday' to 1 DVD still it's the same model. This may sound pedantic but that happens for other models, like Druuna 3 DVDs vs. Druna 1 DVD, too and not all will know all synonyms his favourite model uses. Well but that's no reason to give a lower score.

Download speed was constantly above 300KB per connection for me no matter what time I was online. Using 2 parallel downloads I always used up the whole bandwidth for my ADSL-link. They must have real good equipment and excellent admins at videobox.com!

What's definitely missing is DVDs from European companies. dvdbox.com for instance offers some weird stuff from France, Germany, Italy etc. in it's category Euro. Something I'd like to see here too! Another annoyance is the fact that you can only download the front covers of the DVDs plus you need to open the link in a new window or tab of your browers because the cover image is shown in a layer inside the current window.

And what the hell is category Gonzo? 4,327 of 5,596 videos or 77% of all DVDs are in this category. To me this sounds like a bad joke ;-)

All in all I highly recommend to have at least a look at this site but most of us will already have done so. The new scenes I've seen in full resolution looked much better than the old stuff. At $17.95 for the DVD resolution this is a real bargain.

12-01-08  12:08am

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Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + 388 models (with >5,700 photo sets and > 1,400 movies) now and still growing even though some models come back by members request
+ 5 updates per day from Monday to Saturday (mostly 3-4 pictures series and 1-2 videos per day)
+ high quality pics in 2400 x 1600 resolution (only older content is in lower res available).
+ ZIP files in 3 different resolutions for all picture series
+ download manager friendly site (max. of 6 simultaneous connections)
+ forums for registered users (the owners, some models and photographers are regular guests)
+ very user friendly all my mails so far have been answered
+ no geo targeted pricing
+ best model search I've seen so far with almost no incorrect data
+ improved navigation now works 100% correct
+ calendar of upcoming updates for the next week
+ newest videos are mostly HD (1280x720 with ~ 4000 kb/s)
+ no download limit
Cons: - still some of the photographers are not using HD equipement for their videos
- only b/g and ladies on ladies movies come in 4 parts or as one large movie
Bottom Line: My first review from end of December 2007 gave AllOver30 95 points which wasn't o.k. at that time - at least I get this impression as far as I can see today. Many things have been improved in the mean time and most of my requests have been taken care of within the last 2 years. Ever since I have been a member of this site and to be honest I'm in loose contact with the owners. But in no way I'm employed there this is only because I want to be honest with my fellow PUs.

HD pix and videos came up end of April 2009 and ever since then new picture series are available with 2400 pixel on the long side. As written above some photographers still upload normal quality videos (640x480 resolution) but as far as I can the owners say they push them to deliver HD for upcoming shots.

Since I made my last review some things have significantly improved:
- pictures sizes are now 1024, 1536 or 2400 pixel on the long side and ZIPs are available for all sizes.
- recent updates now shows thumbs for the updates of the past week
- a calendar of upcoming releases for the next 7 days has been implemented.
- a slideshow feature is now available in the picture section
- by popular demand more models came back for new shootings
- the database for the model search has been updated with more information about older shots

One big shock for me was to see that geo targeted pricing was active when I wanted to re-new my membership in 2008. It took only a few hours after I informed the owners until they made sure this was no longer active.

A few last words you won't find such rude things as fisting there, anal sex is also rare. Mostly you can see beautiful models in softcore and masturbation scenes. Normal intercourse will of course also be offered.

As far as I can say this is the best site for mature porn I can think of and now the 95 is surely o.k.

11-30-09  04:38pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

No Review.
12-28-07  04:58am

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - 5-7 updates on 6 days per week.
- high quality pics in 1024 x 1536 resolution (only very older content is in lower res available).
- ZIP files for all series.
- download manager friendly.
- forums for registered user (the owners and some photographers are regular guests).
- very user friendly all mail will be answered
- best model search I've ever seen on an adult site.
- navigation is easy and as far as I can say it's 100% perfect.
Cons: - few things could be improved like having a calendar of future updates (currently you have to visit the model's page to see coming attractions).
- On the "Recent updates" page thumbs are only shown for the last days update.
- more users could join the forums but that has nothing to do with the site itself ;-).
- videos could come in greater resolution but overall quality is o.k. with me.
Bottom Line: I initially joined because of Andie one of the top rated models there and my all-time favorite. Lucky enough she came back for more sets because the owners listen to their members voice. That is true for other models as well.

With more than 220 models (December 07) there's enough content to give you lots of different choice to spend your time surfing for porn. New models are added on a more or less weekly basis.

12-27-07  10:39am

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + highest picture (resolutions up to >2200 times >3500 pixels!) and video quality (full-hd) for the newest content.
+ lots of different fetishs are served like multiple insertions (dildos ,vibrators, panties, candles, veggies etc.), fisting, peeing, role-play etc.
+ the sets and vids also include behind the scenes footage.
+ lots different of models and tons of content.
+ all my mails have been answered even if it took some time
Cons: - not enough picture updates to satisfy me fully but lots of crazy video footage.
- navigation / UI is somewhat plain and could still need improvement even though they already spent some work on that but this site is old and huge.
- I miss some content of models already shot but maybe I should contact them and seem how they react.
Bottom Line: If you are into young models with completely shaved muffs and you like to see lots of crazy video footage then please add 10-15 points to the score I gave.

These models are mostly young at below 25 years of age but they are good looking and some do the craziest insertions and most of them the regular fisting. Some shoots happened in the Carribean, while being on adult conventions and also in eastern Europe where Alex and his team always search for young hotties willing to do shoots the ALS style.

And don't forget the fact that ALS will - from time to time - offer special bonuses for its members like complete sets of casts in Budapest (2005 & 2007) or a special about a days shooting including everthing from breakfast 'til supper time :-)

Changed my rating from 80 to 92 as Alex now releases full sets of pics plus they change their navigational features. Seems as if I'll soon have to even increase my rating.

ALS Scan is worth a join if you like young models doing lots of crazy stuff. Thumbs up for Alex and his crew! I'll stay with them for a longer period of time that's for sure :-)

12-27-07  12:06pm

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Visit DVD Box


No Review.
12-27-07  12:18pm

Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + this is the original site for machines fucking gorgeous girls
+ lots of content going back until September 2000
+ forums for interaction between users and the team of kink.com
+ newest movies are good quality and a maximum of HD with 1280x720 pixel resolution. Videos come in several formats and sizes.
+ now 3 updates peer week
+ mostly sexy models that really seems to enjoy the machine fucking
+ amateur girl Fridays bring new and fresh faces into the world of fucking machines
+ videos normally start with an interview section and end with a conclusion about the girl's experience about the shoot
+ High download speeds
+ members get discounts on other kink.com sites (except The Upper Floor and Device Bondage)
Cons: - older content isn't good enough for today's standard (but still unique and fun to watch)
- model bios could often need more details and sometimes you won't find all scenes when searching for a particular model
- would love to see full ZIPs for all fotos and a better resolution than the current 1200 pixels on the long side
- most of the machines are very noisy and it keeps me wonder how a girl can cum riding such a loud monster
- download managers won't work
Bottom Line: If you can cope with the cons mentioned above the site really offers interesting content for those curious enough to see girls being fucked by machines. Ever since this site started they tried to improve quality of content.

I used to be a member some years ago but wasn't satisfied back then. The picture quality around 2005 was poor and the video quality also didn't give me a thrill. In any case this stuff only works as video content. The stills are nice but the actual action is missing what makes it not worth if you are only interested in picure series.

Sometimes it's hard for the girls to keep the machines under control. The dildos slip out and mostly it's only possible to get into action again by stopping the machines to insert the dildos again.

The best experiences came from the amateur Friday updates. The girls are mostly fresh faces that seem to 100% get of while being fucked with machinery. To see them being completly exhausted right after they've experienced this for the first time is worth the money alone.

By the way it's nice to see girls of different ethnicities being shot for fucking machines if only the wouldn't almost only concentrate on girls below 30 years of age. I'd like to see a MILF or maybe a GILF type of girl from time to time.

I experienced very high download speeds with all kink.com sites but unfortunately my download manager won't work. Because of the large size of the videos (up to more than one GB) a fast internet connection is needed.

If you are curious I would recommend to give this site a try. I'm sure you won't be dissappointed.

05-23-10  06:10am

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Visit Lusty Grandmas

Lusty Grandmas

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + exclusive content
+ network access (but limited until you are there for the 3rd month)
+ at the time of review 187 unique scenes are available (1 update on every Wednesday)
+ many old & young scenes (b/g or g/g)
+ model age range from not so MILF to real granny
+ newest videos starting from mid of October 2009 are available in full HD
+ site seems to have no download limit
+ download speed never broke down even with 5 simultaneous donwloads
+ new user interface has a clean layout and lots of nice options
Cons: - pictures are only 1280 pixel on the long side
- you have to enter a captcha code every time you login
- can't use my download manager with the site
- some unneccessary comments can be heard in the videos
- no model bios not even measurements are given
- age description of models in the scene descriptions is not consistent
- new user interface still needs some work
Bottom Line: This site is part of a network that offers mostly exclusive content. Content that is going much further than what can be seen on AllOver 30 or AuntJudys. Fisting, anal sex, fucking machines, light BDSM and rougher sex can be seen there. The real hard stuff seems to be on cumming matures which is available after being a member for more than two months.

That is because you get access to 30 network sites when you join. Additional 10 after one month of membership and another 10 after two months.

The content itself is mostly great. O.k. there are some models I don't like but the majority of them is nice and I like the old & young content most. To see young and petite Bianca Arden (soon on ALS Scan b.t.w.) get into action with GILF Sandora (great body if she's really 65 years old) alone is worth a subscription. Even though there's an impression of overacting especially with Sandora which is a quite common impression with girls from Eastern Europe :-(
If only they would have left out the lengthy introduction to the video.

There are now several download options for videos available with mp4 starting from 640x360, 960x540 up to 1920x1080 and wmv starting from 960x540, 1280x720 up to 1920x1280. If you need further details please feel free to ask me.
The picture section is not that good as 1280 pixel on the long side seems to be not enough compared to the quality they offer in the video section.

I joined through Epoch because I didn't want to make the experience Messmer had with increasing spam in his mailbox. I give 89 points because of the network access. The site alone would get slightly more than 80 points because one update per week wouldn't be enough.

11-22-09  11:30pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + exclusive content everything from glamour shots to hardcore sex including double penetration
+ daily updates (video or picture series) from Monday to Saturday
+ pretty models that do all sorts of weird and not so weird stuff
+ quality has improved since I was there for the last time
+ pictures have 3000 pixel on the long side
+ H.264 videos with 1280x720 pixel resolution
+ no download limit as far as I can say and no DRM
Cons: - login via captcha with each new session
- download managers won't work
- navigation sometimes confused me
- some heavy and not to well done photoshoping of images can be seen
- not very much details are given about the models
- condomed sex only (a drawback for some but not for me to be honest)
- search engine is almost useless
Bottom Line: To get an idea what this site offers let me describe the first set which is Goldie shot in 2006. This 22 yo. girl does everything a model being in front of John's cameras has to do fingering herself, double penetration with dildos, vaginal insertion of a huge dildo, peeing, blow job and anal penetration (condomed sex btw!). This first picture series has 1200x1800 pixel resolution which is very good for mateial from 2006. Her videos are of poor quality with 320x240 WMV2 no comparison to what is being offered nowadays!

The site's name pretty much explains what you will get and this promise won't be broken. Those being brave enough will also find anal fisting wile the girl fisted (Shannya Tweeks) fucks with a guy. This set from August 2008 comes as 720x576 pixel DX50 AVI (good quality I'd say) and the pictures are 2000x3000 pixel large which is standard now.

The latest videos are now 1280x720 pixel large H.264 with AVC1 codec. Strange enough most actors seem to speak french only therefore you will find subtitles in english.

This site truly does most things right. It's kind of a european version of ALS Scan with girls having pubic hair and hardcore sex. Most of the models are very gorgeous and they seem to enjoy what they are doing.

Whoever prepares the images for this site should stop with the heavy work in Photoshop or whatever the software may be. Traces of this work can easily be seen in the lesbian set of Shanis (drop dead gorgeous but overacting heavily in her solo insertion video!) and Eliska.

I'll give this site 89 points and would give a few more if the sites was download manager friendly (I lost a download I was waiting for almost an hour because of connection problems) and if they would stop this captcha login annoyance.

If you like girls from Europe and the explicite type of content then I recommend to join this site. I'm sure you will like it :-)

11-15-09  02:02am

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + hirez pics 2000px on the long side downloadable as zips (see cons). Each series has about 80-100 pictures.
+ lots of different video formats available from basic mpg, QT to HDV - 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit (WMV) plus Flash streams
+ videos are not documentary type of ones shot while the pictures have been taken (but have a similar script)
+ some great action including striptease, (multiple and weird) insertions, peeing, fisting but only g/g sets.
+ daily updates but only one video or picture series per day
Cons: - when using a download manager the original name of the zip/movie gets lost.
- strange navigation as after having found a special series there's no link back onto the model's main page. Categories for a series are listed but don't link to the overview page.
- only very basic model info
- only two simultaneous downloads but those were around >300KB/s each
Bottom Line: While having lots of lovely and erotic models available this site was not 100% my cup of tea. Hanna the main reason to join appeared only in some picture series and videos but I saw that she has a personal site which I may go for in the near future.

Some of the photo sets have strange illumination. Sometime there's too much light and then the model seems to be in the dark even though she's somewhere outside. Also they appear to soft to me a little more sharpness would be great!

The newer sets are real softcore. In the beginning there was quite some nice fisting stuff available but nowadays this is non-existing which is a bummer the last fisting scene is dated from end of 2007

If you love cute young girls then this site is worth a look but beware that this is softcore only and that you will only see g/g scenes.

Oh, and also not forget that Europeans have to pay 19,95 per month as the "special" price :-(

06-16-08  06:20am

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Visit Michelle's Nylons

Michelle's Nylons

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + unique amateur MILF content
+ weekly updates
+ mostly good picture quality (even for the oldest sets)
+ no download limit, no DRM but clumsy navigation
+ fast server with very good download speed (about 2.5 MB/s)
Cons: - older picture series may only contain about 50 pics and have 1024 pixels on the long side
- only a few sets together with other girls
- videos come as WMV only
- no ZIP files for the picture series
- poor navigation on the member pages
- Billing through CCBILL only but at least no regional pricing
First of all I have to point out that I'm a fan of Michelle for several years now. Nonetheless I do hope to be professional enough to write an honest review about her second site.

Michelle is a 50 year old girl from the UK now living in Spain. She IMHO is a drop dead gorgeous lady with a very pretty face and a killer smile. Her firm 32FF boobs and round ass are so delicious I would never think that she's already that old not to forget her wonderful legs and smooth skin. If someone would ask me for a prototype of a genuine British or western European MILF I could only name her.
In the beginning she was always shaved but it seems to me that she now wears her pubic hair with pride. She wanted just to grow it and do a shaving special for one of her members but that was months ago.
Michelle loves her little hobby and as one can see it did her good the last 5 years as she now looks more sexy and absolutely self-confident. She simply enjoys to be watched and to tease.

Michelle started this site in October 2007 and until now she made more than 200 picture updates (with more than 130 matching videos) showing her in- and outdoors wearing elegant dresses and of course nylons and girdles. She loves short skirts, elegant heels, playful lingerie, nylons and girdles, oral sex, to masturbate using toys or her fingers alone, posing nude outdoors in the countryside and to tease. The updates are different to what can be seen on Southern Charms she may use the same dresses or lingerie but the content differs.
Only a few sets show her together with some other girls mostly her friend Julie who shares her interest in nylons and hot lingerie.

The preview area gives you a very good idea of what can be found in the member's area. Starting end of 2010 (updates 189 dated 2010-12-18 to 211 dated 2011-05-02) the pictures now have 1280 pixels on the long side. The JPG quality is good enough to blow them up even on a very large screen.
But beware because some of the newer sets contain pictures that aren't sharp enough guess her husband had some trouble with his camera. The latest sets are crisp again. I use one of her landscape pictures as background for my PC and therefore blew it up to 2401x1600 pixels from the original 1277x851 size and the quality is still good.

Her videos are mostly 4:3 aspect ratio with 720x576 pixels resolution and come a bit grainy but still enjoyable. I have to sit about 2 metres away from my screen to be able to enjoy her teasing me. The videos show her doing solo teasing, masturbation with fingers and dildos, doing handjobs, blowjobs or having intercourse.

This website is recommended for MILF lovers that like to see a nylon lady sharing her passion for sex. The site has some points that would need some improvements but is worth a try.

05-07-11  11:52pm

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + drop dead gorgeous French girls mostly petite type of (some IMHO have breasts being to large) aged 18 to 26 years
+ details like name, age, height, weight, measurements, infos about piercings and tatoos for all models (but no full bios)
+ picture quality is very nice with 1000 or 2000px on the long side
+ video quality is o.k. but would need improvements
+ all sets come as ZIP-files and movies as DIVX (1024x576px)
+ unusual sets with girls in sexy dresses shot all over Paris
+ trial option gives full access to the whole site
+ billing processor only asks for details neccessary to complete the purchase
+ download speed was good for me with >500k all the time
Cons: - only 11 models so far
- some sets are real small with less than 50 pics
- content is softcore only (which is o.k. with me) but beware that some scenes may contain almost no nudity
- you have to download the ZIPs (100% o.k. with me)
- Lilou's 2nd update promised for September 8th is not yet available
- site design is somewhat simple and plain (but at least it works)
Bottom Line: Some things the TBP mentioned as neccessary for improvements are now done. They advertise the update schedule and promise to add one new model per month. The video quality surely needs improvements but that's alright with me as I like to see pictures only most of the time.

The links to future updates give you a HTTP response type 404 which makes me sad but that clarifies why the site's design is so simple and plain. There's no content management system underneath. Reminds me of ALS Scan b.t.w. :-)
On the other hand you can choose the sets either via model, scene type at home or location in Paris. This is quite interesting and could be more fun if they'd showcase more models.

The billing processor only asked for the minimum details neccessary to complete the transaction. This is something I've never seen before and I like this fact!

What I'd like to see was more updates and full model bios. The concept itself is very nice and if you like petite girls and want to see them in some of the places that make Paris such a nice city then you should give it a try and go for the trial at least. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

I'll come back in 2 or 3 months in order to see what happened with this site. Right now they are doing fine but need to push it a bit. I'd tend to give them a higher score because of the uniqueness and quality of the photos plus the fact that all models are dead gorgeous but let's see what I'll have to say in some months time.

At the moment the 85 points is the maximum I can give even given the fact that I like the content a lot!

09-10-08  05:58am

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Visit Brandi 4 U

Brandi 4 U

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + beautiful and naughty mature doing insertions, blowjobs, footjobs, likes facials and animates her members to cum while watching her pics.
+ image quality and sizes are more than o.k. for an individual site (mostly 768x1024 for older stuff and 960x1280 since July 2007).
+ lots of content and the oldest is from 2004.
+ even though content is quite repetitive Brandi tries to wear different outfits in all sets and changes the sets as well.
+ Tryout option at $9.95 for 2 days gives full access.
Cons: - mostly solo masturbation sets or sex with her hubby.
- old content of 2002 & 2003 has been removed from the site (about 112 updates).
- in 2004 & 2005 about 70 Updates/Year, in 06 weekly updates and in 2007 even fewer updates.
- the quality of her movies is still an issue as they are to small and the bitrates are low.
- no ZIP-files (but friendly to download managers).
Bottom Line: If you don't mind the plain interface and the fact that you have to work a bit harder to download the content brandi4u.com might be worth a try. Especially because you also get access to her other site footprints4u.com and the whole wildrose network (but I'd say that she runs the best sites there) with lots of other content.

It's a bit of a shame that the old content has been removed and that she is now only updating on a more or less weekly basis. Still she has enough to offer for those who like to see a naughty mature with long legs that also serves as a role-model for foot-fetishists. The best thing about her sets is that she always has one pic at the end where she animates you to cum watching her.

But beware that she mostly wears pantyhose which I don't like. Her legs look better in stockings and garter. If you think about that the same way let her know via mail because she definitely reads it and mostly responds in a nice and naughty way :-)

12-28-07  01:41am

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

No Review.
12-27-07  12:43pm

Visit House Of Taboo

House Of Taboo

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + great content and lots of tasty models
+ video quality has improved a lot since I was there for the last time (no DRM)
+ Image quality is now better and the newest sets are 2000pixels for the long side (which is an increase of about 400pixels)
+ ZIP files are now 1 per set conveniently downloadable from the first thumbnail page for each update
Cons: - image quality varies between acceptable and fantastic
- sometimes it's not exactly clear to me why a set is shown at HOT (e.g. Sasha shaving her legs)
- some broken or missing links
- in the members area there is no information given about the update schedule
Bottom Line: Content is divided into different sections like spanking, bondage, roleplay, latex fetish and watersports.

The navigational features are somewhat annoying because it's hard to keep track where you came from or to find specific content e.g. when searching for a special model. I found a broken link for one set with Laura M. and Nelli but was at least able to find that one on the spanking page. One set was split up into 3 subset which are scattered around in 2 different categories.
The worst thing is to not know when the site gets updated. This is a real nuisance as 1by-day for instance gets updated twice per day.

For some models information is missing and it would be nice to get a hint where you can find them on other DDF sites. Lucky enough I found at least chubby Laura M. and her massive 40F breast on DDF Busty.

The new videos offer good quality though still not as excellent as the videos from ALS Scan for instance - but only for the picture itself as the audio tracks still seem to be a problem for those who record or edited the movies.

HOT offers a lot of different content but IMHO it still needs more to offer. It seems as if updates do now come more than once per week. I'll keep an eye on that and let you know as soon as I know more. The content itself is very good and I enjoy to see for instance Cloe getting fisted, Dorthy Black or Daria training their female slaves and not to forget to see pregnant Violet Blue being submissive.

12-30-07  01:30pm

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Visit Teach Me Fisting

Teach Me Fisting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + exclusive content and network access (limited for the first 2 months)
+ weekly updates on Friday
+ Site seems to have no download limit
+ lots of fisting and even some double vaginal or anal fisting
+ over 250 unique scenes and 193 different models
+ the newest videos are also available in full HD as WMV or H.264
+ good mix of well known models and some newcomers or one timers(?) as well
Cons: - you have to enter a captcha code every time you login
- pictures are only 1280 pixel on the long side
- some older videos are only 448x336 pixel large
- photo series sometimes have only very few pictures
- models are often heavily rouged I like a more natural look
- no model bios not even measurements are given
Bottom Line: This is a site dedicated to fisting content only and it's a quite nice one. I was happy to see that this one is diectly available for me too after I joined Lusty Grandmas. It's fun to explore the huge archive using the beta version of the new user interface even though it still needs some work.

Lots of the scenes contain crazy stuff like insertion of huge dildos or baseball bats and female assitents fisting the models. As already stated in my review on Lusty Grandmas this is real hard stuff and maybe not everybodys taste. I only wonder why so many of the younger models seem to speak no english at all.
Also I was distracted by some of the comments the guys filming the models made.

Within the last few days I experienced some problems when downloading content from this site. Sometimes the downloads won't start or what's even worse stop after already having downloaded some hundred megabytes. Guess I'll try to make my download manager work with this site.

For someone being interested in stuff like this I'd recommend to have a look at it. The download problems costs some points but the content is 100% o.k. as far as I'm concerned.

11-27-09  11:55pm

Replies (3)
Visit Golden Feet

Golden Feet

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + exclusive and unique fetish content (see text)
+ Sarah is one gorgeous mature amateur
+ over 4 years of content or >340 picture series and 33 videos
+ regular updates on Sunday
+ ZIP files for the newest sets
Cons: - some navigational issues
- video quality could be better though it is improving
- older picture sets contain large and disturbing watermarks
Bottom Line: Lady Sarah is a very gorgeous woman being +50 and she is into several fetishs like foot fetish, foot jobs, nipple play, bj, g/g and b/g including dildo penetration, multiple strange insertions (like rhubarb or asparagus) intimate piercings, watersports (watch her pee and you will know how much), enema, role play etc.

The picture sets are unique and often shot in exclusive locations. Some sets have been shot in a whorehouse, a swinger club, her private playroom, on beaches, in her Finca in Spain, hotel rooms etc. Sarah will always wear exclusive lingerie or elegant dresses and matching heels. She often appears together with some of her friends or admirers.

Image sizes vary over time. The oldest sets from 2004 have a very low resolution but newer sets have 1,024 pixel on the long side for portray and 1,300 pixels for landscape orientation. The new videos are 640x480 wide and have an acceptable quality (keep in mind that this is an amateur site).

The site's design itself is plain and the navigation bar behaves strange when you use Firefox as your favourite browser. Galleries open in a new tab with a list of thumbnails in a frame on the bottom of this tab and the picture in a larger frame above.

I'm happy to see that the watermarks are now of relative normal size and that ZIP files are available for newer sets. This is something I asked the webmaster to do because I think it's a must nowadays.

For anyone heavily interested in foot-fetish or general fetish stuff as written above this site is really worth a try. I joined this site for the 5th or 6th time just to be able to write this review and I'm happy to see that the site gets better with time.

12-07-08  04:50am

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Visit MILF Sarah

MILF Sarah

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + exclusive and very unique amateur content (see text)
+ content is different to what can be seen on her second site goldenfeet.com (see text)
+ Sarah is one drop-dead gorgeous MILF doing lots of kinky things (see text)
+ updates come weekly on Sunday
+ compared to other fetish sites of individual models pricing is reasonable
Cons: - site is brand-new (up and running since 2008/10/25) and therefor hasn't got that much content to offer (see text)
- right now it's a pictures only site and I'm not sure if they will release videos there
- site's design is very plain but at least it works even though some galleries have broken thumbnails
- no ZIP files
- no extras not even information about Sarah (see text)
- picture size varies for the first 30 sets plus older sets have annoying watermarks
Bottom Line: If there was the chance to elect the Duchess of Kink Sarah would definitely have to be on the list of candidates. This lady may have been a teenager or young woman while I was wearing diapers for the first time but she has a rock-solid body that you can only call sexy.

On this site she can be seen solo only. No other model or guy will be portrayed. You can only see a guy's cock on some of the pictures carefully sucked by Sarah or pounding her pierced pussy. The image sets show her posing in elegant dresses, heels and fully fashioned stockings, playing with her piercings, peeing, masturbating with dildos and vibrators, stretching her labia with weights etc.
All this happens indoors or outdooors and some of the sets show sceneries like a desert or expensive hotels for instance. It's amazing to see Sarah have a wee in a nightly desert.

Some sets may have less than 50 pics while others contain 200+ or even 300+ pictures resulting in sizes for ZIP-files between 10 and 100MB. Older sets may contain pictures having 768 pixel on the long side for portray and 1024 pixel for landscape. Newer sets have 1024 pixel for portray and 1300 pixel for landscape.
One good thing is that they stopped to use the watermarks that had a bar with increased brightness underlying. Not sure if you get that one but it was making me crazy as this was very disturbing.

The site's design is very basic and the only information given about Sarah is that she's available for photo shootings and private meetings (without sex of course!). On the other hand you can that information in the free area of goldenfeet.com. The content is 100% different to what can be seen here. On her older site you see her together with other female models, giving blow- and footjobs, having sex and doing some weird insertions.

If you like to see a sexy mature lady dressed up in elegant apparel do naughty things you should give milfsarah a try. I've seen a lot of other sites having fetish content but none of them has a mixture of unique and kinky content on a level of quality this site offers plus the other sites are very expensive compared to what you get here.

12-02-08  05:14am

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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

No Review.
12-27-07  12:38pm

Visit Aunt Judy's

Aunt Judy's

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + pictures now have 2000 pixels on the long side
+ good customer support (my account got unlocked in a few minutes)
+ good mix of beautiful models of all ages of which some have (intimate) piercings and or tatoos which is IMHO great
+ models come from the US and Europe too
+ updates come regular (but could be more)
Cons: - navigation is poor compared to other sites in the same niche
- all new ZIP files are named model_name.zip which forces you to rename them all plus there's no chance to find out which sets are the new ones which is very annoying
- not many videos and quality is poor
- I found some ZIP files with broken images (even within the newest updates!)
- older content still available but only good for collectors that want to have everything from their favourite models
- DL limit of 10 GB per day.
- beware that this site offers softcore only and only a few scenes seem to contain insertions of vibrators, dildos and other objects
- only some information about the models. Even their measurements or a short bio are missing.
- only a basic comment system and it can take 1 or two days until your comment has been approved
Bottom Line: I quickly reached the DL limit while being at home on a Sunday. The error message I got was misleading to problems with my password being guessed by someone else. I was puzzled to read that my account was blocked for "excessive downloads". My access to the Internet is not that fast but I managed to download 10 GB during daytime.

The site itself is quite nice but needs lots of improvement as compared to my favourite site which is AllOver30. They update more often (from Monday to Saturday) and offer better quality even though they lack some beauties in the age over 60 that Aunt Judys offers.
More care should be taken when uploading ZIP files to the members area. It's always embarassing to find archives with broken content.

My download manager (GetRight) won't work for this site which makes it even harder to hunt for the good content. I experienced that 6 simutaneous connections are the limit so you also have to be careful not to download more than 4 or 5 files in a row because otherwise the site will block further connections.

To be honest I'll cancel mysubscription soon and may come back in a year or so to give them time to improve and update their site. I'll give AJ 73 points which is the maximum I can give based on the fact that their archive is quite large but it's hard to hunt down the gems :-(

Those that like older girls should give it a try but keep in mind that surfing there can be frustrating. If you are after videos then this site won't give you much to look at.

11-08-09  03:13am

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Visit French Doll.fr

French Doll.fr

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Melanie is hot!
+ Photography is excellent IMHO
+ Pictures are HD with 2000 pixels on the long side and available as ZIP files
+ Subscription is quite cheap at 10 per month
+ Unique content
+ "BeMyDoll" (tm) feature that allows to order personal sets or videos for 30 per set or vid
Cons: - Melanie is the only model on this site even though the "BeMyDoll" (tm) feature would be nice with other girls from Petites Parisiennes too :-)
- Update schedule is not clear
- Site would need more content and regular updates
- Navigational features are poor
- No hardcore content not even insertion of dildos or vibes.
- An error message regarding the Microsoft Visual C++ library pops up every time I enter the site using Firefox this for sure has to do with some video playback funtion integrated within the site. Beware as this sometimes might crash your browser.
Bottom Line: Even though two normal updates per week are guaranteed I'm waiting for new pictures for quite some time now.

What can I say other than that there are about 32 picture series and about 20 movies available. All can be downloaded in a few hours even with a slow connection.

The "BeMyDoll" feature sounds great but in order to make me use it some more clothes and acessoires would be needed. Only one mini skirt isn't enough :-(

This site has to come from the guy that does Petites Parisiennes as well and therefor quality of content is great but as written above it needs more and regular updates - just as promised in the intro.

I was thinking about giving 70 points but to be honest 69 is a nice number and more like it. If the maker would invest a little more effort this would be a great site if you like the girl of course. I like the girl and wish that her site gets better because then I'll surely come back and order my personal set of pictures *wink*

11-12-09  11:43am

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Visit Footprints 4 U

Footprints 4 U

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + gorgeous Brandi doing special shoots for foot-fetishists incl. feet in heels and stockings, wearing jewellery on her feet, cum on feet and foot jobs.
+ picture size is 960x1280 pixels since 07/2006 and 768x1024 for updates since 05/2005. Older updates have lower resolution.
+ updates start in 2003.
+ trial option at $9.95 for 2 days works.
+ membership gives access to brandi4u.com and the whole Wild Rose Network.
Cons: - not enough updates and content if there wasn't the membership to the other sites.
- content might not be specific enough for those who love feet but at least she does have nice feet.
- sometimes repetitive content
- video sizes and quality are an issue.
- no ZIP files (but friendly to download managers)
Bottom Line: As written above I would consider footprints4u.com as an addition to her first site brandi4u.com. She does a lot to satisfy her customers being focused on female feet but I'm not sure if this is enough to satisfy them. Any foot lovers here that can give a more detailed statement?

Even fewer updates as on her other site with 50 in 2003, 21 in 2004, 23 in 2005, 15 in 2006 and less than that in 2007. Still the quality and size (since 05/2005) is more than o.k. with me.

Those interestet might give it a try.

12-28-07  02:30am

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Visit Corset Goddess

Corset Goddess

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + unique amateur fetish content (see text)
+ good picture quality at 800x1200 pixels size for the new stuff. Only old sets have lesser resolution.
+ she writes a blog which is available in German and English on the free preview pages
+ weekly updates
Cons: - website was horrible in terms of navigation
- even though content is categorized I found it hart to find certain sets I've seen on the preview
- large and disturbing watermarks on all pictures
- some sets contained broken images
- no ZIP files (see text)
Bottom Line: This is a site I was really keen on joining in the first place and soon lost interest. The content is great if you love fetish stuff and like to see a girl wear extreme corsets but ... the website seemed to be only very basic and to see broken thumbnails made me almost mad. As I was very busy the last few weeks I didn't get in touch with Lady Jane as I would have done normally.

As there are no ZIP files available I had to figure out another way to get what I wanted to see. The only chance was to use the Flashgot plug-in for Firefox. This worked but was a lot of labour for me and so I didn't even download 15 complete sets. The worst rate of yield I ever had.
To find some of the sets took me long because it seemed almost impossible to find some of the sets I've seen on the preview. The watermarks are enormous at 196x196 pixels which is very annoying for me.

The content itself is unique and surely great - no doubt about that. You see Jane solo or with other girls and she also, if you like that, can be seen dominating a tranny in some scenes. Jane works her pussy with dildos, vibrators, a pussy pump, spreads her pierced labia wide open, uses massive weights on her labia, dominates others and etc.

Sorry, but I was so disappointed about the website that I didn't download one single video.

12-05-08  04:57am

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Visit Baby Got Balls

Baby Got Balls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + shemale & girl content
+ network access (limited for the first 2 months)
+ very pretty female models and some pretty shemales too
+ exclusive content
Cons: - last update from May 2008
- only 33 scenes in total
- scenes end too early (at least in the photo section)
- pictures are only 1280 pixel on the long side
- pictures series won't contain a lot of images
Bottom Line: This is not intended to be a quality review but that's o.k. because the site itself offers not enough even if you look at it as a bonus to your inscription with the 21stSextury network.

Most picture series are very short and the fact that the whole site offer only 33 updates is a shame. If you are really into shemale stuff you should join a different site.
The female models are great and some of the shemales too but I could never appreciate Suzanna Holmes as she looks too much like a guy dressed as a girl. Real shemales should look different I'd say.

I was curious but this site does nothing for me. I'm glad to be able to look at it as a bonus and some insight into something new but that's it. No recommendation for this site.

11-28-09  10:56am

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Visit 30 And 40 Plus

30 And 40 Plus

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + good mixture of MILFs incl. Andie, Dana Hayes, Payton Leigh, Robin.
Cons: - picture size is only 1024 pixels on the long side.
- no ZIP files for old content and no ZIPs containing the whole sets which means that you have to update up to 11 files.
- poor site design and some broken links.
- most content seems to be older.
- navigational features are poor and even on the members home there are broken links.
Bottom Line: I joined 30and40plus.com to get more sets of MILF Andie. Which is the only real good thing I can tell about this site.

The Update schedule is not clear. Some content promised can't be found like the nude set of Kim herself or the model index which was advertised on 2006/04/15.
No preview pics for most videos which is quite annoying. Most content is solo masturbation only.

The site needs more and better content plus the advertised updates for the user interface otherwise it's too expensive. I gave it 55 points because of the great sets of Andie shot by Donovan Philips.

01-01-08  07:44am

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